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Contradictions – 1993 Suzuki GSX-R600 with 2200 miles !


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Busy with the 750, Suzuki arrived late to the 600cc shootout, and stayed only for a couple of years before taking a break and then returning with a new generation.  The early GSX-R600 had a great deal in common with it’s bigger brother and was a great favorite of budget conscious privateers.   Seldom seen in this kind of shape, this 1993 model has just break in miles and great light colors with red option wheels.

1993 Suzuki GSX-R600 for sale on eBay

Air-oil cooling was no longer cutting the mustard as the 1990’s brought engines capable of well over 100 hp per liter, and the new water-cooled engine was installed in the GSX-R, the 600’s slightly smaller bore and stroke still nicely oversquare.  Suzuki’s alloy double cradle had heavy bracing for the steering head, with great access to the 36mm carburettors under the color-keyed side cover.  Evidence of the platform shared with the 750 is the weight in the late 400’s.

Evidently spirited away early on, the owner doubled the mileage just this year.  Still basically new, save a past tipover.  From the eBay auction:

Bike purchased with accurate 868 miles on in 2017  (that’s 36 miles average ridden per year since 1993)

The break in period was completed as per the Suzuki Factory repair manual (included in sale) specifications, at which point the engine was switched to Amsoil full synthetic.

Bike is 100% stock. Has split in fairing on left side. Probably fell at some point in it’s 24 years.

As the FIM evolved the WSBK support racing classes, Suzuki went back to the drawing board and returned in the late 1990’s with a SuperSport World Championship winner.  Limited pictures will require an in-person inspection, but no mention is made of running issues, a minor miracle for the four Mikunis.  Build quality of period Suzuki’s can be variable, so it’s fair to expect some projects as this bike approaches the  quarter century.  Might be a great example of a puzzlingly rare 600 sportbike…



  • 7 grand? Good one!!

    • I bought a 64 miles 750 example 2 years ago for $5k. Not sure the market is at $7k for this one.. maybe it is… great looking bike though, and where will you find another one 🤔

  • I can remember reading Cycle World “shoot outs” between this, the Honda CBR F2/F3, kawasaki ZX6R and the Yamaha FZR600. This one always came 3rd or 4th, too heavy and slow compared to the others of the day. Honda won year after year after year with second place swapping back and forth between the Kawi and the Yamaha.

    if an early 1990’s 600cc machine is on your list, this isnt a bad option byut price is kind of high. Personally I would look for a CBRF2 or F3, its technically a better overall bike for the street/daily use.

    • You’ve all nailed it. All the comparisons of the era declared this the worst of the 600’s, and I remember Motorcyclist Magazine being particularly harsh (and honest), calling it an outright dog. Just a poor combination of heaviness, vibrating, gutless engine, clearly uncompetitive. Find these back issues and read for yourself. Low point for GSXR’s, indeed- it doesn’t matter how many miles it has or doesn’t have.

  • Terrible bikes with next to zero collector or riding value.

    • A stripy low point for the breed. But it will appeal to someone.

  • I really wanted to like this bike, but the 400cc version of the same vintage was so much better, with lighter and smaller frame, and it looks better, too.

  • Maybe not everyone’s top flight choice, but I wouldn’t kick her outta’ the shed for leaking oil !!!

  • Wow, have not seen one of these for sale in ages. Amazing. Of course they are rare. Suzuki took the 750 and stroked it down to 600cc. What was the point? It had the best suspension at the time for sure. I have rarely seen one of these used though in ANY condition. I had forgot they were ever made. Neat history lesson.

  • I’d want it, just because it was such a bad bike. Not to mention if you were going to ride it, would you really have that high of expectation from a bike from 1993… you might just enjoy the nostalgic of the experience. 🤔 not all bikes can be an RC30, an owl-1 or r7… we should embrace the fact that it’s a damn clean survivor and one in this condition is rare!!

    • You are certainly correct that ‘not all bikes can be a OW-01’ but these were downright not good motorcycles. Of course I would rather have one than nothing to ride at all but they are far from something to lust over. It is fitting for the site given the rarity. I have an 1100 in that same chassis and even with 160hp and massive torque I have no interest in riding it. The 600 would be worse. oh, and the suspension is not good at all.

  • I gotta comment. I am a GSXR guy, currently with 6 ranging from 85-91. I owned a 93 back in the day. I thought it was a beautiful bike, very solid. Man was it HEAVY and SLOW. Not much more power than my 85, but 150lbs heavier. The riding position was very commited as well. The peach of the deal was when it blew up on me. I am not a racer and don’t thrash my stuff.
    By far, 1993-1995 were the worst year. Can you imagine how the 600 is??? Run Forest, Run!!!

    • Totally have to agree with James and several others. These first 600 attempts did not work out.

      Suzuki decided to go from a 750 to a sleeved down 600 with the 750 weight, whereas everybody else built trick 400’s that then in a year or two they released as the “new” 600’s for the rest of the world. We always hunted down the Euro bike mags to get a preview to what we could expect to see in the US. The results were always dumbed down into export 600’s with cruder running gear, brakes, etc. and especially steel frames, for the early bikes.

      Still, this is an amazing, clean, and RARE find. It’s quite possible to reverse Suzuki’s decision and plant a set of 750 cylinders right back on and go with a set of 860cc hi comp pistons- one hell of a “600” sleeper for not much work.

  • Finally. A bike so awful you could justify the extremely low mileage.

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