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Un-Green – 1990 Kawasaki ZX7 H2

Kawasaki threw a spanner into the manufacturer ID-by-color system with this black and gray metallic harlequin.  The green was for guys who wanted you to know they were on an H2 Ninja, a lower-cost challenger to the RC30 in the race-on-Sunday-sell-on-Monday sweepstakes.  This example had a couple of close shaves but has been studiously rejuvenated.

1990 Kawasaki ZX7 H2 for sale on eBay

The ZX7 was Kawasaki's passport to the AMA Superbike Championship with the RR variant, but the base model H2 had great power with the 748cc four supplying 107 hp.  The CAD designed twin spar chassis was massive and supported fully adjustable Uni-track monoshock and the last year of 43mm right-side-up forks.  The flex tubes supplied fresh air to the updated engine, and countless vacuuming jokes.

The owner has put improved running with a jet kit, and battled the NLA demons of the water pump, bodywork, and exhaust shields.  Each repair found a way forward, looking good except for the exhaust which cries out for a NOS Muzzy.  From the eBay listing:

Given the bike's age and mileage it has survived exceedingly well. The finish on the alloy parts, the painted engine cases and wheels and, of course, on the plastics is very nice. There is a small, chafed area in the paint atop the tank; aft and to the right. It is responding to hand polishing with Maguire's #6 Polish/Wax and gets better every time I go after it. There's one of those clear adhesive paint savers on the back of the tank which seems to have protected the paint as it shows some scratches. Every time I walk up to the bike, it puts a smile on my face; it is a very handsome motorcycle and I'm sure I'll miss it when it's gone. As seen in the pictures, all the original pieces are there; windshield, grips, levers, reflectors, exhaust, solo seat cowl, tool kit and Owner's Manual. The guy who owned the bike before me obviously cared for the bike, (despite the drop...but it's happened to all of us, right?) while not being shy about riding the thing; it looks like a much lower-mileage bike.

Doug Chandler and Scott Russell combined for four AMA Superbike crowns in the 1990's, the road machine close to the racer at least with precise handling, a tough riding position and hard suspension.  The overall stock appearance works in this Ninja's favor, and the monochrome livery is a quiet attention-getter.  The owner states that the ask is just that, and the Make Offer button is ready...






  • I Have always liked these first generation ZX7”s (1989/1990) H1 and H2. Finding a nice example is a very thing. I think clean examples will continue to increase in value and become more collectible over time.

  • I don’t get why these aren’t hot collectors items right now. The black is cool, but I’m partial to the green/white/blue.

  • I bought a green 89 H1 all Muzzied out, with blue pm chicanes, advertised here a few years back. The thing draws a crowd. It’s got a distinct exhaust note, different from any other 750 I’ve ever heard. You add the Keihin flatslides rattling, it sounds like Satan’s spawn. With the fox shock and resprung front end, it actually handles as well.

  • These bikes have been sort after in original condition for years now. The only issue is finding a decent example………not a fan of the colour but a very nice bike regardless. Pure 90’s muscle.

  • These are hot collector bikes when they have low mileage and have not be dropped and repaired. If I remember correctly, a green 90 from Gary in Utah went for around $11k.

  • With that being said, this particular bike is gorgeous. So clean and not all hacked up. I really appreciate the detailed description on eBay. I wish all sellers would detail their vehicles like this one. Good luck to the owner on the sale. I’m sure he will get some offers.

  • I thought I was “wordy” in my descriptions..this is awesome, really like all the details, nice job and seems like a fair deal so surprised no one has jumped on this yet. Jeff…if you plan on parting with that green / blue one with the PM wheels, let me know…I had one back in 92 with the same wheels…I’d love to have another 🙂

  • If Darth Vader rode a motorbike, he’d ride one of these.

    Having owned 10+ sport bikes from the mid eighties to the mid 2000’s including a black 89ZX7 back in 1989 and a black 1990 ZX7 a few years later both with Muzzy pipes, braided lines, and K&N blah blah blahs etc, I would humbly submit that these bikes, in black, are one of the most beautiful motorcycles to ever come out of Japan. Obviously though, I’am a bit bias.

    As an earlier commenter said, “pure 90’s muscle”


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