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1984 Yamaha RZ500/R6 Custom Hybrid WTF


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Kutztown, PA – Currently $7,500 with No Reserve

In the world of RSBFS, we see all kinds of bike for sale, from homologated superbikes to grey market imports. What we don’t see too often is one-off custom bikes, especially ones that might be considered a Franken-bike. Normally I would shy away from a bike fitting that description, but this bike is different. Clearly the builder of this one had a vision and took the time to build that vision into something above and beyond.

Do you want RZ500 two-stroke awesomeness with modern R6 technology? Then look no further! Clearly the owner has spent some time on this build and it shows. I really can’t elaborate more on the build, so I will let the seller’s description do the talking:

Up for auction is my custom built legal 2 stroke sportbike. It is a marriage of the old school RZ500 and the high tech R6R Hybrid designed to provide modern handling and braking with the explosive power of the RZ500 engine.

I spent more than a year designing and constructing this motorcycle.

I am an automotive engineer and have been building (and rebuilding) street 2 strokes for more than 15 years. All work and modifications to this motorcycle have been performed by me. I built this so overall design and quality appear to be a factory OEM production bike. I have only ridden the bike enough to debug and fine tune jetting and ignition maps, approximately 50 – 100 miles.

It has spent the last several years living in my family room as a conversation piece. It is currently registered and includes PA T**le.

This is truly a one of a kind motorcycle that will attract attention and conversation wherever it goes. Below is a comprehensive list of features and modifications.

I have included many photos and a video showing all aspects of the motorcycle, please review them all, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


  • Fully rebuilt with new (OEM Yamaha) seals, gaskets, and bearings
  • .5mm Over Bore
  • New Wiseco Pistons, rings, pins
  • New Carbon Tech reeds
  • New Mikuni TM28 Flat Slide carbs
  • New K&N Air Filters
  • New ZeelTronics Programable CDI and Power Valve Controller
  • StockPorts and heads
  • New Jim Lomas GP Style Expansion Chambers and Polished Silencers
  • Set up with functional Auto Lube


  • Modified 1984 RZ500 Frame
  • Custom built rear sub-frame
  • 2009 R6R upper fairing bracket
  • 2009 R6R Radiator
  • Oil tank under seat cowl and battery under upper fairing
  • PA TITLE!!


  • 2009 R6R Aluminum Swingarm
  • 2009 R6R Upside Down Front End
  • RZ500 Rear Shock
  • 2009 R6R Front and Rear Wheels
  • 2009 R6R Radial Front and Rear Brakes
  • New gold X-oring chain and sprockets


  • Stock RZ500 fuel tank modified with flush filler cap
  • 2009 R6R front and upper fairing
  • 209 R6R Tail section and seat
  • Koso digital instrument panel
  • Yamaha 50th Anniversary Graphics
  • Show quality PPG base and clearcoat paint – OEM 50th Anniversary “Reddish-Yellow Cocktail”

I am a pretty much perfectionist and would say this bike is perfect in every way. I have it jetted and ignition/PV maps for my riding style, but you may want to alter these based on individual preferences. There are a couple bubbles in the paint around the fuel fill, they are small and I tried to show them in the photos. I noticed the battery seemed a little weak today, but it just maybe that it hasn’t been ridden in many months.

Here’s a video of the bike as well

Bidding is already active and up to $7,500 and the reserve is gone. The bike is registered and comes with a PA title, which is always a plus for two-strokes. It’s hard to say where the price will or should go since I have nothing to compare the bike to. However, I can guess that this thing is a blast to ride and you won’t see anything else like it on the road. You can check out the full auction here and place your bid today.



  • “However, I can guess that this thing is a blast to ride and you won’t see anything else like it on the road”

    Actually, R6 front and rear swaps are quite common on the RZ500 platform. And there are a number of R6 bodied RZ500’s runnign around. In the US, Australis and in the UK.

    What is rather concerning and a little unique about this bike is the extremely low mileage the builder has put on the bike. Sorry to say but 50 to 100 miles is not sufficient to ‘debug and tune’ a hybrid of this nature.

    Gaskets are barely bedded in, rings and reeds are barely up to operating clearances and if the cooling system has not yet been properly vetted there may be further hidden issues that will only surface the first time the buyer takes the bike on a road trip or to a track day.

    The bubble in the paint is a pity, perhaps poor spot prep at that location or porous welds from the new tank filler.

    But, on the plus side the bike is complete and well built and very good looking – and has the R6 front and rear mods (that many people undertake) already done.

    The seller also has a realistic outlook and understands he will not likely recoupe the $20,000 + that went into this build. This is reflected in the low reserve.

    The Koso dash, JL pipes, new internals, R6 front rear, associated mods, bodywork and paint job probably represent about $8 to $10,000 – and you have not even accounted for the base 500 that could have easily cost another $7,000+ if it was in half decent condition.

    Add to that the incidentals, labour and trial and error and parts left over that didnt make it into the build and you can see how these big bore stroker hybrids end up costing so much. I have 2 going on right now and have stopped ‘saving receipts’ – it is too depressing 😉

    This is a great base for someone looking for a non-stock RZ500. But still, buyer we aware that the underlying heart of the bike, the 500cc V4 can and will be a significant cost center going forward.

    But the good news again is that the rest of the bike is pretty much sorted.

    That is also its down side, as with all hybrids of this nature, the buyer must share the vision and likes of the seller – they are getting a completed bike, something designed to someone elses likes.

    The quandry of buying any ‘custom’ – is that it is customized to someone elses taste 🙂

  • I can’t speak to the viability of the build, but, GOODNESS, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. *DROOL*

  • As a bike restorer presently who actually is looking to do some customization I tip my hat to the builder for inspiring us all . Nice modern day uptake on a classic 500 2-stroke . It may yet have some bugs to iron out …but so too do even production vehicles such as Porsches (older ones…) and old British sports cars have their gremlins …. so I think it still looks like a decent investment for the right person.

  • Wow.

    It’s shocking to compare the apparant build quality, engineering, component and modification choices of this RZ500 next to some of the crappy/dodgy/questionable RZ500s that have been showcased on this site recently.

  • “Wow.

    It’s shocking to compare the apparant build quality, engineering, component and modification choices of this RZ500 next to some of the crappy/dodgy/questionable RZ500s that have been showcased on this site recently.”

    Head over to rzrd500.com to see that the crappy builds that have come to this site via FleaBay and CrapList are the exception, not the rule.

    Pretty much every hydrid RZ build I have seen shared is this type of build.

  • not the first….
    but i rather have this,

    in my opinion this is better…

  • These are some tasty hybrids all right but if I were to build/buy one, I wouldn’t want it to look exactly like every other R6 on the road.

    Mine would have YZR500 replica bodywork in Marlboro colours… 🙂

  • Seems like a lot eye candy, when I “build” or mod a bike to that extent I will include rake & trail numbers, wheelbase & weight. That bike may be spot on but without more info. I’d stay away.

  • […] […]

  • This is a Eric Johnson built bike! He is as good a RZ500 motor man ( mechanical engineer by trade) as Rick lance is to Gamma’s . Anyone that knows Eric knows what a true perfectionist he is and his true passion for doing everything right !!! He has agreed to dial in bike before pickup .
    ***With that being said I am now the new owner of it and his just as nice custom TZ-RD400 that was also on eBay. Price was very fair for both, not the crazy prices we have all seen from the gouging sellers of stock bikes in need of work !!! Stock bikes are just starting points , lots of problems when new and takes big bucks theses day to get them right !!! Fact, learned the hard way:)
    I want pick these up for 5 or 6 weeks so he will have plenty of time to get them both dialed in!!! I am a very competent 2-stroke mechanic myself with over 40 years experience so not worried about ah thang anyway :). Eric is a man of his word. Anyway it’s my birthday Sunday so why not! Lol.

  • That’s one helluva birthday present! Happy Birthday!

  • Very cool, Faster Frank. Congratulations from RSBFS on your purchase(s)!!!

  • Great good for Frank! ,but it was a bummer as I was bidding on the 500 too, then it was,,,gone

  • Was Woke up this morning on my 54th birthday by my sweet baby boy who says , wake up Daddy happy birthday and by the way the pretty new RZ is mine !!! Lol. Love my boy big time!!! Makes my day :). I told him ,of course it will be soon .!!!
    *** We have to keep the young involved to keep the sport alive and so it and the bikes will survive !

    54 and still here!!! Life s very good:)

  • Happy Birthday Frank and Congrats on the bikes! -JS

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