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Sweet Spot – 1990 Honda VFR750R / RC30

Beside being a regular on RSBFS, Honda’s VFR750R / RC30 has explored the high peaks of performance and auction prices, from its inaugural Superbike World Championship in 1988 to a never-started example at this year’s Bonhams auction which returned $92,000 !  This Florida bike is more middle of the road, with some 7,000 miles and nice condition.

1990 Honda VFR750R / RC30 for sale on eBay


Honda got the balance just right on the RC30, reviewed as a superbike that was not difficult to get great performance from.  Not fire-breathing with 102 hp, but built strong with some titanium hard parts, and a 12,500 rpm redline.  Never the lightest at just over 500 lbs. wet, the center of gravity was fairly low and centralized, easing turn-in.  Honda wasn’t looking to build a tech showcase, but equipped the RC30 with some endurance racing finery like the ELF single-sided swingarm and quick-release front axle.


About to acquire just its third owner, this RC30 looks excellent and has a nice spares collection.  Photos aren’t exhaustive but the owner advises it has been displayed indoors for the past 15 years.  From the eBay auction:

  • factory stand
  • owner’s manual 
  • tool kit
  • brochures, 
  • extra factory exhaust (new) 
  • some spare bits
  • gaskets
  • bulbs
  • two keys
  • Florida vanity plate “Bol d’Or”
  • Joey Dunlop Arai helmet, limited edition (800) worn twice


Honda lavished even more of their excellent build quality on the VFR750R, and priced it accordingly, about double what most mid-sized sportbikes were at the time.  The starting bid here is somewhat north of what the model has fetched lately, but an eBay auction can be just the beginning of a longer discussion.  RC30 buyers, and more numerous non-buyers, have often been admiring the model for quite a while…




  • Will be interesting to see if this gets a bid. Granted it looks like a really clean, stock bike, but the starting bid is awfully steep compared to the 2 others that have been on eBay recently.

  • It won’t get a bid. Appears to be 100% stock down to the US reflectors, but what a really poor listing and presentation. Six pictures of the left side, zero of the right side! Three pictures of the rear stand, but none provided showing anything underneath the bodywork. Didn’t even bother to detail the bike to sell- wheel spokes, chain, and sprocket are filthy. No maintenance or mechanical history details provided. And there were 300 US versions homologated, not 200 as claimed. Sure, I’ll throw in a $50,000 bid based on all that- and they can keep the watch glued on to the triple clamp.

  • The one we sold last week was incredibly nice and sold for $40K, An easy 9.5 in condition. Had a tiny crack in bellypan but we had a brand new old stock one in inventory from the Seller so he agreed to let us swap that out since we received his full asking. He even offered to pay to get the bike ready for the new owner…Tank flush, fluid flush, cooling system flush and even a hydro flush. We then sold a PERFECT and I mean perfect one this week for 43K with about 4000 miles. Same deal too, seller let us get it all dialed in for it’s next owner as it’s going into a collection so completely flushed, gone through and set up for storage. My point is, in my opinion, the 40’s are the right price and yes, for that price it should be tidy and turned over properly. On the other hand, if you can get $50K plus….that’s good for all of us that still have them in our arsenal 🙂

  • I do hope he does get the asking price. I will list my RC the next day. 🙂

  • HAHAHAH…I hear ya! I have a really nice one of my own, took me 2 years to find one worthy but with what they have been fetching lately and my desire to expand ASAP, I too may post mine up. I truly think they will continue to rise, more so then any other Japanese collectible bikes. There’s another 0 mile one at Mecum in January, if that one fetches what my buddy Tom’s went for then that will definitely up the prices. I’ve had a few people tell me they wouldn’t let theirs go for less then 6 figures….I didn’t take that seriously at the time but with fake currencies being worth 1000’s of dollars, why not pay 100K for a Iconic RC30 :). At least you’ll have something if the power shuts off. Hell…I’m talking myself into bidding on this one, this damn site kills me! HAHA.

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