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Aprilia March 22, 2013 posted by claudio

Red Hot Chili – Aprilia RS 250 (Germany)

Do you fancy your food with a bit extra spices?


This could be for you:


A standard RS 250 is itself quite a fast bike, thanks to a super chassis, a lightweight package and enough horses to keep you moving at pace, provided you keep the needle in the last 1/3 of the rpm counter. But if you wanna spicy it up, there it comes the catalogue of Tyga parts (1 set of exhausts thank you very much) and a stage 3 Sport Production Kit to take the capacity to 270cc and the power to about 80hp.



Now, we all know that 2 strokes have a great potential in power increase with simple tuning (port size increase, bigger carburetors, fatter expansion pipes) but we are also aware that the fine tuning of fuel-air mix in, exhausts out and back pressure waves is a fine art.


We also know that tuned up smokers can turn in a reliability nightmare if not properly done, or not fed with the right mix of gasoline and fine synthetic oil, or not warmed up properly, etc. etc. So what’s better than a professional to add the spices on your favorite meal ? I mean, a bit of salt is good but too much will kill you right ? Add too much hot peppers and you’ll spend undesired time in the restroom with consequences that will accompany you into the next day as well.

So the seller thought that the “spicy meal” should better be prepared by a professional cook: Fischer FKZ (in Germany) that is.


A few words from the seller:

“Aprilia RS 250 New Model EZ 04/1998 with SP MOTOR KIT 3 270 CCM + TYGA exhaust.

The engine was completely rebuilt by Fischer, installed and adjusted.
Motorcycle runs great and is visually and technically in a very good condition.
Engine has been run by the book by Fischer and has gone about 930KM.

KIT 3 + displacement increase to 270 CCM about 80HP
Further information at Fischer Automotive”

Check it out at this local eBay restaurant in Germany, and hurry up as few days are left and you wouldn’t like your meal to get cold…

Aprilia RS 250 stage 3 SP Kit for 6900 $


Kawasaki March 21, 2013 posted by claudio

They Made Them in Black? (Part 2) 2000 Kawasaki ZX-7R (Germany)

Few days ago we showed a 1990 black Kawa ZX7 (ZXR in EU). Here we have another black Kawa, but this time it is the last in the 750 cc series, a 2000 ZX-7R. This latter evolution of the original ZX series was the most successful on the race tracks with a World Super Bike title in 1993 (ZX-7RR).


Despite the years on the shoulder of the ZXR project, these bikes kept performing on tracks with high standards for many years. I guess this could be attributed to the fine chassis of the bike that didn’t require major updates, combined to what already in the early 90s, was a top notch motor. Some of the innovations included flat side carburetors, a first sort of slipper clutch (achieved by having different thickness friction plates) and the famous RAM air intake for extra power at high speed.

Commonly available in Europe in Red(front)-Purple(tail):


or in the more classic Green(front)-Purple(tail):


this Black version with grey and yellow stickers is a rarity (at least this side of the Atlantic). With 18000 km, 2 previous owners and in original trim condition it seems in a good shape.

ZX-7R black_2

ZX-7R black_3

ZX-7R black_4

At a price of about 3500 $ it would be a good buy if you are into black motorbikes. It is on sale on eBay in Germany  at the following link:

2000 Kawasaki ZX7-R in Germany

Personally I find the Kawasaki in the traditional green to be a must like a Ducati should be red (with some exceptions… :-)).


Suzuki March 20, 2013 posted by claudio

Suzuki 1986 Limited(s) (Germany + Italy)

Among the elite of RSBFS bikes this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 R LE sits right on top. The exact number of LE models produced remains a mystery (some say 500, some say 1000…). What is sure is that it was produced in 1986 only, it featured a unique color scheme, a glass fiber hand made tail unit (yes like the RC30 of 2 years later), stronger brakes than its brothers, a more efficient chain, electrically actuated anti-dive front fork system,a single seat and those expensive and impossible to find dry clutch plates (apparently exactly the same as used on two stroke 500cc GP bike). Despite the exhaust of this bike is dead quite, the sound of the 4 cylinder oil-air mix cooled motor coupled with that beautiful open clutch cover is unique. I remember visiting once a Japanese website of a true passionate Limited owner that had a black background and the mechanical dry clutch in display that only the connoisseurs would recognise as being a website dedicated to 1) a motorbike model and 2) the Suzuki GSX-R 750 R LE:


Despite the rarity of this bike, it is not uncommon to find almost new models perfectly maintained. These don’t come cheap but well below RC 30 territory. I wonder if the first buyers of these models well aware of the rarity and costly bodywork and clutch spare parts well thought not to risk ruining their precious unique bike and simply stored them in warm and dry living rooms. The sample here is found in Germany. It had 2 owners and seems in good conditions. The price is on the higher side of the market but what prices LEs will reach in the future is all to be worked out…and I reckon won’t go down…


I personally have one of these in my garage and consider it more precious than other commonly sought after models. With its old style “seat in the bike and stretch your arms” riding position as opposed to “seat on top and hold yourself up” of modern bikes (try sitting on the tall and short RSV4) the feeling of riding it is a unique mix of time travel and riding involvement.

Any 1986 Limited is well worth it and that’s valid for Gixxer and non Gixxer enthusiast. If you are interested you can check the link below:

Suzuki GSX-R 750R LE in Germany for 11950 EUR

Now if the “standard” Limited Edition is not fancy enough for you, you can opt for the über rare Yoshimura Limited Edition as the one found in Italy (this has been on the market for a while now…). For this you’ll need to part with 9000 EUR…that’ right this is cheaper:


And it gets even more interesting as the same dealer is selling a “standard” white and blue colour LE for 15000 EUR…Confused ? Me too. I tell you what, if I had 9000 EUR to spare, I’ll rent a van and drive straight to Milan…


Suzuki GSX-R 750R LE Yoshimura in Italy for 9000 EUR

The discussion is open, what would be your choice ?


Honda March 18, 2013 posted by claudio

Honda RS 250 R Bonanza (Europe)

If you are a 2 stroker fan and you are into racing or track days, these two bikes might be of interest. The first one is found in France and it is 1987 model in collection condition on sale on eBay at a fixed price of 10.000 EUR:

and the second one is found in Germany, a 1987 model on sale on eBay with a starting asking price of 6800 EUR:

Both bikes come with a set of spare parts for the engine but not only and that is a must for these type of GP bikes.

In fact,  additional spare parts might be difficult to source otherwise but if you are into these racers you already know that. And you are aware of all forums on the web (God bless the Internet and God bless the motorcycle enthusiasts’ communities out there). Any owner of a GP 2 stroke bike must also be a good mechanic or have a good friend who is a good mechanic or have a deep wallet to pay fairly often (about every 300 miles) a good mechanic… Well if all of the above are checked for you, then go ahead and click on the eBay links below to find out more and review how many bucks these GP featherweight speed tools will need from you to get you started (long hours in web browsing, emailing, international phone calls etc. for additional spare parts not included :-)).

Here are some words form the seller of the sample in found in France:

“1987 Honda RS 250 in collection condition.Machine GP. RARE! 5 copies imported into France.

Machine comes with lot of chassis and engine parts”.

If you are interested click on the link here:

Honda RS 250 R in France

And here are a few words for the more used and accordingly cheaper model found in Germany:

“This is a  racing machine from 1987 by HRC. 250 cc, 2 stroke V2 engine, about 75 hp at 12000 rev / min.Replacement crankshaft, pistons, brake pads, and small parts including, workshop manual. The bike is in a very good, honest state.Ideal for use on classic cars events zBVFV. Please only serious bidders. View desirable. For questions please call 0170 / 9406751st. This is a private sale, no warranty, no guarantee and no refund.”

And if you’d like to place a bid on this one, follow this link:

Honda RS 250 R in Germany

Have fun !


Bimota March 17, 2013 posted by claudio

Bimota Fetish Continued – BIMOTA SB7 (Switzerland)

The BIMOTA SB7 was built with a return to Superbike racing in mind. Hence, the Suzuki power plant on this model is a 750cc. Coming from the water cooled GSX-R 750 SP, it features a close ratio gear box with a taller first gear. In 1995 BIMOTA introduced specially made camshafts with a cams’ more aggressive profile. Coupled with a retuned fuel injection and a  brand new exhaust routed under seat, this engine delivers hardly any torque below 5000 rpm, a few horses below 8000 rpm and unleashes all it’s 132 hp on the way to the 14000 rpm red line. In comparison to the GSX-R 750 SP, the SB7 was lighter, more powerful and more agile. On the chassis side it featured a shorter wheelbase and fine suspension (Öhlins horizontally mounted rear shock and Paioli custom built front forks).



As all BIMOTAs this is an exotic bike. Built in 200 samples, it had a carbon fibre self supporting rear seat (as used on the modern Ducati Desmosedici, or the BMW HP2 Sport) and an updated Aluminum frame connecting the steering head directly to the rear swing arm pivot. If you want to hear how the SB7 sounds like check out this video from Japan (you got to love the passion Japanese people have for Italian motorbikes):

At about 10000 EUR this sample is in my opinion a good buy. With 24000 km and in original trim (except for a couple of stickers and those white lines on the rims) this looks like an unmolested model that probably never hit the race tracks.


Taking into account the exclusivity of a BIMOTA and within it’s range the peculiarity of a 750cc model, this is more attractive to me than many other models out there.


Consider that this bike is similar in dimensions to an RC45, it delivers more power, it is just as beautiful and it comes for about half the price. If you are interested click on the link of this private ad below:



Ducati March 14, 2013 posted by claudio

R.A.B. = Rare Amazing Bikes Ducati 450 DESMO (Switzerland)

Ducati-450Desmo-SilverShotgun-1971I always thought that there are some advantages in living in Switzerland. In addition to smooth tarmac, great views and plenty of corners along any mountains road on the Alps, the RSBFS market here never fails to deliver. Today’s discovery is an ultra rare & brand new Ducati DESMO 450 single.


Apparently it’s engine is referred to as a wide crankcase type that allowed for the increased capacity of 437cc. The bike features A proper frame (the engine is not the stressed element as on more modern Ducatis), and a vertical crankcase split as visible in the pictures below:


It is fitted with alloy wheels as opposed to steel as used on the previous smaller capacity samples. The fuel tank is made of glass fiber and for the first time  the silver flake paint was used together with its cafe racer looks to impress (if you thought cafe racers were a modern idea, re-think…). These bikes are supposed to be quite loud thanks to the straight exhaust coupled with an open carburetor. The single cylinder motor delivers less power and torque than the larger 750cc and 900cc L shape 2 cylinders, but it has the advantage to shorten the wheelbase for a more reactive and lively ride on the twisters.


The style of this bike is timeless. I mean look at those clip ons and the beautiful Veglia clock…These bike are extremely collectible and with an asking price of roughly 21000 $ for a brand new model it won’t stay long on the market.


Good luck to anybody who can afford it. If you can, don’t think twice as such an ad won’t come around again soon…you need to see this as an investment and it these days this might be one with a high a return.




Ducati DESMO 450 (0 km) in Switzerland



Yamaha March 13, 2013 posted by claudio

A True Modern Classic: 1998 Yamaha YZF R1 (Switzerland)

The 1998 R1 was the most exciting news from Yamaha since the FZR750R (aka OW1). While the later R7 (750cc) represented the last exotic model (also labeled as OW2) it did fail to impress in terms of power unless you fitted the Yamaha racing kit (available at a premium on top of already an expensive buy). The 1998 1000cc motored YZF R1 with its 150 bhp and in its white and red colors was the real deal for the “masses”. In particular this color scheme, worked really well to launch the image of the R1 as an aggressive full-on super bike.


With the beautifully sculpted Alu frame at display  (an evolution of the original Deltabox), a small and pointy cockpit and an up-in-the-air tail, this was a design that promised speed. Well, it wasn’t only about the looks, the YZF didn’t fail to deliver in terms of both performance and charisma. Even the name of this bike became something of a trademark. The public soon got used to call it simply the “R1”. The YZF label in large display in its first version soon became an anonymous code name that nobody cared about. In the later models the original YZF stickers on the fairing became smaller and smaller…to finally disappear (we still know rival’s Honda machines as CBRs).


The model on sale here is available in Switzerland. While at RSBFS we like bikes in original trim, the aftermarket parts on this one only add value to it. These include an Öhlins steering damper and an Akrapovic muffler.


Notice the understatement without the Akrapovic heat resistant sticker (the original exhaust is also provided by the seller). I think this 1998 R1 in its color scheme and with the beautiful touches is simply perfect !



At a price of around 4800 $ I reckon this is inline with the market for such a sample.

If you are interested, check out this private sale by clicking on the link below:

1998 Yamaha YZF R1


Honda March 11, 2013 posted by claudio

Following the Big Brother’s (RC30) Footseps: Honda NC 30 in Italy

Italy is being hit hard these days: the political situation is such that currently there isn’t a government despite elections were held just few weeks ago. The economy is getting worse by the day and new motorcycles sales are hitting the lowest point in 50 years. Nevertheless it seems that rare bikes like this beautiful NC 30 aren’t affected. With an asking price of 10.000 EUR (=13000 $) this VFR400R is on top of the range:


Is this the first sign that the small V4 will follow the myth of its bigger brother the RC30 ? With just 3000km on the clock this sample is indeed a rare and collectable one.



I am personally looking for one as I think riding a 400 cc on public roads is a better way to enjoy sport bikes without risking the jail  because of excessive speed. Add to that, the amazing sound of a V4 revving 14000 rpm, a great chassis, top notch looks and excellent build quality  and what more would you need ?

Have a listen to this:

If you’d like to know more about the great Honda V4s, check out from which the two brochures below come from:





The above model is available in northern Italy and on sale on eBay at a fixed price of 10.000 EUR. The seller describes the bike as having just 3000 km and in complete stock condition.

If you are interested click on the link below:


1993 Honda VFR 400 R (NC 30)