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Honda December 22, 2012 posted by claudio

Honda RC 30 OKI in Germany

Remember this ?

doohan rc30

That’s right, this is Mick Doohan at Suzuka on a factory HRC RVF.

What we have here is an OKI (see above) colored Honda RC30:

The bike had 2 previous owners and currently indicates 20500km on the clock. The frame has been polished and the paint scheme is not standard (experts out there please comment…) Difficult to judge the the conditions of this one and its origins. Nevertheless it is now fitted with its original muffler, turn lights and mirrors and was last serviced in April 2012 as the seller describes here below (translated by Google):

Rare RC30 at the legendary OKI design. The machine has steel braided brake hoses, accessories turn indicators, special painting in OKI design.
The RC30 was inspected by a specialist RC30 (Honda dealer) completely. Engine and carburetor adjustments are made​​, the engine is in its original state, there have been no performance-enhancing measures. After the last major inspection (April 2012) and new tires front and rear driven less than 100 kilometers. The RC30 is in very good condition, of course, after 20 years, minor signs of use. According owners accident.
Viewing by appointment gladly possible bike is registered, test drive, but only in good weather.
Under the new EU warrant of the motorcycle is privately sold without any warranty or guarantee or return.
Collection with cash payment within 10 days, Bidders must expect fees of 10% of the sales price.

The bike is available in Germany. With a current bid of 12,000 Euros and 8 days to go it has not yet reached the minimum price required. I would judge this could be in the range of 15-18k Euros but it is almost impossible to say as the asking price of such bikes can vary dramatically. Here in Switzerland where I live, I came across a former Suzuka marshall’s RC45 with carbon fiber fairing, fully serviced and ready for the road that sold for about 13k Euro last year but at the same time I have seen standard RC30 and RC45 for 25-27k Euros…

Well I guess the best is to watch out for this auction and see where it goes.

Honda RC 30 OKI colors for sale on


Ducati December 19, 2012 posted by claudio

Christmas Special: top of the range – another Ducati 996RS (Italy)

It doesn’t happen every day to come across a Ducati 996RS. How about two in a week?

This one here is found in Italy:

996RS1 996RS2

While it carries the Troy Bayliss colors the seller describes this bike as Neil Hodgson’s WSBK race tool back in 2000. The year after, it was ridden by Steve Martin as part of the DFX team. He mentions that the bike, once returned to Ducati Corse’s factory, was fitted with the Bayliss aesthetics for advertisement purposes.


The bike features its original RS trim and had a complete overhaul including the engine (currently with 500 km in its new life).

996RS4 996RS3

The bike comes with a certificate of authenticity and invoices from Ducati Corse S.R.L.

Available on eBay in Italy from Mauro. It is on sale as a fixed ad and no price is currently indicated. Check it out by clicking the link below and …Merry Christmas !

Ducati 996 RS (ex Neil Hodgson)


Ducati December 18, 2012 posted by claudio

Great Rider’s Tribute: Ducati 996 SPS Carl Fogarty (Germany)

Ducati is probably the most “limited edition” prolific motorcycle company out there. What we have here is a special edition of the 996. At the beginning Ducati started to differentiate itself from the others by using the suffix S or SPS for their track oriented models. In particular the SPS stands for “Sport Production Special”.

In those times in Italy, Sport Production was a common form of national racing championship dedicated to serial production motorbikes. In a way very similar to the modern national superbike championships. Alongside these, were also the “Monomarca” racing formulas consisting of private riders with all the same equimpent (among which the most common and affordable were the Aprilia RS 250 or the Suzuki RGV 250 championships).

Going back to the Sport Production era you might also remember the Suzuki GSXR 750 SP and the Yamaha YZF 750 SP of the mid 90s.

This model here is an early SPS (using a Showa front fork):$(KGrHqJ,!pwFCss9RTL9BQspzY,l7g~~60_3 $T2eC16F,!yUE9s6NEGiMBQspzZOI1w~~60_3

On the rear it is fitted with a Swedish made single shock:


Later versions of the SPS used Ohlins also in the front likewise the top of the range 996 R that substituted the SPS models. This model was produced in only 150 samples and it carries the same colors as the racing bike used by one of the greatest Ducati riders ever: King Carl!


The bike has a very low mileage of 3600 km:


and comes with the original indoor cover and Ducati plate of authenticity:


Apart form the rear suspension and the flashy colors, the SPS model had his hidden treasures in the chassis. These included the light 5 spoke magnesium wheel and new frame with adjustable steering head.

This 996 special is on sale in Germany and posted on eBay with a reserve of 12.900 EUR (circa 17 grands in US currency). The bike is in original trim excluding the foot pegs and a few carbon bits:


Here a few words form the seller (translated from Deutsch):

I bought in 2008 and only once in a driver training moves without falling, since the machine is at my local dealer. The previous owner has to improve some details can (aluminum sprocket, footrests, rear stabilizer, various carbon parts) Probably the motorcycle owner once toppled or had a slight fall, as the brake pedal is slightly bent. Definitely, but no major damage, frame is original and all right, the trim is original and not repainted.

The bike comes as shown with the following accessories:
A covering
2 Exhaust
extradition badge
silvered folding key
new tires
TÜV requested anew
If you are seriously interested, the vehicle can also be viewed by appointment. Questions will be answered.

This is a private sale, warranty and return are therefore excluded.

If you want to take part to this auction, click on the link below:

Ducati 996 SPS – Carl Fogarty – limited edition


Aprilia December 6, 2012 posted by claudio

Smoking Allowed in Northern Germany: Aprilia RS 250

The Aprilia RS 250 is a proper sports bike. Combining high output (52 horses) with low weight (145kg), peaky power delivery (proper of old school race bikes) and a super fine frame, this is as close as you can get to MotoGP bike for a fraction (and a very tiny fraction indeed) of the cost!

Why should anybody want an old 2 stroke that has hardly any power below 9000 rpm ? Well, if you were born in the mid 70s (as me) and you’ve always been on a bike, you probably started with 2 strokers and I don’t need to go any further…On the other hand, if you never rode a 2 stroker then you now need to hurry up and catch one on the market while they are still around. This bike will teach you how to use the throttle, gear box and lean angles in the smoothest way as that’s the way you will make pace with such a tool. Once you’ll get that right, you’ll find yourself even faster on your bigger capacity 4 stroke machine (just be aware that you’ll notice the extra weight as well…).

The model found here below is currently located in Northern Germany and is on sale on The current offer is just below 2000 Euro but expect this reach about double that by the closure of the auction in few days time.

This bike is has only 6300 km on the clock and according to the seller it was previously owned by a pensioner who was overwhelmed by the bike (I can’t comment on that but the bike looks pretty neat form here…).

The bike was last serviced at 6000 km when the tyres where also newly fitted.

With all original parts in place including the not so sexy round indicators, I think this bike is a beauty.

Here’s a video of another RS 250 on a track near Basel (Switzerland) where I’ve been a couple of times:

Enjoyed that sound ?

If so, get yourself involved by clicking on the link below:

Low mileage Aprilia RS 250 on



Honda November 11, 2012 posted by claudio

20 years of Superbike refinement – 1992 CBR 900 RR (in Switzerland)

It’s winter time, at least here, north of the Alps in Switzerland. The roads are mostly wet when not frozen, the sky is grey and the mood is low. The 2012 MotoGP season just ended with a marvelous race of Pedrosa who won this season’s last race starting from the pits. A long wait is ahead of us before we’ll be able to enjoy our beloved bikes by riding them ion the road. While some of us spend winter on their next café racer project or making small repairs, some others look out for the next amazing deal. I find the time between November and February the best to grab a good buy. And this one seems one of those: 1992 Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade  in its first version white-red-purple color scheme:

With just 23000 km on the clock and in fully original condition this is a rare find.

The 1992 Fireblade stormed the world of motorcycles in my modest opinion in a way that might resemble the introduction of the Honda CB 750 (by many considered the first Superbike ever). Anyone should ride a Blade to appreciate what this bike is. The first thing you will notice is its lightweight. Closely followed by the superb refinement of the engine and plenty of very usable torque. In the real life = riding a sport bike on public streets, squeezing between cars in traffic while you are on your way to work  and hit the twisties on the weekend, you will for sure recognize the qualities associated with it. Its smoothness is mind blowing, the clutch operation and performance is great in the traffic, the linear power of the engine from down low, the lightness and quick steering (the first versions had a 16″ at the front and a 17″ at the rear, just like the RC 45), make it a great tool on the mountain roads as well. Choose a road with many corners, stick in 3rd gear for most of the time and 4th when it straightens a bit and you’ll be moving fast and smoothly. When riding the 900RR  nowadays, it’s not about maximum performance that you’ll be after but rather pure enjoyment of flicking between corners in perfect armory between man and machine. This bike really is your everyday do-it all super-bike. I was lucky enough to grab one with less than 5000km a few months ago, and while my garage is busy with quite some exciting bikes I found myself grabbing the first Honda RR most of the times. Once you are on it, you just want to go on and on…The only aspect that  I noticed that could be a bit better is the travel of the gear lever which I found longer than other sport bikes of this time. We all know that prices of Honda RC30s are going through the roof despite the world economic crises but  I reckon that most people are missing out on the real deal. Fireblades are probably the most reliable bikes ever made, they are lighter than an RC30, they have plenty of torque and a full bike will cost as much as a side fairing of the exotic HRC. If you like reading RSBFS you probably share with us a true passion for sport bikes beyond the obvious and glamourous badges. While prices of these machines are at their very minimum, do yourself a favor and look for one of the the early original Blades like this 1992 model:

Pictures are few but the conditions seem very good as demonstrated by the absence of a carbon can, the presence of the original turn lights and the low mileage. This is bike is on sale on the Swiss auction website at a fixed price of 4200 $ (for details click on link below). While cheaper samples can be found on the market, it will be really hard to find the 1992 version in this condition.

1992 Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade




Suzuki November 11, 2012 posted by claudio

Best of the oil cooled (non limited) 750s – Suzuki GSX-R 750 (in Belgium)

The oil cooled Suzuki GSX-R models are sought after by many enthusiasts. The engines of these bikes proved to be very reliable despite the extra mechanical noise given by the absence of thicker water insulated walls. The oil cooling system coupled with thin fins for better exchange with air proved a smart solution to keep weight low. Suzuki reckoned that having water cooling would add 5 kg. Beside the limited and extremely rare RR models, this 1990 edition is one of the best in the series. The version is powered by the long stroke version of the 750cc  motor (better low down power) and it uses for the first time the USD forks. There aren’t many on the market with less than 25000 km on the clock and incluing the beautiful single seat rear cowl like this sample found in Belgium:

The model code of this version is: GR7AB The bike seems in pretty good condition and it is 100% original.

The original rear passenger seat is also supplied by the seller who describes the bike with a motor in very good condition:

The bike had 1 owner from new and it is on sale at a fixed price of about 3200 $. It is located in Belgium.

To obtain the contact details please follow the link below:

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750




Harley Davidson October 30, 2012 posted by claudio

When Harley made racing bikes – Aermacchi HD 350 in Italy

Between 1960 and 1978 Harley Davidson controlled first and owned later, an Italian firm in the area of Varese. This wasn’t MV Agusta which eventually was also owned (for a very short time though) by HD.  Instead, it was called Aermacchi. Just like MV Agusta, also Aermacchi used to be in the aerospace business.  After the war, the company started to produce motorbikes that turned out to be very successful on the race tracks giving Harley Davidson a few world championship titles in the 250 and 350 cc categories.

Here we have a modern cafe racer/scrambler interpretation of a 1978 AMF HD 350 2 stroke powered bike:

The bike is on sale on eBay and located in Italy. the starting price is 2100 Euro (about 2700 $). Shipping is offered across Europe for an extra 400 Euro and the bike will be delivered by pallet.

The seller describes the bike in good condition and like its motor:

AMF Harley Davidson HD 350 cc epoca 1978. Motore ottime condizioni,come pure tutto il resto. Spedizione in italia 190 euro. International shipping europa cost 400 euro. Per qualsiasi informazione basta chiedere. Invio altre foto guarda il video su youtube 

He also includes a video as a proof of that:

If you want to know more about the bike or would like to position a bid, please follow the link below:

1978 Aermacchi Harely Davidson 350 

Buon divertimento !


Suzuki October 28, 2012 posted by claudio

1990 oil cooled red-white Gixxer – in Germany

The Suzuki GSX-R 750 is among the most sought after super bikes of the late 80s and synonymous of sportiness. Especially so, if the colors are like the ones of this almost pristine sample found in Germany:

The bike has less than 9000 km which is really rare for this particular version. The seller describes and documents well the condition of the bike:

Suzuki GSX R 750 with original mileage of 8088 km

One of the last oil cooled with genuine 8088 km. The vehicle is in an almost new condition, was deregistered in 2002 because of death and only now brought back to life. The oil is changed, engine running, makes no noise, the machine moves.

TÜV should be no problem.

The tires are on her profile as new, but according to DOT from the 1998.

The conversion parts for passenger seat. bracket, screws and trim are of course included.

The bike has a scratch on the exhaust, and also on the panel below (under the word “Marlboro”).

Brake and radiator fluid should be changed and cleaned the carburetor. The bike in a collector’s condition and will certainly get appreciation.

Papers, ie vehicle papers, 2 items, the bike was over 20 years in one hand!

As mentioned above the bike needs a service and cleaning the carburetors should improve the sleepy behavior of the motor that you can appreciated here below:

I must say that I love the colors on the GSX-R and that single seater unit looks the business.

The current bid is around 1700 $. I guess that the bids might go up to about 4k Euro.

If you are interested to know more or place a bid (the bike will be delivered across Germany for a price within 190 Euro), click on the eBay listing link below:

1990 Suzuki GSX R 750 for sale on eBay Germany