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(D)a (B)omb: 2009 Bimota DB7

(D)a (B)omb: 2009 Bimota DB7

I think a Bimota engineer would slash his wrists if he heard me refer to a DB7 in such crass terms.  Maybe this quote from some media propaganda sums it up best:

With so many Superbike manufacturers, there are also many advanced and extremely capable motorcycles. So for Bimota, simply being fast and race inspired is not enough, a Bimota must offer something more, much more.

Maybe something as mundane as a rear set is what sets a Bimota apart.  There are little miniature works of art all over this motorcycle and together they do make something that is distinctively Bimota.

More of the same.

In motorcycle utopia, if offered, what would you choose: a DB7 or Desmosedici?  Hmmmmmm…..


Want it?  Is is basically brand new with 12 miles.  Want it more?  Asking price is almost $33,000 OBO.

I think I’d have to go with OBO.  All the recent DB7’s (with similar mileage, nobody apparently rides them) we’ve listed  have had asking prices in the mid 20’s.  It is drool worthy and all but…..

Get daddy a new toy here.



  • Slow enonomy when only 1 bid at $ 25,000, with $ 66,000 asking price.___I sold one last year that I Bought used for $ 33,000 and sold for $ 37,000 with no watch included.___It went to Cairo Egypt.___Nice bike, but, again, tight economy.

  • Hell,,,,,,, above comment was meant for MV 4 CC.

  • […] previously refered to the DB7 as (D)a (B)omb in an earlier post, and I couldn’t agree more. This particular model really exemplifies the Rimini firm’s […]

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