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Kawasaki June 10, 2013 posted by claudio

Green Tomatoes: 1990 Kawasaki ZXR 750 (Switzerland)

An unmolested Kawasaki ZXR H2 is becoming quite rare to find. Here we have a survivor. At about 5000 $ this isn’t cheap. But with just 35000 km and it this spectacular conditions I think it is worth it. Apart from the tinted screen, it’s all stock:


I particularly appreciate the lack of scratches near the ignition key, typical of garage keys, house keys, idiotic metallic keychains…you name it,that some people used to attach to the only essential key you really want  to have attached on the motorbike.


Also the paint of this ZXR doesn’t seem to have suffered from sun burns and all the stickers are in the right place. This is a nice sample indeed.


Did you know that ZXRs mounted a slipper clutch ? Here’s how it worked:


For more info check out this useful link:

The rider could even tune the amount of clutch slip by selecting among the option discs to fine tune it, to its personal riding style. The ZXR were serious machines. In stock version, they were probably the most race ready bikes you could get on the market without having to invest in a small series race replica. I guess one could say that the ZXRs of the 90s were a bit like the GSX-Rs of the eighties. I hope nobody will get offended with this statement, but let’s face it, the liquid cooled, high revving ZXR 750 engine fitted to a fine frame was  pretty much top for a standard road bike.


If green is your colour, this could be a great classic buy. It is on sale in Switzerland at the following address:

1990 Kawasaki ZXR 750


Honda June 9, 2013 posted by claudio

Long Time No See: Honda RC 45 (UK)

We haven’t seen a RC45 for a while here. The evolution of the RC30 received a few changes. Apart from the styling, most notably it featured fuel injection, upside down forks and a different geometry: with a 17 inch rear wheel (as opposed to 18 on the RC30) and a 16 inch at the front (17 on the RC30). The same wheel choice was also used on the first generation of Fireblades.

Honda RC45 For Sale on eBay UK


This sample available in UK was originally imported from France as the sellers describes here:

 We Are Selling This Used HONDA VFR750 RC45 On Behalf Of One  Customer .
This Machine Was 1st Registered In France And imported it to The UK Where The Speedo and Headlight Was Changed To UK Specification .
This RC45 Is Totally Standard Apart From The Devil Exhaust And Tinted Screen
Payment By Debit Card, Bacs Transfer Unfortunately We Cannot Accept PAYPAL.

Who knows what might be the real mileage of this bike. On the eBay  post it is indicated as being 14.500 miles. If so, the asking price of 16500 pounds is fairly inline with the market but for a non completely stock model it is a bit on the high side.


The RVF is fitted with a loud looking aftermarket silencer and there is no mention of the original one being included in the package. Finding a stock RC45 silencer will require serious commitment on the web and quite a few bucks (read 3 zeros here).


Replacing the black screen on the other hand, should be be straight forward. If you are looking for collectible sample, this might not be for you, but if you want an RC45 to ride it, then why not…



Yes it is expensive, but exclusivity, HRC technology and amazing V4 exhaust note are what you pay for here. If interested click on the link below. This is a classified ad, so first come, first served.


Honda RC45 For Sale on eBay UK


MV Agusta June 7, 2013 posted by claudio

Montreux’s Finest Jazz: MV Agusta 750S America Magni and F4 1000 Tamburini (Switzerland)


Some of you might know the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. If not, I can only recommend you to visit this once in your life. It is obviously about music, and among the finest live music you can get. Well, this little and posh town on lake Geneva in Switzerland seems to have even more to offer. Tonight’s special guests are Mr. Arturo Magni and Mr. Massimo Tamburini. They will sing together the following albums: the 750 America S from 1976 and the more recent F4 1000:

MV Agusta 750 America S and F4 1000 Tamburini in Montreux


If you’d like to purchase these albums sold in block, check the French ebay link at the bottom of the page. What is the price, well don’t be rude, this needs to be discussed in private with the seller. Both bikes are visible in Montreux.

Let’s have a closer look at the the mouth watering Magni 750 first:


Produced between 1975 and 1980 it actually had a capacity of 789cc. It featured gear driven double overhead cams, 4 Dell’Orto Carbs and had a 5 speed gearbox. Evaluations  can reach up to 60000 $. The purity in style of this sample coupled with the 4 megaphone exhaust pipes is simply fantastic !



Originally, this model was available with a camshaft drive. Not really what you want to see on a race replica bike, right ? The legend goes that count Agusta didn’t want privateers to be competitive when racing his own creatures. More realistically, this type of final drive was chosen to give the bike touring characteristics for the sporty gentlemen. The model featured here is special, as it features the Magni upgrade that replaces the whole right side of the engine and wheel by using a way lighter and way better classic chain drive.


What can we say, this is true BELLEZZA. Judging from the type of tires and that steering damper, this is also a bike to be ridden. I wish I had bought a ticket for this symphony…



As mentioned, this is on sale couples with the F4 1000 Tamburini. I consider the F4 1000 as the best of the F4 series as it had a better engine than the 750, which lacked punch below 10000 rpm, but kept the original F4 styling. The Tamburini is a limited edition version and a real special one among the many “limited” MV. It featured for the first time the variable intake trumpet system, just like formula one cars at the time, full carbon fairing and the finest of chassis components. This bike dedicated to one of the greatest motorbike designer ever was not only a different colour scheme MV:



What more can we say…if you are an MV fan and have the possibility to grab these two beautiful Made in Italy creations, good luck to you !

You will have all my envy especially for that Magni 🙂

MV Agusta 750 America S and F4 1000 Tamburini in Montreux


Ducati May 30, 2013 posted by claudio

RC30 Contender: Ducati 888 SP4 (Italy)

Motorbike magazines of 20 years ago, often compared the Honda RC 30 and the Ducati 888 SP models. At the end, these bikes were the top of sport bikes. They represented the most exotic commercial bikes available and were also the most expensive. Both of them were real race replicas. When put at the test, the Honda didn’t deliver as much power as one would have thought and that’s why you could get plenty of HRC upgrades. Ducati on the other hand, packed really a lot into their Sport Production series. This SP4 is a great example.

888 SP4_1

The bike has 25.000 km and the seller mentions that it was only ridden on the road. It features a couple of extras like the Arrow mufflers and aftermarket mirrors, but I assume all original parts are available and included in the price. In addition the seller also offers a spare SP4 spec engine, with just 8000 km. Let’s get to some figures now:

The Ducati 888 SP4 is on sale for 17.500 EUR

888 SP4_2

This is inline with the cheapest RC30 you might find, but I guess, these won’t be in as beautiful conditions as the seller mentions.

The spare engine is on sale for 6000 EUR

888 SP4_7

That is not cheap…

If you wish to have both, then you’ll get away with 22.000 EUR.

888 SP4_4

I have an 888 myself, even though this is only a Strada.  I can only mention that these bikes still ride very nicely, they are more comfortable then the 916 series and way more exclusive. They are also very reliable. Mine hasn’t a high mileage and I have never had problems with it. More interestingly, from one of my trips in Japan, I collected a magazine dedicated to Ducati (you got the love how Japanese people can be so passionate about Italian bikes). On this magazine, there was an article about this guy who went twice through the speedometer mileage counter, and still loves his 888. Here’s a scan of that:




Well, I guess you need to be able to read Japanese…

I was told that that’s what it says up there, if instead I was fooled and anybody has a different understanding, then please comment… 🙂

Well, obviously both the Honda RC 30 and the Ducati 888 SP are amazing bikes, they have their own objective advantages and disadvantages in addition to whatever might be your personal taste. Best is to have one of each. One thing is for sure, 888s valuations have not yet reached the status of RCs and given the current Ducati misfortunes in both MotoGP and WSBK, the glorious 888 might spring back in the next years…

888 SP4_3


Ducati 888 SP 4 in Italy


Bimota May 29, 2013 posted by claudio

The Most Classic Bimota: YB6 (Switzerland)

Produced in less than 1000 samples including EXUP models), the Yamaha FZR 1000 motored YB6 was among the most sold models from the Rimini based firm (the other most sold were the YB9 and the YB11 series). The YB6 built its image on the success on the race circuits in what was the ancestor of World Superbike. This was also a highly innovative motorcycle in terms of the technology it featured throughout. 22 years down the line, it is also still very beautiful to look at. Younger generations won’t know the brand of Bimota, but surely they will notice the amazing frame of this bike and if they look closely, they will also notice the highest of standards in build quality.

Bimota YB6_1

Each Bimota is in fact, a hand built motorbike featuring a lot of “special” parts. The asking price close to 10.000 $ isn’t the cheapest you can find for this model, but that is still well worth for a motorbike with so much intrinsic value on top of its historical significance. The seller will also give you the original maintenance book, period brochures and magazines. I am sure that the potential buyer of a Bimota will sure appreciate.

Bimota YB6_2

In its white and red colors, this is also among the most beautiful Bimotas. With just 25.000 km on the clock, this YB6 is in great conditions. The FZR engine is very reliable so nothing to worry there. The YB6 also features carbs as opposed to later models with fuel injection.

Bimota YB6_3

Bimota was among the first companies to experiment with fuel injection. That meant that some bikes had a few early days issues and it is not un-common for some Bimota owners to dump the fuel injection and revert to reliable mechanical fueling given by the traditional Mikunis.

Bimota YB6_4

This is # 428 out if 546 produced before the introduction of the EXUP model. These bikes can only become more and more desirable in the future. If interested, click on the link below.

Bimota YB6_5

1991 Bimota YB6 in Switzerland


Suzuki May 29, 2013 posted by claudio

Don’t Waste Your Money ! Buy This Suzuki 1988 GSX-R 750 (Switzerland)

If anybody out there reading RSBFS is anywhere near Switzerland, then this is a highly recommended purchase. If you will buy this one, please drop me a note and pass by to let me have a short spin with it, as a thank you note. Are you about to invest some of your cash in a new exhaust or any other accessory for your machine ? Well, don’t do that. Instead buy this Gixxer.

1989 GSXR 750_1

With 29000 km on the clock, this ’88 (GR77B) Swiss model is worth every single penny of the asking price. At  just 2200 CHF, the equivalent of about 1800 € or  2300 $ this could be your buy of the year.

1989 GSXR 750_3

The Suzuki is completely original and it comes with its period seat cover.

1989 GSXR 750_4

 You are right, that squared light is awful, but that’s what the Swiss law demanded at the time. It won’t be hard to source the round double headlights on the net. With this little mod, you will have in your garage a true jewel. Call it a modern classic, call it a lucky find, a survivor…I call this: SMART MONEY. I swear that when I saw this I hesitated a little. It is only because I don’t have space left in my garage that I will not buy this myself. From what we can judge from these pictures, the bike seems in top conditions. You don’t come across many GSX-R like this. These models are very reliable and beautiful to look at, especially in their Suzuki white and blue colours.

1989 GSXR 750_2

 Also known as flat nose, the ’89 and ’90 models, were the last to feature the less aerodynamic front fairing but also the last to be still fairly light. It also comes with a very recent (April 2013) MFK stamp. This, certificates that the bike is ok following a thorough test from the authorities. For bikes of this age, the MFK is required every 2 years. Having a recent one, is not only a guarantee that the bike is in good order but also that the 750cc was regularly driven, which us always good. If you are close enough, go ahead with this, you will not regret it, trust me! This GSX-R is a lot of a motorbike for a little money…

1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in Switzerland 


Suzuki May 29, 2013 posted by claudio

The Fastest Colours: White and Blue Suzuki RGV 250 (UK)

When it comes to Suzuki motorbikes, the classic white and blue color scheme is and will always be the fastest color for me. Also, this 1992 RGV is the classic Gamma that I wish I had in the garage. I prefer the single sided twin mufflers and the more squared lines of the the early RGVs. But taste is personal. With 11 previous owners, this bike has changed a few hands. Nevertheless it looks still good, at least judging from what we can see on these pictures. Reported mileage is just above 20.000 miles.


This Gamma has fairings with SP colours but it is actually a standard RGV as the lady latest owner mentions here:

For sale is my RGV which I am reluctantly letting go after four years of ownership. In that time it has done 1000 dry miles. In between time it has been stored in the garage only to come out for a few summer runs and the annual trip to the Suzuki dealer for it’s MOT.  As a lady owner it has been ridden cautiously and carefully and it has never let me down. It is in good condition for its age, the panels are original and every thing is standard with the exception of braided brake hoses and a new rear shock (see photos pics 8&9), the latter was fitted within the last 100 miles. The paint scheme is based on an SP model (which this bike is not!) and was in this livery when I bought it.  It starts very easily, there are no rattles from the engine, the bike pulls well, it is also light with very easy steering. I didn’t know much about this model or 2-strokes before I bought it but it always seems to attract a crowd! Cash on collection is the preferred method of payment, cheque would be required to clear before collection.


Suzuki RGV 250 Gamma are very light full-on sport bikes. When riding it, you shouldn’t be shy in using the full rpm range and once you are at speed, try to keep a smooth riding. Breaking will be very effective on such a light tool, and you will need to use as much as possible the 6 gear box to keep you going. But then, that’s where the fun is. It’s all about involvement and commitment. It won’t be a smooth ride like on a CBR 600, but it will be an exiting one.


Not for commuters, instead this bike is best suited to young riders who get their kicks from speed and what a better school than a RGV ? It will also make the experienced rider very happy, if he is looking for a track bike or if he is looking for this first V version of the RG 250 and wants to ride it from time to time on weekends for the pure pleasure of having one of the most popular and and best made 2 strokes ever.

The starting bid is just below 3000 pounds. Expect this to rise very modestly.

Suzuki RGV 250 Gamma For Sale on eBay in the United Kingdom


Ducati May 27, 2013 posted by claudio

How Far Will This Go ? 1974 Ducati 750 SS (Germany/Switzerland)


The SS models of the 70s are the among the highest reaching Ducati. Very rare to come across one, here we have a 750 cc. The bike was regularly driven. The seller explicitly mentions that it isn’t a museum bike, but it looks pretty good to me.


he starting price is a whopping 47.850 EUR and who knows where the reserve is. This Ducati is a real race replica and was apparently built in roughly 400 samples. Considered one, if not the most significant model of Ducati’s history, the SS 750cc was built following the Imola 200 race of 1972, which Ducati won. This model features the colors of Paul Smart  , also recently used for the recent modern replica. If you wonder what that vertical stripe on the tanks is for, well that was to check the fuel level on the racing version.


This SS also featured the bevel actuated desmodromic camshaft. I guess you could see this as the equivalent of the gear driven system of the racing Aprilia RSV4 as opposed to the stock chain driven technology. Highly sophisticated, the 750cc SS of 1974 was a demonstration of how a serial motorbike could be as close to a race bike as possible.





The Ducati 750 is posted on eBay in Germany but the bike is located in Switzerland. Let’s hear it from the seller:

750SS 1974, the duc is now even washed, and is spotless. FIVA registered, and now also in the global SS register registered under under headings 190 to the constant discussions whether original or not definitively bury the … annoying website is operated by roger miller and ian fallon. Since revision 12096 km, still dry as it is still snowing. this is not a museumsduc but is driven regularly and it shows too …. so it must be. No warranty, Collection only.

Good luck to the bidders on this one.

1974 Ducati 750 SS on ebay (Germany/Switzerland)