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Spitting Image – 1987 Honda NSR250R

Honda’s early NSR-250’s were nicely templated on the winning RS250R race machine, in race livery almost hard to tell apart.  This one went from road to private collection and has been made ready for the new owner’s choice.

1987 Honda NSR250R for sale on eBay

Honda’s MC16 used a 249cc V-twin, with cylinders slightly turned to ease intake and exhaust routing.  Exhaust port sizes are adjusted, and torque band extended, by Honda’s RC Valve.  Almost any frame could cope with the legislated 45 hp, but Honda built a twin spar from alloy extrusions welded to cast connectors and headstock.  In-house suspension used air adjustable forks and Pro-link monoshock, with the straight swingarm that pre-dates the banana.

Evidently this collector is more than proverbially thinning the herd, and has auctioned several over the past few months.  Not a virgin with over 15K miles, but still looks excellent.  Beside one cracked corner on the right fairing and a couple of paint chips, it appears complete and original.  A lot of new wear parts were installed when the NSR was taken off the road, though we don’t know when that was, cables and pads should be ok to sit.  Here is the list of freshenings that were done to make it ready for sale, from the eBay auction:

New Battery & amp; Battery Tender Hookup – which can also be used to run Electric gear

New front and rear brake fluids flushed and replaced with Honda Pro DOT 4

Carbs were Digitally Synchronized

New Spark Plugs Installed

Perfect Mechanical and Great Cosmetic condition and needs nothing

Replaced the fork oil with 15W

New transmission oil

Oil Injection Tank filled up

Coolant flushed and replaced

New set of tires have 250+/- miles on them in 3 rides this last summer

Honda continued with the NSR250R for another ten years, so the early model is less collectible, but also doesn’t have the harder to defeat PGM ignition controller.  Not the lightest small sport, but Honda build quality took sales away from Yamaha, who had been ruling the two-stroke market.  Not exactly museum quality, this NSR looks like it could be a great rider.  Interest in the auction is high with 5 days to run…



  • Selling a 31 year old two stroke, and your “master mechanic” didn’t even do a compression or pressure test? Really? And with all the maintenance work done, but not a single picture provided showing what’s hiding underneath the extensive bodywork? But you show us pictures of the switchgear instead? Who would throw thousands of dollars at this without seeing or knowing any of this?

  • This bike, unlike the later versions of NSR250s, is really spartan. It’s really hardcore, I think it’s actually a whole lot closer to race bike than later generation. The later generation NSRs were much more friendlier. We kids loved it. Took other manufacture a bit to catch up, and when they did, NSR had moved on to become more rounded machine.

  • This is the same seller with the TZR250 1KT that was recently sold claiming a near perfect 9.9/10 with many clearly incorrect parts and visible items of wear. This were not subjective items and the rating was clearly overstated. This seller is full of red flags!

  • Of all the nsr models even though it’s first gen n all. Is the least desirable one for me lots of 1 year parts and not near as much aftermarket support for it.

  • Same seller with the same ridiculous overselling of condition. I wonder if he’ll have to lower the reserve to sell this one as well.

    Lots of photos of shiny bits, but I’d rather see what really matters and what is lurking under the less than stellar bodywork and paint. A 9.9 or 9.5 really should be near flawless. Clearly, this isn’t. Again.

    “Needs nothing”…except maybe crank seals. You’ll know after you buy it and pressure test it yourself.

    Everyone loves a good 2 stroke. Let the bike’s condition speak for itself and stop the ridiculous overselling. Show photos of the bike without plastic and without the tank. Show bidders what they are really getting. Tell the truth and let the bidders determine its real value. So far his last 2 listings come across as a bit sleazy and dishonest.

  • Anyone that would buy ANYTHING based on photos alone, for ANY price is pretty darn foolish…

  • eBay shows sold for $6,457.57


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