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1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland

As the riding season comes to end this side of the equator, the first signs of what might be a great buying period, appear. Readers of RSBFS will love this one, hopefully, just as much as I do. This 1991 absolutely pristine ZXR 750 is a real gem. How often do you come across this model, in these conditions ?

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


This single owner bike, doesn’t only have less than 20.000 km, but is in full stock conditions, doesn’t have a scratch nor any damage to its beautiful colors. It looks absolutely new. ZXRs have been very popular in the 90s, but often were misused. The 1991 model in particular, was my absolute dream bike when I didn’t have enough money to afford a sport bike. For this basic reason, the ZXR will always turn me on, even more than other, more exotic and special models.


In 1992, I turned 18 and bought my first motorcycle, a very used (I think it had 8 previous owners) but yet brilliant, Yamaha TT 350. Yes, this was no sport bike, but I still loved it. At the same time, I dreamed about the Kawa 750. A local shop in Rome was selling a RR version, that the shop owner himself, previously raced for a few months. This race replica, had the red stripes instead of the blue ones (in addition to a single seat and a few mechanical differences :-)).


Its colors, the double headlights, the air ducts through the fairing and airbox, the high revving engine characteristics and obviously, its dynamic performance, made this bike the best sport bike I had ever seen. And so, about 20 years later, every time I come across a ZXR, my heart speeds up. About a year ago I even bought one on an impulse without having even seen it live. It turned out not to be a good sample and so a few months later I sold it. The ZXR is a bike that wants to be ridden hard, and when you do so, it is a pretty fast, even at today’s standards. Very stable and precise, it has a beautiful gearbox featuring pretty close ratios even in its single R form, a srt of slipper clutch (at a time shen most us didn’t have a clue of what that meant), a great sound, especially when you keep it above 9000 rpm where the engine smiles at you, and again, some of the best looks ever seen on a sport bike. Has there ever been a more beautiful, aggressive and exciting Kawasaki after the ’91 ZXR ?


This sample is such a special find. I mean, it even has its original rear solo fairing, a true rarity in its own. The seller will also give you the rear passenger seat, a tinted windscreen and a brand new exhaust. The bike just had a technical inspection in August 2013, it has new tyres and brake pads. At a price of about 4400 $, this true rare sport bike for the conditions, is one of the best buy that readers of this site might come across, and one  that truly embarks the spirit of us who write here and you, who like to read us.


Looking at the cars in the background of the garage, the sense of quality that the pictures of the ZXR already portrait is confirmed even further. Again, when is the last time you have seen a ZXR like this ? Also the price is in  my opinion spot -on and absolutely fair. This gem, deserves a true enthusiast new owner and I truly hope, that whoever will buy this, desires it as much as I do, and will treasure every moment of owning such a great sample today.


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland



  • maan what a cool bike..

  • Nice, but not completely stock. If it is really only one owner bike, you can ask the seller why the both side cowlings and lower middle cowling are sprayed, and not profesionally.

  • No doubt it’s a nice example. I did notice some cosmetic differences over stock. The bottom wedge of blue paint on the front fairing is supposed to be a decal. The triangle behind the front tire is supposed to the same pearl white as the other white on the bike and not blue. The bottom of the fairing has some extra green that should be white. The hugger (rear fender) should be ABS black not green. The black in front of the windscreen should be matte instead of being glossy. Maybe it got waxed or repainted?

  • You are right about the color scheme but I think that possibly the bottom part of the fairing was painted in green (over the otherwise white) to match the rear green hugger (also not stock). This bike is nevertheless so beautiful that I will go and check it out this Wednesday…

  • The bottom of the fairing is not only painted green, and the bottom wedge blue, but both side panels has not original blue sticker, but was painted blue, and the bolts in side panels are not stock as well. So there should be any demage on both sides in last. And it is problem. Maybe I´m wrong. But also the seller is saying bike is in nice top condition, and not that it is top original condition. This bike also has not original solo seat cowling, but only seat cover. If Claudio will check the bike, he can tell us.

    • and so the story goes….I just went to see the ZXR (as promised :-)). So the owner said that he indeed painted the bottom fairing (green and blue) and the V shape (blue). Also the solo seat that replaces the passenger seat was hand made…Hving said that the bike is absolutely top. It doesn’t have a scratch anywhere nor any sign of age, corrosion or anything else. The owner will also give the original contract when he bought the bike new. He drove the 18000 km in the first years and then had the bike in his garage besides , prepare yourself, a Ducati 851 works machine, a Ducati 750 SS and 900 SS of the seventies…I almost couldn’t believe my eyes…what a nice garage. He has recently serviced the bike with oil, filters, brake fluids and new tyres. The bike is top and the price is fair. The engine ran smooth. This bike deserves an enthusiast. So if you love the ZXR, trust me, this is a good one from a real enthusiast (by the way as a job he restores british sport cars)…His name is Andy and he is a top man.

  • Hello all.
    I just picked up the ZXR from bond storage here in Australia.What a beautiful bike it is .Claudio was spot on in his description.In my mind you will not find one better.It was worth paying the money to have it shipped to Aus cause there is nothing in its condition out here to buy.I cannot fault this bike and it is a credit to Andy ,the past owner whome it was a pleasure to deal with.

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