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Bimota February 22, 2010 posted by

2007 Bimota DB6 Limited edition Bimota Delirio Azzurro only 23 made!!

2007 Bimota DB6 LE Delirio Azzurro for sale on Ebay.

I must admit I’m usually not a huge fan of Bimota design, but I really like this one. Bimota paired a Ducati 992 V Twin with their stellar design and this DB6 LE is the result. New, used or slighty used with 219 miles Bimota’s are usually priced well out of my price range and this one is no exception. Retailing for around $30,000.00 this Delirio Azzurro isn’t for the faint of heart or the guy who has a skinny wallet. But, don’t run away just yet because you can buy this LE for a mere $25,000.00 and save thousands ūüôā . Bimota only produced 23 of these and did so in honor of the Italian soccer team for winning the World Cup. That’s a pretty good honor eh?

The “Azzurro” Limited Edition DB6.

The Delirio, Bimota’s “naked” bike, the DB6 has been stripped of anything unnecessary and features highly technical chassis innovations. The front wheel features a 12.5 inch wavy disc, a Marzocchi Corsa fork and 4-pot radial Brembo callipers. The trellis frame and swing arm are linked by aluminum plates. Quick steering, instant punch from the 992 cc air-cooled V-twin Ducati 1000DS engine make the front wheel lift instantly. But the 375 lb beast has no problem stopping with such powerful brakes. The Delirio delivers outstanding performance, engine and framework, complimented by an agressive but comfortable riding position

Some info from the listing:

This bike has been housed in door garage, maintained in perfect condition and has extra carbon fiber parts, which are included. This bike has only traveled 219 miles.

Only 23 in the world and superb styling make this LE Bimota one of the rarest that the small Italian company has produced. This is an opportunity for any collector interested in Bimota’s. You can .



Bimota February 21, 2010 posted by

1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci Located In Washington State

This is a nicely restored YB10 with some extensive engine modifications.¬† Located in Bremerton, Washington is a 1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci.¬† The YB10 features adjustable, 42mm, USD Marzocchi forks; 38mm downdraught Mikuni carbs, and Ohlins adjustable rear shock.¬† The YB10 weighs in at 407lbs dry, 65lbs less than the FZR that donated it’s motor.¬† This particular example is restored in a stunning yellow that looks very nice if not correct.¬† The seller states that it has extensive motor mods that include:

Falicon lightened and balanced crankshaft,performance rods,wiseco 1040cc 11.5:1 piston kit,rd valve springs,OW01 camshafts,41mm Keihin flat slide carbs,Has been ported and polished cylinder head. Custom paint,remus exh, ohlins rear shock,custom body work,custom oil cooler.

This bike isn’t original but it looks to be in fantastic condition.¬† The odometer looks to have less that 500 miles on it.¬† With the unoriginality of the bike and extensive engine modifications, this bike should be a weekend rider but, at $20,000; it’s price puts it higher than any YB10 I believe I’ve seen and too expensive to put any measurable mileage on.¬† If it strikes your fancy as it does mine, see it on CycleTrader here.


Bimota February 18, 2010 posted by

1998 Bimota V Due with California title! Update – SOLD ALREADY!

1998 Bimota V-Due 500 Iniezione with California title – and it runs perfect!

UPDATE 2.18.10: After less than 12 hours on our site, this one is already gone to one of our regular readers. Another happy customer at RSBFS! Thanks to Seltzer for the submission and Phil for the post!

Ah – the famous (or rather, infamous) Bimota V Due. It was Bimota’s ambitious move to have an engine that was completely developed in-house: a 500cc 2-stroke with direct fuel injection that would give the V Due the highest power to weight ratio for any production production bike at that time. But when the production units rolled out, they were plagued with many problems which lead to a series of events that ultimately broke Bimota. There’s more HERE and HERE about the V Due if you are interested.

In any case, :

This is your last opportunity.¬† You will never get a another chance to own one of these! If you are looking at this ad, then you know what this bike is.¬† It has 6000 miles on it (every one whilst wearing a big ol’ you-know-what eating grin!).¬† And it has a California Title.¬† A CALIFORNIA TITLE.

The VDue Story – You probably heard it, but just in case you didn’t. . . Bimota bet the farm on this bike.¬† The only Bimota built with their own enigne.¬† A unique 2-stroke with independent computer controlled air, oil, gas, and ignition systems.¬† It was designed to be the epitome of all things Bimota.¬† However, due to¬†some bad luck, bad control of vendors, and bad quality control of their own, none of the first generation bikes ran.¬† None.¬† Bimoate quickly recalled them all and the owners were sent new bikes. .¬† . . ones with carburetors instead of electronic ignition.¬† And so, the Iniezione was quickly laid to rest. . . .

This particular bike – This bike came into my ownership in 2000.¬† And, through finding the right contacts to help me out and some imaginative engineering of my own. . . it works flawlessly.¬† I wanted to keep the bike as intended by its developers, so I made as few modifications as I could.¬† In fact, this bikes still has all of its original parts (even the fuel injectors and computers).¬† I have posted to various VDue owners groups what I did to get this running so great, and I won’t get into it here.¬† All you need to know is that it runs.¬† It is a blast.¬† It is an Iniezione!¬† It is probably the only Iniezione in the U.S. (or perhaps the globe) that runs on the original design spec equipment.

Condition: Externally, the bike is in great condition.¬† And, the engine is in great condition too (I just tore it down for inspection and even the cylinder walls looked new!).¬† The wheels and suspension are in simialr condition – alomost perfect.¬† All the alumiinum is in excellent condition with zero corrosion.¬† Due to poor fit and finish, and also a lot¬†of tear down during my research, the fairings and air box cracked and have been repaired.¬† You cannot see any flaws from the outside, these components were fixed from the inside out, so you can’t see anything cosmetically wrong.¬† Also, I periodically clean the exhaust cans, so they show some signs of being opened and re-riveted closed (but not much really).¬† However, to be fair, I need to mention these issues¬†here.¬† I will, of course, send complete photos to anyone who requests them.

Well, the seller pretty said it all. ¬†V Due’s are legendary not only for the damage that it caused Bimota, but also for the vision that Bimota had for it had it worked. ¬†If this V Due truly works like it was supposed to as the seller claims, then it is definitely worth the $15,000 asking price.


Bimota February 12, 2010 posted by

1993 Bimota DB2 in San Diego

1993 Bimota DB2 for sale in San Diego asking for $11,000.

Having posted several Bimota listings, I notice something quite interesting – the older DB2s tend to have a higher asking price than the newer DB4s. ¬†I don’t think the DB2 is particularly more desirable / collectible than the DB4, so I find it strange that an older model with very similar components (if not slightly inferior) would demand a higher price. Having said that, I personally like the more “dated” styling of the DB2 and the steel trellis frame (the DB4 has an aluminum trellis frame).

Anyway, here’s another reader tip for a 1993 Bimota DB2 for sale in San Diego:

Original Owner, Sales Documents, Serviced by GP Motorcycles in San Diego, Service Records, Complete Tool Kit, Owners Manual, American Variant with Non DOT Headlamps, Original Tires, 4400 Miles.

Excellent Show Quality Machine with No Mechanical or Cosmetic Needs.

I appreciate the fact that it’s an original owner machine and that it comes with the tool kit and manual. ¬†I’m guessing the “American Variant with Non DOT headlamps” means this one has the Euro spec projector beam head light unit. ¬†What I am more concerned about are the “original tires” – which means the owner never changed tires during his / her 17 years of ownership?

In any case, this is a clean DB2 with low miles, but the asking price of $11,000 is definitely high in my book.  If anyone is interested, I would suggest inspecting the bike in person and try negotiating with the seller for a more reasonable price in the range of around $8000.  Oh, and budget for new tires!

By the way, it’s Chinese New Year over here, so happy new year! ¬†Wishing everyone safe and happy riding for the new year of the Tiger!


Bimota February 1, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota DB4 in New Hampshire

Wow, with all the Bimotas up for sale lately, I’m giddy like a kid in the candy store! ¬†For those of you with cash in hand and ready to buy, it’s as good a time as ever for bike (and Bimota) shopping!

The latest one we found (thanks again Doug!) is a 2000 Bimota DB4 for sale in New Hampshire:

Powered by Ducati’s classic 900 air cooled motor the DB4 is about as close to a factory custom sportbike you will ever find. This bike has even got a few extras such as the Moto corse kit that included Keihin 41mm flatslide carburetors, a smaller fuel tank (to fit the larger carbs)and a full Titanium exhaust system. it also has Two brother racing clip-ons on the paoli forks.

Beautiful bike that will turn heads and draw a crowd where ever it goes.

Compared to the other Bimotas that have we listed before, this one is an absolute steal at $8500, although the half faired DB4 was very reasonably priced as well considering the list of upgrades added.

Someone buy it quick before I dip into my daughter’s education fund!


Bimota January 30, 2010 posted by

1994 Bimota DB2 in Houston

It seems that the Bimota market is quite actively lately and it’s not even summer! ¬†If you’re looking to pick up a Bimota, this is a good time to do it so keep checking for our new posts!

This week we have yet another Bimota for sale – a 1994 DB2:

This is a 2 owner bike w/ 17225 miles. It has NEVER been ridden in the rain, and ALWAYS garage kept!

It has never been crashed but has fallen over due to a friend not knowing about the suicide stand.
All the bodywork is original, but needs paint.
The original owner had the dealer install the factory $8000.00 race kit before it was ever ridden!
The big bore kit and heads were done by Fast by Ferracci from 904cc to 944cc.
This bike has a long list of other carbon, titanium and aluminum upgrades to many to list!
I am asking $15,000 OBO or trade for a Ducati Hypermotard, NOTHING ELSE! so please don’t ask.

The DB2 is one of my favourites, utilizing the Ducati 900SS air-cooled lump Рthe DB2 is one of the more popular models with approx. 400 made in total.  Famed Brit motorcycle journo Sir Alan Crashcart Cathcart even raced a DB2 Рnot sure for how long or in what race series, but I do remember it being sold on ebay for approx $10,000+.

Now this specific sample has very high mileage (for a Bimota), and although it claims to have the the “race kit” (to my knowledge that includes FCR carbs and a full exhaust), it’s not in its original paint (big no-no for any serious Bimota collector) and the 944cc kit, although nice, if also not a factory option. ¬†More concerning is that The $15,000 asking price is way too steep for the bike in this condition. ¬†There was a really nice DB2 listed on here back in June asking only $10,999, and more recently a Motocorse equipped DB4 for only $10,000 OBO.

Personally, I would offer around 7-8K+ only for this one.


Bimota January 26, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota SB8R in Brockton, MA

Thanks Doug for tipping me off on another Bimota up for grabs. ¬†This time it’s a 2000 SB8R from Dunbar Euro Sports in Brockton, MA:

Details are scarce but here they are:

Year: 2000
Manufacturer: Bimota
Model: SB8R
Primary Color: RED/GREEN/WHITE
Use: 7135 mi
Equipment Condition: Excellent
Title Status: Clean

Be different and own one of these rare and collectible bikes. Suzuki TL1000 engine.

As mentioned, the SB8R uses the wonderful Suzuki TL1000 V twin engine, housed in Bimota’s own alloy/carbon hybrid frame (aluminum beams + carbon plates) – possibly the first carbon production frame in the world? ¬†You can read up about it on World Wide Bimota Enthusiasts Circle (yes, it’s quite a mouthful!).

Here’s a video of a SB8RS (‘S’ for special with all natural carbon bodywork):

The SB8R is not on my favourite list of Bimotas as I think it looks too front heavy, especially with those twin in-let air ducts, but (again) Japanese Bimota distributor Motocorse’s own version – the SB8RC – ¬†looks and sounds SO much better. ¬†I love Motocorse – they have the magic touch of turning something already exotic into something that’s sexier and even more desirable!


Bimota January 25, 2010 posted by

2008 Bimota DB6R in Miami

Those who have been visiting our site for a while now would know that I am the resident Bimota freak, so whenever there’s one for sale, the guys would usually send them my way (thanks Dan!).

For your Monday viewing pleasure, here’s a 2008 Bimota DB6R with only 1100 demo miles on it:

2008 Bimota DB 6 R Demo. 1100 Miles. U.S. Specification with full warranty 24/ Unlimited Mileage. Personal Demo of the former Distributor for Bimota in North America. Priced for quick sale. Untitled and delivered on Certificate of Origin.

Includes the Zard high performance slip-ons as illustrated below.

Compared to the “standard” DB6 listed for sale in Vegas that I posted earlier, the DB6R is more potent with the Ducati 1100DS engine with a dry slipper clutch plus other upgrades such as lighter forged wheels, Brembo radial brake and clutch masters, and lots of carbon bits. ¬†All this adds up to a weight savings of 15.5 lbs over the DB6! ¬†Now that’s what I call a diet! ¬†For $5000 more (don’t forget the included Zard exhaust), I think this DB6R is a better deal.

Check out what MCN tester Mike Neeves have to say about the DB6R:

Of course, Japanese Bimota importer Motocorse also offers their own version of the DB6 – the DB6C (I can only guess that ‘C’ stands for Corse) ¬†with different (and in my opinion sexier) paint jobs and a tasty splash of Motocorse parts. ¬†Check out the video below of a DB6C and MV Agusta Brutale having some fun at the track:

If that video doesn’t get your blood pumping about the Delirio, you need to check if you still have a pulse!