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Sport Bikes For Sale August 4, 2012 posted by claudio

1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Switzerland

The 1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 model had minor changes versus its predecessor the 1986 MY. Among these were a stiffer frame and larger fuel tank (+2 liters). Both changes I guess improved the bike and in particular its handling but also had two side effects:

1) the bike was heavier

2) the larger fuel tank changes the looks of the bike a bit giving it a less forward prone and aggressive look

To me the latter made the bike less attractive but aesthetics is a personal thing.

Here is what appears to be a sample in quite rare condition with just 24000km form one owner and with a very attractive price tag of around 2000 $ !!

These bikes are becoming difficult to find with low mileage. Even though they proved to be very reliable, collectors always look for low mileage.

The bike is in original condition and being a Swiss model it is probably still restricted to 100HP. This can be changed nevertheless back to its astonishing for the time original factory output of 130HP.

The seller advises that the bike runs smoothly, the engine is dry (no oil leaks) and the only modification is the braided metal brake fluid lines. It is available on the Swiss auction site RICARDO.CH at the link below. The starting price is currently 1850 $ and there is a “buy it now” at 2250$.

Happy bidding.

Suzuki GSX-R 1100 MY 1987


Ducati July 23, 2012 posted by claudio

Ducati 900 SS Superlight (in Germany)

Among the Ducati special editions, the Superlight also known as SL, was the name given to the 900 SS model of the early 90s.

In those years the 851-888 and the respective SP (Sport Production) models represented the cream of Ducati sport models. The 900 SS/SL was a more affordable model. It did share few components with the 851 but it was really a different motorbike. Yet, to give it a special flare, a few lighter bits were introduced like Marvic wheels, a front carbon fiber mudguard, a single seat unit (very similar in shape to those of the SPs) and upward exhaust.

It is actually not so common to come across an SL. Recently a yellow one and now it is the turn for this more classic red model spotted in Germany. The bike looks to be in pretty good condition. It was imported from Italy in 1998.

The power output of these bikes is not comparable to the 851-888 Superbike versions, but nevertheless the 900SS/SL are a fun tool on the everyday road. And they sound good too (here’s one from Japan with Termignoni mufflers):

The model found in Germany had 3 previous owners and apart form the tinted windscreen and the threaded steel clutch and brake cables, it is in original condition. With 41000 km on the clock it is on sale on eBay at the link below.

The current bid is 2300 Eur but expect this to go significantly higher.

Ducati 900 SS Superlight for sale on


Suzuki July 12, 2012 posted by claudio

Rare In This Condition: 1985 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Mark 1 (Switzerland)

To start with, I’d recommend a visit of Here you will find plenty of info, but be careful though as the site is addictive and you will soon be on the hunt to buy your next modern classic Suzuki. Courtesy of the website is also the this 1985 Canadian brochure which I thought could be a nice introduction to the model recently spotted in Switzerland.

The 1985 Suzuki GSX-R 750: the first race focused, ultra light (still for modern standards), 750 Superbike. The model below is a rarity with less than 10.000km on the clock:

First in the Gixxer series and in perfect condition this is even more precious.

This Suzuki GSX-R 750 was imported in Switzerland at those times when it featured a single headlight instead of the standard double headlights:

The bike is a legend. With less than 180kg and just above 100 horsepower this strong and very reliable bike was serious stuff already then. The only care you might need to worry about is keeping the carbs clean. With dirt potentially building up in the tank, tiny debris can clog up the carbs and cleaning them is not what you want to do when you planned to enjoy a sunny day taking out your “special” one for a spin. The best way to keep them clean is to empty them regularly by using a long screwdriver and release the carb emptying screw on the left side of each carb (you’ll need a long screw driver for that 🙂 ) After that you still might want to start the engine and rev it until it dies to male sure that the carbs are really empty and clean. By the way the whole procedure needs to be done with the fuel valve closed, obviously 🙂

Going back to the bike above. The owner Mr. Forrer explains that the bike is like new, it doesn’t have any scratches, and never had a crash or fall. It is available in Switezrland at the website below. The price ? Just above 7600 $.

Check it out here: 1985 Suzuki GSX-R 750


Ducati July 4, 2012 posted by claudio

Rare Pantah 650 MHR colors in Switzerland

This is a truly rare bike: a 1984 MHR color scheme Ducati Pantah 650. By the way MHR = Mike Hailwood Replica (see chap below):

The Pantah is an important version in Ducati’s history as it represent the ancestor of the commonly know Ducati L2 motors with the cams driven by belt. The upgraded 650 engine (up to 1983 it was 600cc) was needed for the homologation of the TT racer with which it shared the motor’s 61.5 mm stroke.

This model is in really good conditions and on the market for an even better price.

The bike currently has 6400km on the tacho but this was replaced once and before and it read 16.000km. The bike had the last service in 2011 and it is now fitted with new tires, fresh spark plugs and a new battery. The owner will also give a workshop service manual (in German).

A few words from the seller himself Mr. Singerberger: (Translated from Google)

Replacement tires and battery new, service 2011, spark plug, MFK 2009, Speedo was replaced once valued so true mileage about 16’000km: Year: 1983 Mileage: 6’460 noisy tachometer, Accessory: buttocks, Workshop Paper (German), Special , paint is still original, the Pantah is fully functional and ready to go.

The bike can be picked up in Switzerland following the link below:

Ducati Pantah 650 at 5800 $

And here’s a teaser video of a 600 version with an aftermarket exhaust:



Ducati July 3, 2012 posted by claudio

Ducati 916 Senna in Germany

Among the limited editions Ducatis, the Senna is perhaps the least common and in a way also the least kitted out. What is special about these versions is the unique color scheme with red wheels and original black Ducati paint. That is, if you always liked your Ducati black and yet you want an original and rare piece then the Senna is the one for you. The model below is number 199 out of a total of 300 built.

The bike comes in original trim apart from the black windscreen, the Ducati Corse Alcantara seat, the open clutch cover and the BOS carbon yet homologated mufflers. You might notice that there is no Ducati logo on the tank but that is actually the way it is supposed to be. BTW the Senna was also available in silver color.

The bike was driven for 16000km in dry conditions and otherwise kept indoor (in the living room) as the seller describes below: (Translated by Google)

With a heavy heart I disconnect from my beloved Ducati. Due to family, I have unfortunately no time for my hobby. After the last TUV I’ve driven just 205 km 🙁 too little, see picture from last TÜV report. The bench was covered with Alcantara leather from the contractor. Looks absolutely look chic. A new battery I have the Ducati missed as oil changes, etc. It works just fine! 2 years ago, the airbox was replaced because I liked not the carbon. unique sound of their Bos-carbon exhaust system which is naturally an ABE has. makes with its 109 hp, the ride really fun.

The veh is a perfect condition, would say almost as out of the store. The Ducati has seen no rain and stood in the living room. She was driven only in summer temperatures. I think the pictures say it all … The veh can be bought without hesitation! Front and rear tires with about 80 percent profile.

Who is looking for this model, should this not be missed. It has only 16,000 km mileage.

In Germany, only 30 models were delivered by 300 Where we built.

The 916 Senna is available in Germany and it is currently on sale on eBay (click link below) with a starting price of 6750 Euro and will be yours with  7500 Euro (about 9500 $).

Ducati 916 Senna


Sport Bikes For Sale June 17, 2012 posted by claudio

Genuine 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in Germany

The 1985 Suzuki GSXR-750 is where it all started for Superbikes. Before the Gixxer there were street bikes, fast street bikes, heavy street bikes and a few contemporary 2 strokes GP racer replicas.

The whole hierarchy of sport bikes was then turned upside down by the first lightweight, high output 4 strokes 750 cc. This was race focused, it had a full fairing with double headlight at the front and a narrow tail. The first Suzuki GSXR was born and with it a new era began.

The 750 cc became the “standard” superbike engine size and still now regarded by many the best compromise between lightweight and power. And so for the next 2 decades every Japanese OEM built their most sporty bikes on their catalogues on what basically was the blueprint given by the GSXR 750 of 1985.

Still now, the legacy of these sporty white-and-blue bikes from Hamamatsu is very much alive and even more so is the desire to own an original oil cooled model from the eighties (look for the great forum and search for the threads under “oiled cooled…” You’ll find a large and extremely knowledgeable worldwide community of enthusiast, plenty of documentation and professional, friendly advice on what model to choose, what to watch out for, how to maintain it, tune it etc. etc…

…Now that you’ve been sucked in by the desire of buying the progenitor of modern Superbikes, follow me to this immaculate and very rare (for the conditions) sample available in Germany:

In my personal search for the ultimate Gixxer I ended up finding a 1986 LE but I was ready to commit to the standard model in case the R model would be off my budget — and assuming I would find a good condition GSX-R 750. It turns out that in a weird sort of way, it is actually more difficult to come across a well preserved low mileage “standard” model. I guess it is because the Limited Edition was so exclusive in those years that it was bought with the intention to either hit the track straight away or end up in a living room. And so here we are with a bike that practically handles just as well, has the same power, and when you’ll get in need to change your clutch because of excessive wear you won’t have to search every possible forum on the net to locate the spare parts and release a check with 4 digits.

You are asking how is it to ride what seems to be a long wheelbase, narrow in the rear-wide in the front bike with wheels of a size that seems far to narrow and too tall in comparison to current standards of 120/70 17 inch in the front and 190/55 17 inch in the rear? Well, the best way to describe it is to urge you to try it. Riding a 1986 Gixxer is in my opinion a greatly rewarding experience, not only for the smooth responsiveness of the engine and the precise gearbox but also because you feel you are riding a piece of history. Immediately you can relate to what at the time must have been an extreme Superbike for its high revving engine power versus the fairly standard (for the time) brakes and chassis on what still now feels very lightweight!

Going back to the model on sale in Germany, here’s a display of the condition in which this 750 can be found:

A few words from Stefan, the seller:

GSX- R 750 Bj. 1986 (Typ: GR75A) im 100% originalen Sammlerzustand. Das Fahrzeug war noch nie umgebaut bzw. verbastelt und befindet sich im unversehrten originalen Erhaltungszustand wie am Tag der Auslieferung 1986. Sämtliche Kunststoff- und Aluteile sind weder spröde, noch vergilbt oder korrodiert. Das Fahrzeug ist unfall- und umfallfrei und hat keinerlei Verkleidungsrisse! Technisch und optisch top! Sicherlich ein Leckerbissen und eine einmalige Gelegenheit für alle Fans der Ur-GSXR! Dieses Fahrzeug ist mit Sicherheit nicht vergleichbar mit den übrigen hier angebotenen 750ern. Eigentlich zu schade zum Fahren und es sollte wieder in Sammlerhand gelangen und nur ab und an zu Erhaltungszwecken bewegt werden. TÜV neu, Reifen bei 10.545km neu, original Fahrerhandbuch, Rechnungen der letzten Wartungsarbeiten sind vorhanden. Bitte nur ernstgemeinte Anfragen, keine “letzte Preis” Gespräche oder sonstiges! Kontakt bitte via Email oder Telefon.

He describes how well well kept the bike is in its 100% original condition. The bike is a truly a rare find in such a state and deserves a collector as the new owner. Zou can contact him by email or phone at the details available from the link below.

This bike has just 11.400km (!) and is on sale for 4750 Eur which in American units equals to about 6000 $.

Suzuki GSX-R 750 1986 in Germany

Thanks Stefan !


Bimota June 14, 2012 posted by claudio

Swiss Bimota Fetish …continued (YB6 and YB8)

If I only had some free cash I would grab one of these YB….

Here we have 2 of the most known models from the manufacturer of Rimini powered by the Yamaha FZR1000 and FZR1000 EXUP engines. They are on sale from the same owner (why, why, why ????) and up for grabs in Switzerland. The first bike is probably better known form the general public also because it was manufactured in 546 samples:

Bimota YB6

This bike has 22700km and can be yours with 6700$…yes you understood correctly…

Now if this is not a good deal enough for you, how about the YB6 successor, the YB6 Exup, otherwise known as the YB8 ?

This second one is even more rare and produced in just 252 samples.

Bimota YB8

Excited enough ? If not, let me tease you a bit more…How about if this YB8 with a total of 29000km would cost you the same price of 6700$ ??

Both bikes are in full original conditions and ready to drive or sit side by side in a lucky’s collector garage.

The seller describes both bikes’ conditions as follows:

im guten Zustand läuft tadellos.Besichtigung ist möglich

…which means : ” in good conditions, runs perfectly. Viewing possible after appointment”.

On sale at the Swiss auction site of with the above mentioned buy-it-now prices. links below:


Bimota YB6

Bimota YB8

If need somebody to pick these bikes and drive them you, just post a comment to this ad and I’ll volunteer to help you out ! 🙂




Sport Bikes For Sale June 12, 2012 posted by claudio

Yamaha RZ 500 V4 in Germany

Here is an imported (from Canada) 2 stroke RZ 500 v4 Yamaha.

This model was otherwise available in Europe under the name of RD500 (check the video below to spot the differences):

I reckon that 2 strokes 4 cylinder bikes will hit high prices in the future as they are becoming more and more a memory of the good old times of 500 GP races. If you read Stoner’s statements given to the BBC when he declared that he will leave MotoGP at the end of the 2012 season, he mentioned that he would re-think his decision if MotoGP would go back to the monster prototypes that the 2 strokes GP bike used to be. Casey even hinted that the capacity of these 2 stroke come back bikes should be 750cc…While we wait for the future MotoGP and I also doubt that it will go back to 2 strokes, all we can do is grab one of the few bikes out there that survived the 80s and 90s like this model here imported in Germany in 1988 and with 27.500km on the tachometer. The bike seems in excellent conditions and it is in original trim with the exception of the after market exhausts (original is available from the seller). Here’s a such an engine would sound like:

The bike on sale also features a steering damper from LSL:

A few words from the seller:

Das Motorrad ist seit über 10 Jahren in meinem Besitz . der Vorbesitzer hatte das Krad auch 10 Jahre, also keine Verkaufs”huxe” 😉

Das Motorrad hat eine Gesamtlaufleistung von 27.500 Km Ez in Germany 1988


Das Motorrad ist keine neue Maschiene, dennoch habe ich in den letzten Jahren keine ähnlich gepflegte originale Maschiene gesehen ( Restaurierte und neulackierte mal ausgeschlossen).

Natürlich gehen die 25 jahre auch nicht spurlos an allen Teilen vorbei…hier und da angerostete Schrauben, die aber, wenn im Sichtbereich immer gegen gleichwertige getauscht wurden.

Der Motor läuft ohne Klackergeräusche.

So sind gerade die Fußrasten und das Verkleidungsheck beim Lackierer, da hier die Farbe altersbedingt gamelig aussah und eben nicht mehr schön war.

Felgen werden auch gerade neu in Gold matt wie original lackiert  .

Bereifung: vom Profil her ziemlich ungenutzte Conti TKV11/12, hinten in 150-70

LSL Lenkungsdämpfer  

Kettenumbau auf 520iger Kette

Carbon Membrane

entgegen den Bildern ist die originale Auspuffanlage wieder montiert ( ggf kann die JL-Edelstahl/Carbon gegen VSache mitgeliefert werden)

Frontgeweih wurde schon matt schwarz neu beschichtet.

Das Motorrad ist bei mir Sturzfrei nur bei schönem Wetter ab und zu mit roter Nummer bewegt worden…

Der Tank ist ohne die üblichen Sturzdellen vom einschlagenden Lenker.

Zur Zeit hat die Maschiene keinen Tüv, eine normale Hauptuntersuchung ist fällig und aus technischer Sicht kein Problem.

Das Fahrzeug wird nur nach erfolgter Besichtigung verkauft. 

Spaßbieter zahlen eine Aufwandsentschädigung von 30 % vom angestrebten Verkaufspreis  + Anwaltsgebühren

The seller mentions that few rusted screws have been replaced with new ones, the side fairings have been repainted with the original color scheme because the color was faint due to the age of the bike (and the sun). Also the rims of the bike have been repainted in fresh gold color. The bike has had 2 owners from new and has been with the current owner in Germany since the last 10 years.

Available on Ebay in Germany at a price of 7950 Euro = 9952 $.