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800cc’s Of GSXR: 1990 GSX-R400R SP and 1993 GSX-R400R

1990 GSX-R400R SP and 1993 GSX-R400R   


I know I’ve said it before but in my humble opinion the 1990 GSX-R400 SP is one of the best looking motorcycles ever built.  It has the classic GSX-R looks with a bit of TT-F3 race bike sprinkled on and to top it off it has one of Suzuki’s best paint schemes ever.  Okay, with that off my chest we can get down to business.  If you happen to be in the market for a little GSX-R you have here your choice of a SP or standard model.  To be honest with you it really isn’t that simple.  I just went through this process and found it can get a little confusing shopping for these beauties.  First off, you have to  be mindful of model year. Starting with the 93’s horsepower was reduced from 59 to 53.  From 1991 onwards adjustable suspension became standard, not just an SP feature.  Other than that not a whole lot changed on the bikes from 1990 to 1995; the last year they were produced.  Once you’ve settled on year you need to decide on SP, SP II or standard.  If you are like me you see SP and think  that is the one you have to have.  One of the features of the SP is a close ratio gearbox.  I’ve had more than one GSX-R400 owner tell me the SP is almost unrideable on the street due to it’s incredibly tall first gear.  The SP’s also have larger carbs (35mm to 33mm) with a throttle position sensor.  They also have slightly different cams, CDI, wiring harness and Dzus fasteners on the lower.  Then there is this shadowy figure of the SPII.  As far as I can tell it is almost the same as the SP but with different ratios for the gearbox making it a bit more street-able.  I have a service manual on the way so hopefully I can shed more light on this in the future.   

Once you’ve figured it all out it is time to go shopping!  These two are from the same seller and both are currently located in Mexico.  The seller is very clear that all types of shipping is availbable.  No mention of what the title status is on the bikes.    

Let’s start with SP.  It looks almost completely stock.  The only thing I notice is braided brake lines.  It has extremely low miles, with just over 3,100 miles on the clock.  Other than that the seller hasn’t provided much info on the bike itself.  The standard bike, although listed as a 2002, is a 1993 model.  I have to admit, something about that bugs me when a seller can’t get the model year correct.  This bike is also low mileage, 3,995, but it has a few scrapes on it.  The pictures aren’t detailed enough to tell if it might have taken a small slide.  It is also sporting an aftermarket muffler.  Considering how old these bikes are these are nice finds in close to stock condition.     

Now normally I include some details from the auction but both of these auctions have generic, copied info about the bikes.  The seller is clear though that if you want more info or more detailed pictures to contact him.  So that leaves us with price.  I’m going to put two and two together and say these will be offered on the high end of the scale price wise.  Both auctions have reserves and the seller has other 400cc bikes for sale in the mid 7’s.  So with the low miles, great condition and other bikes available from the seller I’d guess these would also be priced in that range.  Yes, that is pretty darn high but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”.  I happened to find a basket case 1990 model for a few hundred dollars.  Great price right?  Yes but I will spend the next year or two tearing down the bike, hunting for parts, rebuilding it  and having it repainted.  I like a good project but if you want to purchase and ride you need to look at bikes similar to these. You can and the .  

Here is one side note for any potential GSX-R400 owner.  No matter the condition of the bike be prepared for carb issues.  The GSX-R’s are notorious for carb problems.  They have approximately four (per carb) rubber o rings that fail over time giving different symptoms.  Due to the age of the bike a lot of people recommend going in and changing out all of these rubber o rings.  A wealth of info can be found at


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Mint (really mint)- 1994 GSX-R 750 On Ebay

Mint (really mint)- 1994 GSX-R 750 On Ebay

Obviously a GSXR750 is not a rare model but a 1994 model in this condition is quite rare.  I would make the argument that finding a GSXR of this age, in this condition is more rare than  75% of the bikes we post on here.  GSXR’s live a much harder life than any Bimota, Ducati limited edition or lusted after grey market two stroke.  This bike might even be a bit more rare because it wasn’t a particularly popular model year.  The old cradle frame had reached the end of it’s lifespan and engine technology was marching on.  Over the years the 750 had gained a lot of weight and lost touch with it’s roots of light weight minimalism.  To top everything off Suzuki must have fired their better designers and the old GSXR got a pretty unattractive paint scheme.   It wasn’t any better at the  track.  These were pre-Mladin days here in the US and Suzuki was barely involved in WSB. 

Here is some info from the auctin:

You have an opportunity to own and ride a virtually brand new, legendary 1994 GSX-R 750 that has been in a private collection since new. This awesome classic Suzuki has never been abused in any way; just lovingly stored and maintained. The motorcycle runs, looks and rides like it did the day it was brought home from the dealership. The condition is nothing short of spectacular; this is a museum quality time-capsule Gixxer. Get the best of both worlds – the beautiful classic styling of the bike that started it all with 118 lively horsepower, excellent handling, light weight and six-speed transmission (this bike was way ahead of its time), all of which make this bike perform like a modern sportbike at a fraction of the cost!  The reserve is set very low…… with confidence and good luck!

It’s a bit cliche but I think you really could  eat off of this one:

Now what is it worth?  Well used but clean examples I’ve seen have been offered from roughly $2,500 to $3,500.  How much should the condition of this bike add to its’ value?  $1500?  $1700?  The reserve for the bike has not been met but a hint can be seen at the bottom of the auction.   They are requiring a $3000 deposit within 48 hours of the auctions close.  Hmmmm, if they want that large of a deposit are they placing something like a $6000 reserve on this thing?  I’m just guessing here on the reserve of course but that bike might sit for a bit if that is the case.  You can  on one of the cleanest GSXR’s you will ever see.

One interesting fact about the bike is that it spawned possibly the rarest of all GSXR’s:  the GSXR740W SP.  I don’t believe any came to the US officially and I think they only produced around 150 of them.  I’ve never seen one for sale anywhere.  It was an homogation special all the way.


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1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in pristine original condition

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale and it is yet another time capsule

Make: Suzuki GSX-R 1100
Location: Westport, CT
Mileage: 9,922

I found this amazing old school GSXR lying around over on ebay this morning. It never ceases to amaze me how certain bikes come across RSBFS in waves. It might be Ducati 888’s or Ape RS250’s and this is yet another Suzuki time capsule waiting to be picked up and put in a collection.

Have a look:

Okay, so these were massed produced and a bit pigish at 515# and 112hp. But, just like with my FZR 400 I challenge anyone to find a better remaining example of this classic early sport bike. This one looks to be in great shape and very well cared for. It even has the stock rear mud flap and it appears to be untouched.

Look at how clean and shiny the lower fork tubes are!

Here we have a prime example of an un-restored low milage 1990 gsxr 1100. I am the second owner. The bike is ridden on a regular basis. Other than the tires, brakes, battery, fluids, spark plugs, front shock seals, valve cover gasket, windscreen, stage one jet kit and pipe the bike is all original and in excellent condition (the pipe ,windscreen and jet kit were done when the bike was new). Always adult ridden, never down, wheelied or beat on. I have the original exhaust (brand new) and the original tires if you want them. It’a a time capsule and jaws drop were ever i go with it.

So it has all of the ‘period correct’ modifications and even sports a Vance & Hines Super Sport exhaust (I had one back in the day as well 🙂 ) This one is awesome machine and brings back memories.

What are you waiting for?



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Drop the 7: GSXR50 (GAG50) On Ebay

Drop the 7:  GSXR50 (GAG50) On Ebay

Here is another one for all you GAG addicts.  Sounds like a disease to me.  This looks like another pretty clean example.  It isn’t showroom new but it has relatively low miles and the seller is including a few spares.  Thankfully it is also in traditional GSXR colors and not some of those crazy home market paint schemes  (see below).

From the auction:

Here we have an 87 Japanese grey market bike. It differs from the American version as this one can probably be made street legal as it has blinkers and a horn. I purchased the bike from a mini bike collector a couple of years ago, and it has been sitting in my house ever since. This bike is in very good condition. All the plastic is in excellent condition with no cracks or signs that it has ever been wrecked. The seat’s in great shape. No cracks in the bubble. All of the lights, turn signals, and horn work. The bike starts and runs fine with me on it. I weigh 230 pounds and live at over 7,000 feet elevation. The bike has 4,815 kilometers on it which is 2,991 miles.

The only things that this bike needs are tires, chain sprockets, and fork seals which I have included in the auction.

The bike does not have a title but will come with a bill of sale. The bike is located in Santa Fe, NM

And some pictures for your GAG fix:

The auction is underway and the seller is teasing you with a low $1 starting price.  As you would expect though a reserve is on the bike.  I’ve followed a couple clean GSXR50’s and YSR50’s (with titles) that were priced around $3000 to $3500 and they did not sell.  As you know though, with bikes you don’t see everyday sometimes you just have to pay to play. .

Would this brochure make you want to buy a GSXR50? 


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Clean 1991 GSXR400 Up For Auction

Clean 1991 GSXR400 Up For Auction

Man a lot of nice stuff comes out of a certain garage in CA.  This is about the third or fourth bike I’ve noticed from this seller and it looks like it keeps up the high standards.  In my humble opinion the GSXR400 is the best looking of the GSXR’s Suzuki has produced.  It just looks right with the cradle frame, classic GSXR bodywork/tank and those air scopes on the fairing.  The owner has hooked you up with a title so you are ready to ride and the bike has had a recent respray of paint.  A tasty carbon muffler is on there for good measure.  Minus the big GSXR sticker that is the correct scheme for a 91 GSXR400.

Take a look:

I for one will be keeping a close eye on what this 400 goes for; for selfish reasons.  I want one!  I’ve seen a couple pop up lately in the mid $4000’s, in good shape and titled.  Excluding Honda’s, I don’t think 400’s have as big a draw so they don’t generally command the higher price tags.   Keep telling people that so I can sneak in and grab one of these beauties.  The auction on this one has already started with several bids but the reserve had not been hit as of this writing.  Jump in the frey .


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1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

I don’t know about you guys but my eyes lit up when I saw “Yoshimura Tornado” in the auction’s  headline.  Don’t let the replica part get you down, it looks like this bike is loaded with some rare Yoshimura kit parts.  If you aren’t too famaliar with the Tornado’s, here is what I know.  They are Yoshimura’s version of a race replica.  They generally come loaded with every bell and whistle Yoshimura has.  They are extremely rare and not exactly cheap.  They have continued to make them on and off through the years.  Check out Yoshimura Japan and click on the “Complete” tab and you can see some of the more current versions.  Technical  info on the original Tornado (sometimes referred to as a Bonneville by Yoshimura) is hard to come by.   I know it was wrapped in special bodywork and had a hand made aluminum tank that made it stand out from any ordinary GSXR.  Engine wise, all I know is that it was loaded with everything Yoshimura could throw at it but I don’t know specifics.

Before we get to the bike, here is some serious Tornado porn.  I’m guessing this is an official Tornado by the looks of the big gold plate stamped to the frame.  Enjoy!

Here is some eye candy for the bike on auction,  it is screaming out for an official Tornado replica paint scheme:

 Here is a snipit from the auction:

This bike built by Chris Geiter and featured in the June 1994 issue of Sport Rider magazine. Chris built the bike from the ground up and I purchased it from him. For those familiar with the original magazine article, you will notice some differences in the photos, specifically the front brakes and wheel colors. Chris viewed the bike as a work in progress, so that is why. For those unfamiliar with the bike, it is a replica of a very rare Yoshimura edition motorcycle, of which only 3 originals were built. Serial number’s 1 & 2 reside in japan and number three was destroyed/wrecked. Yoshimura USA offered most of the parts to build one, for a very limited time. The problem was that is was quite expensive to do so. The hand crafted aluminum tank with the Yoshimura logo cast into it, alone cost $2500-3000. This bike has one of those tanks. Air-Tech makes a replica tank,  but its made out of fiberglass

You will notice bike has velocity stacks, but has never been run on dirt roads or in dirty/dusty conditions. For that matter, it has never been on a wet road or seen rain. Motor runs very stout. The headlights on this bike are not installed currently, as Chris or I never ran it after dark. The Yosh Tornado’s/Bonnevilles used 1st generation headlights, that simply slid into the headlight bucket and velcroed in place. I have a set of headlights for it. Instrument lights, tail light, etc all function.
My reason for selling is I have an ex-Yosh 1987 superbike I’m restoring, which demands my time and money, so it has taken priority over this bike. I had originally planned on repainting the Bonneville to original colors, of which I’ve compiled many pictures/articles and magazines from Japan showing a great deal of detail from the original bikes, especially the paint scheme.
I would possibly be interested in partial trades, specifically Yosh kit forks from 1987-1989 and/or a Yosh titanium duplex 750 pipe 1986-1992 and Yosh underbraced or top braced swing arms from 1987-1992.
This is a beautiful bike that was put together very nicely. No disappointments.

You’ll have to check the auction out for the whole list of upgrades to the bike.  This is one of those bike you need to jump on if you are interested.  The parts list alone makes me drool.  Of course it looses some points for not being the real thing but if you go down the list of Yoshimura parts it has on it, how can you not be interested?  That tank is a work of art alone.  Anyone want to guess where the auction will end up on price?  .


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Two Clean Early Model GSXR 1100’s In GA

Two Clean Early Model GSXR 1100’s

1986 and 1987  GSXR’s that are both are relatively low mile bikes (for their age) and  in near stock condition.  Both serviced and ready to ride.  Seller is asking $4,500 for each. They are for sale by the same owner.

Both are on Atlanta Craigslist here and here.


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Low Mileage 84 or 85 Suzuki GSXR400 on Ebay

Low Mileage 84 or 85 Suzuki GSXR400 on Ebay

It looks like a nice project GSXR400 has appeared on Ebay.  Lets start with the model year.  I don’t know if the seller just mistyped and didn’t proofread or just does not know but this is not a 1993 model.  It is either an 84 or 85 model and I don’t believe there was any technical differences between the two years.  The bike does have a title so that is definitely a plus.  From looking at the pictures the bike has taken a slide or two but nothing too major.  Mileage wise, they are listing 3,500 miles (possibly KM’s?).  Either way that is extremely low for a bike that old.  I always question older bikes with really low mileage.  Nothing against the sellers but as a buyer you have to be weary.  Other than the scrapes it looks like the bike was taken care of from the pictures.

From the auction:



In a perfect world I like more info on grey market imports but you have to work with what you have.  I said project earlier because this bike will really take a good looking over and probably some amount of disassembly to make sure everything is cool.  Would you ride on a bike that old without seeing everything with your own eyes?  Once it is broken down it will take a little work to track down the needed parts.  I personally enjoy this detective work during rebuilds.  You will head into the garage in the Fall and emerge in the Spring with a nice unique little bike.   There might not be too many willing to take that sort of project on so you might catch a deal on the auction (depending if a reserve is set of course). .