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Another Clean Honda VFR750R (RC30) For Sale!

Tulsa, OK – 10,337 miles – Currently $18,300

If the RC30 featured last week wasn’t enough, we have yet another one of these sought after VFR750Rs up for sale currently. If the Northeast is too far for you, have a look at this one that comes of out Oklahoma. These don’t come up for sale on a regular basis, but I guess when it rains, it pours.

This bike also has low-ish miles with only 10,337 on the clock. The only modification to this one is an auxiliary switch that allows you to run the radiator fan at all times, in case you like to keep it cooler than the other side of the pillow. Recent and extensive maintenance is also apparent as given buy the valve adjustment, fluids, carb cleaning, seals, hoses, and then some. The seller details this better, so with out wasting any time…

I purchased this bike from a collector of rare Honda motorcycles in 2001. It was included in my collection of limited-production homologation motorcycles. It has been ridden carefully on nice days and stored in a climate-controlled display room in my house. It has not been used for track days, or in rain.

It is stock, apart from the addition of a switch adjacent to the choke knob that allows the radiator fan to run at any time, regardless of water temperature. The wires for the switch can be seen on the left side of the radiator area, as they are disconnected from the switch when the bodywork is removed. It has recently had a very comprehensive service that included checking the valve clearances; changing all of the fluids, filters and spark plugs; disassembling, inspecting and cleaning the carburettors, an installing installing new o-rings, gaskets and tuning and balancing them; disassembling, cleaning and installing new seals in the brake calipers, brake master cylinders, clutch master and slave cylinders; replacing various rubber hoses and lines; installing new tires; replacing the battery; servicing the forks; and going over the entire bike to make sure that it is mechanically 100%. Needless to say, the engine starts easily and the bike runs very well.

All of the body panels are the original hand-laid fiberglass factory parts. The paint is in very good overall condition. There are a few small stone chips and scratches that have been touched up but they are not apparent unless you examine the paint very closely. The bike presents very well.

Included is the original bike tool kit in a blue denim cloth bag, the original owner’s manual, two keys and the factory rear wheel stand. I may have some spare oil filters and fluids that I will give to the buyer.

The title is a clear, normalOklahomatitle and it will be held in escrow by my attorney until full payment is made. Payment will be made by bank wire transfer only, to my attorney’s trust account. Details are available upon request.

There you have it, yet another clean and near stock RC30 for sale right here in the US. Bidding is up to $18,300 and the reserve has not yet been met. Given the care this bike has received, I would suspect the reserve to be somewhere in the mid to high $20k range. You can bet prices won’t be going down anything soon for these as they have risen steadily over the past few years. The seller provides a link to even more pictures here. The bike has a clean title, and comes with a few original extras as well. You better hurry up, as there are only a couple days left on the auction. Check out the auction here and place your bid now!



  • Sounds like a fishy way to pay for a bike that you haven’t seen , no matter how clean the bike is . Just my 2 cents worth .

  • I am new to this website (and also own a few vintage bikes including a very clean, 1990 RC30 with 2400 miles), I read an earlier thread where people were talking about their opinions as to the difference in value between a 49 state and California RC30. However, is there objective data out there that the California bikes, ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, have been bringing less money. I am talking about real sales data showing sales prices and differentiating between 49 states and Calif bikes. If you want a fast track bike, buy something that isnt 22 years old. If you want something really cool to put on a stand and admire, then does it make a difference at all? I would think a clean , original Cali bike would be far more desirable than a high milage or beat up 49 states bikes, period. Just seeing if anyone has looked at the actual data.

  • Put it on a stand and admire?
    Ride it!

  • Damon, welcome to the site and congrats on owning an RC30. We here at RSBFS have been compiling sales data for various bikes which we have featured for some time. However, it may be too thin of data to draw a direct comparison between CA RC30s and Non-CA RC30s as they don’t come up for sale all too often. Also, there are too many variables with the condition, location, history, time of year, bidders, etc… to make a scientific conclusion. However, I would say that most people would prefer a Non-CA model (unless they live in CA and want to ride it) as they are the full power models. I don’t think a price different would be too drastic between the too, but a CA model might go for slightly less. To have two bikes (CA and Non) for sale at the same time, with very similar miles, in stock condition, and in the same state, would be the best test. Is the 49-State model more desirable? I think so. Is the CA model going to be drastically different in selling price? I don’t think so. Would a pristine CA model with low miles command more than a rough 49-State model with higher miles? Absolutely. Miles and conditions will dictate the sale price more than its emissions.


  • Thanks for the info. I appreciate the input. Someone said on another RC30 discussion that the CA bike would be a lot different in price, but that did not make a lot of sense to me since I saw zero discussions about that issue when I was researching and buying mine. @Russ, I did a track day at Spring Mountain last weekend and I had PLANNED on taking the RC30 out for a session. However, when the time came, I could not bring myself to do it. It just wasnt worth it to me. I sure appreciate the information. I love this website. Keeping my eyes peeled for a nice OWO1 right now (along with a whole bunch of other people, I’m sure)

  • No problem Damon. I see how it would be tough to put the RC on the track. I would love to see a clean OW01 come up for sale around here too! However, is there is one bike that shows up way less than the RC, its the OW’s.


  • Reserve off at $24,999… 10 hours left!

  • $25,802 winnig bid.

  • That seems like a very good price for the buyer. Although with those miles, it might be a pretty fair deal for both sides.

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