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Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2013 posted by

Another Clean Gixxer: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Shingle Springs, CA – 12,400mi – $6,500 BIN

1991GSXR1100_1 It is no doubt that the “GSX-R” is one of the most iconic names in sport bike history and is should be as the name has been around for over 25 years. Suzuki is a tiny company compared to the like of Honda and Yamaha, but one this it has managed to consistently produce competitive and fantastic street machines. This iteration of the 1100 is less raw than the first 1100, which means the chassis was more suited for the 150hp beast of an engine that was inside this machine in ’91. It may not have the immediate appeal as the first generation has now, but it is a friendlier bike to ride.


This bike has only traveled a total of 12k miles in its now 22-year-old life. No need to grab the calculator, that’s roughly 560 miles a year. It’s not completely stock and aftermarket items include signals, carbs, and a sweet Kerker exhaust. The fairing look straight and free from major damage, and the bike seems to have been given proper maintenance for something its age.

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

This listing is for a rare, hard to find, low mileage 1991 GSXR 1100. It is red and black and is in excellent condition. I am the 3rd owner and it only has just over 12k original miles. Everything on the bike is original with the exception of the seat cowl, (the original rear seat comes with the bike), aftermarket turn signals, (One original set is included with the sale), Mikuni Side Draft Carbs, (the original carbs are included) and the exhaust. I do not have the original exhaust. All paint is original and in very nice condition. As you can tell from the pictures, it has a great shine. Everything on the bike is working. The valve adjustment and other sevice items were completed last year. It is ready to enjoy and ride and it will obviously increase in value. As you probably know, it is very difficult to find a GSXR-1100 with such low miles. There are just one or two very minor blemishes. It is in amazing condition for a 22 year old bike. I still ride this bike several times a month, so the mileage will change slightly. Please ask any questions prior to bidding. Please feel free to inspect the bike prior to purchase. Buyer is responsible for all shipping activities. I will load the bike and take a bunch of pictures prior to tranportation. Thanks

Always good to see a clean GSX-R1100 up for grabs and to see a bike of this age cared for. These may not be seen as major collector’s pieces like the first-gen gixxer is quickly becoming, but as those become unobtanium, these will follow. Check the market for second-gen M3’s or late 60’s Stratocasters and you can see what will happen. These weren’t as sought after as their older counterparts back in the day, but they are now. Having said that, the asking price of $6,500 is on the high side of where we have seen these models go. But I bet in a couple of years that might seem like a bargain. You can check out the auction here and place your bid today!


Another Clean Gixxer: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100
Sport Bikes For Sale July 29, 2013 posted by

Modded And Updated: 1986 GSX-R 750 Limited

le right front I must admit, it was hard to come back to the RSBFS offices (even though they are as plush as they come) after two weeks of vacation in Montana.  Do we have any readers in Montana?  Well, ennough about my glamourous lifestyle; lets get to bikes.  This LE poppped up on Ebay several months ago and then disappeared just as fast.  Well it’s back for another go and it is an interesting one.  Lets call it a LE Evo.

1986 GSX-R 750 Limited for sale on eBay

le side

If Suzuki had a brain in their head they would produce this exact bike (yes, Suzuki I’m available for consultant work).  I have no doubt in my mind they would sell evey single one of them.  Take the classic, light weight GSX-R 750 of 1986, keep the dry clutch (mandatory) and put some updated suspension, wheels and brakes on the thing.  Finish it off in either this color scheme or that pretty yellow and blue HB Suzuki scheme.  Now sit back and enjoy the profits.  In my opinion, people rarely get it right when they start modifying bikes but I’m liking what the seller has done.

le front

The details:

For sale is a very rare 1986 GSXR 750R limtied edition. This is a Canadian model which I purchased about 5 years ago. It has a clear title in my name. Although the bike is almost 30 years old it still looks and runs great. I drive it regularly, time permitting. Unlike some collectors, I actually enjoy riding my bikes, as opposed to using them as garage art. Full Spectrum racing in Orlando Florida helped with refreshing the top end and tuning the motor. Randy Voth is amazing with these old GSXR’s and the only one I have ever let work on the bike. Each cylinder now has 180+ lbs of compression. The bike is currently running a set of new 1100 carbs and dyno’d at 107hp at the rear wheel, on a very conservative dyno. The yosh pipe sounds amazing. In addtion, the bike has a NOS gsxr gas tank which I purchased (no longer available from Suzuki), new coils, Wilber adjustable rear shock, 1995 GSXR 5.5 by 17 rear wheel powdercoated blue, fabrication work by Wyn Belorusky to include swingarm bracing, custom rearsets, rear brake hanger, 2004 GSXR750 complete front end with forks, clipons, brake calipers, master cylinder, rotors, braided lines, and 3.5 by 17 front wheel powdercoated blue. The bike has a carbon fiber front fender to complete the conversion. New clear Zero Gravity windscreen, billet aluminum left and right engine side covers and sprocket cover, period correct yoshimura pipe ceramic coated, new chain and sprockets, Yosh carb heat shield, and ohlins steering dampner. The bodywork is in very good condition for the age. All bodywork is original Suzuki. The lower is a NOS item I purchased (big $). The bike has been to deals gap and made the homepage cover of killboy. It always draws a croud.

Overall its a very nice bike which I have built to ride and enjoy. I have and will include in the auction the aluminum chain guard, rearsets with OEM heel guards, OEM front end, OEM side covers, and factory original limted 18″ wheels which came with the bike when I bought it. I’ll also throw in a pit bull rear stand! The bike has a brand new battery, and fresh Castrol synthetic oil/filter less than one month ago. Please feel free to ask questions. Buyer to arrange and pay for shipping if required. I will do what I can on my end as needed.

le arm

As described, the barced swing arm.  Damn nice job, looks OEM.

le dampnerle exhaustle close

Someone obviously loved their Limited.

le forks

If only you had those back in 86!

le left front

As a rider it seems to have the best of both world: exclusivity and modern updates.  Ah, but what would you pay?  Would you price it close to the stock examples we’ve seen lately in the $10,000 to $12,000 range? 

Click here for the auction.


Modded And Updated: 1986 GSX-R 750 Limited
Sport Bikes For Sale July 11, 2013 posted by

Red, White And Rattle: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited

ltd left ltd tank

Life is pretty good if you have been in the market for a GSX-R 750 Limited.  There has been a steady stream of nice examples for sale over the past few months.  Now, you may not be so happy with the selling prices if you are buyer but you can’t complain about supply.

ltd closeUnfortunately there is no real info about the bike from the seller.  It looks like it is listed by a dealer who wants to tell you how rare it is instead of its’ history and condition.  Mileage is listed at a moderate 12,200.

ltd filterWhile the bike  appears mostly stock,  the air box has met the garbage can and a period Yoshimura muffler replaces the original.

ltd clutchI think I include this photo on every Limited I post.  I never get tired of it either.

ltd left 2Nice and mostly stock examples like this have been selling in the $10,500-$12,500 range lately.

Click here for the auction.


Bimota July 8, 2013 posted by

UK Summer Goodies: 1988 GSX-750RR, 1988 Honda RC30, 1991 Suzuki RGV250SP, 1990 Yamaha TZR250 3XV and 2000 Bimota DB4

Anything interesting for sale in UK you ask?  I sure think so.

rr left 2

That red numberplate is always a sign of something special.  In my humble opinion the most collectible of GSX-R’s, the 1989 RR.  It has almost 18,000 miles on it but it sure looks like a sharp example.  Asking price is 14,980GBP which is over $22,000! 

Click for it.

rc close

While you are at it, why not pick up Honda’s homologation special too?  The same sellers who have the RR have this RC30.  It’s mileage is similar, as is the price.  Don’t look for a bargain at 15,980 GBP or close to $24,000.

If you need an RC, click here.

rgv right

For those with a more modest budget, how about a nice 1991 RGV250SP.  This one is wrapped in one of the best color schemes Suzuki has come up with.  Decent examples are getting harder and harder to find.  Asking price is 5250 GBP or $7,800. 

Click it for the RGV

tzr right

Lets see, I could have easily spent over $50,00o by now but I still need a TZR.  This one also has some miles but again doesn’t look its’ age.  It has the most modest asking price at 3,995 GBP or just under $6,000.

Here is the listing.

db back

If you have some coin left over, maybe a DB4 with 3 miles on it might strike your fancy.  This leftover from 2000 is being advertised at 6,700 GBP or roughly $10,000.

Click for the Bimota.


Sport Bikes For Sale June 24, 2013 posted by

1150cc’s Of GSXR: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 and 1987 GSX-R50


I could swear I’ve seen this combo for sale before but a search of the highly secure RSBFS archives didn’t deliver any results.  This is a package deal for a couple of nice GSX-R’s wrapped in Suzuki’s best racing blue. 

gsxr right

The big boy of the pair really looks like a great example of a survivor.  How does 1,254 miles sound?!

From the seller:

First off, is my immaculate 1,254 mile 86 GSXR 1100. It is original to the tires. I purchased this bike in 2008 from a collector who purchased it from the original owner. Ever since I purchased it, it has been stored indoors in my house. The photos I took are the first time it has been out of the house in 5 years. The paint is like new. The bike has been sitting without being started for the past 5 years until I took it outside today. I added gas, and I put in the new battery that I just purchased. I put the fuel tap on prime for several seconds and then switched it to on. I turned on the key, and the bike fired up within 10 seconds. It runs good but could probably use a carb cleaning. I don’t want to do it since I believe that none of the plastic or bolts have ever been removed on the bike. I don’t want to touch it, and I would never let anyone else touch the bike. It may clear up on its own if you took it for a ride.

It is as original as you could ever hope to find. It does have a couple of small flaws including the small stains you see on the seat. I don’t know what they are, and I have never tried to remove them. They are very small and are hardly noticeable. Also, the exhaust pipe has a scuff on it but it’s not dented. I do have a pipe that was pulled off of a new 87 1100 that is beautiful that I will include in the auction. The bike also includes the factory tool kit and the factory owner’s manual. One of the mauals is still sealed in the plastic. It also includes the original sales brochure from 86. I am also including a factory repair manual. The tires are in excellent shape, and I imagine you could ride on them since there is no weathering on them. The bike has sat indoors its whole life. I do have the factory grab rail but I misplaced the hardware to mount it.

I have a clear Tennessee title in the prevous owner’s name. It is ready for your name and signature

 gsxr tankgsxr side


Are you old enough to remember the days of “Hyper Sports”?  I know we all can be skeptical of mileage but I’m a believer after looking at the pictures.


gsxr 50

The munchkin GSX-R is unique in that it is a Japanese domestic market version.

From the seller:

The second bike in this auction is my immaculate Japanese import 87 GSXR 50 with 327 kilometers (203 miles). I purchased this bike from a collector in 2010. It is also original to the tires. The paint is absolutely amazing like the 1100. It is another bike that has spent its whole life inside and not ridden. The Japanese import GSXR 50 is different that than the American version because these are street legal in Japan. It has a horn, blinkers, and everything to be street legal. I also just took this bike outside today. I added fuel and a battery to it. It didn’t want to start as easily as the 1100. But after a little persistence and sea foam, it eventually started on the choke. It has a little trouble running off the choke but runs absolutely strong. This is another bike that I believe has never had a bolt touched on it. I have the factory manual and a factory repair manual that also goes with the bike. It did not come with a tool kit. Also, this bike does not have a title. I will write you a bill of sale if you need one.


gsxr cluster

gsxr front

Well, who has room in their garage for a couple of GSX-R’s?  I think the only question is if there are buyers willing to pay for both.


Click for the pair.



Sport Bikes For Sale May 30, 2013 posted by

Last of the Line: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R1100

East Coast, US – 6,490mi – $4,995 BIN


There is no doubt that the GSXR-1100 is not a bike for the timid riders. With gobs of power and a lot of weight to pull around, these bikes could instill fear in the hearts of many on the street. How does 156hp and nearly 500lbs sound? Sounds like it is clear why they aren’t touted as the best handling bike of their generation. But I also understand why it was the choice weapon for those with one goal in mind; Speed.


This ’98 model we have for sale here represents the last of the line for the GSX-R1100 model line. With it’s inception in ’86, the 1100 model line has seen a handful of iterations, all that bring something unique to the table. The bike up for sale here looks about as clean as you could hope for with all original fairings, signals, and pipes.

From the seller:

This two owner Adult owned GSXR is the cleanest 90’s machine we have seen in a long long time. The Bike is all original in its stock trim.

The Bike shows as it did new. The mileage is low with just over 6400 miles on the odometer. This bike has never seen any bad weather and its current owner bought it just for his collection and has not ridden it more than 100 miles total.


First I would want to figure out where this bike is located, as all the ad says is “East coast”. Second, I would also like a little more description from this seller. Sure it looks like a clean bike, but it’s always good to do your research. We have seen these late model 1100’s go kind of all over depending on condition and miles with higher mileage clean ones pushing about $3k. I have also seen similar mileage and condition ones asking for close to $8k. I would say the price of this one is right about in where it should be at $5k. You can see the auction here and pick this beauty up today!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 28, 2013 posted by

By Popular Demand: 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 GAG

 gag right

The RSBFS phone lines have been jammed and our computer servers have been taxed to their limits with your requests to post the smallest of GSX-R’s.  In reality you’ve submitted a few emails and we caved.   I had actually spotted the little GSX-R a few days ago but had held back because it was a little rough around the edges.

gag left

The story:

1987 SUZUKI GSX R 50  Runs good its in good condition. 4 stroke 4 speed hand clutched. I have a clear ohio title for it. Milage unknown. Does have the usual scratches and scrapes a seen in the pics and there is a crack in the fairing. The bottom of the fairing under the bike is warped a little from the heat of the exhaust as pictured.   Looks and runs good. Not many of these left.


gag front

It has a decent amount of dings, chips and melted fairings but as the seller said, “Not many of these left”.  It might be worth a purchase just to say you’ve been to Russia, Ohio.  Act fast, the auction doesn’t have much time remaining.

Click it for the auction.


Sport Bikes For Sale May 24, 2013 posted by

And The Market Says? 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750R Limited

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited For Sale

The last one sold for, wait for it:  $22,400!   That particular Limited was basically a 850 mile, untouched time capsule from 1986.  This one doesn’t meet those ultra high standards but it looks like a very nice example in it’s own right.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750R Limited For Sale on eBay


Sometimes I wonder if I should post any other picture of a limted than this one.  The carbs/airbox combo is one of the few mods.


The story:

This 1986 GSXR 750 Limited Edition has been in storage for over 20 years. It has had only one owner. The Arizona title shows MSO as previous record. Mileage is box A and original. The body work and all parts are as they came from the factory in 1986. If you know vintage sport bikes,you know that these were very rare and expensive bikes compared to their non Limited Edition counterparts. The only modifications that were done to the bike was the installation of GSXR1100 Carbs and air box. This was common during that period to maximize performance. The stock GSXR 750 Air Box comes with the bike. The original Carbs are not available. Lockhart Phillips Turn Signal Buds were installed at one time. These were removed and the original Turnsignals were installed. The Lockhart Phillips Turnsignals also come with the bike. The front brake lines were replaced with steel braided lines and the original rubber brake hoses also come with the bike. There are extra engine ignition point covers as well. The fork sprngs are Progressive Springs and the original springs also come with the bike. A Lockhart Phillips front Headlight cover is also on the bike. There are some scratches and chips on the paint. Overall,it is in outstanding condition and runs very well.The original owners manual and tool kit are also included. The values on these keep increasing. Bid now and own a piece of history. I reserve the right to end the auction early as this bike is for sale locally as well.



Looks just as clean under the bodywork.  One simple trick I use is looking for the OEM Suzuki zip ties.  If missing, well, things have come off the bike.


Well kids, she isn’t going to be cheap but how high will the market drive the price?  Other than the missing stock carbs, it is all there.  I’d consider the mileage still on the low side for a bike built in 86.  Am I in the ballpark at $12,500?  Whatever the price they are one highly desirable bike.

If it does sell for way above average maybe it is time to start burying Limited’s in my backyard instead of gold.