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Sport Bikes For Sale April 5, 2013 posted by Jared

Feeling Lucky? 1996 RGV250 Lucky Strike

Indianapolis, IN – 6,404mi – $10,500 BIN


Feeling lucky? Up for sale here we have an RGV250, not only shrouded in awesome Lucky Strike livery, but also shrouded in mystery. With only two partial photos of the bike and a couple of sentences in the description, it has peaked my curiosity. Now this doesn’t look like a factory LS model, as they came with a black/red frame and slightly different variations on the graphics. The earlier models came with a different variation on the graphics. You can check out Ian’s RGV Lucky Strike School here.


It’s hard to offer much analysis on this bike as so little is offered up by the seller. It is stated as an SP with a dry clutch. Maybe those RGV nuts out there can chime in and offer anymore insight about this claim. Bidding is active and up to about $3,500 already, but the reserve still remains. The BIN is pretty hefty in my opinion with out more information and pictures. Take it from someone who looks at tons of for sale ads a day, more details are ALWAYS better. However, I am still intrigued and feel almost a gambler’s high when thinking about this ad. It’s a roll of the dice. Feeling Lucky? Then check out the auction here!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 1, 2013 posted by Jared

Valentino Rossi’s Championship Bike from 2009!

Orlando, FL – 3,600mi – $8,995,000 BIN


It’s not everyday that you come across something as truly special as this bike right here. To find the actual bike that Valentino Rossi rode to his 13th consecutive MotoGP World Championship up for sale, let alone in the U.S., is something to behold. Valentino Rossi, most commonly referred to as “The Doctor” (a neurosurgeon in his down time), rode this machine to dominance, winning every race in 2009. This prompted former racer, Casey Stoner to denounce his Ducati as the ‘worst bike ever’, eventually switching to Honda, then quitting because he could never be as good as Rossi.


MotoGP bikes put our roughly 300hp. The YZR-M1 was rumored to crank out even more with 400hp derived from is 1000cc two-stroke turbocharged V-twin engine. It was also rumored that Rossi used a secret nitrous oxide system that helped propel this bike close to 275mph! Watch out! In order to make this bike street legal, the seller has fitted it with lights and turn signals.


The bike currently has 3,600 miles, which is of course the exact amount distance to run each race on the MotoGP calendar, further proving that this bike is the real deal. I still don’t know how this bike ended up for sale in Orlando, Florida, but I don’t care as it is a part of history. Now is your chance to own the fastest bike ever produced that was ridden by the greatest racer in history! Check it out!


Ducati March 27, 2013 posted by Jared

Carbon Footprint: 2004 Ducati 749R For Sale

Johnson City, TN – 12,600mi – $12,000 BIN


You may be wondering what separates the 749R from the others. First off, the 90 degree L-Twin had been reworked with an increased bore and shortened stroke, allowing the engine to reach a higher rev. Titanium valves and connecting rods also help the engine achieve a bump to 121hp (up from 108hp on the standard version). To manage the new found power and offer better performance on the track, an Ohlins fully adjustable shock can be found out back as well as inverted ones up front in combination with four-piston Brembos. A slipper clutch was also utilized in the R version to prevent rear wheel lock upon downshifting and hard engine braking. If you are in the market for a 749R, make note that 2004 was the only year it was available with the carbon fiber bodywork.


If you’re OG, then you no doubt recognize this bike from being featured here in the past. It has since changed hands a couple times and its now up for sale with 1,100 more miles on the clock. I’m glad someone enjoyed it! It sounds like all the mods are present as well as additional maintenance has been done.


From the seller:

2004 Ducati 749R – 12,536 miles – Full Termignoni Race Exhaust, Race ECU, Blue Powder Coat Wheels, FLEDA integrated Tail light, Fender eliminator, Carbon Clutch Cover, Blue billet Levers, Ducati Performance mirrors, Lightweight Speedcell SBK battery, Billet gas cap, BCM rear sets, Cycle Cat clip-ons, Speedy Moto under body frame sliders, New Michelin Power Pure tires, New EBC brake pads front, Front Rotors replaced from bike with 900 miles. Right before I purchased the bike in September of last year (2012) with 12,314 miles, the previous owner just completely gone through and replaced belts, spark plugs, chain, slipper clutch plates and springs costing $1900. This bike runs and rides incredibly well. Very close to my 999R Xerox, just not the same power.

If you’re into the 749R, then you know that the 2004 was the only year to come with full carbon fiber fairings. I know I would prefer that because its awesome. If the $26K 999R we featured earlier this week is a little out of your price range, then consider its little brother up for sale here. You are going to have to be down with the blue wheels (or get them powder coated). Either way, you can check out the auction here and decide for yourself.


Ducati March 24, 2013 posted by Jared

New Old Stock: 2006 Ducati 999R with 6 Miles

Tampa, FL – 6 miles – $26,000 BIN


In 2006, the Ducati 999R was the pinnacle of superbike technology for the street. Ducati had returned to AMA superbike racing the previous year and had reworked the 999R from the ’03-’04 model even further to bump up the horsepower to 150 (from 139). Of course the bike featured the latest in Ohlins suspension technology and more carbon fiber that you could ever hope for. There is no doubt that these bikes made a statement.


Considering all of that, and the original MSPR of the bike, its easy to see why we see a lot of Ducati’s of this caliber in exceptional condition. Probably not too many people out there who throw their $30k bikes around without a care. But to see one of these with single digit mileage is something to behold.


From the seller:

Up for sale a highly collectable Ducati 999 R,brand new,never ridden in absolute immaculate condition with all the original stickers still on the bike.This is the last Ducati 999 R in brand new,unmodified,unmolested condition for sale in the states!!There are only 6 factory miles on the bike which makes it more collectable and desirable.The MSRP of this bike is still 31,495 $ .Don’t waist your time and act,this is your chance to own one of the last unmolested Ducati 999 R !!!The bike has carbon fiber body work among with carbon fiber clutch cover,carbon fiber front sprocket cover,carbon fiber chain guard, carbon fiber belt covers(upper+middle+ lower),carbon fiber heat shield ,carbon fiber mirror struts,magnesium engine covers ,magnesium headlight bucket,titanium connecting rods,forged Magnesium wheels…..I also have a Termignoni exhaust available for the bike,in case somebody want’s it for the bike.In 2006 the Ducati 999 R did not come with one.The bike come also with the tool pouch,books,3 keys(2 black and 1 red key which is the service key) and the code card….

…The bike was part of a huge collection with Certificate of origin for the vehicle and never titled before.We applied for the Title a couple days ago and it will take up to 30 days to get it,after that the Title will be ready to be sign over to the next owner.


As stated by the seller, this bike was apparently part of a huge collection. I can’t imagine someone buying this bike and putting a ton, if any miles on it. However, it is a motorcycle that was designed to go fast, so why not let it fulfill its destiny. Whatever reason you have for wanting this bike, you can’t go back in time to 2006 to buy one. This bike affords you as close to this opportunity as possible. The price is very much approaching the price of a new 1199 Panigale R, and isn’t going to be as good of a performer. The styling of the 999R is very unique, and may be preferable to some over the 1199R. Some might just be looking to fill a hole in a collection. Whatever your reason, you can check out the auction here and decide for yourself!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 21, 2013 posted by Jared

1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP For Sale!

Venice, CA – 24,694mi – $2,325 with Reserve


It’s always nice to see an older, and well cared for, FZR1000 pop up for sale. It just means that clean examples are not extinct and still around for those love to look at them and ride them. These are some damn good looking bikes. Anyone that knows and loves the older FZR1000’s knows that this is the model to have. Yamaha had redesigned their liter bike, bumping displacement to 1002cc and horsepower up to 145. Now present was the EXUP system which further enhanced the bikes power delivery.


This bike comes to us from Venice, CA and as evidence by its storage conditions is taken care of. Check out the bikes in the background of this hanger! …and a plane.


The seller has a lot to say about the bike which I don’t need repeating.

Full history and all documentation from day one comes with this bike. Every receipt this bike ever generated is included. I have the original “pink slip”, California certificate of title, and the original purchase order from Simi Valley Cycles where this bike was purchased in June of 1989 for $8,000. I am the second owner of the bike. A divorce forced the sale from the original owner. The previous owner did an amazing job of keeping all service records, organized in a three-inch-thick, three-ring binder. He also kept the original owners manual, and all receipts.

Both original, stock keys are included.

There is a bill of sale from Thousand Oaks Yamaha from March of 1989 for $8,145. That was the 1st FZR 1000 the previous owner purchased, and it unfortunately was promptly stolen from Laguna Seca while he attended the USGP in 1989. So the bike you are bidding on is the bike he purchased from Simi Valley Cycles, to replaced the stolen one. I only mention that because it is rare to purchase a bike from a owner that has owned multiples of the same bike. He owned two FZR 1000. I have owned many.


For a bike with 24,694 miles, you wouldn’t believe it when you look at the bodywork. The condition of the bike shows a lot of TLC kept this bike looking new. The rear-sets, bar-ends, and turn signals, all the places you look for signs of a tip-over are all clean. The front right signal has a scratch, but not a tip over style scratch. More like something passed by the bike and scratched the signal. The lowers look amazing, there are a few scratches at the absolute bottom that look like they came from a ramp while the bike was being rolled onto the bed of a truck. You can only see them on your hands and knees. The right fork tube has a couple chips at the top of the leg. You can see the scratches in the photos. The paint quality is excellent and bright. The stock pipe is very good, but there are some signs of oxidation in the aluminum. There is also a very light abrasion at the front of the aluminum in the black paint on the weld. It is impossible to tell if it is from a tip over, or from something rubbing against it. But if it did tip over, that is the only sign. The bodywork and bar ends show no signs of a tip over. The tank is amazing and flawless. In the rear, there are abrasion scuffs and very small cracks from the seat where it sits on the rear side panels. Again, you can see the damage in the photos. The only way to see the flaws is by removing the seat. If the seat is in place, it’s almost impossible to see the scuffs. Finally, there is a piece of the tinted windshield that was broken off by the airplane’s tail while the plane was being parked. If I were keeping it, I would replace the tinted shield with a stock-looking clear screen, but it functions perfectly. The last 3″ of the screen on the left side by the mirror is where the screen is broken. The wheels have been powder coated and are in absolute immaculate condition. Finally, the last owner installed an alarm. I have removed the guts of the alarm, however he did put a light on the tail section directly above the tail light. You can see the tiny red lens in the pictures.

All in all, I would say the bodywork is 98%.

The bike starts perfectly, idles perfectly and runs like it’s 1989. The oil is fresh, the fluids are recently changed, and the Bridgestone Battlax BT012R’s look almost new. The bike is 100% ready to ride.

Model notes:

The 1989 was the second generation of the FZR 1000 series. I also have a 1989 FZR750RR OW-O1, and next to each other, you can see the similarities between the two models. The EXUP in the name describes the header-mounted servo motor that opens and closes depending on throttle position. In the mid-range, the servo motor closes the valve, giving more back pressure, and as a result more mid-range power. As the throttle is opened, the valve is opened and the pipe becomes 100% free flowing.

The OW-O1 is more rare, but if you enjoy twisting your right wrist, the FZR is the bike you’re looking for. It starts pulling around 3,000 and pulls hard all the way to it’s 11,500 redline.

Like I said before, the second gen FZR1000 is the better of the two and seems to be more sought after. The seller goes to great description in detail a few minor imperfections with the bike, which builds my confidence without seeing it in person. Hell, it even has the stock pipe with its full “EXUP” glory. Hard to find much fault in this bike. If you agree and want to make it yours, then check out the auction here!


This post dedicated to my biggest fan – Big Tex

Kawasaki March 20, 2013 posted by Jared

Not Your Average K1: 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R

Pompano Beach, FL – 16,000mi — $5,700 with Reserve


Are you looking for that sportbike with classic looks and racing history, but needing some current technology? Then stop and take a look at this 1992 ZX-7R. The ZX-7R was homologated for World Superbike use and featured an aluminum tank, flat-side carbs, adjustable suspension and more horsepower than the standard model of the time.


Original complaints about the flat-side carbs were that low speed riding wasn’t as smooth as the base ZX-7. We all know that with proper tuning, these were screamers on the race track, but for those who aren’t rocketing out of pit lane, the seller as replaced these with the standard carbs (don’t worry, the flat-side are included). The bike also features a host of upgrades, including the front end off an ’09 GSX-R750.


More from the seller:

The bike have a full Muzzy exhaust with Dynojet carb kit on 38 mm CV carbs from a regular 1992 ZX7 model plus a K&N airl filter.
Why the vacuum carburetors?,so make it easy to ride at low RPM.
I have the CR FLAT SLIDES carbs on a box,with the throttle cables ,airbox and manifolds.
The bike have as well a rear Penske race shock,steering damper,Woodcraft rearset,Vortex clip ons with matching purple bars (same color as the word NINJA at the fuel tank).
The bike have a profesionally installed front end from a GSXR 750 2009,with a custom billet top triple clamp with radial pump and brake calipers,rotors,carbon fiber fender,wheel (power coated to match).So you get current brake power and suspension,plus save couple pounds.
For collectors I have the stock front end as well:forks ,triple clamps,brake calipers,rotors,wheel,fender,axle,clip ons,etc.
The bike have Galfer SBK steel braided brake lines.Very expensive ones.
And lightweight 520 chain with lighter sprockets,and almost brand new Bridgestone tires.
I have all the stock parts beside the stock exhaust.
As you can see all the upgrades are done for a professional tech.
Bike have a clean Fl title on hand and everything works perfect.

Sure this may not be a bone stock example of one of the coolest bikes ever, but it is still one of the coolest bikes ever. To me, the ZX-7R K1 represents the allure of what homologated specials from the early 90’s were all about. Bidding is already active and up to $5,700, but the Reserve remains in place with roughly four days left. If youre interested in the Kawi classic, then check out the auction here and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 14, 2013 posted by Jared

Another 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU For Sale!

Glenwood Springs, CO – 36,000mi – $2,500 BIN

This is the third FZR750 we have featured in as many weeks. I am wondering if the sale of the first one has inspired people to list their rides. The second one is still for sale and current bidding is well above the price for the BIN for this bike.


These are know as the predecessor to the OW-01 (this one seems like a steal if it checks out!) and were homologated for AMA racing, meaning that roughly 200 were brought to the US for sale. The current bike for sale here has significantly higher miles than the last two with a whopping 36k on the clock. It also doesn’t appear as stock with some little mods here and there and most noticeably the Japanese flag style main lower faring.


From the seller:

1 of 200 imported into the US, 36k miles, spares, custom Kerker exhaust, runs great, ready for street or museum. Located in Glenwood Springs, CO, USA

This bike was the immediate predecessor to the famous OW01. It is extremely rare to have an oppurtunity to acquire a homologation race bike. They were the fastest bikes made at the time and there were very few produced….just enough (200) to meet homologation race rules and qualify as a “production” bike. It runs, sounds and handles like a race bike because it is one…..only made street worthy with lights and signals.

The bike looks clean from the photos. There are no straight on shots of the pipe-side of the bike, so its hard to tell if there are any frame or crank case scratching to indicate if it was ever down. I would be curious as to why the lower fairing was changed from stock (crash or style preference?). Regardless, its still a cool and uncommon bike with a relatively low BIN. Want it? Then check out the auction here and act fast!


Kawasaki March 12, 2013 posted by Jared

’96 Kawasaki ZX7RR #665 (Neighbor of the Beast)

Vancouver, BC, Canada – 8,450mi – $2,125 Reserve Not Met

96ZX7RR_2If this Ninja looks familiar to you, then consider yourself a genuine RSBFS super-fan. This bike was featured back in November and again previously in ’09. It does look slightly different than it did a few months ago, so if you couldn’t make the spot then don’t feel bad. This time around, an Akrapovic pipe is now in place with the addition for a few more stickers.


If you’re looking for a collector’s bike that is pristine and ready to go up in value, then this may not be the bike for you. However, if a project bike/ track bike/ weekend warrior is something more up your alley, then this may be a good one to consider. It looks to have a plethora of modifications and maintenance over its life and has definitely been ridden, although miles aren’t all that high.


From the seller:

This is a Canadian specification 1996 ZX7RR (#665) that has spent most of its life in Ontario. It has a clear BC title and is currently licensed and insured.

Mileage is very low at 13590 kilometers (8445 miles). It is regularly ridden and runs beautifully. The perfect mechanical condition makes up – in my mind – for the visual aspect that is no longer original. This is a very well known bike that has been very well taken care of throughout its life.

New consumables:

Dunlop Q2, tires

Yuasa battery

NGK spark plugs.

Oil (Motul V300 10W40 full synthetic)

Oil filter (K&N)

Coolant (Motul Motocool)

Brake Fluid (Motul RBF 600)

Aftermarket parts:

Rumble Integrated taillight
Gilles rearsets
Samco silicone hoses
Zero gravity double bubble screen
Pazzo levers
Sebimoto carbon air intakes

Sebimoto carbon front mudguard
Full Akrapovic Evolution titanium high mount exhaust with Akrapovic carbon fiber hanger.

For whatever reason, this bike has changed hands a couple times over the last couple years. Maybe someone had hopes of a complete restoration and just couldn’t manage it. Maybe someone wanted to have a fun bike to ride and now they are moving onto something different. Now is your chance to add your legacy to #665 and you can check out the auction here!