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Suzuki August 15, 2013 posted by claudio

Hamamatsu’s Special:1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750R LE (Germany)

We all love the Suzuki GSX-R series. The Gixxer was the first truly Superbike motorbike produced. It featured a full fairing, it was very light (and still is), it had beautiful double headlights, lots of horses and amazing colors. The most desirable GSX-Rs, are the, so called, “double R”. The first one, came only one year after its debut. It was in 1986 that a small production Limited Edition were produced. The exact production number is unknown, and expected to be somewhere around the 500 units mark. The LE most notably featured a dry clutch. This is a unique feature for Suzuki. The rumor is that the clutch used was the same as on the RG Moto GP race bike. The cost of the original  clutch discs was about 2000 $ already then. Nowadays, spare original Suzuki clutches are hard to find, hence making sure that this organ is in good shape is essential. That is, whether you plan to ride your RR Suzuki, or whether you want to make sure that its value will be preserved. Other “special” parts included a hand made super slim single seat fairing unit (made of fiberglass)  and a very special seat (quotation of an original LE single seat unit can reach 1000$, provided you find one!) a unique aluminum chain, special colors, better brakes and electrically controlled (activated by the pull of the front brake lever) front fork anti-diving system (as opposed to the hydraulical system used on the Katana). A few days ago we saw a Limited parked just beside another of our favorite bikes: the Gilera Saturno 500. Both of them, being in Germany.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750R Limited Edition in Germany


It turns out that the owner of these beauties, Roli, is parting from both of them. The Suzuki has 18.000 km on the clocks. It was serviced yearly and the maintenance included a new clutch (see above), new tyres, new chain, new gaskets etc. etc. All of these using original Suzuki OEM or Mikuni parts (carburetor’s supplier). All the original parts are still available and provided together with the motorbike.


A second line of Mikunis is also available if you wish to display it at home on your office, as Roli describes below:

Type GR75AD 1986 Limited Edition. 18.000km. No gray market, official Suzuki Germany model with “classic” bike registration. Zero sevens vintage license plate or exchange Normalzulasung possible. Dry clutch completely rebuilt with original parts, including magnesium housing and all seals and O-rings, springs etc. All work carried out by Suzuki Weishaupt, and inspections (annually despite only a few km mileage).
Condition 1.2. Only minimal sunlight / UV damage causes. All original parts that have been replaced or removed by  accessories, and original packaging are included. TÜV vintage report (“motor vehicle Technically culturally and historically valuable vehicle declaration ) including Suzuki Germany driver’s manual and “Supplementary Service Manual”. Technical condition better than in 1986 (steel braided, DID 50 ERZ-525, BT45). On request with FG work or exhibition stage. No race and accident free. Every year, at ridden not more  ride 300km, service always run after Suzuki maintenance schedule. Mikuni carburetor with original parts (by Mik. Europe, not parts available at Suzuki anymore!). The accelerator pump working here now properly among others. All replaced original parts (mirrors, first clutch, bearings, chain kit, lines, etc.) are available and are given. A new unused original carburetor line is also included and can be used as an exhibition on display (eg to put them on the desk). 

The 1986 GSX-R 750R is still a very exciting bike to ride. At high speed, the bike is fairly quite but when the engine spans between 6000 and 8000 rpm, the exhaust delivers quite an aggressive sound with a complex mix of half orders on top of the dominant engine 2nd order. Then, when you get to release the gas, you hear that metallic noise from the dry clutch. The whole combination is a very special mix that no other motorbike delivers. Here we have the dry clutch noise similar (but quieter) than a Ducati, coupled with the smooth, high revving note, typical of four cylinder inline motor. Not having water cooling, the engine noise is even more prominent, once again adding to the uniqueness of the Suzuki Limited.


Like for similar bikes, first gear is relatively tall and the higher gears are really close to each other. At 23.485 $ this GSX-R special is entering the RC 30 territory. To be honest, I don’t see why that shouldn’t be the case. After all, this is still a true special and most likely produced in less numbers. We can argue that the RC 30 is a true HRC hand made race machine, but this Suzuki is so exclusive that deserves more attention than it has received from the market so far. It won’t be as fast as the Honda but in many ways its rarity and most beautiful shape of any Gixxer, will let you adore it.


I am personally a lucky owner of one of these and I do treasure it very much. If you are looking for a 1986 Limited, this might be for you. If interested please get in touch with Roli directly, by clicking on the link below.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750R Limited Edition in Germany

Good luck Roli !



Hamamatsu’s Special:1986  Suzuki GSX-R 750R LE (Germany)
Kawasaki August 13, 2013 posted by claudio

Smart Money Series Continued: Kawasaki ZX7-R in Switzerland

What will 1600 $ buy you these days ?  A top of the range exhaust system, a full fairing of your beloved classic Superbike (if you can find it), an original muffler and a few extra bits…or…a little used, low mileage ZX7-R (with all of the above included !). This 1996 classic Kawa could be a great find, once you have removed the layer of dust that covers it. Clearly a sign of “no-use” that matches well with the mileage of the bike of just 22.500 km.


The ZX-7R is one of the most iconic Kawasaki of the modern era, and the best representative of the Ninja family. Let’s not forget that the RR version of this, otherwise great handling super sportster, won a World Superbike Championship back in 1993. The last technical revision (required every 2 years for road driving in Switzerland) was done in 2004 indicating that the bike has potentially been standing for about 7-9 years. It will require a few checks and the replacement of oil, fluids, plugs, battery etc. but at this price, you’ll have plenty of room before you reach the “market price” of similar full stock samples.


Especially if you plan to do the work yourself, this could be a really good deal. ZX-7R sold in plenty, but finding unmolested ones with the original fairing, muffler and indicators is not common. If interested, click on the link below.

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7R in Switzerland


Smart Money Series Continued: Kawasaki ZX7-R in Switzerland
Suzuki August 13, 2013 posted by claudio

First Time 1100: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

This Gixxer is the first edition of the mighty 1100cc powered, oil cooled GSX-R. Among the Suzuki fans, one of the most desired bikes to have. This particular example found in Switzerland belongs to the owner of a Suzuki dealership. When I first met him, it was to discuss the sale of 750 Limited Edition which now sits in my garage. Mr. Wernli has an amazing collection of GSX-Rs, CB Fours, Katanas and even Kawasaki H2. His bikes are all stored in the downstairs floor among a few cars as well. They are not advertised for sale, but if one is interested in a particular one, and is a true enthusiast he will not refuse a meeting and a chat about prices. I can confirm that his bikes are all well taken care of and are in perfect order. When I saw what he had, I felt like a little boy in the most beautiful toy shop. It appears that he has decided to part from his 1100 which is now advertised publicly.


With just short of 32000 km, and at a price of about 7500 $, this won’t be the cheapest GSX-R you will come across. But then again, quality matters. On my 750 LE, despite the fact that it had only 1000 km on the clock, he changed the oil and brake fluids every year, he ran the engine regularly and kept the fuel tank 100% full. He also fitted some rubber tubes from the “nipples” of each carburetor to a single collecting larger pipe at the bottom of the bike


This was done to ease the process of emptying the carburettors every time you are about to store the bike. At the moment of sale he also gave me a few bottles of gasoline additive to stabilise the fuel in the tank. So, trust me, the guy knows his business.



If you are interested in this pristine example, go ahead by contacting Mr. Wernli himself at the link below.


1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Switzerland


First Time 1100: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100
Gilera August 11, 2013 posted by claudio

Rising Mono: Gilera Saturno 500 (Germany)

What do you think of the pictures below ?


Gilera Saturno Bialbero 500 in Germany


Aren’t these a beauty one next to the other ? It’s almost a shame to separate them. Well, the red one, apparently, must go.

The Gilera Saturno is a 500cc single cylinder bike. On the scale it scores just 140 kg (dry). This ultra light weight, makes the tiny Saturno a very sweet handling motorbike. Add some of the best accomplished styling, a thumping sound coming from the Lanfranconi single exhaust pipe, a front disc brake from the Ducati 851 (full floating Brembo), clip-on bars, beautiful Aluminium foot pegs, and you a unique mix that can satisfy the most demanding motorcycle enthusiast. The engine isn’t much powerful at all, it has only 5  gears, but it’s the superb combination of these factors with its sound, style and handling that make this “little” Italian, a jewel. What’s the best way of riding it ? You need to launch the machine, put it in 4th and with a steady gas position revving at any rpm above
4000, let it flow in between the corners. With fresh rubbers, the Saturno is a highly capable true sportster, and will easily handle any type of corner at fairly high speed.


The European 500cc version of the Bialbero, were produced in small numbers. The original project, was a 350cc for Japan only. Finding a Saturno on the market is not easy. In the last two years, we came across a few between Germany and Switzerland. Those samples were quite reasonably priced. In my latest search, I have found a few with at asking prices around the 10.000 EUR mark. This is clearly indicating a rise in quotations. This sample in particular, tops the lot, with an asking price of 12.500 EUR.


The bike features some nice touches, like the Brembo radial front disc pump and had a long list of fresh original parts fitted to it as the seller describes below.


Gilera SATURNO. 35 kW, 550 km, built in 1989, first admission. 07/1995, MOT 06/2015, accident free, engine gaskets (cylinder head, housing and closures and lids) all renewed without exception. Water pump overhauled. Flat slide Mikuni fitted with accelerator pump. Chainsaw. m. zzz520, various new aluminum Chainring. Luftfiltergeh, EXHAUSTS. and Ventilanst. adjusted. Brembo radial Bremsp. Handlebars of UCS. Universal Mount Bracket for vo. od hi and all original parts are replaced. All engine and chassis work by company Kabro.

Spare parts are tricky to find. In Europe we will miss Gottfried Hahne who sadly passed away few months ago. Gottfried was an incredible 2 stroke Kawasaki and general Gilera fan. Over the years he had collected a great stock of parts for all Gilera models and was the reference point for all Saturno enthusiasts over here. Gottfried, rest in peace, we will miss you !


If you want to secure this low mileage (550km) fine example of a standard red Saturno, (a limited edition in black is available in Europe), then you can contact the seller directly by clicking on the link below.


Gilera Saturno Bialbero 500 in Germany


Rising Mono: Gilera Saturno 500 (Germany)
Aprilia August 6, 2013 posted by claudio

Ready 2 Race ? 2 Stroke Selection (in France)

Summertime is great for so many things…track days for example. Whether you join the experience for the first time or you have a past in motor racing, we have here a special 2 strokes selection that can satisfy the beginner, as much as, the pro. The following bikes have few things in common: they are all light, they are all fast at different degrees, and come with a soundtrack of the past. They are all ready for grippy tarmac, smooth riding lines and huge lean angles. They don’t have lights, license plate holders and some even miss a battery and a starter. They are all available right now on eBay in France. Some have only few days left. We’ll present them sorted by price, and if you like, also by riding skills that they will demand from you.

The first one is a road legal motorbike that has been converted into a race-only machine. This is the Aprilia RS 250:



Track / race Bike Aprilia RS 250, Motor replate, Vertex Piston, Complet exaust Arrow, Ingnition SAPC 23D10, Caburator Stage 3 8 Main jet, Nuddel…) Fork and Schock prepared PPR, JUST For Race Day.

n these colors, doesn’t it remind you of the “corsaro” Max Biaggi’s glorious 250 ? The current bid of just 1000 EUR hasn’t met the reserve yet. A few more days are available for this one.

Aprilia RS 250 on eBay in France

The second and third bikes are on the other hand, proper race bikes. The following is a 125cc Yamaha TZ:





This bike was raced for one season in 2003. The motor was rebuilt just 100 km ago.

Yamaha TZ 125.

Fully revised at pro specialist 2 times.

Engine 100 KMS.

Moto one season in 2003.

Moto sold complete ready to roll stock or options.

Payment on the spot.

The starting asking price is set at 5000 EUR.

Yamaha TZ 125 on eBay in France


The last and most exclusive of the lot, is an ultra quick RS 250 GP bike:



The starting price on this one is set just shy of 20.000 EUR. The bike comes with lots of useful bits which you will need if plan to take this on some races.:


18 clutch discs 1 ignition coil

12 clutch plates notched three sets of front pads C43 carbon Loraine

10 clutch springs 1 quick draw

1 out of joint air box 1 rear brake lever

2 channels AFAM 8 hoses

2 handlebars 2 decks foot rest

1 front axle 3 gears about 15/16/17


2 speed sensors 1 white power shock spring 7.5 kg

1 shifter 1 casserole quick draw

3 pots clutch lever quick draw 1

1 radiator cap crowns 6 33/35/36/37/38/39

1 Malette full sprinkler and needles

1 Malette specific tool for HONDA engine and chassis

Was one of 40 liters of gasoline MITS 42 (2013)

3 liters of oil HTX 740 (2013)

1 liter of oil HTX 976 (2013)




Very short time left for this one.

Honda RS 250 on eBay in France


Ready 2 Race ? 2 Stroke Selection (in France)
Bimota August 5, 2013 posted by claudio

Old School Biggy: Bimota SB6 (in Germany)

The SB6 is one of the most powerful Bimota produced. Fitted with a tuned Suzuki GSX-R 1100 water cooled engine,  it delivered a whopping 146 hp when new. Unlike its Japanese engine donor, the SB6 is not a comfortable do-it-all fast all rounder, it is instead,  a purpose built sport bike with a big and very powerful power plant.

Bimota SB6 For Sale on eBay DE


Around the engine, we find what you would expect from any Bimota:

  • huge Aluminum beams forming the chassis
  • hand crafted and beautifully machined metal components to hold the fork in place or support your feet
  • the very best of supplies that you could buy at the time (Paioli forks, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels…)
  • a few carbon fiber bits (we are kind of getting used to these, but 20 years ago they were really special on a “standard” bike)


And yet, here we don’t have ultra sharp radial mounted calipers, nor traction control, nor wheelie control, nor soft engine maps for slippery road condition, nor infinitely electronically controlled auto adjusting dampers…The 146 hp are all to be managed by YOU, the rider. This is how a super sport used to be. “Old school” can mean “scary” at times.



This isn’t for the inexperienced, as the seller’s also mentions below:

Bimota with Suzuki Suzuki GSXR 1100 W engine

good Condition

Colour Red / White
with carbon fenders made ​​of unpainted carbon
Displacement: 1100 cc
Number of owners: 2
Inspection valid until 07/2015
read off Mileage: 19700 km
Drive: Chain
Starter: electric start
Power in kW: 115 HP 156
Registration: March 1997
Drives really well and is very fast.
Receive on Jul 02, 2013 no defects, a new HU.

Please be sure to arrange viewing e-mail.
Please do not bid for fun.
The prospective buyer should already have the intention of buying – just so drive a Bimota, there is not with me!

The bike is very fast and absolutely not for beginners – please note!

Collection and cash payment within 7 days after auction ends must be adhered to!

Motorcycle is allowed and can be transferred to its axis.

Re-registration within 3 days absolutely necessary!

Please take a look at my other auctions, there are more things available!
If there should be something unclear, please be sure before (!) Ask to bidding.

No ebay fees!
The item will be sold as described:
Since I am not a business seller,
I give no guarantee on the products auctioned.

Continue to ensure right of return or exchange is excluded.

By placing a bid, you expressly agree to indemnify,
according to the new EU law warranty / guarantee
to renounce completely against the seller.

Do not bid if you do not agree with it.


For more information, please refer to Kauf-/Auktionsabwicklung my “ME” page!


If you are not new to motor biking,  if you have always been fascinated by the most powerful bikes and the latest electronic gadgets are not what you are looking for, if you want something that will generate some level of “concern” in your mates’ minds when they see you approaching,  then this SB6 could be as good as it can get. With a starting price set at just 6250 EUR and with less than 20.000 km, Bimotas like this keep surprising me. Where will the price’s downfall of these Italian exotica stop ? I reckon not far from here. Later on, the trend will reverse, and getting anything like this for this sort of money will require a lot more research.

1997 Bimota SB6 in Germany


Old School Biggy: Bimota SB6 (in Germany)
Honda August 5, 2013 posted by claudio

Classic Track Tools: Honda NSR 250R (in the UK)

This 2-stroke classic found in the UK could be what you are looking for. Lightweight, focused, fast enough and with a great soundtrack, what more would you want for a day on your local track ? Whether it will be the fast Donnington, the great and twisty Anglesey or the ever fun Cadwell Park, it’s all down to you. I’d take it to the modern Rockingham, as I reckon that the wide tracks with lots of grip are best suited for two strokers. With this bike it’s all about keeping momentum and lean angles.

Honda NSR250R For Sale on eBay UK


The current owner seems to have bought it under an impulse, as he has actually not had the chance to use it yet:




With a starting bid of just below 2000 £ and lots of people away for their summer holiday, you could be riding your next event with a bike that essentially it is made for the race tracks…economically. If finding spare parts might be your concern, you’d better jump onto a couple of forums on the web to check the situation, before the auction is over. Obviously owning a Honda NSR 250 won’t be as having a CBR 600 RR, but if you are a reader of, I don’t even need to mention that.


1988 or 1989 (?) Honda NSR 250 in the UK 


Classic Track Tools: Honda NSR 250R (in the UK)
Aprilia July 29, 2013 posted by claudio

Vive Le Deux Temps: Aprilia RS 250 (in France)

Many of us love the two strokes. There are still plenty of them on the market, despite the main OEMs having ditched their development due to emission regulations, etc. Rumors are that Yamaha wants to bring them back. Please, please, please…do so. In the meantime, “the aficionados” need to search the internet to grab the likes of a Yamaha RD 350, or a mighty Kawasaki H1. If you want your smoker, not only to be fast in a straight line, then you better opt for the smaller 250s. Here the choice is among Suzuki’s RGV, Kawasaki KR1 and what probably is the best of the lot, the Aprilia RS 250.


This features the best frame and dynamics of the group and a few World GP titles behind its shoulders. The sample found in France seems to be well maintained as the seller describes:

Hello. I am selling my Aprilia RS 250 which was first registered on 24/09/1999. It is in perfect condition. She just had (less than 100 kms driven since) a review in a specialist 2 strokes in Pontoise, carburetor adjustment, replacement liquid cooling, spark plugs ….. It displays 11,710 kms. Note that I do not want to exchange. I am at your disposal if you want more information. Cordially.


This 1999 low mileage model available on eBay in France, has received very little attention so far. Remember, most of Europe is on holiday these days! With just a few days left you might be ahead of a “deux temps” summer bargain.



Aprilia RS 250 in France


Vive Le Deux Temps: Aprilia RS 250 (in France)