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Honda October 10, 2013 posted by claudio

The Best Street Bike Of All Times: 1993 Honda CBR 900RR (UK)

Is there a better road sport bike than the Honda CBR 900 RR ? In my option, not. The first Fireblade is simply an amazing motorcycle. You can ride it to work, in traffic, going grocery shopping, blast on your favourite track, go touring, it basically is good for anything. I have bought a few years ago exactly a 1993 model like this. Every time I move it, in and out of the garage, I am amazed by how light it is. Its looks are classic sport bike, and within the Honda family, second only to the HRC bikes. And then comes the refinement, the fast steering (for all models with a front 16 inch) and that indestructible, ductile and torquey motor. This model year Fireblade, still used carburetors and yet you will hardly need to use the choke (just on really cold days). After 20 years, it still springs into life like if it was new. It doesn’t vibrate or make any nasty noises. Brakes are still powerful enough and that luggage space below the folding rear passenger seat is so useful . They simply don’t make bikes like this any more.

1993 Honda CBR 900 RR on ebay in UK


Despite the fact that this Blade had already 4 previous owners, it does look good. It has the original turn lights, the original muffler is also provided (see gallery below) and the fairing and fuel tank look good too. Coming across nicely kept original Fireblades is always a treat.

The current bid of 2000 GBP  failed to meet the reserve. At 2950 GBP this can be yours….now.


That fake carbon bit  on the fork clamp needs to go, and once you have cleaned off the glue, you might unveil a clean piece of metal.Here’s how the seller describes it:

I have for sale my 1993 Honda Fireblade RRN, registered January 1994.

The bike has only covered 14,900 miles since new.

This bike was originally sold through a Glasgow Honda dealer and has remained in the Glasgow area throughout its life.

Over the years, the bike has only had 4 prevoius owners

Apart from the brake lines and Scorpion full stainless steel system, an original example. Comes with the Original End Can as well

It also has:

A new original Honda screen

Honda chain and sprocket set

New fork seals and oil

Original Honda single seat cowl

The bike has also recently been fully serviced by a Honda dealer .

It goes, handles and stops as its meant to.

I suggest you come and view the bike if you can to see the excellent condition its in. It is a 20 year old bike, so don’t expect new condition, but would be easy to clean up and make very nice indeed.

The bike is Mot’d until June 2014 and taxed until Dec 2013.

No swaps, tyre kickers, or test rides without £3,000 as a deposit and proof of insurance.

Winning bidder should make contact with me within 12 hours of auction end. Cash is best.

If you have any questions about the bike, please use the ” Ask The Seller A Question” facility. Don’t buy then ask questions to find out it’s not for you.

Please note that the bike is being advertised elsewhere and as such, I reserve the right to end the auction early should it be sold via other channels

And a video is also included (always a nice touch):


1993 Honda CBR 900 RR on ebay in UK


The Best Street Bike Of All Times: 1993 Honda CBR 900RR (UK)
Suzuki October 9, 2013 posted by claudio

The Return Of The 2 Strokes: 1992 Suzuki RGV 250 (Germany)

The other day I went for a spin with my 1984 RD350. After a few hours I felt like going again. The weather didn’t really allow that. I spent the rest of the week working long hours in the office and I am still waiting for the time I can take it for the next spin. There’s nothing to do about it, if you grow up on a two stroke bike, you will never have enough of it. Even more so today, where seeing and most importantly, hearing a two stroke has become a rarity. Here we have one of greatest and last in production true sportster: a 1992 Suzuki RGV 250:

1992 Suzuki RGV 250 on ebay in Germany


The bike is no museum piece nor a 1 owner full stock example, but if acquired by a reader of RSBFS we can hope that the new owner will bring it back to its original trim and and enjoy what soon will be a true rarity.  Everyone knows that these bikes are fantastic to ride, the harder the better…


Here’s a description of the bikes condition and some of its history :

Due to the sale of my 2 stroke collection here is for sale my RGV 250:

Year 1992 , tacho mileage 23000 km . The engine was revised 2000km ago and ran until recently .
Due to the long life are probably the carburetor jets added , turning motor has compression and spark is there, too.
If you turn the fuel tap to run the float chambers on though.
Unfortunately, the TÜV- date has expired.

This is the best of contemporary tuning built : aluminum stub , Lucas rearsets , fishing slider, Aprilia ECU, quick throttle ,
large brake discs, small mirrors and turn signals , WP steering damper , sports exhaust , quick release fasteners on the fairing , Bubble washer , other exhaust valve (Fischer ? )
In my last exit they ran perfectly , great sound , driving close to the level of a modern 600 .

The warranty has expired 21 years ago , so I’m selling them as Bastlerfahrzeug :

Private sale without warranty / guarantee / return policy.
On 24.08.13 added the following information from the seller :
It is made of 4 Hand , Pappbrief present, I have gone to 4 /2010, registered 41 kW, tires are good but probably too old for the technical approval , I bought it as accident free and no had , the previous owner of the engine has done, including the conversions such as slides , etc … It is in good condition and ran flawlessly , except the carburetor overflow after a long service life. I changed the engine oil during the lifetime and the combustion chambers filled with 2 stroke oil, so it should run again at any time . Unfortunately I have no more time to take care of this beautiful motorcycle.

With the Aprilia ECU and the Auspüffen they should have about 70 hp.

It should be available for almost anything either ABE or a registration. It may be that I did something overlooked, but in principle should not be missing.

The brake discs are probably from a DR 600

It ‘s your turn Stahflexleitungen .

She still looks really nice, otherwise I would not have bought .


The bid of 1000 EUR has not reached the minimum price and the BIN is set at 2780 EUR (probably a little above market prices considering the conditions).

Good luck to the bidders and seller as well.

1992 Suzuki RGV 250 on ebay in Germany


The Return Of The 2 Strokes: 1992 Suzuki RGV 250 (Germany)
Kawasaki October 6, 2013 posted by claudio

Kawasaki Specials Continued: ZXR 400 SP (in UK)

I didn’t even know that there was a special version of the 400 ZXR. Apparently so:


The sample below is available in UK. It has a few scratches , but looks pretty good elsewhere.


Kawasaki ZXR 400 SP on ebay in UK for 3800 GBP


Here’s what the seller has to say:

Hi and welcome to the auction for this zxr400sp-M2. If you’re looking at this you probably know how rare these SP bikes are but also how much fun these bikes can be. I’ve owned this one since Aug 2009 and have spent an absolute wedge on it.

Anyway the facts..

Declared SORN – no MOT or Tax. I am happy to MOT for the new owner.

V5 is in my name.

Imported 1998

The Tank and seat cowl could do with a re-spray.

Set up for a 12 stone rider.

The last picture is ‘snip’ from the Kawasaki website of how the bike looked when it rolled out of their factory. This is matched through frame and engine numbers.

I have a file with full of receipts and invoices for work carried out on the bike.

The bike has all the parts that an SP should have, Carbs – forks – rear shock – Mitsubishi CDI – rotor – loom – gear box – seat – air box – lock set… I think that’s everything…

Full SS Micron system + K&N air filter

I have the HPI check still in its envelope showing everything clear.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and can accommodate viewings. It would be nice to see it go to a collection with its bigger brothers.

Thanks for looking.

The 400 ZXR, is a super high revving machine with great handling and a fantastic sound. It is one of those that can put a really big smile on your face, if you like to ride hard on roads.


The bike show just 15.300 miles and even has its original turn lints, which is always a good sign.


So if you are a sporty rider who enjoys speed on a daily basis like me, and you might also be fed up with the continuous drive for more and more horsepower, than this could give you a lot of satisfaction!


Kawasaki Specials Continued: ZXR 400 SP (in UK)
Kawasaki October 5, 2013 posted by claudio

Kawasaki’s Best Finds Continued: 1993 ZXR 750 (in Germany)

After the beautiful 1991 green ZXR found in Switzerland, we have here another amazing looking 1993 model year.  Characterized by a true RAM intake concentrated on one side of the fairing, this ZXR was a natural evolution of the 1991 model. In this black and purple color scheme, it was known in Italy as the “pipistrello” (= bat).

1993 MY Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Germany

$(KGrHqNHJ!8FIeHUWs7TBSLN34qVhQ~~60_12 $(KGrHqZHJDoFIpki(G6UBSLN2s!Mi!~~60_12

I will never have enough of beautifully kept and unmolested ZXRs. In my opinion, one of the best road going sport bikes with a natural racy look, and riding dynamics…God bless the ZXR series…and Kawasaki, if you are out there, please get back to the drawing board and create another iconic motorcycle like this. I mean, we know that the modern ZX10-R is doing fantastically in both the WSBK with Sykes and also in the BSB (British Superbike), so I guess it s a good bike, but those looks simply can’t match the sexiness of a ZXR 750…


Here is the description from the seller:


Sell ​​one ZXR 750

first hand with 7736 km

Like new condition, was standing covered in a garage 20 years and very little used (was 3 motorcycle)

As a motorcycle, it will no longer be in this state!!!

No difference to a new 20 years ago.

Absolutely unique and tinkering technically top.


The starting price for this one is 3300 EUR and a few days are left…and did I mention it has only 8000 km ?!



1993 MY Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Germany



Yamaha October 3, 2013 posted by claudio

Why Paint it in Black ?? Yamaha OW01 (in Switzerland)

The colors on this one are all wrong. But below the fairing lies the real thing: a truly rare Yamaha FZR 750R aka the OW01. The price is modest with a BIN set at 8300 $ and having covered just 13.000 km.


1990 Yamaha FZR 750R (0W1) in Switzerland


A few words from the seller:

For sale a historically Special Motorcycle
with quick-locking aluminum tank and aluminum frame
and polished rims, very fast bike.


If you are looking for because you want to ride it, or know where to source a full original fairing, then this might catch you interest. You need to hurry up though as the auction is about to expire…


1990 Yamaha FZR 750R (0W1) in Switzerland


Gilera September 30, 2013 posted by claudio

Red Mono Saturno 500, Almost New (Germany)

The Gilera Saturno 500 is a niche small motorbike with fantastic handling, looks and sound. This Red Mono doesn’t have much punch, but it’s a great bike for anyone who wants to learn how to ride into corners fast.

Gilera Saturno 500 Bialbero with just 60 km in Germany


Nothing is happening below about 6000 rpm. My recommended riding style is this:

1) go through the gears until you hit 4th or 5th (top gear for this model)
2) pin the throttle and try to keep momentum as much as possible
3) limit the use of brakes and gearbox
4) lean it, lean it, lean it…

Provided you have fresh rubber fitted, the Saturno is a very sharp and light-handling true sport bike. The more corners are in your way, the more fun it will be. The front brake is from a Ducati 851. The single wide disc is very powerful.


The seating position is such, that you lie on the bike horizontally with your head naturally tucked within the tall and ample front windscreen. The sound coming from the 2 in 1 Lanfranconi exhaust is classic single cylinder low frequency booming.


It also makes a decent level of noise in stock condition, so no need to look for any aftermarket pipes. At a starting price of 8500 EUR, it reflects the rarity of the bike itself and the very low mileage of just 60km.


The bike is basically new, even though a few scratches are visible on the exhaust manifolds and some corrosion on the rear sprocket and chain. On the other hand, I have never seen such clean rims on other Saturnos. The red paint of these, tend to fade quite easily when exposed to sun.



Here is what the seller says:

Hello I am selling the bike for a friend of her husband
it is a collector’s item, a Piaggio Gilera Saturno, it has never been approved
The letter has no entry on the odometer are 61 kilometers so a real collector’s item
The exhibition of the letter was held on 21.04.1989.
The vehicle can be inspected by appointment Tel 0172-8637784
Please also write or call with any questions.
I reserve the right to terminate the Offer at a prior sale.
The zip code for a collection of the vehicle is 91487

There is a private sale without warranty – Warranty and Returns




Make sure to replace the timing belt before going for the first spin.

Gilera Saturno 500 Bialbero with just 60 km in Germany


Red Mono Saturno 500, Almost New (Germany)
Kawasaki September 29, 2013 posted by claudio

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland

As the riding season comes to end this side of the equator, the first signs of what might be a great buying period, appear. Readers of RSBFS will love this one, hopefully, just as much as I do. This 1991 absolutely pristine ZXR 750 is a real gem. How often do you come across this model, in these conditions ?

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


This single owner bike, doesn’t only have less than 20.000 km, but is in full stock conditions, doesn’t have a scratch nor any damage to its beautiful colors. It looks absolutely new. ZXRs have been very popular in the 90s, but often were misused. The 1991 model in particular, was my absolute dream bike when I didn’t have enough money to afford a sport bike. For this basic reason, the ZXR will always turn me on, even more than other, more exotic and special models.


In 1992, I turned 18 and bought my first motorcycle, a very used (I think it had 8 previous owners) but yet brilliant, Yamaha TT 350. Yes, this was no sport bike, but I still loved it. At the same time, I dreamed about the Kawa 750. A local shop in Rome was selling a RR version, that the shop owner himself, previously raced for a few months. This race replica, had the red stripes instead of the blue ones (in addition to a single seat and a few mechanical differences :-)).


Its colors, the double headlights, the air ducts through the fairing and airbox, the high revving engine characteristics and obviously, its dynamic performance, made this bike the best sport bike I had ever seen. And so, about 20 years later, every time I come across a ZXR, my heart speeds up. About a year ago I even bought one on an impulse without having even seen it live. It turned out not to be a good sample and so a few months later I sold it. The ZXR is a bike that wants to be ridden hard, and when you do so, it is a pretty fast, even at today’s standards. Very stable and precise, it has a beautiful gearbox featuring pretty close ratios even in its single R form, a srt of slipper clutch (at a time shen most us didn’t have a clue of what that meant), a great sound, especially when you keep it above 9000 rpm where the engine smiles at you, and again, some of the best looks ever seen on a sport bike. Has there ever been a more beautiful, aggressive and exciting Kawasaki after the ’91 ZXR ?


This sample is such a special find. I mean, it even has its original rear solo fairing, a true rarity in its own. The seller will also give you the rear passenger seat, a tinted windscreen and a brand new exhaust. The bike just had a technical inspection in August 2013, it has new tyres and brake pads. At a price of about 4400 $, this true rare sport bike for the conditions, is one of the best buy that readers of this site might come across, and one  that truly embarks the spirit of us who write here and you, who like to read us.


Looking at the cars in the background of the garage, the sense of quality that the pictures of the ZXR already portrait is confirmed even further. Again, when is the last time you have seen a ZXR like this ? Also the price is in  my opinion spot -on and absolutely fair. This gem, deserves a true enthusiast new owner and I truly hope, that whoever will buy this, desires it as much as I do, and will treasure every moment of owning such a great sample today.


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland
Honda September 26, 2013 posted by claudio

RC30 Madness: Choose One (Switzerland)

Here we have two Rc30s. The most special one is a true rarity, as it is a new bike! I love the ad saying “New… is new ! no pictures needed…”

Honda RC30 new in Switzerland

This rare example is obviously looking for a collector. What’s the asking price ? It is 40.000 CHF = just short of 44.000 $

As we don’t come across a new VFR750R very often, I reckon the asking price is aligned to the current market. If you are a collector this might the right one for you !

Form the same seller, comes a very usable and equally sexy low mileage RC30 kitted with a full Termignoni system (a rarity on its own) and a rear 17″ wheel:

Honda RC30 with 16900 km in Switzerland


Both the original larger diameter wheel and the Honda exhaust system are included in the price. With just 16900 km, the asking price is set at 23.000 CHF = about 25000 $. I have been watching this second model for a few weeks since the middle of the summer. The price seems to go a bit up and down. I believe I have seen this varying between 19.000 CHF and 21.000 CHF but now for some reason, it went up to 23.000 CHF. I guess I should have bought it earlier…The thing is that here in Switzerland, there are about 6-7 RC30s on sale and the prices seem to have increased somewhat as the biking season comes to an end. This clearly goes against the natural trend of lower prices in winter. I always recommend to look for a bike in winter, as the offer is usually high and prices are more negotiable. I guess this doesn’t really apply to RC30s and their potential customers. Winter is on our doorstep here, in the morning I ride through thick fog, cleaning my visor from the condensation with the dirty gloves every 300m…

On the other hand I am sure that soon a bunch of exciting rare sport bikes will come to the surface at interesting prices, I guess this simply doesn’t apply to models so much sought after like the Honda RC30 and RC45…



RC30 Madness: Choose One (Switzerland)