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Bimota April 22, 2010 posted by

1988/89 Bimota YB7 for sale on ebay UK

1988 /1989 Bimota YB7  (with Yamaha FZR400 EXUP engine) for sale on ebay UK.

I’ve been looking out for Bimotas for sale in the US, but there isn’t much out there and most of the ones that are have already been listed here earlier.  That’s just a long winded way of saying here’s a :

Original 12,174 klms 7.564 Miles  on the clock.

Vin Number YB7-00106

Made for 1988 to 1989

Number 106 out of 321 ever made!!

Starts, runs and rides beautifully!!!

This bike is powered by an FZR400 Exup Yamaha motor, that had 68 hp. It has a 6 speed gearbox and were capable of 134 Miles per hour.

This is a RARE opportunity to own a very collectible bike at an affordable price.

This bike would also make an awesome “period 6″ pre 1990 classic race bike.

Yes, you read it right – it has a Yamaha FZR400 EXUP engine in it.  Incidentally, and interestingly so, Japan was and still is one of biggest markets for Bimotas.  Japan has different engine displacement classes, and the 400cc is the great divide.

400cc variants are rarely seen outside the domestic Japanese market, which does make this quite rare.

Its have lots of work done on it all new Brembo Brake pads, oil oil filter, new battery, it has some fairing damage.

The seller lists this as a 1992 model, but he/she also cleared stated in the description that the YB7 was only manufactured in 1988 and 1989.  Parts of the description are also suspiciously similar to what I wrote in an earlier Bimota YB7 listing:


Whatever the case maybe, the YB7 is a jewel, and with the current price at £1,500.00 (approx. USD2300), it’s worth a shot to place a bid and see where it goes?  Good luck and have fun!


Bimota April 19, 2010 posted by

1998 Bimota Vdue 500 Evoluzione with Less Than 600 Miles! [Updated w/ eBay Link]

Here is another incredible Bimota Vdue for sale here in the states. Located in Vermont, this one is one of the later Evoluzione models fitted with carbs and racing pipes — and making for a much more reliable and ridable package. And check out these gorgeous pictures:

Update 2:This bike has been sold.

quote from the seller:

According to the production history available from Bimota – this Evoluzione was built by Bimota prior to the bankruptcy and the transfer of assets in 2000. The serial number as well as the 1998 tires, and date of title support this. According to Bimota’s production history, the number of carburetor Evoluziones built for street prior to 2000 is only 21, with 26 additional built only for racing (without road VIN#s.). Later, 120 additional Evoluziones would be manufactured in 2003/2004.

The owner has setup a great website with more pictures and loads of details on this bike and the history of the Evoluzione model. I also did a little poking around and found an old Performance Bikes article on the Evoluzione. Here is an excerpt:

[…]the Evoluzione. It’s alleged when the direct injection bike flopped and Bimota ran out of Suzuki powered SB8Rs to placate disgruntled customers, somebody important said “bugger it” and started putting carbs and race-pipes on the Stradas and asked customer to ‘promise’ not to ride them on the road.

Priced at $19k, this is fantastic opportunity to own AND ride one of the more significant sportbikes ever produced — that simply aren’t available very often. We’re amazingly fortunate to feature two Vdue’s in the same month!

Thanks Jon for the heads up about your bike and to all the readers who have been submitting this bike as well. Good luck all!


Bimota April 9, 2010 posted by

1994 Bimota DB2 Tricolore in Wisconsin

1994 Bimota DB2 tricolor with 4,051 miles for sale in Madison, Wisconsin.

We’ve had several DB2s listed before, but none of them are of the tricolore variant which, whether you like it or not, is rather rare and hence desirable.

Rare sportbike, one of 34 tricolores in US. Ducati 904cc aircooled engine with Dynojet kit and opened airbox. 4,051 miles. Serviced by Ducati specialist. Dripping with carbon: cambelt covers, sprocket cover, vented clutch cover; also has: Termignoni carbon pipes, CRG’s Hindsight billet bar-end mirrors, billet oil filler cap & Euro switch, little flush Lockhart turn signals (fake carbon), evoluzione cyclesports’ regulator (with charger); Yoyodyne clutch slave; 916 SPS brake & clutch levers (and remotes), ss brake & clutch lines, Euro fairing w/parking light. Have similar quarter fairing, yet unpainted.

There’s no information that I can find to verify claims that there are only 34 of these in the US, but truth be told that I have only seen very few tricolors over the years.  There are several tasteful / de rigueur mods (such as the Termis…hmm!)  to the bike, so the asking price of $12000 is not outrageous, but definitely puts it at the higher end of the market – I guess the tricolore paint does demand a premium.

Update: The seller has sent the following information along to verify the 34 models stated. -dc

My source for the number of them is Bob Smith, then then-importer, who brought over 34 in a container. He had them painted in the pattern of the purple European
model, but in red-white-green. They were never sold in Europe (as confirmed by European members of the Bimota list), though there is a photo of one in the Bimota book.

Click here to see the ad on Craiglist


Bimota April 8, 2010 posted by

2010 Bimota HB4 Moto2 GP race bike for sale!

Genuine Bimota HB4 Moto2 GP race bike with for sale in Germany – for 169,000 euros!!

We’ve seen enough Bimotas around here, but nothing compares to this find – a genuine Bimota HB4 (the ‘H’ standing for the Honda 600c.c. race spec engine in it) Moto2 GP race bike! For those who may not have been following MotoGP, Moto2 is the new controversial (controversial because it conflicts with the World Super Sport 600c.c. class) GP race class that will replace the 2 stroke 250c.c. machines.

The Bimota HB4 was created specifically for participation in Moto2 racing, and it is the only new Bimota to carry a Honda engine in the last 27 years (its predecessor – the HB3 – was introduced in 1983).  In any case, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

From the seller (translated from German using Google translator):

Offered here is a complete ready to race, moto racing 2. Bimota Moto 2 HB-4. Two similar vehicles will ride in the Moto 2 World Cup. Driver: – 1 76 BERNAT MARTINEZ (E), MAQUINZA-SAG TEAM – 2 Ratthapark Wilairot (TH), THAI HONDA PTT SAG, – This is offered here Bimota Moto-2 is produced on request, and has approximately 10 weeks delivery from receipt of the deposit. The vehicle is built up by HPC-Power. The frame is made of high quality aluminum and molybdenum Crom milled parts. A 145-hp, 600 cc Honda engine, Ohlins TTX shock, Paioli gas-fork, magnesium forged wheels, Brembo monobloc brakes as standard. The engine management system is realized through a high-quality Motec system. The data recording and dashboard features will also be realized by the famous Motec ADL. Functions such as, tractioncontrol, launch control and brake assist are standard on WM. Many other technical features can be identified if interested. The purchase price includes three race days in which the vehicle through two Renningineure of HPC power is adjusted to the buyer. Chassis, and engine management Trachtionskontrolle be adapted perfectly to the needs of the driver. – If you are interested please call Motorcycle Hertrampf in Nordhorn

How the seller got their paws on a genuine HB4 I’m not sure, but I do know that this is probably a once in a life time oppourtunity to owning  a first year Moto2 race bike. 169,000 euros is a lot of money, but for some rich collector, I am sure it’s worth the price. I’d be all over this if I had that kind of money!

Click here to see the ad for this amazing oppourtunity!


Bimota March 24, 2010 posted by

2007 Bimota Delirio DB6 with only 3000 miles

Immaculate 2007 Bimota Delirio DB6 with 3,000 miles for $14,950!

Like most Bimotas, this DB6 has been seriously pampered with only 2986 miles on its clocks and looks to be in pristine condition:

Offered for sale is a 2007 Bimota Delirio DB6 finished in Red and White with only 2986 well maintained miles. Included are battery tender, two keys, owners manual, clean/clear title, laser etched Bimota clutch and brake levers, powder coated side stand to match frame, Zard carbon fiber slip-ons, recent oil/filter change and new Michelin Pilot Power 2cts 75 miles ago. VIN ZESD699257R000039, Bike is gorgeous needs absolutely nothing and looks/runs perfectly.

The DB6 has got to be one of the best nakeds out there, with its usable air-cooled 2V Ducati lump pushing a light weight chromoly-alloy hybrid chassis package, and this specific sample even has Zard slip-ons and sticky Michelin hoops already installed. Previous DB6s that we have listed were in the $18,000 – $20,000 price range, so this one, with all the nice touches and the mint condition, would qualify as a good deal at $14,950.

See the craigslist ad HERE.

Just to bump up the drool factor a bit, Bimota recently introduced a Superlight version of the DB6 with a carbon fiber trellis frame, swingarm, forks, and body panels that, combined, gives a dry weight vehicle of only 348 lbs!  Click HERE to read about the amazing DB6 Superlight.


Bimota March 23, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota SB8R W/1560 Miles

2000 Bimota SB8R with only 1560 miles!

A reader found this nice, low mileage SB8R in Massachusetts.  It looks unmolested and was probably the pride of someones garage with under 2000 miles on it. It has an upgraded set of Arrow exhausts but I  don’t know if those are a full system or just  end cans.  This SB8R was fitted with  Suzuki’s TL1000R engine but with a few tweaks by Bimota. It got Bimota’s own set of 59mm throttle bodies for the injection system. Have you ever seen a larger set of air scoops on a bike?  I wonder if purists would rather have an Italian engine but I always thought it was cool that there were a lot of performance parts available for the Suzuki engine.  I wonder if you can still get goodies for it  from Yoshimura.  The price seems reasonable ($11,888) and is slightly under the blue book for the bike. Here is what the seller had to say:

This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle artwork. All hand made in Italy, this Bimota was limited to around 100 per year! With only 1560 miles, this is an excellent opportunity to own an exotic motorcycle. Sale includes shop manual, Bimota Cover, original exhaust (bike has Arrow Carbon fiber upgraded exhaust.

The seller didn’t post many pictures so here is a visual and audio tease from Youtube.

I’d love to see some comments from  Bimota enthusiasts on how the SB8R rates on desirability amongst them. At under $12,000 this SB8R seems like a nice way to get into an exotic hand built bike.   I bet the best part of owning a Bimota is being able to make a group of Ducati guys turn their heads as you ride by!  Check it out here.


Bimota March 19, 2010 posted by

2007 Bimota DB5-R with only 700 miles!

2007 Bimota DB5-R for sale with only 700 miles!

Since I was going through a little post withdrawl I had to steal this one from our resident Bimota expert. Sorry Phil!

Up for grabs, on ebay, is this awesome 07 Bimota DB5-R that is chock full of tasty bits including a Ti Zard exhaust. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of Bimota, but this one definitely makes me the newest Bimota fan on the planet. I don’t want to offend any die hards, but I think I see a little RC8 in the front fairing and a little Ducati in the tail section of the DB5-R. Powered by Ducati’s dual spark 1100cc V-Twin along with Carbon Fiber bodywork and sporting Ohlin’s fully adjustable suspenders at each end make this a true piece of Bimota exotica. My research shows a very mild 92hp at 8,500 rpm’s, but when equipped with Bimota’s light weight package it should feel very quick. For me this is probably Bimota’s best looking cycle.

Have a look and let me know what you think:

Pretty sweet eh?

Check out this video and listen to it rumble.

If that doesn’t make the hair raise on the back of your neck you don’t have a pulse!

Quote from the listing:

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd this is the motorbike for you. This motorbike has never seen a track. This bike has always been kept in my garage under a cover. The bike is only ridden when the weather is perfect. Currently the bike has a ZARD exhaust system. I still have all the original parts and manuals. Also, the bike has all the stickers from the factory.

With a starting bid of $18,000 and a B.I.N. of $25,000.00 this one isn’t for the faint of heart or anyone who is light in the wallet. But, if you’re in the market for a super cool, LE piece of Italian art your ship…er… motorcycle has come in.



Bimota March 12, 2010 posted by

1988 Bimota YB7 for sale down under!

Update – the bike was sold for AU$8850 (approx. USD8200).

Thanks to a reader tip-off, here’s a nice example of a :

Original 11,014 klms on the clock.

Vin Number YB7-00274

Number 274 out of 321 ever made!!  There where only 124 Tricolors made.

Not currently Registered!!

Starts, runs and rides beautifully!!!

This bike is powered by an FZR400 Exup Yamaha motor, that had 65 hp. It has a 6 speed gearbox and were capable of 220 klms per hour.

This is a RARE opportunity to own a very collectible bike at an affordable price.

This bike would also make an awesome “period 6” pre 1990 classic race bike.

Yes, you read it right – it has a Yamaha FZR400 EXUP engine in it.  Incidentally, and interestingly so, Japan was and still is one of biggest markets for Bimotas.  Japan has different engine displacement classes, and the 400cc is the great divide.

To make the their bikes accessible to more Japanese consumers, Bimota offered some of their models in 400cc versions and the YB7 is one of them (the other 400cc variant is the DB1J with a 400cc Ducati air-cooled 2V engine), based on the YB6 with the Yamaha EXUP 1000 engine.  Click here for more reading on the YB7.

The current price of the YB7 is at AU$6999 (approx. US$6300) which makes it quite an expensive 400cc. Nevertheless  a.) it is a Bimota  and b.) 400cc variants are rarely seen outside the domestic Japanese market, which does make this quite rare.

Only thing I disagree with the seller is the last part about the YB7 being an awesome classic race bike – if i bought this YB7, I definitely would not be racing it!