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Sport Bikes For Sale June 12, 2011 posted by

1987 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Up for Grabs!

Location: Ridgefield, Washington
Mileage: 11,327
Price: $6,000 BIN (auction ending soon!)

So here we go again. Another early model GSXR 1100. This one is actually the second year of production and the engine was basically a big bore version of the legendary GSXR 750. It’s an and and oil cooled monster that cranked out a claimed 137 bhp at 9,500 rpm. And in these early models that kind of power (unreal in 1987) gave the aluminum frame all it could handle. It also had SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System-seen on the fairing), one of a multitude of acronyms that would grace many a GSXR model.

A few more pics-

This one-owner bike appears clean and fairly low mileage for its age. More detail from the seller:

I bought this bike new in 1986, it’s never had any abuse and has never been down. The bike did however suffer a tip over a week after I purchased it. I replaced all the damaged parts ie: brake handle, turn signal but I did not repair the paint on the lower right panel (see picture). The discolored paint is the only damage to the bike and is a little larger than a half dollar. I replaced the original tires last year, they were still in great shape except they developed a flat spot due to sitting. The bike is in very nice condition and has never been in the rain. I have all the original paper from new as well as a brochure, it still retains the “break-in” sticker on the speedo…

The bike looks clean and stock and the seller shows a photo of the paint damaged area as described above. To see this early of an example of a GSXR 1100 in this kind of condition is rare. And as I said in a previous post on a ’91 GSXR 1100, I think all current liter bikes owe something to the early model GSXR 1100’s.

So if early model game-changers are your thing in the sportbike world, take action and .


Sport Bikes For Sale April 18, 2011 posted by

My Current Love Is Back: 1991 Suzuki GSXR400R

My Current Love Is Back:  1991 Suzuki GSXR400R

Update 5.1.2011: Sold!

Oh she is back!  You may remember this bike from a few months ago.  Well it has surfaced again from that well stocked garage in Cali and still needs a new garage to call home.  GSXR400R’s are my current passion, as I am rebuilding a basket case and when I see this one I get jealous.  I’ll get straight to the point.  It is extremely clean, it is titled, it has low miles, it hasn’t been modified, it is a very rare bike and it is for sale! 

Did I tell you they red line at 14,500?  How about only 10,700 miles for a bike built in 1991?  In all honesty this is a very telling photo of the condition of the bike.  GSXR400R’s are notorious for corrosion around the instrument cluster.  Mine looked like it came off a bike that had been sitting in the rain since 1950.  This one obviously looks great:  as does the rest of the bike.

Remember when shopping for a GSXR400R you want the earlier (90,91,92) model years as they were not restricted.  It is not a big thing but the after market muffler is a nice touch.  Aftermarket parts for these are extremely rare.  I’ve been shopping for a full system for mine and I can tell you it is ten times easier finding RGV250 parts than parts for these.  One the plus side, quite a few engine parts cross reference with the Bandit 400 which was sold here.  Most ordinary parts like brakes, bearings etc are standard Suzuki stuff and easy to get.


One bugaboo on any GSXR400R of this age is the carbs.  These carbs are famous for giving owners issues due to about 4 rubber washers in each carb rotting.  It’s an easy problem to solve as long as you know it is an issue.  If you buy one and it starts running funny that would be the first place I’d check.

Hey, there is no reason not to buy this one if you want a little Gixxer.  You say you want an SP?  I’ve had multiple people say they aren’t worth it for the street.  They say the SP gearbox is a real bear with the tall first gear.  You say you want to hold out for an SPII with SP features but better gear ratios?  You might be using a walker before finding one.  I’ve never seen one in the United States and actually never seen one for sale in Japan either.  and see if you and the seller can come to an agreement.


Sport Bikes For Sale April 13, 2011 posted by

A Pampered Old School Gixxer: 1987 GSX-R1100

A Pampered Old School Gixxer: 1987 GSX-R1100

Nothing super exotic here, just a clean, low mile example of a stock 1987 GSX-R100.  In a world of SP’s, RR’s and Italian exotics something like this may seem a bit boring.  If you have shopped for a clean early model GSX-R though you know these can be just as rare.  If you do find a half way decent one it usually has had its’ share of mods.  Clean and stock is rare indeed.

Clean and stock is exactly what we have here.  I still find it amazing when I see a bike this old and they haven’t even put a pipe on it.  I respect their restraint.  I’d have to own two, one  to mess with and one to hide away.

Auction details:

1987 Suzuki GSXR 1100. I bought this new at Mike’s Suzuki in Milwaukie Oregon in 86.  The bike is 100% stock except for the tires which I replaced last summer because the originals had developed a flat spot from sitting. The bike suffered a slight fall from a standing position when I parked on a  hill. My brother was standing close by when the bike started to fall, so he was able to slow the fall but it fell low enough to touch the lower right panel (see picture) and that scratched the white paint and blue sticker. The white painted  area has a  discolored spot a little larger than a half dollar. I had a new sticker put on but it is starting to lift a little because I think they did not clean the area free of wax before applying sticker . The bike has 11,327 easy miles, and is in very nice condition and very clean. I have an original broacher and factory service manual. The bike still has the original” break in sticker” on the speedometer.  Buyer is responsible for shipping/shipping fees, I will assist with loading. 


If it was ridden every year it travelled roughly 470 miles a year.  Are you the one to add some more?   I think of these bikes as the “muscle cars”  of the sport bike crowd.  They were simple, yet powerful and set the standard for performance.  Now, year by year they get harder to find and it takes a little more cash out of your pocket to own one.  This one has a BIN price of $6,400.  Sure that is a bit high but start to look around and see what else you can find that is clean, has low miles and has been kept stock.  The pickings get real slim, real quick. .


Sport Bikes For Sale March 1, 2011 posted by

Collector Minis? 87 Yamaha YSR50 And 87 Suzuki GSXR50 (Gag 50)

Collector Quality Minis?  87 Yamaha YSR50 And 87 Suzuki GSXR50 (Gag 50)

I hadn’t seen any mini’s worth posting in a while until I ran across these two one night while sipping a mighty fine gin and tonic.  Hopefully those fermented juniper berries didn’t cloud my judgement.  Other than a few unwanted stickers they both look like clean little bikes with very low miles.  Judge for yourself it they would make a good addition to your collection.


Like I said, there are few stickers that shouldn’t be there but get past that and you have a  nice unmolested YSR50.  Finding a YSR to purchase isn’t a problem but finding one that hasn’t been modified is.  This owner somehow fought the urge to to even throw a pipe on it.

The facts:

935 original miles
unmodified original survivor.
synthetic 2 stroke oil
usually starts 1st kick
In my collection for 5 years
Bill of Sale – Title lost
Runs great, rides great.
Doesn’t require tag or insurance like a scooter, as it is 49cc.
For sale locally so I reserve the right to end this auction at any time.
Local pick up only, I can meet with your shipper for pick up.



Rare indeed in this condition.  Instead of taking care of them, a lot of owners were rattle can painting them various colors of the rainbow or using the owners manual as a table leveling device instead of properly maintaining them.   This one will have a new home in just a number of days as there is no reserve.  Everyone likes an auction where there will be a winner.  .


Now, if you are a Schwantz guy and not a Rainey man, then you might be interested in the GSXR or GAG50.  If rarity is your priority then the GSXR is for you.  If  performance (in relative terms) or the ability to add aftermarket parts is a priority then you better stick with the YSR.  The little GSXR does not share its’ bigger brothers reputation for speed.

From the auction: 

Up for auction is a 1987 suzuki rb 50 or also known as a gsxr 50 four stroke pocket style bike ! Not many made ! This bike was a promo bike for Bellevue suzuki in Washington state and has never been registered ! I DO NOT HAVE ANY PAPER ON THIS UNIT !!!!!! My uncle was the origanal owner ! It sat in my man cave for years and now needs to go ! Buyer is responsable for shipping ! If you need help I may be able to do that ! It is available for pickup also ! The rear tail light does have a hole in it this happened when pulling it out, however I am looking for one at this time as they are no longer available from suzuki ! If I locate one I will install or send it ! The bike starts and runs normaly ! The tank is rust free.



Again, not a perfect bike but the thing only has 50 miles on it.  This auction also appears to be for keeps with no reserve.  .


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How Rare Do You Like Them? Two Suzuki GSX-R750R LTD’s

 How Rare Do You Like Them?  Two Suzuki GSX-R750R LTD’s

Anyone itching  to visit France this winter?  Specifically a suburb of Paris?  Sounds like a good opportunity of pacify the Mrs. and then break the news that you have a couple of large crates heading back to the states with her.  We have a “usual” Limited and only the second Japanese spec LTD I’ve ever seen for sale outside of Japan up for grabs.

It’s been used (37,000 miles) but it hasn’t been modified much.  I’m noticing the rear blinkers and the wheels appear to be black instead of dark blue.  Maybe it is just the photos or a Euro model thing.  Yikes, with those blinkers up there, does that mean someone has drilled through that solo tail?   Who out there on the internets knows if there were any differences on the Euro Limited?

Ok guys, what do you think about the pipe?  Is that the original?  I believe the US version’s were black.  This one is listed as a classified ad and the asking price is $11,000.  Sounds kind of steep to me for the amount of miles on the bike.  That is the general range that low mile bikes have been selling for here in the good ole USA.  .



Of course this is the more interesting of the two bikes.  You just don’t see these outside of Japan.  The Ebay description says this is a limited edition by Yoshimura.  Maybe a little is lost in translation because this is a Japanese spec GSX-R750R Limited.  Yoshimura did produce some very special (and pricey) road going GSX-R’s but they were known as “Tornados” or “Bonnevilles” and there was no mistaking them for a stock GSX-R.  I believe they were all the larger 1100’s as well.

This may not have been made by Yoshimura but those are their colors and the bike was a tribute to the bike raced in Japan.  I would love to know if the claim of 100 bikes produced is accurate.  This is listed as an 86 model but it looks like it might be an 85 from the Japanese brochure that I have.

A lot of sport bikes were  HP limited in Japan back then but I really don’t know if the 750 had any of those restrictions.  It was usually some sort of combination of carb size, CDI and gearing if it had been neutered.  The mileage is 12,000  (19,000 KM’s on the speedo) and the entry fee is $16,000.   Now that price is a little more interesting.  Low mileage, close to stock and a limited, limited. 

A Yoshimura  Tornado/Bonneville.

Another one and be sure to crank up the music half way through  on this one!


Quick Spot December 20, 2010 posted by

Suzuki WSS Glory Days: 2004 Suzuki GSX-R600 Alstare W/700 Miles

Suzuki WSS Glory Days:  2004 Suzuki GSX-R600 Alstare W/700 Miles

Yes, there were actually glory days for Suzuki in WSS.  I know it is hard to believe now since Suzuki spends about 25 cents in the class.  Does anyone remember Stephane Chambon?  He was an absolute joy to watch on the GSX-R.  As usual, the Suzuki was a bit underpowered but Chambons’ munchkin size  and sheer will kept the Suzuki on pace.  If he won a race there were plenty of burn outs and antics.  He kept the GSX-R in the top five for several years and actually won the title in 1999.  Unfortunately, for the first time in a long time I couldn’t find a good clip on Youtube so you’ll have to be satisfied with this small profile of him from MCN’s page.

I know this bike doesn’t have the allure of our usual posts or the nice pictures.  I wanted to include it just for the fact that it only has 700 miles on it and it is completely stock (it is lowered though which is easily reversed).  Rare indeed for one of these to survive in this condition.  Most are flogged, modified, painted, chromed and god knows what else.  By 2004 the Suzuki WSS program was about done (I think Alstare was completely out of WSS) so in reality this is more of a tribute to the liter bike that Suzuki actually had success with  but I  always consider them a tribute to Chambon.  Just a nice little piece of Suzuki race history that has survived the abuse for $4,500.  It is on the San Fran Craigslist page waiting for a new home.


Reader Rides For Sale November 30, 2010 posted by

1991 Suzuki GSX R 1100 with 7599 original miles!

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Mileage: 7,599
Price: Update 12.12.10: Sold!

We’ve featured a few of these on previously and we’ve been alerted to yet another one that deserves to grace our pages.

Unlike so many other ones this one has survived the wrath of late night drag racing! Woo Hoo! Thank you Suzuki God-

I’m getting older now and my memory is fading fast, but if I recall these were over shadowed by the razor sharp GSX-R 750’s of the day. Although, these did put out a stout 143hp they were a bit porky at almost 560#’s when full of liquids.

With the clip-ons above the triple clamp these were a welcome relief from the norm of the day. It also made it a bit more tolerable running around town and riding 2 up. For those that don’t know, this is an air/oil cooled GSX-R motor and they tend to operate on the upper end of the thermostat. I seem to recall a lot of guys removing the lowers during the super hot days while cruising in the Ohio Valley, but with a mere 7,599 miles I don’t suspect this one saw much of that. The other notable thing about these early GSX-R 1100’s is that they were 5 speeds and not 6 speeds.

From the listing:

The bike is an original Arizona bike and has been stored in this state for all of its life. No rust or corrosion. Just normal wear and tear if any! Bike is completely stock, except for new chain and sprockets. All factory reflectors’ are either on the bike or will be when it ships.

The seller has graciously posted a lot more pictures on the auction site for your review. If you feel the need to rock it old skool jump on over and .



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Holy Grail Found? 1986 Japanse Spec GSX-R Limited & 1989 GSX-R750R

1986 Japanse Spec GSX-R Limited & 1989 GSX-R750R

How do you make your friend with the 86 GSX-R 750 Limited jealous?  Answer: show up on either one of these bikes. Chris, an eagle eyed reader of RSBFS in Australia sent us these gems.  As a true fan of Suzuki’s I can honestly say my jaw hit the floor when I saw these two bikes for sale.  I’ve seen the Japanese spec Limited for sale in Japan before but never outside of there.  Excluding a couple of scam ads, I’ve neve seen a 89 GSX-R750R for sale.


 Details first on this one:

A must see!!! A 1986 GSXR 750R limited edition, A true superbike with only 23000kms,1 of only 1000 made, flat side carbys, dry clutch, all original condition, runs excellent, a true collectors bike, the price is not neg!! 6 months rego and a Red Baron warranty included.

 I wasn’t sold on this one until I read it had a warranty!  Well, if you never knew, Suzuki built a home market version of the 86 GSX-R Limited and this is it. 


Do I hear some right clicking and saving going on?  If you don’t recognize those colors, they are Yoshimura corporate colors in Japan.  It is interesting to note that there are a couple differences in stickers comparing the bike for sale to the brochure.  I did look up a Limited for sale in Japan and it looks exactly like the bike for sale in Australia.  Mechanically I’m assuming it is the same as a stateside Limited.  Taking into account Japanese laws about engine size and hp I guess there could be some differences.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

Just an incredible find if you ask me.  To top everything off the darn thing is stock.  The muffler hasn’t even been changed.  There is no trailering this one up as it is located in Australia.  I can think of worse places to have to go pick up a bike.  Asking price is $9,000.  I do not know if the asking price is in Australian or US dollars since we  use the same symbols.  Check out the ad here



 Not impressed with the first GSX-R?  How about this one?  Seen one of these at your local hang out lately?   Ever?

 Details please:

GSXR750 RR 1989 model one of 500 world wide 21000kms excellent condition never been raced second owner since new Stored for 12 years ridden occasionally started regularly Would suit collector valuable piece of Suzuki history


I know, I wanted more pictures too.  Would you take it for $15,000  (again I do not know if that is Australian or American dollars)?  I sure as heck would.   Clean, low mile 86 Limited’s have been selling in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.  For three thousand more you get one of the rarest Suzooks ever made?  Sign me up.  I did do a little searching though and found this bike has been for sale for a little while at a higher price. 

 One of the best looking bikes ever produced and full of Suzukis’  best back in 89.

Some of the goodies included were a long stroke engine, close ratio gearbox, 40mm Slingshot carbs, aluminum gas tank and braced swing arm.  The Japanese sure don’t put much effort into limited editions nowadays.  Check it out here before booking the ticket to Australia.

A highly modified RR

A teaser video of two tucked away somewhere in Japan.