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Honda October 23, 2012 posted by claudio

Remembering the good old (noisy & smokey) days – Honda RS 250R in Germany

Do you like your bike lightweight for extreme late braking? Not enough power on your street legal Suzuki RGV or Aprilia RS 250? Well, if you want to be among the quickest guys on your Sunday’s track day, this might be for you: 1995 Honda RS 250R – 2 stroke GP bike:

With such a bike you better be a fast rider…

The bike looks pretty new. The motor was rebuilt and the paint is fresh. It also comes with two rear wheel rims, Ohlins rear suspension, Brembo calipers etc…

Whether you are a racer and already familiar with these type of featherweight rockets or want to know how it feels to ride a proper racing bike, this looks like a good opportunity. A few words from the seller (translated with Google translate):

Honda RS 250 racer.

(Production Racer)

Year 95-96

Engine was overhauled by Sepp Schlögl new

(New crankshaft, new pistons, etc.)

Painting it is new

Rear rim is attending

Motorcycle is in 82299 Türkenfeld

For questions, 0151 16662528

The bike is on sale on eBay in Germany. The current bid is 8500 Eur and the buy-it-now is set just below 11k Euro.

Here’s how such machine might sound like in its right environment… the track:

Good luck with the bidding: Honda RS 250R racing bike


Yamaha October 13, 2012 posted by claudio

2 stroke Delikatessen – Yamaha RD 500 in Austria

At times when almost every motorcycle magazine features an article about the latest electric race bike project, talking about 2 strokes smokey and noisy motors makes me feel alive again 🙂

Here’s quite a rare black and red color scheme of this beautiful v4 smoker found in Austria.

The bike is in fully original condition including the exhaust which features a small dent on the bottom right. Nothing serious and not worth a change as the seller describes:

The bike is both optical (up to a mini dent on right. Switch to lower the exhaust but would easily) in absolute visual and technical Oriinalzustand. The motor is running in original size, perfect. The bike has always taken to avoid damage while being logged on and change indicator. This year the following work was carried out on the bike: carburetor service, all new hoses or replaced, new battery, Power Valve is optimal renewed brakes / brake fluid, almost new tires, etc.

The bike is registered and can be visited at any time by agreement or trial hazards. A defect-free advice to § 57 5/2013 is naturally present. The motorcycle nothing more to be done, simply sign, sit ankicken, and enjoy the pure two-stroke feel.

(translated with Google translate)

With 44000km this glorious GP replica of the 80s is in really good shape. With its peaky power delivery (88hp at 9500 rpm) and unique sound, this bike won’t disappoint you in terms of emotions. The RD 500 is on sale on eBay. It was re-posted after failing to find a buyer last week. It is now on the market with a starting price of 6999 Euro.

In 1984 it was presented at the Paris motor show (courtesy of

and accompanied by the following press article:

At that time it was on sale in Germany for about 12000 Deutschmarks (yes there was no Euro then…). The motor features a V4 configuration with 50 degrees angle between the two banks of cylinders. The YPVS logo on the side of the bike means the bike is fitted with a power valve (Yamaha Power Valve System) at the beginning of the exhausts to optimize the power delivery across the rpm range and in particular at the lower rpms where without the valve the bike wouldn’t run as smoothly due to the non optimal back-pressure waves. Unlike the RZ500 which features an Aluminum frame, the RD uses a slightly heavier steep set up.

A friend of mine in Rome still owns one of these from new and even though half of the time he is replacing the pistons, and actually doesn’t ride it much, he never wanted to part from it…Well I guess that’s what a rare 2 stroke GP replica does to people…

Happy bidding!


Gilera September 29, 2012 posted by claudio

Gilera Saturno 500 -The Red Mono Exotica (France)

The Gilera Saturno ranks second in my all time favorite single cylinder sport bikes and it ranks number one in the road legal category .-)

This is the third model we have covered this year and the second one spotted in Switzerland. This time French is the language of choice when you’ll get in touch with the seller based in Lausanne. The sample below seems to be in absolute top conditions and very well taken care of.

This featherweight single-seater promises a huge amount of fun with its 45 horsepower at the rear wheel with just 145kg. Add to that the fantastic retro looks, some fine components such as the Brembo Serie Oro front disc caliper, the single high side exhaust and the exquisite red paint color combination and there you have a truly original piece of Italian exotica at its best.

Inspired by the Japanese importer who wanted a smaller capacity sport bike that was easier to import and sell in the local market, Gilera was intrigued and decided to put it into a small and quite limited production. The sample here is from 1990 and it has 11.500 km.

According to the seller (see original text below in French), this bike has never been raced, it has a new timing belt, battery and more importantly it had all bearings and motor seals replaced for a cost of value of $1000. In addition it is fitted with some fine looking accessories such as the Rizoma end bar rear mirrors and the smaller turn light, fitting well with the overall style of the bike (we all hate those huge squared original turn lights typical of bikes registered in those years). And did I mention you get the rear stand included in the price. Well, I guess this is really the last detail you care about. Concerning the price, about $7000, this seems in line with the previous Swiss find even though the condition and maintenance of this model make it even more attractive.

From the seller:

Model très rare, pour collectionneur ou amateur de circuits, expertisée du jour.
Performante (180km/h), grandes qualités routières (légère et facile à piloter), frein Brembo Serie Or, fourche marzocchi
Pneus neufs Bridgestone BT-003 RS Racing Street, courroie de distribution neuve, batterie neuve, roue libre neuve, grande révision effectuée (changement de tous les joints et roulements moteur CHF 1’200), rétroviseurs RIZOMA class retro, petits clignotants, béquille de stand arrière.
Permis A Motocycles d’une puissance maximale de 25 kW et un rapport puissance/poids maximal de 0.16 kW/kg
Bien que homolguée en Suisse en 34 chevaux, elle dispose d’origne 45 chevaux à la roue.

Enough words for this truly original sport bike. If you want to take it to next step here’s the useful link and info (fixed price private ad):

1990 Gilera Saturno 500



Ducati September 29, 2012 posted by claudio

Yellow First Desmo Quattro (Switzerland)

I expect quite some debate around this post here: a Ducati 851 ….in yellow! To be honest, I had never seen one like this before and thought the yellow color was first introduced with the 916 model.

While I am not in a position to verify the condition of this bike available in Switzerland, I was so curious when I saw it that I thought collecting reactions through the blog could be an interesting journey. I even found a video of another yellow model:

The 851 itself is an obvious milestone motorbike for Ducati, representing the first 4 valve (quattro valvole in Italian) Desmo engine. Extremely successful on race tracks (capacity of the 851 SBK model was already 888cc), the 851 is still a superb handling bike with a powerful and torquey engine. Owning a 1993 888 Strada I can recommend one of this early Ducati superbikes to anybody. The styling of the 851/888 bikes is not of everybody’s taste, especially when compared to the stunning 916/996/998 forthcoming models. Nevertheless, the bike is great fun to ride and more comfortable than the latter models.

Then, if exclusivity is what you are after, how about a YELLOW 851.  This sample is on sale for about 4000$ and that’s cheap if the bike is in good condition. The seller mentions that the motorbike is in good mechanical condition and that the belts were changed recently. The bike comes with an aftermarket carbon set of mufflers (not Termi’s though) and the originals are also included. At the rear an Ohlins shock is fitted as described by the seller:

Ich verkaufe hier ein Ducati 851 mit nur 19900 Km,zum aufbereiten.Mechanisch ist in top Zustand,vor ca. 3 Monate habe ich ein Service machen lassen,die Zahnriemmen wurden auch ersetzt.Beleg vorhanden.Hat 2 Auspufftöpfe aus Carbon(originale sind vorhanden)Die Ducati ist mit ein ÖHLLINS Federbein ausgesttatet.Braucht eine neue Batterie.Besichtigung erwünscht.


He also mentions the km stand at 19900km and the bike needs a new battery. Judging from the pictures the rider’s seat seems a bit odd and the gap from the tank to the rear fairing a little too large…

Anyway, in case you’d like to find out more, please follow the link below:

1992 Ducati 851 in YELLOW


Honda August 20, 2012 posted by claudio

Queen of the Superbikes – Honda RC30 in Italy

In Italian language names can be masculine or feminine. “La moto” stands for the “the motorcycle” and it designates that a motorcycle is feminine. Hence the title “Queen of the Superbikes” for this sexy beauty found in Rome from a private collection (see below):

As Dan would say, “Not a bad looking stable!“, what do you think ?

The bike is in 100% original (and in great looking) condition. The VFR750R is quite a different bike than the VFR750. The final R isn’t a detail. Starting with the power train unit, the RC has a different crankshaft configuration featuring a 360° configuration:

and titanium rods:

A few words from the seller Andrea:

the bike is perfectly maintained, a recent service included the revision of the front fork. The bike never hit the tracks and it is registered in the historical registry on the Italian Motorcycle Federation in addition to the RC Cub of Italy”.

The sexy lady is on sale for 17000 Euro. for more details or to make a acquire the bike, please contact the seller at the eBay ad :
1998 Honda RC 30


P.S. Bella zi’! Ottima collezione, Andrea !

Ducati August 20, 2012 posted by claudio

The first “Italian Panther” – Ducati 500 Pantahs in Germany and Italy

First in the Ducati Pantah series, the 500cc version is also the model that was produced in the greatest numbers: 3835 between ’79 and ’83. Weighing 180kg (dry) and power output between 45 and 55 HP, the first Panther was a successful sport bike. In it’s original configuration it also provided a good base for modification that reached the highest success in the Formula 2 (for four stroke bikes with capacity between 400 and 600 cc and two stroke bikes with capacity between 250 and 350 cc) of the TT World Championship. Check out Tony Rutter’s bikes video posted by British magazine MCN (Motorcycle News) below and… listen to that noise…

Due to the scarcity of pictures of the bikes featured in this article, I’ll  give you the opportunity to check out the versions of this glorious Duc in the two different colors: Red available in Germany and Silver/Blue in Italy.

For more info, check out the great historical section at the official website Pantah history from which the picture was taken:

Let’s start with the red one which is a 1983 model with 44233 km on the clock:

The bike features some non-original features including some body work, the rear light, etc. Also the exhaust was changed into  a more open and musical Conti system. The original exhaust is included in the auction though. The overall condition of the bike is difficult to judge but from the picture it seems as the seat needs to be recovered with new leather or PVC. According to the seller, the bike was serviced one year ago including the replacement of the timing belts and the synchronization of the carburetors:

“Sehr schöne Ducati Kundendienst vor einem Jahr gemacht mit Zahnriemen Vergsaser synchronisieren. Laute Conti Auspuffanlage verbaut originale auch dabei. Genialer Sound mit Tüv”.

The starting price for this auction is 4700 Euro and a few days are left. Check it out on the German eBay website by following the link: Ducati 500 Pantah in Germany

The second model features its original colors and trim and it is available in Northern Italy.

This is a 1982 model with a similar mileage as above of about 43000km. As the seller describes below the bike was recently serviced, it features new tires and comes with 3 sets of exhausts, 2 of them which appear to be road legal and a more aggressive 2 in 1 (as pictured above):

“Km percorsi: 43000 circa 
tutto perfettamente funzionante e originale 
gomme nuove 
cinghie trasmissione cambiate recentemente 
due marmitte regolamentari + marmitta 2 in 1 
libretto in regola 
visibile a finale ligure”

This sample is on the market for 4300 Euro and available at the link below (contact Giuseppe):

Ducati Pantah 500 in Italy

For additional tips on Pantahs, have a look at this source here: Ducati Pantah technical tips

Let the Panthers run free !


Aprilia August 13, 2012 posted by claudio

Aprilia RSV 1000 R Bol d’Or Limited Edition in Switzerland

(picture is courtesy of

When it comes to endurance racing most minds will go to the 24h of Le Mans. Well, before that and still in the same country of France there used to be (and still is) another great test for speed and reliability of  man and machine: the Bol d’Or. A few manufacturers did eventually realize a bike carrying this flagship name (Honda to mention probably the most known to the public). Did you know that also Aprilia made a limited version of its RSV’s 2 cylinder 60° 1000 cc ?

This bike carries the traditional Aprilia logo and the color scheme that was often used by the Italian manufacturer for its RS 2-stroker bikes during the 80s. The Bol d’Or is a special edition built in 200 samples.

The sample found in Switzerland has a few modifications:

Mivv exhaust

Handlebar mirror (original mirrors holes on the fairing have been closed out)

white band stickers along the rims

PP footrests

Here’s an original picture from Aprilia:

and here’s how supposed to sound in its original trim:

The bike found here has 13000km on the clock and is available in Switzerland at the price of $9000. Click on link below if you are interested:

Aprilia RSV 1000R Bol d’Or


Sport Bikes For Sale August 5, 2012 posted by claudio

Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf in France

Are you looking for a rare and yet totally exciting motorbike to ride? I’d recommend a Suzuki RG500 which was produced in the mid eighties and featured a unique  “squared” 4 cylinder configuration 2 stroke motor. The bike delivered about 95 bhp in orginal trim for a feather weight. If this is not exclusive enough for you, then you can opt for a limited edition Japanese or Canada only Walter Wolf version of the RG500.

For the record, Walter Wolf was an Austrian born and later Canadian business man who made his fortune in the oil business. He happened to be a giant motorsport lover and funded an F1 team. In case you don’t know, he must have been a special character as in 1975 after having purchased a Lamborgini Countach, he claimed this wasn’t fast enough and asked for a special version of it with a more powerful engine. And so, in addition to the special edition Suzuki RG 500, there are apparently 5 ultra rare Lambos named WW around the world as well. Now that’s exclusivity! Going back to he world of fast and furious 2 wheels, here we have one pristine example found in the glamorous cote d’azur in France and on sale on the French eBay website (see link at the bottom of page).

This version here correspond to the Japanese model as it has a temperature and fuel gauge in one. These bikes are very rare and prices for a good condition sample can easily reach the 20k$ mark. The model here has 18000km on the clock.

With its original trim it on sale for 14000€ which I guess is inline with market prices. So, if you are after the EEROR (exciting, exotic, rare of the rare) this might be for you.

Suzuki RG 500 Walter Wolf special edition