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Yamaha July 10, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR400

Located in Sammamish, Washington is a very clean 1989 Yamaha FZR400 with 28,073 original miles.  This bike looks very clean, only needing a slight detail to become a perfect example.  This bike only looks to have a period correct aftermarket exhaust and colored windshield deviating from stock.  See one of the best examples of the FZR400 series on eBay here.



Yamaha July 7, 2009 posted by

1993 Yamaha TZ250

I realize I posted three track bikes yesterday but I hope you can bare one more!  Located in Northern Nevada is a recently restored 1993 Yamaha TZ250.  This bike has been fully gone through and only one race practice and track day since it’s freshening.  If you’re looking for a TZ track bike this one should not be missed.  See the restoration thread on Bay Area Riders Forum here, and the sale thread here.



Yamaha July 2, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500

Located in Smallwood, New York is a 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with 17,776km (11,944mi) original miles.  Clean US title on a very clean RZ that looks to have new tires.  The asking price is $12,500.  See the ad on Fly Kitty Motorsports here.



Yamaha July 1, 2009 posted by

1992 TZR 250 w/Registered & Spares in San Francisco

Yet again, the Bay Area produces another rare and titled 2 stroke sportbike from the 90’s. Feast your eyes on this 1992 Yamaha TZR250 with plates in San Rafael for $6500:

1992 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale1992 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale1992 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale1992 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale

quote from seller’s Craigslist posting:

1992 Yamaha TZR 250 (model 3XV1) with registered CA license plate. I also have lots of spares for this bike – crank, cables, pistons, rotors, etc. I have owned this bike for over 7 years and have ridden it on the streets around San Francisco and the bay area. 27,432KM (17,045 mi) on odometer. Runs great. Almost brand new Metzeler M-1 tires.


Very rare to find one of these with a CA plate that is in such good shape. The bike was down once – slid on a wet manhole cover at about 5mph – see pics for scuff mark on fairing. There is one small ding in the tank too – see pics.

We don’t have the chance to blog many TZR250 classifieds too often, so I’m not sure on value. But I did do some searching for videos and I’m in heaven!


Yamaha June 29, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350

Located in Capitola, California is a Kenny Roberts replica 1985 Yamaha RZ350.  The RD/RZ350 line isn’t that hard to locate, nor is the Kenny Roberts edition, but what makes this example special is it’s claimed to be completely original and caries only 6,900 miles.  Seller claims stock air box, pipes, emissions equipment, both keys and a clean title.  The asking price of $5,500 reflects the condition.  If you’re looking for a special, original, RD/RZ make sure to check out this example.  See the Craigslist ad here.



Yamaha June 26, 2009 posted by

1973 Yamaha TZ250A

Located in Libertyville, Illinois is a gorgeous 1973 Yamaha TZ250A.  This bike has been meticulously restored to original specification and looks brilliant.  The motor has recently been gone through and the seller claims it only needs tires to be vintage race ready.  Vintage race bikes are attractive because they will always be competitive compared to a newer bike which will become out-dated. See this beautiful race bike on eBay See the eBay ad here

EDIT:  This bike sold for $9,987 with fourteen bids on 07/01/09.


Also, avialable in Tokyo, Japan but listed on eBay U.S.A. is a 1980 Yamaha TZ250G.  This bike is claimed to be completely original, only having one owner.  Being an original bike, this one isn’t perfect but carries some patina and wear–especially on the left-hand side faring.  Seller is located in the US and claims shipping isn’t a problem.  See this one owner TZ on eBay here.

EDIT: This bike failed to sell on 06/27/09 with zero bids and a starting price of $6,000.



Yamaha June 23, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 $1800

Located in San Francisco, California is a modified 1985 Yamaha RZ500.  I’m not entirely sure what body work is fitted to this bike but it has been made to look like a “Valentino Rossi” GP bike and fitted with a FZR front end and rear wheel.  Seller states: “TSI GP pipes, TZmikes carbon cans, FRZ600 front end and rear wheel. Underseat oil tank, carbon tech reeds, mild port work. new pistons and rings.”  I assume this bike isn’t titled or plated.  Regardless of this bikes modified condition, it is a running RZ500 priced at only $1,800; making it worth a look.  See the Craigslist ad here.



Yamaha June 18, 2009 posted by

1987 Yamaha FZR750R

Located in Russell, Illinois is a 1987 Yamaha FZR750R.  This example shows only 2,596 original miles and looks to be in excellent condition with a clean title.  Examine this homologation special on eBay here.


Also, located in Austin, Texas is another 1987 FZR750R.  This example has less than 8k miles, been kept in a climate controlled garage, but has been sitting and will need to be gone through.  Asking price is $4,500.  See the Craigslist ad here.