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Early Bimota – 1986 Bimota DB1

Andrew 36

Listed originally in October 2011, this DB1 is back on eBay. Previous auctions have seen this one bid into the high teens but maybe this spring it will sell for the buy-it-now of $30k. Links updated. -dc

Here we have a lovely example of the first Ducati engined Bimota’s the DB1. This bike dates from 1986. The bike had a 750cc Desmo engine and 453 of these bikes were made in this standard model form. Just have alook at the pictures and you see high level components from the likes of Brembo and Marzzochi. The normal high quality craftmanship and gorgeous aluminium machinings are present. One unusal feature of this machine is the fully enclosing body work last seen in the 1950’s on the Vincent Black Knight.

The owner says the following:

Up for auction is a 1986 Bimota DB1. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This bike is is brand new with zero miles and has never been started.

The Vin# is DB100023. The condition of the bike is fantastic. There is no title or mso with this bike.

The auction on eBay is here.

The owner is looking for nearly $30,000 for this beauty. One cannot help but think $30k is too high for this bike and it might be a while before a seller turns up. Perhaps you should make an offer.


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Brand New Bimota – 2004 DB4

Andrew 0

Update 4.21.2012: Originally posted by Andrew in October last year, this DB4 is back on eBay. The listing has new pictures after you click through. Links updated. -dc

Here we have a chance to pick up a rather special Bimota. The DB4 (the ‘D’ designates this as a Ducati engined bike) has always been regarded as a special bike, even though it only had an aircooled motor it is light and has beautiful handling. This particular bike has a mileage of only 21 miles all of which were put on by the factory, one assumes by the test riders. The engine is a fuel injected 900cc unit out of the SuperSport.

The owner doesn’t say a great deal:

Up for auction is a 2000 Bimota DB4 (fuel injected). This is a Brand New Zero Mile motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. Technically it has 21 miles on the odometer but that is how it came from the factory.
The condition of the bike is fantastic and is like new. It does come with the original tool kit and literature. It also has a free and clear title in the sellers name.
The auction can be found here on eBay.

We have featured this bike previously back in May where the asking price was $16900. The bike didn’t sell and I cannot help but think the price is too high for this bike even with such a low mileage.


Carbon Beauty – 2004 Aprilia Nera RSV-R

Andrew 2

Update 4.18.2012: Originally posted by Andrew in September of last year, our friends at MotoCorsa/Portland Used Bikes have relisted this special limited edition on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Only 100 miles since 2004 and loads of carbon fibre as well as other premium parts from Ohlins and Brembo. The RSV 1000 R Nera goes even further than the RSV R Factory… it goes beyond the common materials, and even further in performance and refinement. Carbon, titanium and magnesium are brought together to form a unique, light-weight, more powerful and more aggressive bike. It was described as “A motorcycle for an elite” and so was made in a limited edition of 200 certified and numbered bikes. The very first one in the USA was delivered to Matt LeBlanc. The Nera was the first in Aprilia’s “Dream” series where they planned to product limited number of exotic bikes. I have to say I love the look of that tank in carbon. You know you would like to have one.

The seller gives us a bit of detail here

Here’s your chance to own a piece of Italian history
#27 of 200! Aprilia RSV-R Nera with only 100 original miles!
Aprilia’s Nera edition boasts a boatload of carbon fiber. It’s everywhere! No expense was spared with the carbon fiber panels and bodywork. If that wasn’t enough, the magnesium OZ wheels plus the full Akrapovic Titanium racing exhaust simply ooze perfection!
With only 100 miles to speak of, it’s never been dropped or abused…heck, it hasn’t been licensed, titled or really ridden (was never sold and remained in the dealer principal’s collection as a display bike). This is the closest you’ll come to a new Aprilia Nera ANYWHERE. They simply do not exist!
Without a doubt will become a VERY collectable bike. Grab this one before it gets away!

Save big $$$ over new MSRP of $39,500.
Now featured at at $27,999!

Would make a great addition to a collection, all-purpose sport bike or hard-core trackday weapon! Big power, torque and reliability from the 998cc, Rotax dual-spark powerplant! Magnesium OZ wheels, Ohlins fork, Ohlins steering damper, Ohlins shock, carbon fiber upper, carbon fiber tank, carbon fiber tail, carbon fiber fairings (just about carbon fiber everywhere) complete the package!

The auction on eBay is here. I would suggest you take your time and look through the pictures to see the finish on the carbon body. A true delight.

The listing is priced about where these bikes were a year or so ago. With the current economy perhaps it is asking a bit much now but then again this is a true rare exotic. You can always hit that “Make Offer” button and see how you get on!


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1993 Ducati 888SPO Superbike

Andrew 14

OK where do I start.  Well firstly I have to own up and tell you that this is in fact my own personal bike:

1993 Ducati 888SPO on eBay

It is a 1993 Ducati 888SPO which was only produced for two years.  The model is specific to the USA and was designed to homologate the 888 for AMA Superbike racing. 1993 was the first year the bike was introduced and saw a total a total of 290 built that year for the US market.  A further 100 were made in ’94 with some subtle changes.  The 888 engine was an evolution of the 851 and the bike shares the same basic chassis however the bodywork was tidied up a touch and this version has Ohlins suspension on the rear with Showa forks.  The stock bike was rated at 100 hp but normal once you put in a new FIM chip and some FBF exhaust that number goes up. The SPO has a close European cousin which is the 888 SP5.  The difference is the engine, the SP5 unit was not able to pass US emission regulations and so the SP5 chassis was married to the 888 Strada engine and so you have a model in the SPO that is unique to the US market.

Since this model was for homologation Ducati used rather nice components, Brembo gold line calipers, Ohlins rear suspension, Marchesini wheels etc.  It is a beauty to ride and sounds oh so sweet and always gets a wave from someone who appreciates it.  It certainly saddens me to have to part with it but alas I am moving to Spain and cannot take the bike with me.  I just hope it goes to a good home.

And in case you wonder what they sound like:

If any readers has any questions feel free to ask them.


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Foggy Superbike – 1999 Ducati 996

Andrew 9

Of course nothing to do with the weather rather this is a Ducati Superbike once campaigned by Carl Fogarty. This bike from 1999 was used by Foggy to claim his last World Superbike crown which was the last of 4 during his career.  He started in WSBK racing a Honda in 1988 but after the team pulled out at the end of 1991 he joined Ducati and started what was to be a very famous pairing.  His time with Ducati started on the 888 and transition to the 916 and 996 and so when we find out about an ex Foggy WSBK out on Craigslist we have to look and oh boy what do we find:

One of the most exciting Ducatis that you could lay your hands upon:


The owner has now listed the bike on eBay and so you can start bidding on it. You can find the auction here.

The owner, while not listing as part of this sale, has additional memorabilia namely a helmet, a set of leathers and a champagne bottle signed by the team which I wonder if he might part with for the right price.


1999 Ducati 996 WSBK on Craigslist

This particular bike is one of two that was campaign by Foggy in the 1999 season, the other is apparently owned by the man himself. One could wax lyrical about the Ohlins and Brembos and magnesium components but really there is little to say when one sees such an impressive machine.  Just look at the amount of carbon fibre and things like the Corse clutch slave cylinder.  I don’t know about you but I quite fancy this in my garage.

The bike itself comes with a front fairing signed by Foggy but not apparently the original.  The team would sell of signed bodywork at the end of a race, one would assume to raise a bit of cash, and that is where this one came from.  Don’t worry though the seller is keen to point out that he has the original one as well.  Whenever one is presented with a bike such as this it is important to be able to autheticate the history as there are always those who claim to have something special which might not be:

Foggy had quite the career:

2001 – 2006 Team owner of Foggy Petronas Racing.
2000 Retired through injury after crashing out at Phillip Island. Rode for Ducati Infostrada.
1999 World Superbike Champion with Ducati Infostrada. 489 points.
1998 World Superbike Champion with Ducati Infostrada. 351.5 points.
1997 2nd in World Superbike championship with Ducati Infostrada. 358 points.
1996 4th in the World Superbike championship with Castrol Honda. 331 points.
1995 World Superbike Champion with Virginio Ferrari Ducati. 478 points.
1994 World Superbike Champion with Virginio Ferrari Ducati. 303 points.
1993 2nd in World Superbike championship with Ducati Corse. 349.5 points.
1992 9th in World Superbike championship with Ducati Corse. 134 points. 1st in the World Endurance championship.
1991 7th in the World Superbike championship with Honda Great Britain. 146 points.
1990 FIM F1 World Cup champion, Senior and F1 Isle of Man TT races.Honda Great Britain WSBK (Wildcard).
1989: World TT Formula 1 champion, 750cc Isle of Man TT. Honda Great Britain WSBK (Wildcard).
1988: World TT Formula 1 champion.
Driver profile
winning on both Superbikes and at such famous venues as the Isle of Man TT


Just in case you wonder how this machine can perform how about this for classic WSBK racing, and make sure you watch to the end:

So where do we start with value?  That is something that is difficult to gauge.  The most recent Foggy race bike to sell was in April 2011 when Bonhams had an ex Foggy 1993 888 Corsa but that didn’t sell even though it was expected to fetch around $45000.  However a 1998 916 SPS Foggy Replica that the man once rode fetched GBP 26500 ($41000).

Personally I want to pop over to CA and have a look myself.


[AffomaticEbay]Ducati Superbike[/AffomaticEbay]

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Pure Carbon – 2005 MV Agusta F4 Mamba

Andrew 2

You want something rather exotic and special. Well look no further because you will be hard pressed to come across another one of these MV Agustas. Having bought yourself an exclusive MV you get that feeling that you want it to be a bit more special, that is where the Mamba kits came in. There were 3 different kits available:

1. Full Option kit limited to 300 worldwide

2. Basic Option kit limited to 300 worldwide

3. Standard kit, not limited

Now looking at the wheels on this bike they have 10 spokes which were the wheels that came with the Full Option kit, but it does not have the red tint windscreen of the full kit.  Having looked through the pictures though I do think it is a full kit bike.  It is certainly very special with all the additional equipment and you know that you are unlikely to meet another at bike night.

The seller shares a fair bit of detail about the bike here:

MV Agusta Mamba F4 1080cc Full Carbon Fiber Limited Edition
Number 35 of 300 Worldwide
One of A Kind Master Piece
Selling a Limited Edition, Full Carbon Fiber, 2005 MV Agusta Ago with the Factory $12,000.00 Full Carbon Fiber, Mamba Upgrade Kit #35 of 300.
The following is the list of over $33,000.00 DOLLARS  in additional upgrades:
Marchesini Magnesium wheels, New front Marzocchi MotoGP forks($3,700.00) with MotoCorse lowers, New Bitubo Rear Racing Suspension($2,800.00), New Hi & Low HID(Xenon) Headlights, UK Casoli Open Exhaust with Titanium Open Mid-pipe & Polished down tubes, Full Racing MV Corse Eprom chip, Extra Carbon Fiber Parts From MV Corse & MotoCorse(upper & lower chain guards, battery box, rear splitter, lower tank guards), New BMC Racing Air Filter, Super Bike Red Racing hose kit, New & Improved Water Pump Impeller, Metal fuel fittings, Full Titanium bolt & Fastener Kit by MotoCorse(6+lbs in weight reduction), Titanium Side & Wheel nut, MotoCorse Titanium Treated Wind Shield, MotoCorse Titanium Bar ends, MotoCorse Titanium Frame Plugs, MotoCorse Titanium Oil Cap, MotoCorse Titanium Engine Cover, MotoCorse Titanium Upper & Lower Radiator cover, MotoCorse Titanium Gas Cap, MotoCorse Titanium Valve Cover Bolts, MotoCorse Spark Plug Wires, MotoCorse New Super Bike Over Sized Full Floater MotoGP Front & rear Rotors, New Brembro Super Bike 108mm Front Calipers, Brembo MotoGP Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders(the BEST they make $1,800.00 each!), New Brembo Folding Brake & Clutch Levers, New MotoCorse Super bike Racing Rear Sets, New Aluminum Radiator Fans, New Super Bike Braided & Coated Brake & Clutch lines, Intergrated Rear Tail Signals, Lots of Anodized pieces with many more MV Corse & MotoCorse Special Parts, Top of the Line Scorpio Alarm System, gas tank race foam, Invisiguard 3M Paint Protection and Finally, a Full Custom “One Off” Carbon Fiber cut Suede & Leather Seat & Bump stop.
Brand New MICHELIN Pilot “PURE” tires, new chain, new battery, new plugs, recent oil change and valve check. Z-MAX oil and gas treatments have been used regularly since new along with High Grade full synthetic oil.
Rear stand, new bike cover, rear wheel nut tool,  ALL original books & manuals(paperback & DVD), alarm paperwork & key-fob remote, TWO Titanium factory KEYS, Two framed “Certificates of Authenticity” from MV Agusta Factory and under tail factory tool kit are all included.
It’s KILLING me to have sell her but, my house is at risk and I can’t sleep on the bike…lol!

You can go and start bidding here on eBay.

Now thoughts on price.  Clearly there is a lot invested in this bike and it is pristine, however they have not been fetching large sums, as was seen last month where we listed one in Miami. It is currently listed with a “buy it now” of $15,900 and looking at a few recent examples this might actually be on the high side especially when you consider the mileage.  At this time these bike can be considered a bargain as you will get an awful lot for your money.


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Forgotten exotic – 2006 Ducati 749R

Andrew 3

Being the baby superbike of the family the 749 I think is often overlooked.  This however is an R model so that is something we shouldn’t do. The 749R was designed for homoligation for World Supersport racing which allowed few modifications and Ducati built the bike so that it was really rather close to being a race bike with lights.  A short stroke engine meant that it rev’d hard and along with all the carbon fibre looked rather special.  As you would imagine all the equipment is of the highest standard. Ducati however didn’t manage to shine in World Supersport in the same way that they did in World Superbike. The engine in stock form made 121 bhp and this was aided by the use of exotic materials internally such as Ti con rods.

The seller doesn’t give us too much detail apart from minor cosmetic issues:

2006 Ducati 749R 749 – #135 –  only 2900 Miles. bike is VERY good condition. bodywork nearly perfect. small scratch on swingarm from rear stand is about only thing on the bike. runs great no issues at all.

You can find the auction yourself over here on eBay.

The asking price is $11500 which may a be a bit high given what 999R’s can be found for but this is a low mileage example and certainly looks in great condition from the photos.


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Oh My – 2001 Ducati 996R

Andrew 9

Take a careful look at this bike and you will realise why the 916/996/998 family has been voted most beautiful bike more than once. Here we have a 996R from 2001 which hasn’t even been run in. It has less than 150 miles! This bike was rather important in the development of the Ducati line as it was the first bike to use the newly designed Testastretta engine which had a new design of head allowing 40mm inlet and 33mm exhaust valves, both of which were bigger that the previous 996SPS. With higher lift cams along with a straighter inlet port. All this allowed the engine to produce 135bhp which was up from 123bhp in the SPS. Another new feature on the engine was the deep sump which had been used in the racing engines since 1998 along with sand cast crank cases, but now appears in a production (albeit limited) model. For the following year this engine was increased to 999 with a shorter stroke and the 998 engine was used across the range without the sand cast cases and deep sump.

Most of the chassis was shared with the SPS model of the previous year except for the front brakes which used newer 4 piston Brembo calipers and thinner discs. Perhaps the most obvious change was the vents being removed from the fairings which gave the bike a smoother look. Most of the 996R’s were sold over the internet when release on 12 Sept 2000. All US examples came without lights and stands however all the wiring remained in place. There is no indication in the auction about when the lights were fitted to this bike. Certainly this is a rare machine with only 309 produced worldwide in 2001. The VIN quoted confirms the designation of the bike correctly and so a confirmation of that on the vehicle would be wise.

The owner shares the following about this particular bike:

2001 Ducati 996R w/under 150 miles. Private Collection. Fully Serviced Superbike. VERY RARE
You are bidding on a very rare piece of Ducati racing history. This Ducati 996R Superbike was purchased brand new from Ducati direct & immediately stored in a private collection. The 996R was removed from the private collection in June & taken to an Authorized Ducati dealer for a full service. The 996R was broken down & every component was fully serviced including any & all necessary parts, recalls, and or modifications recommended by Ducati. The 996R is ready for immediate road use or to be placed into a private collection immediately. This is a very rare “Homologation” R series or Race Series motorcycle produced by Ducati in a very limited production run of just a few bikes world wide. This is possibly the nicest and lowest mile example in the world coming out of a private collection of Ducati Superbikes. The owner has decided to sell part of the collection to make room for other bikes.
Payment in full must be made within 48 hours of the close of the auction & payment must be received via wire transfer or certified bank check only. Bike will be delivered to a Ducati dealership if requested prior to payment & the dealership can act as an intermediary for shipping anywhere in the world. Shipping must be paid and organized by the buyer but delivery to local Ducati dealership will be the responsibility of the current owner or seller. Bike is coming with all keys, manuals, and original items received at the time of purchase. Service records will be included with the bike at the time of shipping along with all keys, manuals, cover, and accessories.
The seller also includes some history information of the marque itself.

You can find the eBay auction here.

This is a thing of rare beauty and its pristine condition will certainly add to its value. Higher resolution pictures would be helpful to ensure the pristine condition is correct and certainly a buyer would want to verify engine and frame numbers on such an important bike. Pricing such a rare model is always a challenge but when you compare with more modern 999R’s the starting price of $20k is certainly very reasonable. This would be a wonderful addition to any garage.


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