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Sport Bikes For Sale February 2, 2013 posted by Jared

First Year! 1987 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale

Bedford, NH – 16,921 miles – $2,725 with Reserve


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Been looking for that classic Yamaha liter bike to fill an empty space in your garage? Then look no further than this first year FZR1000. Granted, Yamaha didn’t update the engine and introduce the EXUP system on the FZR until 1989, but this year is still no slouch. With 135hp, this bike can still go 0-60mph in around 3 seconds and hit a top speed of 160mph.


This example looks to be in nearly stock condition minus the Vance&Hines pipe, blue windscreen, and Corbin seat. Your butt will thank you later for the seat. Mileage is also very low for its age with under 17k on the clock. I also see no physical evidence of it ever being down, which is impressive as I am sure that a number of these were flung off the road back in the day.


From the seller:



The bids are rolling in and the auction is at $2,725 with the reserve in place and a few days left. This bike is truly a survivor and still looks good today. The bike is near stock with only a few era correct parts and in undamaged condition with low-ish miles. You can jump over to the auction here and place your bid today!


Kawasaki January 30, 2013 posted by Jared

Palm Trees and Ninjas: 1995 Kawasaki ZX-7

Boca Raton, FL – 16,500mi – $1,800 No Reserve


Couldn’t make it to the Midwest for the last Ninja? Well here is a crack at another, and shinier, Ninja all the way down in Florida. This mid-90’s example of a ZX-7 will have you riding in style like Zach Morris on his way to the College Years. Yes the frame has been polished, which will definitely turn some of you away who are looking for a bone stock example. But the sound of that Kawi-correct Muzzy exhaust might draw you back for a second look.


From the seller:

You are bidding on a 1995 Kawasaki Ninja 750 ZX7 –

Bike has all original plastics Muzzy Exhaust and Second Look Seat. The purple vinyl on the seat cover is faded and sun bleached. The fairings are in excellent shape for its age and only have a few faint scratches that cannot be seen from a few feet away.

The frame is polished, has brand new spark plugs, and brand new battery, tires are in good shape…runs great.

Do not miss out…not many left in this shape. High bidder gets the bike. Bike is for sale locally.

Please email any questions you may have prior to bidding.

So this might not be the cleanest and most original example of an early ZX-7, but with only 16k miles on the odometer, it is low in mileage and not a beat-up, re-sprayed hunk of garbage like most that I see. Let not forget the best part, it’s only at $1,800 in bidding right now with no reserve. That means that this one is finding a new owner in a couple of days. If your retirement plans include getting that condo in Boca, then cruising some sweet 90’s style, then this ZX-7 might be up your alley. Jump on over to the auction here and make this rad bike yours!


Kawasaki January 25, 2013 posted by Jared

Got Boost? 1984 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

Woodbine, Maryland – 32,350 miles – Reserve not met


With turbo wars in full effect during the early 80’s, the big four Japanese manufactures all brought weapons to the fight. However, it was Kawasaki that showed up fashionably late to the party with arguably the best bike. The GPz750 Turbo was clearly the winner of the turbo conflict (okay it wasn’t really a war) and for good reason.


The GPz750t claimed the biggest displacement of the turbos and featured a front mounted turbo which allowed it to spool quicker to reduce lag. Surprisingly, the boost delivery was characterized as “smooth” and rather seamless at the time. The bike even out-accelerated the GPz liter bike of the time.


The bike up for grabs today isn’t exactly a bone stock museum piece. However, it has survived very nicely and features tasteful modifications without loosing the original essence of the bike. From the seller:

Hey everyone, up for sale here is a real survivor. A 1984 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo w/ Mods. A pretty clean, good running bike with a clear title. This is a 2 owner bike since 1984, and since they only made them 2 years a pretty rare bike as well. The bike has nearly new tires front and rear, Performance Machine front brake system, Stainless steel brake lines front and rear and a RC51 front brake master cylinder. Exhaust was converted to a single pipe after the turbo and sounds great. Bike also has the Wiseco big bore 810cc kit installed on it as well as Accel supercoils and wires. Bike runs strong and the turbo spool’s up nice and quick. Trans shifts smoothly. It does have a few scuffs on the gas tank (see pics) but no other noticeable damage. Comes with original tool kit. Again i have clear title in hand, questions please ask. Payment is due within 10 days from auction end. A deposit of $500 must be made via paypal within 48hrs. Again she is a looker, and pretty fast on her feet too, dont miss this chance to own a piece of history. Delivery is available within a reasonable distance from me for a fee, just ask if it is within my limitations.

If you’re into turbo sport bikes of the early 80’s, a Kawasaki fan, or just someone who likes to feel the boost kick in while on two wheels, then you should take a look at this GPz. I haven’t seen one of these for sale before, so I am interested (clueless) where the final price will end up on this bad bay. The bike looks clean and comes with a clear title. Take a look at the auction here and place your bid today.


Kawasaki January 23, 2013 posted by Jared

Middle America Ninja: 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7

Elkton, South Dakota – 19,221 miles – $2,325 with No Reserve

Looking for something a little different from the hyper-pristine and expensive Italian exotica? Then check out this mysterious little ZX7 that has been tucked away in middle America. Don’t get me wrong, I dig me some old Ducati’s. However, I also dig cool bikes that are riders and come on the cheap.


This ZX7 still looks cool 20 years after it rolled off of showroom floors. The details of this one are a little thin and the photos definitely have you wanting more. The bike has less than 20k miles, which considering its age is pretty good.


From the seller:

UP FOR SALE IS A 1992 ZX7. Serious inquires only. Local pickup only. New oil & filter, UNI Air Filter, New NGK Spark Plugs, and new back tire. Runs and ride great. Has minor scratches.

She isn’t the prettiest girl on the block, but she’s a cheap date. Clearly some TLC is going to be required to get this Ninja back to it’s glory day status. The seller requires a local pick up for the bike. I can tell you that South Dakota has some great (flat) scenery if you’re looking for a winter road trip. Check out the auction here and make the decision for yourself.


Honda October 29, 2012 posted by Jared

Another Clean Honda VFR750R (RC30) For Sale!

Tulsa, OK – 10,337 miles – Currently $18,300

If the RC30 featured last week wasn’t enough, we have yet another one of these sought after VFR750Rs up for sale currently. If the Northeast is too far for you, have a look at this one that comes of out Oklahoma. These don’t come up for sale on a regular basis, but I guess when it rains, it pours.

This bike also has low-ish miles with only 10,337 on the clock. The only modification to this one is an auxiliary switch that allows you to run the radiator fan at all times, in case you like to keep it cooler than the other side of the pillow. Recent and extensive maintenance is also apparent as given buy the valve adjustment, fluids, carb cleaning, seals, hoses, and then some. The seller details this better, so with out wasting any time…

I purchased this bike from a collector of rare Honda motorcycles in 2001. It was included in my collection of limited-production homologation motorcycles. It has been ridden carefully on nice days and stored in a climate-controlled display room in my house. It has not been used for track days, or in rain.

It is stock, apart from the addition of a switch adjacent to the choke knob that allows the radiator fan to run at any time, regardless of water temperature. The wires for the switch can be seen on the left side of the radiator area, as they are disconnected from the switch when the bodywork is removed. It has recently had a very comprehensive service that included checking the valve clearances; changing all of the fluids, filters and spark plugs; disassembling, inspecting and cleaning the carburettors, an installing installing new o-rings, gaskets and tuning and balancing them; disassembling, cleaning and installing new seals in the brake calipers, brake master cylinders, clutch master and slave cylinders; replacing various rubber hoses and lines; installing new tires; replacing the battery; servicing the forks; and going over the entire bike to make sure that it is mechanically 100%. Needless to say, the engine starts easily and the bike runs very well.

All of the body panels are the original hand-laid fiberglass factory parts. The paint is in very good overall condition. There are a few small stone chips and scratches that have been touched up but they are not apparent unless you examine the paint very closely. The bike presents very well.

Included is the original bike tool kit in a blue denim cloth bag, the original owner’s manual, two keys and the factory rear wheel stand. I may have some spare oil filters and fluids that I will give to the buyer.

The title is a clear, normalOklahomatitle and it will be held in escrow by my attorney until full payment is made. Payment will be made by bank wire transfer only, to my attorney’s trust account. Details are available upon request.

There you have it, yet another clean and near stock RC30 for sale right here in the US. Bidding is up to $18,300 and the reserve has not yet been met. Given the care this bike has received, I would suspect the reserve to be somewhere in the mid to high $20k range. You can bet prices won’t be going down anything soon for these as they have risen steadily over the past few years. The seller provides a link to even more pictures here. The bike has a clean title, and comes with a few original extras as well. You better hurry up, as there are only a couple days left on the auction. Check out the auction here and place your bid now!


Honda October 26, 2012 posted by Jared

Clean One-Owner 1990 Honda RC30 For Sale!

Jamestown, RI – 6,954mi – Currently $16,099

 It doesn’t take a Rare Sport Bike “Expert” to tell you that the Honda RC30 is one of the most sought after sport bikes on the market. Fans of all types of sport bikes tend to agree that the RC30 was a special bike and near perfect machine. Combine good looks, homologation special, hand laid fiber glass fairings, and the race pedigree to back it up, and it’s no wonder these bikes are continuing to rise in value.

This bike looks very clean and clearly it has been taken care of by the original owner its entire life. It sports the US indicating red Honda logo, “RC30” badge (Euro’s got the “VFR750R” badge) and the larger headlight design as well as the white mirrors. The early JDM models had smaller diameter headlights and black mirrors. It isn’t bone stock, but only has some minimal modification. These include SS brake lines, modified stock signals, plate bracket, and easy-reach petcock knob.

From the seller:

1990 RC30. Owned since new by a former Honda shop mechanic. 6954 miles, excellent condition, stored in heated garage/showroom as part of a collection. Bike was last ridden in 2008, at which time the fuel system was completely drained, and carb float bowls and jets were cleaned. Oil was changed 96 miles ago, coolant about 400 miles ago. Tires are OEM replacements, with around 1000 miles on them, but changed in 1995, so they’re getting pretty hard. Brake fluid changed in 2010 (and every 2 years prior), fork oil changed in 2010 as well.Batterynew in 2008, and still holds a charge (on battery tender once a month).


Modifications include SS brake lines, stock turn signals tucked in closer, shorter license plate bracket, lighter bar end plugs, and custom easier-to-reach petcock knob. All stock parts are included. Also, the numerous warning labels were removed when new, but a set of new OEM replacements is included.


The only flaws are a small scratch on top of the tail (touched up), a slight scratch on the muffler, and marks on the wheels from original wheel weights (see photos). Front and bottom of belly pan were protected from new with adhesive clear plastic, which I removed prior to photos, as it was getting a bit shabby looking. Did it’s job, though!

With sub 10k miles and a mostly stock appearance, this bike sure looks to be a good one. It’s hard to gripe too much about a couple small scratches on a 22-year old bike. The tires will probably need replacing if you are looking to ride this one (and I hope you do!), but for someone looking to display this beauty, then I wouldn’t worry too much. The last super clean RC30 got bid up to $28k and still failed to meet reserve. No telling where the reserve is on this one, but I imagine somewhere in the $25k+ area. It’s a one owner bike, so I doubt it will be low. Check out the auction here and place you bid today!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 4, 2012 posted by Jared

1984 Yamaha RZ500/R6 Custom Hybrid WTF

Kutztown, PA – Currently $7,500 with No Reserve

In the world of RSBFS, we see all kinds of bike for sale, from homologated superbikes to grey market imports. What we don’t see too often is one-off custom bikes, especially ones that might be considered a Franken-bike. Normally I would shy away from a bike fitting that description, but this bike is different. Clearly the builder of this one had a vision and took the time to build that vision into something above and beyond.

Do you want RZ500 two-stroke awesomeness with modern R6 technology? Then look no further! Clearly the owner has spent some time on this build and it shows. I really can’t elaborate more on the build, so I will let the seller’s description do the talking:

Up for auction is my custom built legal 2 stroke sportbike. It is a marriage of the old school RZ500 and the high tech R6R Hybrid designed to provide modern handling and braking with the explosive power of the RZ500 engine.

I spent more than a year designing and constructing this motorcycle.

I am an automotive engineer and have been building (and rebuilding) street 2 strokes for more than 15 years. All work and modifications to this motorcycle have been performed by me. I built this so overall design and quality appear to be a factory OEM production bike. I have only ridden the bike enough to debug and fine tune jetting and ignition maps, approximately 50 – 100 miles.

It has spent the last several years living in my family room as a conversation piece. It is currently registered and includes PA T**le.

This is truly a one of a kind motorcycle that will attract attention and conversation wherever it goes. Below is a comprehensive list of features and modifications.

I have included many photos and a video showing all aspects of the motorcycle, please review them all, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


  • Fully rebuilt with new (OEM Yamaha) seals, gaskets, and bearings
  • .5mm Over Bore
  • New Wiseco Pistons, rings, pins
  • New Carbon Tech reeds
  • New Mikuni TM28 Flat Slide carbs
  • New K&N Air Filters
  • New ZeelTronics Programable CDI and Power Valve Controller
  • StockPorts and heads
  • New Jim Lomas GP Style Expansion Chambers and Polished Silencers
  • Set up with functional Auto Lube


  • Modified 1984 RZ500 Frame
  • Custom built rear sub-frame
  • 2009 R6R upper fairing bracket
  • 2009 R6R Radiator
  • Oil tank under seat cowl and battery under upper fairing
  • PA TITLE!!


  • 2009 R6R Aluminum Swingarm
  • 2009 R6R Upside Down Front End
  • RZ500 Rear Shock
  • 2009 R6R Front and Rear Wheels
  • 2009 R6R Radial Front and Rear Brakes
  • New gold X-oring chain and sprockets


  • Stock RZ500 fuel tank modified with flush filler cap
  • 2009 R6R front and upper fairing
  • 209 R6R Tail section and seat
  • Koso digital instrument panel
  • Yamaha 50th Anniversary Graphics
  • Show quality PPG base and clearcoat paint – OEM 50th Anniversary “Reddish-Yellow Cocktail”

I am a pretty much perfectionist and would say this bike is perfect in every way. I have it jetted and ignition/PV maps for my riding style, but you may want to alter these based on individual preferences. There are a couple bubbles in the paint around the fuel fill, they are small and I tried to show them in the photos. I noticed the battery seemed a little weak today, but it just maybe that it hasn’t been ridden in many months.

Here’s a video of the bike as well

Bidding is already active and up to $7,500 and the reserve is gone. The bike is registered and comes with a PA title, which is always a plus for two-strokes. It’s hard to say where the price will or should go since I have nothing to compare the bike to. However, I can guess that this thing is a blast to ride and you won’t see anything else like it on the road. You can check out the full auction here and place your bid today.


Sport Bikes For Sale October 4, 2012 posted by Jared

1991 Suzuki RGV250 (VJ22) For Sale!

Ellington, CT– 7,800mi – $3,450 with Reserve

If the NSR250 featured last week isn’t quite what you are looking for and you’re more of a Kevin Schwantz fan than a Freddy Spencer fan, then check out this quarter-liter smoker. The VJ22 features a set of upside-down forks and the always call banana style swing arm, while proving a light weight package which drives the flick-ability of these 250cc two-strokes.

This particular bike looks to be in good and semi-restored condition. The seller states that a new set of plastics have been recently added and that a set of Lucky Strike fairings come with the sale as well. It also sounds like some solid general maintenance has been done to this unit as well with fluids and brake pads to name a couple. The oil injection has been removed in favor or running a pre-mix, but should you wish to go back to injection, the setup is included. There are some blemishes and a missing spring for the kick-start, but nothing outstanding that would raise a red-flag.

More from the seller:

1991 Suzuki RGV250. Bid with confidence as this is a fine example of this rare bike. I have owned this bike for a few years and it has always performed top notch. I am selling it along with a few other rare bikes to make room for more restoration projects. Since owning it I have installed new plastics, front pads, and tires. The bike has just had a complete maintenance with new gear oil, coolant flush, brake fluids replacement,, new plugs, adjust and lube chain. Tires and brakes are in excellent condition also. It is ready to ride right now. The bike starts easily, shifts through all gears smoothly, brakes perfectly, and handles as it should, which is excellent. All lights, blinkers, and horn work. The oil injection has been disconnected and the bike runs on premix as I like the smell of Blendzall as well as preferring the dependability of premix . The original oil tanks comes with the bike and it can easily be converted back to injection. There are some minor chips on the tank that are in the photos. There is also some slight discoloration on the Suzuki tank emblems from age but hardly noticeable. One muffler has some scuff marks from a tie down while on a trailer that are shown in the photos. The kick starter fold out spring is missing and I have been using a rubber strap to hold it in place. This is NOT the spring in the engine but the tiny one on the lever itself. It can be replaced easily but I have always just used the rubber strap. The plastics are new this year and are in perfect shape. The bike shows about 12,900 Kilometers on the clock and if my math is right should be about 7,750 Miles. The bike comes with the wheel stand shown in the photos, the side stand works perfectly I just prefer the wheel stand for storage. The bike also comes with a complete brand new set of Lucky Strike plastics still in wrappers in the box. The front fairing has been taken out of it’s wrapper for the photos. I was going to do a Lucky Strike bike but never got around to it. The only thing that would be needed to make this a Lucky Strike bike is a tank repaint and emblems. This plastic set alone is a $500 value here in the States. Shipping is not included in this sale for the bike, but I will include shipping of the wheel stand and plastics to the lower 48. I will assist in shipping the bike, meaning that I will meet your shipper but will not crate or load.The bike is sold as is where is with a BILL OF SALE ONLY and a copy of myVermontregistration. For some reason Ebay won’t let me enter “Other” in the Title space so the bike does not have a title.Vermont does not title vehicles under 300CC.

This bike looks great and seems to be in proper working order. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with a title and only a bill of sale. But it is apparently registered inVermont. Recent maintenance is a plus and I am guessing that since the owner has had this bike for “a few years” that it isn’t a bike that was bought rough and cleaned up in order for a quick flip. You can check out the auction here and place your bid today!