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Sport Bikes For Sale June 17, 2013 posted by Jared

Gamma Love: 1986 Suzuki RG500 For Sale

Ontario, Canada – 19,641mi – $15,732 BIN


I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing RG500’s for sale. With a 95hp two-stroke square four engine and a light weight package, what is not to love? The 500cc two-stroke represents something very cool and unique in my book and the Gamma would definitely be my weapon of choice.


This lovely Gamma has been treated to a full on restoration effort that really has this one looking awesome. The seller highlights a lot of work done to it, so I will let you read that now.

Here we have a frame off/motor out fully restored from the cranks up RG500. Odometer shows 31679km or 19641 miles. I will skip the intro as you likely know what this bike is if you are viewing it. Here we go. Motor is literally brand new. Only original suzuki parts used in the rebuild. Pistons are 1st over, 56.5mm and we were able to get the original rears that have a slightly offset pin which are now NLA. Motor has not been started. I’ll get to that later. Carbs have been gone through and jetting is 100% stock. Exhaust has been ceramic coated the stock suzuki colours. Not only do they look brand new but the ceramic won’t rust and it gets baked on at something like 900-1100F. This has the side benefit of burning out 25 years of carbon built up in the exhaust. Even the air filter is a brand new, right from suzuki item. Mechanically the bike is perfect. My goal was to have a rg500 on display in the basement of my house. I could accept that if I kept it that the bike would likely never be ridden but I can not live with the idea that it would rarely be seen. I live in the country and do not have a parade of friends/family coming through my house. It has not been started or even had fluids installed. NONE. This makes it perfect for display; there is no smell or odour. This was to keep my mrs happy. The chassis also got a full restore. I went a little nutty. Engine covers powder coated. Same for chain adjuster plates, passenger peg plates. I even had the horn bracket and the reflector brackets re-powder coated. Not many gamma’s still have the orange reflectors bolted to the front top caliper bolts. The bodywork is very good but not perfect. I wanted people to look at it and not realize the restore. I’ve tried to show the imperfections. RR on tail section, in the blue under AEC on L, small mark tank front L, two small rust spots tank lower R, a 1/2 inch crack at L mirror hole, crack in lower belly under “suzuki”. These two cracks are very tough to see and have been re-enforced from the inside. Inside of tank is perfect. When I got the bike the previous owner had drained the fuel from carbs/tank when he stopped riding it and filled the tank with engine oil. This bike has never been raced or even tracked. Previous owner was a Barry Sheene fan and got the bike for that reason. Is this museum worthy?? (long hesitation) No, but damn, it’s close. A tiny bit of bodywork touch up and it is. Only things not original suzuki are tires (metzeler lasars, 120/80-16 and 140/80-17), new EK drive chain, EBC brake pads, and the bar grips. Comes with both solo and passenger seats, both shop and owners manual, two keys. Has correct Canadian title. I can get it to either end of LakeOntario, maybe Windsor. But purchaser takes it into the states if that is where buyer is. Can’t be that hard as I think 50% of gamma’s brought into Canada in the mid 80’s now reside in the US. A ring to someone who has done this seems logical. Maybe Mr R Lance or Mr K Smith? I’ll help where I can. I will prep and have it running if new owner wishes but some payment must be made as once that is done there is no turning back. A deposit can be made thru paypal but most using bank draft or transfer. Drop a note if further info or pics are needed.


Well I hope you made it through that description, because there is a lot of good info in there. The restoration saw a host of powder coating and ceramic coating (exhaust), all of which the seller says was done in stock Suzuki colors. I think it has turned out well. The bike also hasn’t had any fluid run through it since the restoration. This can be good if you want a living room piece, if not then you take the chance of being the first to get it to run. The major hurdle with this bike is that it is in Canada, so do your research with title/registration requirements. It is over 25 years old, do this make it easier? Check out the auction here and clear out a nice spot for this awesome RG500!



Sport Bikes For Sale June 8, 2013 posted by Jared

More GP Fun! 1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale

Pittsfield, MA – 30,020mi – $5,100 w/Reserve


Do you have a secret desire to become a MotoGP rider from the early 80’s? This RZ500 could be the first step to actualizing that dream. When Yamaha released the RZ500 back in the day, it was the closest thing you could get to their GP bike. There is something about the words “500cc” and “two-stroke” next to each other that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.


This bike looks to be above average in the condition department. Some minor paint defects and some separation between the lower fairings (damage?) are some obvious call-outs. Also, there seems to be some corrision/age showing on the clip-ons. The pipes also do not look original. Other than that, it looks like a very solid example of the ever-popular RZ500.

From the seller:

We have an excellent vintage 1985 Yamaha RZ 500. This is a great example of a 2 stroke GP bike for the street and quite rare. Imported from Canada this bike was one of the quickest street bikes in 1985. Own a piece of history and bid today. Our RZ starts on the second kick, has been recently serviced and test ridden multiple times. This bike is in stock condition. Please review all images before biding. Cosmetically this bike will need a strong detailing and small paint restoration but on the whole it is all there. Please check with you state’s motor vehicle registration laws for 2 stroke vehicle compliance. Each state is different. This bike is also for sale locally in Pittsfield, MA and we reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Also please be aware we are on the East Coast of the United   States and you will need to consider that in your shipping arrangements.


It’s always good to see one of these for sale. Not only are they kick-ass and I’m assuming a blast to ride, but they are also popular. With a wide array of condition and mileage variations for all the ones we have seen, you can find one to fit your needs and budget. This looks like it could be a good candidate for a solid runner to ride and enjoy, but nice enough to not look its age. I could see this one going for somewhere in the $10k range. You can check it out here and place your bid, good luck!



Kawasaki June 8, 2013 posted by Jared

Last Second Chance: 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7

Summit, MS – 11,600mi – $3,550 w/Reserve


Everybody should love the early 90’s ZX7 Kawasaki Ninja. These are in my opinion one of the best looking bikes from this era. Unlike its more-sought after homologated special brother, the ZX-7R, the standard ZX-7 can be more street friendly. Non existent on this bike is the super tight gearing and flat0side carbs that are known to finicky when not tuned.


This bike looks to be as clean as you could hope for with a 22-year old bike of this nature. I have said this before and I will say it again. These were not limited in production numbers, but they were also not designed to be collectible. In today’s market, this means that finding a clean and unmolested example can be difficult.

From the seller:

Rare 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7 Ninja up for bid in Great Condition with 11,600 original miles on it. This bike it in great condition. Please feel free to ask questions. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime find of a 22 year old bike in this condition. Never wrecked with a clean title. I am the 2nd owner. Buyer responsible for local pickup or shipping. Happy Bidding..!


These are sweet bikes. Sure, not the best performance compared to today’s technology, but with that come a ton of character. You even get the classic green tinted windscreen to go with it. You better hurry though, as not much times remains on this bike. Feeling impulsive, check out the auction here and place a bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 30, 2013 posted by Jared

Last of the Line: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R1100

East Coast, US – 6,490mi – $4,995 BIN


There is no doubt that the GSXR-1100 is not a bike for the timid riders. With gobs of power and a lot of weight to pull around, these bikes could instill fear in the hearts of many on the street. How does 156hp and nearly 500lbs sound? Sounds like it is clear why they aren’t touted as the best handling bike of their generation. But I also understand why it was the choice weapon for those with one goal in mind; Speed.


This ’98 model we have for sale here represents the last of the line for the GSX-R1100 model line. With it’s inception in ’86, the 1100 model line has seen a handful of iterations, all that bring something unique to the table. The bike up for sale here looks about as clean as you could hope for with all original fairings, signals, and pipes.

From the seller:

This two owner Adult owned GSXR is the cleanest 90’s machine we have seen in a long long time. The Bike is all original in its stock trim.

The Bike shows as it did new. The mileage is low with just over 6400 miles on the odometer. This bike has never seen any bad weather and its current owner bought it just for his collection and has not ridden it more than 100 miles total.


First I would want to figure out where this bike is located, as all the ad says is “East coast”. Second, I would also like a little more description from this seller. Sure it looks like a clean bike, but it’s always good to do your research. We have seen these late model 1100’s go kind of all over depending on condition and miles with higher mileage clean ones pushing about $3k. I have also seen similar mileage and condition ones asking for close to $8k. I would say the price of this one is right about in where it should be at $5k. You can see the auction here and pick this beauty up today!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2013 posted by Jared

Summer Project? 1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale

New Lebanon, OH – 32,250mi – $4,052 No Reserve


It’s no wonder that the Yamaha RZ500 is one of the most searched for bikes in the RSBFS archives. These things are awesome and that V4 two stroke engine sings a song like no other. Eddie Lawson was able to find success on the Yamaha back in the mid 80’s, here is your chance to see what at the hype was about.


This bike presents an interesting opportunity for anyone looking to take on a project this summer. The bike will need some care and a few items to make it a solid runner, but for the most part, everything is there. One thing that is there is a clean title. You should know that that is one of the hardest things to come by. Other than that, you will need some fairings, air boxes, and mirrors among some garage time to get this in good shape.

From the seller:

I am selling my 1985 Yamaha RZ500 (or RD500LC as it is known outside of the U.S.). It has a clear Ohio title, in my name. It does not have any liens against it. I have had it nine years. I have not rode it, nor started it. It is in good condition, with the usual wear and minor scratches expected from a 28 year old motorcycle. I do not have the mirrors or the right side mid-panel of bodywork. It has 52,013 km, or approximately 32,250 miles on it. It is missing each airbox for the carburetors. There is a small dent in the gas tank, as noted in the pictures. The pictures are part of the description. I reserve the right to end this auction early in the event of a local sale. There is corrosion around the front master cylinder. It appears to be stock and unmodified. The bodywork does not have the proper fasteners.

The bike does have some pretty high miles, so if you are going to take on this project you might want to do some more research on the price of parts. We do see a fair amount of parts for these bikes pop up on eBay, so that could be a good start. The other hiccup is that you will have to travel to Ohio to pick it up. We tend to see good clean RZ’s go for around $12k-$15k. I would put this bike in its condition in about the $6k range. If you’re up for the challenge, check out the auction here and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 24, 2013 posted by Jared

Remember the 90’s? 1994 Yamaha YZF-750R

Alexandria, MN – 9,575mi – $1,925 No Reserve


The YZF750R arrived in early 1993 and was based on the OW01, however it shared no common parts with its famous older brother. Though not as rare and collectable (yet), the YZF750R proved itself to be a highly competent and user friendly bike on the street. Present on this model are six-speed gear box, dual 320mm discs up front with six-piston calipers, and Yamaha’s EXUP system allowing the bike to pull hard through the entire rev range.


This bike isn’t too far from stock with only an exhaust, windscreen, flush signals, and lowering links as the only major modifications. The bike has apparently been dropped at low speed early in its life and there are a couple scrapes on the fairing from this. Yes this does hurt, but the damage isn’t horrific by any means.

From the seller:

Up for auction is a very nice 1994 Yamaha YZF 750. This was a iconic bike back in the mid 90’s and was ahead of its time. Had nearly the weight of a 600 but the power of a 750. At 125hp and adjustable front and rear suspension, it was a real head turner. It has only 9,575 miles on it and still runs and rides like new. It has been well maintained and is in great shape, expecially for a 19 year old bike. This bike has been adult ridden and cared for since new.

Bike was serviced at the end of last season and put in storage shortly after.

-Changed oil/filter, air filter, spark plugs, brake and clutch reseroir and lines flushed and filled with new Dot 4

-Tires in great shape yet

-Engine runs and sounds great, does not use oil

-No leaks anywhere on the bike

-shocks/forks charge is great and no leaks

-Brake pad life is still good

The bike is stock besides a couple bolt on parts:

-Vance and Hines Titanium +4 slip on exhaust

-Dyno jet ignition module

-Flush mount turn signals front and rear

-Lusk -40mm lowering links (simply unbolt if you want it higher)

There a few scrapes/scatches on the body Never had major damage, it was tip/layed over at a very slow speed early in its life. This resulted in a couple of the scatches in the decals you can see (See pics). Their are 2 screws missing. 1 in the windsheild to the fairing and 1 on the lower side faring. The front brake rotors have a very very slight warp to them. It can only be felt above 70-75mph. Very common on these bikes with the factory rotors. Other than theres couple things, this bike is in awesome shape. I just want to point out any imperfections so the buyer is knowing what they are getting.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really dig these bikes. They represent a very nice blend of performance, rarity, and awesome mid-90’s styling. Yes this one isn’t perfect but it does seem like a good bike to be ridden and enjoyed. Bidding is about $2k now with No Reserve. I could see this bike going solid in the $2,500-$3k+ range. If you’re interested, you can check out the auction here!


Honda May 22, 2013 posted by Jared

Madness Continued: 1987 Honda NSR250R (MC16)

Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada — $3,900 BIN – 13,670mi


If you’re in Canada and looking for a Japanese two-stroke 250, then this is your time in the sun. With a 250cc smoker available from Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki all available in the Great White North at this very moment, you have a few options.


This clean looking MC16 NSR is personally my favorite of the group. Sure it is Honda’s first big 250cc two-stroke race replica bike, and it may not be on the same level as some of the models to follow. But what it lacks in technology, it more than makes up for in classic good looks.

From the seller:

You are bidding on an original NSR250 bike imported from Japan.

New Michelin tires, new brakes and new battery.

All original, in excellent condition and hard to find.

The pictures tell the story.

Two cylinder two stroke oil injected.

Locate in P.E.I. Canada


The bike does have higher mileage, but it is an ’87, and that really isn’t that high in the long run. The bike looks very clean for having this many miles and looks as stock as they come. No one has decided to paint the fairings on this one, thankfully! Starting bid is $3,000 with no Reserve ($3,900 BIN). We have seen a blue on of this year with about half the miles go for $3,800. So this one could be right in there and be looking for a new home. Check out the auction here and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 21, 2013 posted by Jared

Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 For Sale in Canada!

Toronto, CA – 8,600mi – $4,769 BIN


Are you ready for some more two-stroke goodness from the land of the North? Then wait no longer as we have a nice looking Suzuki RGV250 (VJ22) for your enjoyment. Oh how I wish that bikes like this were still being produced; lightweight, decent power, awesome handling, and an unmistakably cool engine sound.


This RGV250 is claimed to be a ’92 model year, but it looks more like a model a couple of years older. It seems as though this might be a pattern with some Canadian bikes. Anyone out there care to shed some light on this? Either way, its looks to be in pretty good condition for its age and fairly close to stock trim, minus some extra stickers on the fairing.

From the seller:

SUZUKI RGV 250 GAMMA 1992 13500km
250C, Liquid cooled, Two stroke, 90 degree V twin, 61 HP, 6 speed transmission, Adjustable inverted forks, Kick starting, Front 2x & rear disk brakes, 76cm seat height, 139Kg dry weight, 16Lt fuel capacity, 210Km/h top speed.

Again, not much info and pictures are present on this bike. But I am sure you might be able to muster up some more info on the bike by following the link to the webpage in the eBay ad. There are only a couple of days left on this one, so you better make the decision quick. Check out the auction here!