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Benelli May 26, 2013 posted by claudio

Six Pack, Brand New ! Benelli Sei 0 miles for 20k Euro (Germany)

Just a few days we’ve introduced the naughty sounding Benelli Sei as opposed to the more common and known Honda CBX 6 cylinder bike. Having six cylinder one after the other one in a straight line, make sure that the forces of of the first and second order are all naturally balanced. These forces are generated by the rotating masses of the crankshaft. The 6 cylinder then, is a very smooth engine and also reliable. It became BMW cars flagship motor until the EU introduced tougher CO2 emission limits that is forcing German OEMs to move toward 4 cylinder smaller capacity engines compensated with twin turbos for higher efficiency. On a motorbike the six inline engine configuration had its technical limits given by the width of the motor and more importantly by the difficulty to cool the inner cylinders in absence of water cooling. They are nevertheless unique, and come with a free revving nature and great sound. The Benelli Sei is in my opinion, the best 6  cylinder out there and I simply love those exhaust mufflers and simple and still modern lines of this 30 years old Italian exotica.


This particular sample is brand new. Not only, it was never driven, it also was never started nor was fuel ever introduced in the tank (no risk of rest then…). It is brand new !


Do I need to say more ?

Let’s hear it from the seller (translated with Google):

Benelli 750 sei. Built in 1976. Absolute new condition. This bike is never ridden. It was also never petrol in the tank. The brake fluid reservoir is virginal.

The bike comes from the private collection of Alejandro DeTomaso. It was spent directly after production there. It was always there in his museum. I purchased it from there after the bankruptcy. It was packed in a wooden crate and shipped to me in Hamburg. In this crate, it is still intact today. The tool kit is fully available. The rubber mounting the battery is boxed under the seat. A battery was never installed.

A photo shows it in the museum shortly before the sale.

The engine oil is Fills and rotates through tadelos. I started the engine nier. The carburetors have never seen gasoline. Nothing is fixed or rot .. The bench aht a minimal small crack on one edge. The tires are original of 1976.

Vehicle papers are available. For questions 0171-3689837

Please do not tell. I have no internet access at the weekend.

I solve my little car collection now on, so I offer it here.

A nationwide shipping is available. The exact shipping cost would then be determined.

The warranty expired in 1977. Therefore: private sale without any Garatie, warranty or return.

Bidders for fun get to do it with my lawyer!


I guess not… Just have aloof at the gallery below and click on the ebay link at the bottom if you’d like to make this yours. The price is set at 19.999 EUR. First come, first served…


1976 Benelli Sei brand new in Germany


P.S. If you have missed the previous post on a Benelli Sei and wish to hear such a machine sounds, just go back a few pages and look for the silver model…

Yamaha May 26, 2013 posted by claudio

Not Original But Still A Classic: Yamaha SR 500 Cafè (Germany)

At RSBFS we normally post sport bikes in original trim. This ain’t one of those. On the other hand, it is based on a classic SR 500 mono that had only 8500 km before work began to transform it into a 60’s looking sport model. Since then, the bike was not yet ridden and is therefore with a very low mileage overall. From the pictures, the work seems to be of high quality and the elegant aesthetics of this Cafè caught my attention.


Also the choice of the components used for the transformation are somehow in line with what we like here. The fuel tank for example, comes from a Laverda model. The list also includes:

LSL foot pegs

Hagon shocks

MKJ rear swing arm

Mikuni flat side carburetor

K&H air filter

etc. etc.


Yamaha SR 500s are one of the most common basis for trendy Cafè re-builds. I guess that the simplicity of the original model, its classic lines and the tiny air cooled single cylinder are all elements that make the SR a perfect case. Not having a radiator and related water pipes gives any naked bike an advantage in reaching  sexy looks. This green and yellow model, with its round light recalling Laverda and Gilera models and with is chromed bits shows a lot of attention to details. Look at the perfectly trimmed front mudguard or the upswing exhaust that fits so well with the short single tail unit, or the seat made using real leather.



Also, the small capacity of 500cc in its mono cylinder configuration, is a good choice for its dynamic behaviour. The single piston coupled with a carburettor will give you a very direct riding experience and torque will be just enough to exploit a best this configuration. Not by chance Gilera made in the late eighties exactly the same choice for its Saturno special. Well done to the seller. The bike is on sale with reserve, where this might be is difficult to guess. To find out, click on the eBay listing below, only a short time left…

Yamaha SR 500 Cafè in Germany


Ducati May 25, 2013 posted by claudio

Want To Ride MotoGP ? Ducati Desmosedici (Switzerland)

In the current economical situation of Europe, including the German new owners of Ducati (Audi), it is fair to assume that another prototype for the masses, will never be built. The Desmosedici has all the credentials to become one of kind for a long, long time. Ducati has invested great amounts of money and resources in the development of the 1199 Panigale. The R version of the Panigale is sold for 30.000 EUR over here. In comparison, you can get this way more exclusive Desmo V4 for 36.000 EUR.


We are not talking about little cash, but with all due respect for the Panigale and for the hard to be earned money as well, I’d go for the V4 in a blink of an eye. I reckon that prices of the 200 HP small series (1500 were built) will start to rise at one point. Today, it seems that the evaluation of these 100% pure exotica are falling down, but don’t be fooled by this. Once people will realize that the cost of each Desmosedici was probably the same (if not lower) than the original asking price, and that no company will produce something like this in the next 10 years, then we will see the current downward trend turn 180 degrees. We know that Honda will (finally) re-create the real successor of the RC 30 (let’s not count the RC 51 which failed to impress), but will this really be based on current Pedrosa’s RCV MotoGp bike ?


When Ducati entered the 4 stroke 1000cc era, it stormed the world with its engine performance. In 2007, the rules imposed 800cc engines, Ducati was ahead of everybody with this capacity development and the Aussie Stoner won his first world title on it. After that, we all know the troubles Ducati and its riders faced, when they replaced the trellis front half chassis with the carbon monocoque. From there, confusion overruled the Bologna factory and it’s position in the the world rankings of speed. The Desmosedici is really, really close to Ducati’s GP4/GP5 MotoGP bikes, it won’t have the same power and weight because the materials used are not the same, the maximum rpm is way lower, the reliability is way higher, but the architecture of the bike and the engine are a direct descendant of the first Moto GPs of Ducati (ever). How will it be to ride ? People say it is a very stiff bike that requires ruthless decisions and hard corner entries. But we don’t want to ride it like Stoner, first of all because there isn’t anybody out there like him (Casey, please come back…c’mon don’t you want to race with the new star Marquez ?) and second, because the Desmosedici is made for the track, but the excitement of riding a real race bike on public roads, legally (I mean it has license plates, mirrors and turn lights), is too high ! If you wish to own a piece of history, a real Ducati special, the first true MotoGP replica, or just make an investment, this is about the right time. If you don’t believe me, let’s talk again in 7 years time and see how many bills will be required to put your hands on the only Ducati V4 ever built…

The model here has covered just 1512 km:




and it comes with open Ducati race exhaust that allows the motor to reach close to 200 hp.

Let’s hear it, shall we ?

Ducati Desmosedici RR in Switzerland


P.S. if anybody is really eager to prove me wrong, please sell me a Desmosedici for less, please, I want one… 🙂

Yamaha May 24, 2013 posted by claudio

“R” You a “RD” Fan ? 125, 250 And 350 (Switzerland)

If one RD isn’t enough for you, or if you want to start a series collection, here is an opportunity to acquire some (125, 250 and 350) of the 1 and two cylinders all at once. In addition to these also an 80 cc version was available at the time with a bit of search or constant reading of RSBFS it won’t be too difficult to find one. The seller is giving away the 250 (pictured below) and the 350 together at a price of about 3200 EUR. In addition he will give you a few spares which are always a plus !


Coupling these in the same ad, makes sense as the two share most of the components apart from the combustion chambers. The 250 is in good original conditions,  while the bigger brother is mentioned to be good for spare parts or would require some level of restoration. The smaller twin powered YPVS, has 35000 km and was first registered in 1988. The 250cc is somewhat more rare.



As a separate ad, the seller is also putting on the market the black 125cc which you saw above in the background:


All of the above are part of the LC series, that means they are all Liquid Cooled, as opposed to the previous generation RDs. Liquid cooling improves the efficiency of the engine by stabilizing the temperature at values optimal for the combustion. It also reduces the mechanical noise due to piston lag, reduces the size required for the parallel cylinders (in case of the 250 and 350 cc) but introduces a higher level of complexity given by the presence of a radiator and the required ancillaries to make the water circulate back and forth.
If interested in building up an RD garage or snapping this 250cc model, go ahead by clicking on the links below:

Yamaha RD 250 & RD 350 for 3200 EUR in Switzerland

Yamaha RD 125 for just 1000 EUR in Switzerland




Yamaha May 20, 2013 posted by claudio

Need 100cc More? Get an RD 350 (in Germany)

This past week we posted a few rare 250cc 2 strokes, covering brands like Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha. If your motorbike riding style is less track oriented, you might prefer to have a few more horses under the seat and a less sport focused searing position. You want a naked RD 350! With 60 Hp and an overall light package (you don’t even have a fairing on this one),  the power is enough to pull a wheelie here and there and have a great fun experience.


After all,  this is a strong all rounder smoker. Some say, that the smile factor of riding the 350 is even higher than the one on its bigger brother, the RD 500cc. That would be because the 350cc having cylinders with 175cc instead if 125cc, produces higher pressure, and therefore higher torque, at lower rpm. Also the sweet spot of the engine is broader as the twin is way less complex than the V4. Add the lack of bum heating tail exhaust pipes, and there we go…I also like the naked looks of the RD better the the faired versions. Lacking a refined “Deltabox” type of frame, it is both better to look at and more of street oriented tool.


The sample found in Germany (again…sorry for the US readers) was originally part of collection. Later it was purchased by the current owner who, due to lack of time, is now willing to part from it. The bike is a 1986 model year but was first registered in 1989. With 28.000 km on the clock, it is also 100% stock, including the turn lights and mirrors. While there are plenty of RDs around, sure there aren’t many like this.


How much does it cost ?

With just above 1000 European bucks, you can start to play. With 3 times that, it will be yours, now!

That is good value to me, what do you think ?

” target=”_blank”>Yamaha RD 350 YPVS in Germany


P.S. ever wondered how that Yamaha Power Valve System looks like from the inside ? Have a look at this:

(this video has nothing to do with the fantastic RD above, it is only to show the YPVS in action)

Benelli May 18, 2013 posted by claudio

Six-Pack: Benelli 750 Sei (Switzerland)

Before Honda’s CBX, came Benelli’s first six cylinder production sport naked: the 750 Sei (= Six in Italian). This Italian exotica of the late 70s is powered by a 6 x 125cc cylinders. These are laid in-line one after the other and are fed by 3 x 24mm carburetors. The six chromed exhaust terminals, 3 on each side, are one of the most important styling details of the first “SEI” models.


In addition, the bike introduced a new and fresh style,  with more angular lines than contemporary Italian and Japanese bikes alike. One aesthetic trick is realized for example, by the black diagonal shape around the front part of the other wise round fuel tank, giving the 750 an edgy look.


Most notably though, was the sound of the Benelli. Not as smooth as the CBX, it is a mix of engine burbling, low frequency rough breathing turning into high frequency symphony at the higher rpms. Have a listen to this: (please note that this video is not related to bike on sale, instead it is to make you appreciate how a 750 Sei will please you regardless of performance):

Quite unique, isn’t it ?

I also like the color of this pristine sample found in Switzerland. I find the silver lack to match well with the black of some trim parts and the chrome of the mechanical ones. This bike is in perfect shape and well maintained. and for this reason the asking price of about 9500 € is fair.


If interested in owning something that will make casual observers count up o six while looking at those exhaust headers and then wait until you will start the engine for them, click on the link below:

Benelli 750 SEI (low mileage in Switzerland)


Kawasaki May 15, 2013 posted by claudio

Hey You!? Better Be Fast On eBay For This: Kawasaki KR1-S (Germany)

The Kawasaki 250cc two stroke sport bikes were part of the KR series. These, were the alternatives to Suzuki’s RGV, Honda’s NSR and Yamaha’s TZR. All of them were more or less extreme race replica bikes. In particular the KR1 with its parallel twin motor was among the fastest. It also had a great chassis and a beautiful color scheme, perfectly suited for a sport focused bike. I am sure that some of you will have their heart beating faster when you see this. Whether this will be caused by a deep sense of nostalgia, a feeling of dejavois or an irresistible desire to buy once again what you (regretfully) let go some years ago, it doesn’t really matter. What matters now, is that in Germany, a nice fellow is offering you the possibility to realize a small dream. And I say “nice fellow” because in the background of his garage, below the Ferrari sign, there is a Martini sponsored Vespa, which means we might have a true petrol head here.


The opportunity is given with this low mileage and unmolested Kawasaki KR1-S model. With less than 23000 km it is also in full original condition.


If these pictures aren’t enough to convince you, then have a listen to this:

(video is not of the particular sample on sale)
This quite rare (for the conditions) smoker is available for a mere 2900 EUR BIN !

As I said, better be fast on this one…

Kawasaki KR1-S in Germany


Suzuki May 13, 2013 posted by claudio

2 Stroke Hyper Rarity: Suzuki Official Race Kitted RG 500

If you find a low mileage original Suzuki RG500 you can consider yourself lucky.  A zero mileage RG 500 would be a rarity and only available through word of mouth among collectors. What we have here is more than that and it demands that you pick up the phone with your left hand and hold a check on your right one! What about an official Suzuki race kitted RG 500…brand new ?


Apparently only 50 of these were ever sold to privateers, so they could race them in the F1 class in the mid eighties. Here is one of them. This jewel, was held in a private collection since. It is now on sale and visible in Palermo, Italy. At 18000 EUR and with a set of precious spare parts (that fuel tank and rear swing arm must cost a fortune alone), if this ad is genuine, then there isn’t a second that you should wait.


Given the rarity of this exquisite last in series two stroke monster and the fact that the bike is new, it would be better suited for a collector. While it must be incredibly exciting to hit 10000 rpm in second gear on your favorite track, it would be a huge shame to drop it  by chance. This 0 mile race tool is probably better suited in a temperature controlled room, where your friends will be able to enjoy it as much as you, when you invite them over. The pictures look somewhat dated, like if they were taken at the time of delivery of the bike, so contacting the owner beforehand would be highly recommended. Again, if this is real, than the asking money will be the last thing you’ll worry about. Think about this, a really good and low mileage Suzuki RG500 would easily hit the 12000 EUR mark.


Ok, this won’t accompany you  on the weekend ride in the canyons but…who cares ? If it were myself, being stupid, I would buy it and occasionally ride it a couple of times a year at track days. I wouldn’t do that to show off, I would actually do it because I couldn’t resist the temptation. I would be very careful though, when exiting corners and twisting the right hand grip. I imagine this motor will something like “all or nothing” and “all” probably means “more” than what my limited experience would allow me to handle in safety and enjoyment…but can you imagine the adrenaline when giving it a go at the next straight ?


Official Suzuki Race Kitted RG 500 in Italy, new at 18000 EUR