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Rare and Italian! 1982 Bimota SB3

Location: New York, NY

Mileage: 10,466

Price: $25,000

Here is something you don’t see everyday…unless you check in at RSBFS. Yet another rare Bimota for sale. I believe it has been said that bikes come up in bunches, so here we go.

At the heart of this classic is a Suzuki in-line four 987 cc engine from the GS1000, cranking out 87 hp. At 450 lbs it’s not the lightest or fastest bike around but it certainly looks good. After some reading up on the SB3, it’s production range ran from 1979-82 and produced only 402 examples of this model. This is #390. For being a 1983 bike, the dual front disc brakes, trellis frame and individual intakes for the carbs look pretty sweet.

From the seller:

“Up for auction is a very rare 1982 Bimota SB3. This motorcycle has been in a private collection since new. The bike is almost 30 years old and in beautiful condition, as it should for remaining in a climate controlled environment for its entire life. This is an exclusive and exotic motorcycle. Its craftsmanship and design will grace any collection. The motorcycle was purchased by Malcolm Forbes new, and was sold from the Forbes collection. It has been maintained meticulously, even being taken back to Italy for a complete renovation at the Bimota factory. Only serious buyers please. I reserve the right to end the auction early since the Bimota is offered for sale locally.”

At the time of writing this, there has only been one bid placed for $10,200, with a BIN price of $25,000. Okay, so maybe buying a bike at this price isn’t for everyone. But with only 402 SB3s produced over roughly a three year period, that these probably won’t come up for sale too often. Mileage on this particular bike isn’t in the range of “super low”, but if this bike has been taken back to Italy to be serviced by Bimota and as meticulously maintained as described, then it should be relatively trouble free. There appears to be a small crack in part of the faring, and anyone serious about dropping the kind of coin this bike is listed for should be aware of it. This would make a fantastic addition to any serious collection of classic and/or Italian sport bikes.

Photo goodness

See the eBay auction .



  • A very interesting bike and a must for the Bimota collector. It is especially interesting to note that the seller purchased it on eBay on 2 April this year for only $16,100USD. Wonder if they’ll make a quick profit?

  • Well spotted on the previous,recent,saleDjani.Taking that into consideration,it should sell for no more than $16,000.If it does,it means the GFC was all for nothing,we didn’t learn any lessons,and we could be heading back down the same road we came along.That is,splurging excess money on material items,based on greed.

  • What happened to the bubble? Looks like the trailing edge has been cut shorter or broken off??

  • […] to the early age of Bimotas, we do see them cross the auction block from time to time (witness this Bimota post from Rem, for example). They are, however, very rare and usually very […]

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