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Sport Bikes For Sale June 11, 2012 posted by claudio

Looking for something special? Yoshimura Factory Version of the GSXR750R LE (France)

Finding a Suzuki GSXR750R Limited Edition produced in 1986 is quite a task today. If that’s not special enough for you, then you need to aim for the Yoshimura factory version:

This Hyper Endurance model features a unique color scheme with red and “smoke-dark-grey” paint instead of the classic blue-white-red typical of Suzuki. Even the turn lights are smoked ! Produced in very small numbers, if at possible this bike has even  a racier feel to it than the “standard” limited…So if you are looking for something this special and ready to pay a the right price for it and… you need to click on the link and the bottom of the page and book a flight to France where you’ll find this beauty:

How sweet is that ? We all know that this model runs a dry clutch and that replacing it will cost you dearly but that also means that with the Yoshi exhaust  as fitted on this Limited-Limited Edition, it will make a pretty unique sound.

Here are the specs of this race ready 1986 model:

Overall Length: 2,120 mm (83.5 in)
Overall Width: 745 mm (29.3 in)
Overall Height: 1,215 mm (47.8 in)
Seat height: 765 mm (30.1 in)
Wheelbase: 1,455 mm (57.3 in)
Ground Clearance 125 mm (4.9 in)
Dry Weight: 176 kg (388 lbs)
Engine type: Air/oil-cooled 749 cc inline-4, DOHC, 16 valves. 106 hp (77.4 kW)/ 10,500 rpm, 64 Nm/ 8,000 rpm


The sample below seems in excellent condition and in the original trim apart from the exhaust and some bolts along the brake lines.

It is on sale on Ebay as a classified ad and it will be yours with 12.000 Eur. The bike has less than 12.000km a is fitted with a new battery and a new set of rubbers as described by the seller:

GSXR 750 Limited Edition Yoshimura

100 exemplaires produits.

Modele tres rare.

Pneus et batterie neufs.

Revision OK.

Carenage etat moyen.

Reprise possible.

Suzuki GSXR 750R Limited Edition Yoshimura 


Ducati June 4, 2012 posted by claudio

Ducati Sport Production Second Series – 851 SP2 (Germany)

Second in the Sport Production limited series, the Ducati 851 SP2 is one of the most significant models for any Ducati enthusiasts. The model here is a rare find in such conditions:

Introduced in 1990 with a first production of 200 samples to be able to enter the bike in the Superbike championship , this was the first upgarde from the previous year’s SP1. The upgrade included the following changes:

Engine capacity of 888 cc. instead of 851 cc.

Larger intake and exhaust valves

Larger exhaust diameter

42mm USD Ohlins front fork

Weight of 188kg (dry)

Power up to 109 hp at 10500 pm

In race spec versions it looked like this:

And in the hands of Raynold Roche in 1990 Ducati won its first of a long lasting saga of World Super Bike championships.

Going back to the beauty spotted in Germany, this is on sale on eBay at the link at the bottom of the article. It has 22.600km and it is in immaculate form as described by the private seller:

“In dieser Auktion kann eine sehr seltene Ducati 851 SP 2 ersteigert werden. Sie ist die Nr. 95 voninsgesamt Weltweit nur 380 Stück . Die Ducati 851 Sp 2 ( SP steht für Sport Production) hat einen888 ccm großen Motor und Öhlins Gabeln. Der große Service (Zahnriemen, Öl ) ist bei 21589 Kmgemacht worden ( Rechnung ist vorhanden). Die Reifen haben reichlich Profil (siehe Foto).Batterie und Tüv sind neu . Beide Seitenverkleidungen und der Hinterradkotflügel sind aus Carbon.Zu der Ducati gehören 2 Schlüssel und eine Bedinungsanleitung sowie die letzten drei Tüv Berichte.Ich bin eine Privatperson und verkaufe daher ohne Garantie und Rücknahme. Spaßbieter bekommeneinen Brief von meinem Anwalt. Die Ducati muß nach Auktionsende innerhalb 7 Tagen in Wuppertalabgeholt und Bar bezahlt werden. Die Ducati kann selbstverständlich nach Terminabsprachebegutachtet werden. Kein nachträgliches verhandeln. Die Ducati sieht noch gut aus. Natürlich hatein 22 Jahre altes Motorrad ein paar kleine Gebrauchsspuren. Sie ist meines Wissens nachUnfallfrei.”

The last service (including replacement of drive belts) was made at 21-589km and a receipt is available. The battery is new. The side panels and rear hugger are carbon fiber. The bike is sold without a guaranty and needs to be picked up within 7 days from the end of the auction. The owner confirms that to his knowledge the bike has never fallen.

Currently at 3500 Eur, expect to pay much more than that by the end of the auction.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 in Germany


Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2012 posted by claudio

Real Race Replica – Yamaha FZR750R 0W1 (Holland)

When it comes to race replica’s (code name RR) the Yamaha FZR 750 R also known as 0W-1 is one of the most significant models. First in series of the 0W (the Yamaha YZF R7 being the 0W-2), this bike was in many ways more exclusive than Honda’s RC 30. Only 500 models were produced and they didn’t come cheap, about 25.000 $ at the time + 5000$ if you wanted it fitted with the race ready Yamaha kit.

The 0w-1 wasn’t as successful on worldwide race tracks and roads (TT trophy) as the Honda and this is probably the reason why second hand models are now available at a more down to earth prices.

The model below is exposed at a dealership in Holland and is on sale for roughly 12.400$ (click on link at bottom of article).

With just below 21.000km the bike isn’t new but in fair conditions from what can be judged form the pictures. With 120BHP this carburereted race spec motor won’t disappoint in terms of speed even in comparison to modern bikes but expect a peaky delivery of power (fun starts at 9000rpm). The best way to sum up what this bike really represents is to listen to MCN’s editor Micheal Neeves who happened to be an 0w-1 enthusiast:

Convinced ?

I am…


In comparison with the standard FZR the 0w-1 featured a different aluminum quality frame, fine Ohlins rear suspension, a very different motor with magnesium and titanium bits, close ratio 6 speed gearbox, single seat unit, endurance style fuel cap and a very racy (read not  good for long range cruising) riding position. The sample below is almost in original conditions despite the turn lights and red painted wheels.

1995 Yamaha FZR 750 R 0w-1 in Holland





Honda May 31, 2012 posted by claudio

Music for Your Ears: Honda NC30 with Tyga Exhaust (Austria)

Ever wanted to hear on your daily ride the sound of the Honda V4 but can’t afford an RC30 ? Well here is a second choice that will prove to be just as involving. The model below is on sale in Austria: Honda NC30 with Tyga Exhaust

Completely original apart from turn lights and red stripes on the rims, this bike comes with a Tyga exhaust fitted:

And here is how such a toy sounds like:

Isn’t that awesome ?

All other original parts will be supplied to you with the bike as commented below by the seller:


Verkaufe Honda VFR 400 R in super Zustand!!!!

Das Motorrad hat Stahlflexxleitungen,kleine blinker,und sportauspuffanlage!!!

Motorrad ist Technisch 1A , und optisch weist es bis auf kleine Gebrauchsspuren keine Mängel auf!!!!

Bei Fragen können Sie gerne unter der Nummer 0680/2374990 anrufen!!

Originalteile vorhanden!!!!!

The bike has just less than 28000km :

As his bigger brother, the RC30, this small capacity V4 comes with a single sided swing arm and 18 inch rear wheel:

Front tyre 120/70
Rear tyre 150/60 (18″ rim)
Wheelbase  1345mm
Dry weight 170kg
Power 56bhp @ 12,750rpm
Torque 26 lb-ft @ 9,700rpm

Many lucky owners who used to have one in their garage and exchanged for a bigger capacity 4 cylinder bike did regret the move. Nowadays it become hard to find one in good conditions such as this. At a “buy it now” price of 4700 EUR ($5867 USD) this seems an excellent opportunity (an equivalent condition RC30 won’t go for less than 5 times that price assuming you’ll find one).

What can I say, whoever will be quick enough to grab this iconic Japanese 400cc will have all my jealousy !


Ducati May 31, 2012 posted by claudio

Troy was also here: Ducati 996 R in Switzerland

Another limited edition from Bologna, the 996 R is the last in series of the Tamburini specials. This one is signed by one of Ducati’s best ever riders Troy Bayliss:




Packed with loads of trick (or should we say, track-ready) accessories, the 996R is the highest spec serial Duke from the legendary 916 family. Delivering a whopping 135 bhp the Testastretta engine on this R model was for the time the most evolved and powerful 2 cylinder motor. The bike came with carbon Termignoni’s as part of the package. On the model here the mirrors and turn lights have been removed. The accessories fitted on the bike include an Alcantara trimmed seat and a NCR fuel cap. This 2001 model is #67 of 500 sold worldwide.




With 20.000 km driven so far, it is available in Switzerland from a private seller at the auction site. Yours with roughly $18k.



Suzuki May 30, 2012 posted by claudio

Everybody’s 2 stroke’s dream: Suzuki RG500 (Italy)

Hopefully I won’t disappoint many people with such a tittle when presenting the model below:

A 1986 Suzuki RG500 2-stroke. Alongside the Yamaha RD500 v4 and the Honda NS400R 3 cylinder, these bikes represented the closest thing to MotoGP in the 80s… and still now (with the exception of the Ducati Desmosedici). To me the Suzuki is on a league of its own.

Delivering 95BHP for 156kg this bike was serious stuff. Add to it the typical character of 2 strokes with a narrow high efficiency band around a particular rpm range (result of the matching frequencies of back pressure waves from the exhaust and good filling of the gasoline-oil and air mixture in the cylinders’ volume) and you’ll have an experience that you will never forget. Below is an image of the peculiar double crankshaft “square” 4 cylinder engine:

Wonder how such a beauty sounds like ?

Going back to the bike on sale, this is available in Italy. The bike is completely original and seems to be in top conditions as the seller describes:

moto da collezionisti! iscritta registro storico fmi , tutta originale , libretto di circolazione , targa originali , tenuta in modo maniacale!

for the non-Italian speaking it means roughly: “collectible motorbike, listed on the Italian Motorcycles’s Federtaion (FMI) historical bikes archive, with original papers and original license plate (before the EU plate type), kept with the highest level of attention”.

Yours here with 9500 Euro ($11800 USD).


Yamaha May 29, 2012 posted by claudio

Clean…very clean FZR 1000 Exup (Switzerland)

In the early ’90, this was a serious Superbike: The Yamaha FZR 1000 Exup. While Suzuki increased its GSX-R capacity to 1100 a few years earlier, Yamaha opted to pimp up the FZ750 power plant to 1002 cc which with its 20 valves delivered a staggering 145 HP @ a very down to earth 10000 rpm (in comparison to modern bike). That meant loads and loads of usable power at your fingertips.

The sample above/below is:

1) in fantastic condition

2) in its best color scheme

3) at an even better price


With just 23000km form new, and 1 owner so far this is very promising. judge for yourself:

I personally have never driven one of these and often thought that the seating position seems a bit laid back, but with that powerhouse and the amazing for the time and still beautiful Deltabox Aluminum frame I really want to.

Some specs:

Engine and Transmission

Displacement: 1002.00 ccm (61.20 cubic inches)
Engine type: in-line four
Stroke: 4
Power: 145.00 HP (105.8 KW) @ 10000 RPM
Valves per cylinder: 5
Starter: electric
Gearbox: 5-speed

Physical measures

Dry weight: 214.0 kg (471.8 pounds)
Seat height: 775mm (30.5 inches)

Chassis and dimensions
Front brakes: Dual disc
Rear brakes: Single disc

Speed and acceleration
Power/weight ratio: 0.6776 HP/kg
Acceleration (0-60): 2.9 seconds
Top speed: 172 mph (275 kph)

And an inspiring brochure from those times (note the rider’s position…comfortably seated and with the knee only out of the fairing):

…pure nostalgia….

The seller describes the bike like this:

Wunderschöne und sehr gepflegte FZR1000 aus erster Hand. Die Yamaha ist Vorführbereit, ev. ein Flüssigkeits Service nötig. Auch für Liebhaber geeignet. Pneus sehr gut. 
Sehr attraktives Angebot.

For the non-German speaking, he confirms the excellent conditions and mentions that the only work needed would eventually be the replacement of fluids (oil, brake fluids).

This beautiful FZR is available in Switzerland form a private seller at the auction site. Yours with 2650 CHF! ($2753 USD)


Ducati May 23, 2012 posted by claudio

For collectors only: Ducati 996R (Zürich)

Probably one of the most exclusive Ducatis ever, the 996R resembles as close as possible the extremely successful and iconic World Superbike racing edition of the early new millennium. Below is a pristine model with just below 15000km:

The 996R model came with a full set of track ready stuff such as:

  • Ohlins fornt, rear and steering damper suspension
  • magnesium wheels
  • full carbon body fairing
  • carbon Termignoni
  • Testastreta engine
  • …and a smaller and better sealed battery

500 serial production models were needed back in 2001 to homoogate the bike for World Superbike Championship and the first 350 were sold within 6 hours from launch. This here is Nr.377:

The seller doen’t disclose the asking price and is willing to sell the bike to a collector or an anyway an enthusiast. A few words from him for those of you who are familiar with German:

Sehr schöne und seltene Ducati. Nur 500 wurden von diesem Modell produziert. Meine Maschine ist die Nr 377. Töff war im Juni 2010 bei einer grossen Inspektion bei Ducati Varese und im September 2010 bei der MFK. Weitere Inspektion Im Winter 2011. Töff ist optisch und technisch top. Verkaufe nur an Sammler oder Liebhaber.

On sale in the area of Zürich: 2001 Ducati 996R