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Sport Bikes For Sale May 4, 2013 posted by Jared

Still-RAD! 1996 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD

Vacaville, CA – 7,700mi – $1,225 w/ Reserve


Okay, so last week I posted a clean SRAD GSX-R750 with the proclamation that I rarely see them in that condition for sale. The last one was pulled from ebay before the auction could run it’s course, so I am sad to say that I have no idea what it would have gotten bid up to. I still think these are a cool and affordable bike that you don’t see often. I see 30x more limited Ducati’s for sale and on the street than I see clean/original SRAD GSX-R’s. Some people are strongly apposed to these, but I still don’t care.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale on eBay


This one comes to us from central California and appears that the only reason the seller has to let it go is because of some unfortunate events with the DMV (see description below for details). This bike is in stock condition except for the exhaust and a jet kit. The fairing looks very good and free from any major scratching or evidence of damage, so its looks like this one has never been down.

From the seller:

I purchased this Suzuki from my brother in Indiana, it sat in his garage for years, I installed new tires, battery, air filter, oil and oil filter and cleaned up the carbs. I drove it to California DMV only to find I could not register it in California because it only had 5500 miles on it. California law states that any vehicle with less than 7500 miles and does not have California Emissions can not be registered in the state. So I put my brothers plates on it and put on the required miles only to find out that the bike was now in DMW records and can never be registered in the state of California. The Bike is stock except for the D&D pipe and a jet kit. Runs great, could run better with the Carbs synched.


There you have it, another clean mid 90’s GSX-R750. Granted it may not be as collectible as the same bike from 10-years prior, but give it some time. The bike has lower miles than previous one we listed, and comes in an uncommon color combo. Hate it or Love it, this bike is clean and offers a chance to own a unique bike for a reasonable price. One seller’s misfortune is another’s opportunity. Check out the auction here and place your bid!



Sport Bikes For Sale April 27, 2013 posted by Jared

You Know It’s Rad: 1997 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD

New Windsor, NY – 9,421mi – $2,125 w/ Reserve


I may be taking a giant leap into the fire in the eyes of those who will immediately say “Hey Buddy! They made thousands of those bikes! They aren’t rare!” You would only be partially correct. Yes, these we mass produced back in their day, and maybe in 2000 you wouldn’t consider them rare. Flash forward 13 years and this bike is now 16 years old. How many clean and stock SRAD GSX-R750’s do you see up for sale? Go ahead, look. That’s right, there aren’t many. These have succumb to 16 years of road rash, ill-care, extended swing arms, Spider Man paint themes, and general disregard.


The SRAD GSX-R’s were a giant leap of faith for Suzuki back in the day. The bike was completely redesigned from the ground up in hopes of pushing the envelope like the original GSX-R750’s did. The SRAD model’s may not have a lot of fan fare or be touted as a huge achievement in the world of sport bikes. But they did lay a solid foundation for new ideas that continued the GSXR blood line today. The GSX-R750 is still going strong and is one of the best available sport bikes today.


The GSXR-750 represents the perfect blend of power, weight and handling. The example up for sale here is all original and in very good condition. With only 9,421 miles on the clock, it still has plenty of life left on it. Why should you buy this bike? If you are a Suzuki collector, then this one should fit nicely next to the older GSX-R’s you have. Also, this one should break the bank. These were never meant to be collected and every Kevin Schwantz fan back in the day bought these and rode the shit out of them. Hence, finding a clean one is now difficult. If this is your cup of tea, then you are in luck! If it’s not, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Either way, check out the auction here and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 26, 2013 posted by Jared

Clean 1987 Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis For Sale!

La Crescent, MN – 11,679mi – $2,600 No Reserve


We have seen a nice run of clean FZR1000’s come across the pages of RSBFS the last couple of months, from the EXUP models of ‘89 to a couple first years from ‘87. Each one has been clean in its own right. In 1987, this bike was rated at 135hp with a top speed of 160mph. This may not seem too crazy compared to modern sport bikes, but you can bet that back in its day it crushed nearly everything else on the road.


The bike up for sale here is again a first-year example from 1987. Mileage is very low at only roughly 11k on the clock. It looks like it has been taken care of very well and had only changed hands once since it rolled out of the dealership. It is also mostly stock and visually the only difference is the exhaust. Looks like the tires are even original, but you will need to replace those before riding it much.


From the seller:

Here we have a very nice mostly original low mile 1987 Yamaha FZR 1000 sport bike, this was the first year Yamaha made the FZR 1000, bike runs great, and is very clean, gas tank is also clean inside, plastic is very solid, no repairs to fairings, solo seat cowl is removable so you can ride two up if you want, bike just had a new battery last summer, we also just put new NGK plugs in it last week and changed the oil, this bike has had only two owners, and has always been stored inside a garage, bike is very fast, I also have the orignal tool kit for this, I also will include a factory genuine Yamaha service manual, bike will need tires soon, rear is wore in middle and front has some checking , I can not see that this bike has ever been down, I do not think you will find a much cleaner one then this, bike will need nothing besides tires

With a good selection of FZR’s in recent history comes a good idea of what they are selling for. Bidding is currently up to $2,600 and No Reserve in sight. I would put this bike at right around $4,500 given its mileage and near-original condition. However, I would not be suprised to see it push $5k. Nice to see that it is only a 2-owner bike and looks to be cared for. You can check out the auction here and place you bid today!


Ducati April 19, 2013 posted by Jared

1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight #802 For Sale!

Richmond, VA – 4,263m – Currently $3,500 No Reserve 


I have said it before, and I will say it again; seeing a yellow Ducati with a white frame is like an ice cold beer on a hot day. Refreshing. Ducati has a knack for releasing limited edition bikes, and the Superlight is one of the coolest. The SL’s featured more carbon fiber bits, and Marvic aluminum/magnesium wheels to help bring the bikes weight down. They were also one of the first Ducati’s to be given the numbered plaque on the triple clamp.


This SS/SL is number 802 of the bunch and has some interesting qualities about it. First of all, bar risers are now installed, however the original clip-ons come with the sale. The same goes for the up-toothed rear sprocket (original included). Also the swingarm had cracked at the pivot point, but has since been repaired. Corbin seat looks good and keeps it comfy.


From the seller:

I am the second owner. I purchased the bike from the original owner in Vermont. Bike was purchased in 2003 with 3,049 miles. It now has 4,263 original miles. The tires were installed in 2003. The bike has a Corbin seat that was on it when I purchased it. The bike has heli bar risers and I have the original clip-ons. Rear sprocket is 39 teeth; I have the original 37 sprocket. It has the stock mufflers. The carburetors have a Factory Pro jet kit installed and I have the dyno readout. The swing arm cracked at the pivot shaft and has been repaired. Bike came with the 1992 two piece Marvic wheels. No frame cracks at steering head or anywhere else. All numbers match. No reserve, title is clear. I can take additional specific pictures if interested. Buyer will have to arrange shipping.

We have seen these go for the $6-$7k+ range given the condition and miles. The nice thing about this bike is that it is mostly stock and/or can be returned so fairly easily. The Marvic’s are still present and the exhaust is stock. This auction has No Reserve, so it’s going to sell. I will be keeping an eye on this one for sure. Jump on over to the auction here! 


Ducati April 18, 2013 posted by Jared

Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing: 1998 Ducati 916SPS

Las Vegas, NV – 3,550mi – $7,800 w/Reserve


The funny thing about the 916SPS is that in fact has a 996cc engine underneath its fairings. Like most special Ducati’s, the 916SPS comes with all the high end technology of the time including Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, lightweight internals and a strengthened block. You would hope this would give you an advantage over the standard 916… Don’t worry, your hopes and dreams will come true. The SPS had an additional 20hp over the standard model. Not bad if you ask me.


The bike up for sale here is a relatively low mileage example with on 3,550 on the clock. That equates to about 236 miles per year of its teenage life. This one isn’t a bone stock example. If you didn’t know, Ducati owners love their custom bits and carbon fiber additions. But this one seems to have modifications solely geared towards performace, which is refreshing.

From the seller:

Ducati 1998 916SPS. This is a two owner bike. I have original purchase order. 3550 miles just had full service. New shorai lithium battery. Never seen the rain, Been in Las   Vegas since new. In like new condition very close to stock.

Here is a list of modifications:

Light weight chain and sprockets

STM quuick change

Light fly wheel

STM clutch

Vented housing

Cyclecat triple clamp

Braketech full floating rotar

STM breather

This bike is ready to ride or collect. Needs nothing.

This bike is for sale locally and auction could end at any time. Buyer must arrange for shipping and pay all cost. ONLY USA BUYERS

Here is one of the best looking Ducati’s, if not best looking bikes, ever built. Not is it just that, but it is the top-of-the-line model. What more could you want. Miles are low, but not too low to worry about racking up a few more and enjoying this machine for what it was intended to do. Better act fast as there are only a couple days left. Check out the auction here!


Honda April 13, 2013 posted by Jared

V3 Two Stroke! 1986 Honda NS400R

Montross, VA – 20,937mi – Currently $5,500


The year was 1983 and Freddie Spenser had just become the youngest 500cc champion ever. Fast forward a couple years, and Honda had released what it claimed to be a replica for the road of Spencer’s machine. Okay, it may be 100cc smaller than the original, and way more refined for the daily use. However it does share in common the compact V3 engine configuration that Honda used to take the title. This light weight (359lbs) and powerful little package had enough gusto to make 1000cc 4-strokes of the day sit up and take notice. Being praised all around in handling, steering, and braking, the NS400R sure was a force to be reckoned with.


From the seller:

Wow, up for auction is my prized 1986 Honda NS400R. Here is your chance to own a very cool and very, very rare street-legal GP replica sport bike. If you are reading this you probably know what this bike is and how rare it is to find one in this condition in the US. The NS400R is arguably the rarest of the three GP replica bikes released for the street – much rarer than the RZ500 and probably a bit rarer than the RG500. It was derived from Honda’s championship-winning NSR400 and NSR500 GP bikes of the early 80’s. I have never seen another one here in the US. I personally imported this bike from Canada back in 2011 and have been enjoying it ever since. It has a clear Virginia title in my name and is legally registered for street use. Cosmetically the bike is in very nice condition for its age, with only 33500 km (20937 miles) on the clock. Being a Honda, the fit and finish of this bike is top notch. The paint, body panels, and seat are in great condition for their age, and the tires have plenty of useable tread remaining. Minor blemishes to note are a small chip in the headlight lens that does not affect the performance of the light, a few minor scratches on the tank near the front of the seat (probably from a belt buckle or jacket zipper), 2 minor nicks on the tank near the gas cap that were touched up, and some very minor paint loss on the top edge of the right-side lower fairing where the kick-start lever sometimes contacts it. Also, the original fueling decal on the top of the tank just behind the gas cap was removed some time ago but you can still see where it was. These blemishes are minor in my opinion but I wanted to mention them just the same, and I tried to capture them accurately in the photos. I don’t think they detract at all from the overall brilliance of this fine machine. All the lights, blinkers, horn, etc operate properly. Starts on the 2nd or 3rd kick when cold, and on the first kick once it is warmed up. The bike idles smoothly, and runs, shifts, and stops like it should. Surprisingly quick and nimble for a 400, and combined with that great 2-stroke sound we all love, makes this bike a blast to ride! The bike is located in Montross, VA22520, and prospective buyers can inspect it prior to the end of the auction. The bike is also for sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early for a local sale. Winning bidder must take care of all shipping arrangements but I will assist the shipper with loading the bike. Depending on the location of the winning bidder, I may also be able to deliver the bike for an additional fee. As usual, the bike is sold “as is where is” with no warranty. Please review the photos and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. The reserve is set low and my feedback score speaks for itself, so bid with confidence and don’t miss out on a great opportunity to own a rare piece of motorcycling history!


Well, the seller does a good job of talking details of the bike and highlighting a couple small imperfections in the paint (pictures included). Overall it seems like a hell of an example of an NS400R for sale right here in the U.S. I can easily see this bike going for $7k-$8k easily and maybe more. These are the ads we like to see! If you agree, you can check out the auction here and place your bid!



Sport Bikes For Sale April 9, 2013 posted by Jared

Sledgehammer Bike: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Lebanon, NY – 18,595mi – $3,860 Reserve in place

sledgehammer adjective : marked by heavy-handed directness or hard-hitting force


Here we have another RareSportBikes favorite up for sale. When the GSX-R1100 debuted on the scene, it was the answer to many of rider’s prayers to a liter bike that was a hard-edged as the 600’s and 750’s of the time. The bike made roughly 130hp while weighing about 450lbs. That might not seem too impressive now, but back in ’86 that meant a lot for a liter bike. The GSX-R1100 was a monster on the track as well with rock solid steering and capable suspension.


If you have been looking for a clean 1100, then look no further. This bike is presented as a number-matching and near full restoration to bring it back to 1986 showroom condition. It has a host of new parts and refreshed bits (see seller’s description below). This thing is clean.


From the seller:

Offered for sale is my 1986 Suzuki GSXR 1100g. Recently restored it is a numbers matching original, nothing has been “swaped ” to make. this bike. it has never been crashed.

It was painted by Roman Levin of Full of hate cycle fab- (

the engine was torn down and the cylinder head was cleaned and valves reset by MICHELLE DISALVO- (google her name to find out her qualifications)

the Powdercoating was done by GSD powdercoating (

it has new michelin pilot road tires- galfer Stainless steel brake lines, EBC double HH brake pads.

new fork seals- and 15w oil- new steering head bearings all balls. new DID chain new valve stems

new wiring harness new switch gear-new shorai battery, new sparkplugs. fresh oil and filter. new piston rings new starter relay new flasher many new correct suzuki bolts. some stainless steel hardware. the brake calipers were disassembled and powdercoated- then reassembled and installed. it has a fresh Ohlins rear shock

the stock exhuast sytem has been ceramic coated inside and out and the stock stainless steel guard reinstalled


she starts – runs- and rides perfectly. it is a smooth and correct GSXR 1100G

it needs only stock Suzuki directional’s – fuel tank lower trim rubber and two or three correct fairing bolts.

otherwise it is a fine example of the first full liter gsxr.

if your interested in a keep sake bike or a novel machine and dont want any headaches- this is your chance.

the remaining few items have been ordered- the fuel tank trim piece a couple of rubber grommets and Suzuki Specific bolts. these items are expected to be delivered APril 12 2013.

they all will be installed and the bike will be complete missing nothing.

We typically see these first-gen GSXR1100’s go for about $5k in clean condition. The seller has clearly put some time and money in this bike to bring it back to near-excellent condition. Does the seller hope to get every penny out that has been invested or does he realize that might not be possible? The Reserve will tell for sure. Honestly, I would put this bike at about $6k+ given it’s relatively low miles and restored condition. It sounds like it could either be a turn-key retro rider or a living room piece. However you decide to use it, it is still badass and last time I checked, Suzuki wasn’t releasing an ’86 1100 next year. This may be your best chance to have as close to new as possible. Check out the auction here and place your bid today!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 8, 2013 posted by Jared

Clean 1989 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale!

Orlando, FL – 58,837mi – $5,500 BIN


Update 4.8.2013: Links corrected, sorry for the error. -dc

We have seen a handful of FZR1000’s pop up for sale in the last couple months, with a lot of very clean examples in the group. Some have been earlier non-EXUP models and some have been the later, and seemingly more coveted, EXUP models like this one for sale here. If you’re like me, then you never get tired of seeing clean and well maintained FZR1000’s.


This bike up for sale here is another example of a well maintained and tastefully upgraded bike. Can you believe this bike has almost 59k miles on it? It sure doesn’t look like it to me. The bike has some tasteful and performance oriented modifications including an Ohlins rear suspension and steering dampener. The engine has had a refresh with a 1mm overbore as well as some NOS fairings (some old included with sale).


From the seller:

1989 Yamaha FZR1000. One owner since new. Same technician has serviced since new. Numerous upgrades including Ohlins rear suspension, Ohlins steering dampner, Werks front springs. Full D & D exhaust. EXUP has been removed. Engine has extensive head work, carbs are 39mm smooth bores. Motor was refreshed in 2000 with 1mm over Yamaha pistons, all new bearings and seals. All rubber dampners replaced. Steering head bearings and rear swingarm bearings replaced. All fluids recently changed.New fiber clutch plates. New front brake rotors. New chain and sprockets. New Michelin Pilots. Valve cover also replaced as original was starting to peel. Bike has been maintained religiously and with painstaking detail. Even stock bodywork was replaced with NOS bodywork to keep looking new. Have original body parts as spares. No expense has been spared in keeping bike in near perfect condition. Bike is very fast, not for beginners.

The last FZR1000 EXUP that went up for sale here had about 20k less miles and was closer to stock, but just as clean as this one. It went for $5,500, which is the BIN for this bike. I suspect the Reserve to come off somewhere around $5k. Miles are higher, and this bike is not as close to stock. However the condition is very good and the maintenance sounds good and that this bike is well cared for. I would put this bike right around its BIN for a selling price. If you want it, you better act fast as there are only a couple of days left. Check out the auction by clicking here!