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Insignificantly Rare – 2005 Ducati 1000SS/DS

Ducati developed a new dual-spark desmodue engine for the 1000SS and it is revered among Ducatista.  Its first platform was the Terblanche-styled SS which was fighting a losing showroom battle.  In hindsight it's a great SuperSport and classic Ducati.

2005 Ducati 1000SS/DS for sale on eBay

Engineers made many changes to the new DS engine, the lower valve angles, shortened exhaust ports and up-to-date fuel injection making for a more reliable, even tempered mill.  The 85 hp from the air-cooled 992cc's leave the water-cooling system behind, relying on air and oil cooling to contain temperatures.   Elsewhere, it's classic SuperSport, a fairly aggressive riding position, complex fairing, trellis frame, and room for a passenger.

This SS is offered by an eBay dealer with quads, bikes, and campers on their roster, and the Senna gray with Ferrari red wheels look excellent for their 17K miles.  For some reason the clutch cover is not present, something should be there to protect the rider and keep the rain out.  The mirror booties need adjustment, likely they were folded, but appear to be the stock item.  From the eBay listing:

Fuel Injected

17,031 Miles

Marchesini Red Wheels

Factory Tool Kit

Zero Gravity Smoke Windshield

Brembo Brakes

Red Key


Tested and Inspected, Ready to Ride Now !

Normal wear and tear, open dry clutch assembly with common Ducati Clutch Plate noise

New Harley Davidson Dealer Trade In !

Very Clean Original Bike !

The SuperSport would only survive another year, starved for customers in a showroom with SuperBikes, Monsters, ST3's and 4's, the MultiStrada.  The love-it-or-hate-it body design probably didn't help matters, though the drivetrain would live on in Monsters, Multis, and the new Hypers and SportClassics.  Earlier SuperSport fans will love the new engine, and the handling will bring back memories.  Bar risers are still available to move the grips up and back a little, and the Make Offer button is there to move the bid down and forward a little...




  • I said this before, but I’d be all over this bike if I was blind. Eye sight can be a curse.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I for one, love it; especially in this Senna livery. They’re fine bikes too – sweet motor/neutral handling when set up right; only wish I had my ’01 SS back in the garage… always turned heads and evoked comments (yep – sometimes negative – haters just can’t resist the urge). Safe to say, you won’t find many at your local bike night meet, that’s for sure !

  • The description perfectly describes why these would now be considered rare…they were majorly outclassed when they were in the dealership. That air cooled motor is a dog and i’m not sure why people liked it. I didn’t really find many redeeming qualities. The other bikes available were good motorcycles that did more and looked better. Rare shouldn’t necessarily mean valuable!

  • Heh. I think this bike is like the motorcycle equivalent of an online Troll – just keeps showing up, making its “statement” and absorbing the hateful comments…

  • I bought a new GT 1000 Sport Classic 10 years ago and absolutely loved the DS 1000 engine. Took delivery with the race ECU and Termi exhaust on it and it was a very fun lump, terrific fueling, crisp and torquey. I’d love to ride the SS 1000. Much higher spec suspension and brakes than the price point pieces on the GT.

  • I have to agree, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I like this style, not the most attractive bike, but has a strange uniqueness that speaks to me. I would buy this bike and enjoy it for what it is.

  • I like these, but not in this color scheme.

  • Never a fan of the plastics on these, BUT still better looking than most of the disjointed angry insect\Transformer crap out these days.

  • NoH2oh hit it on the head. Angry insect, transformer sums up the new designs! And the manufacturers wonder why sales are down…????? Hmmmmmm????

  • I can’t stand the current crop of aestheics/body work. This bike’s body work, which I didn’t care for when new – is aging well – particularly in this color scheme – and is visually attractive/interesting – compared to modern angular mish-mash.

  • A high mount carbon fiber exhaust really improves the overall look of these SS bikes. I love mine.


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