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Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale September 18, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: Just A 2000-03 Suzuki GSXR750 WSB Spec Engine

Parts Bin:  Just A  2000-03 Suzuki GSXR750 WSB Spec Engine


Oh my!  This is what dreams are made of and what shrinks wallets.  I want to know what RSBFS reader doesn’t dream about putting some exotic,  one off parts on his/her bike.  Well,  how about a whole WSB spec,  Suzuki GSXR750 engine?  I am a mere amateur at identifying  works parts but have seen a few featured on various sites.  The reason I mention that is that this engine has an XRC engine code stamped on it and that is a new parts code to me.  XRO  generally designates Suzuki works parts and  ERO being the identifier for kit parts.  Experts please chime in here, what exactly do we have here with an XRC code stamped on it?  My amateur eye says that it  is a works engine and not one composed of kit parts.



I spoke with one Speedy Sie ( screen name from the PerformanceBikeForum), who is a UK based Suzuki fanatic who is the most knowledgeable person I know on Suzuki works parts.  To sum up what he told me:  this is the real deal, it is extremely rare and very, very reasonably priced.  The XRC code is the code used on the last engines produced before Suzuki went to 1000cc.  Perspective buyers, he also added he knows of someone in North America with some works throttle bodies they might be willing to part with!


I know there are some boys in the UK that can ID this stuff.  I wouldn’t say they are abundant but you sure see more works parts make it to the masses there than most places.  I do know the clutch can be an identifier to the actual spec of the engine.


Here is the story from the lucky seller.  Why is he lucky?  He has two of the damn things!

SUZUKI 2000-2003 SUPERBIKE GSXR750 WSB Spec Motor Complete.  XRO, ERO. XRC

Yes, this is an A spec Top tier factory team fully built GSXR750 XRC race motor.  170bhp, with all the factory bits installed.  Nearly impossible to find.  This engine was bought from the U.K. this way already to go and was assembled by the Factory Suzuki Team.  If you opened it up it would contain the following for example:

  • Lightened crank,
  • Titanium Connecting Rods
  • Titanium Valves
  • Worked Head, with factory only adjustable intake runners.  Shown as Blue anodized in the pic.
  • Custom Cams with 14:1+ Compression
  • Dry Clutch
  • Magnesium Deep Sump oil pan
  • Magnesium Starter cover delete.

Cost for these individual motors cost in the $80k-$100k range per engine depending on who you talk to.

This motor would be great for any Superbike collector, and or yes it could be installed to a street bike with some modification’s done to make it work.  Not for the faint hearted!!  Or you could complete a ground up Superbike replica.  Please note this is not your average GSXR750 motor, so reserve is set accordingly.  If you want a $400 GSXR motor go look elsewhere.

We will ship overseas, but buyer is responsible for actual shipping cost, which will be calculated after purchase.  We may end listing early so don’t wait!  It is listed elsewhere..

Once again this engine was not assembled by us!  It came this way from Suzuki.  Thanks for looking and any questions are welcome.




The secret codes.  Alstare was running Suzuki’s WSB program back in 2000-03 so I assume these engines would have come to the UK via Italy.  The riders back then were Chili and Lavilla.   Is there a possibility this an engine from a Suzuki BSB team?



Some Ti goodness hiding in there.  As cool as it would be to have this engine where do you find  something to squirt fuel in there?  It would be a fun search though.



I’m taking a pass on price because, well, I haven’t bought a WSB spec engine lately.  Chime in guys, what is it worth to you?  The seller has an auction running with a BIN of $8,500.  I think the main problem is that it would be a crime to stuff that into your otherwise standard bike.  This would in turn lead to a long, expensive but fascinating journey to track down the rest of the works bike.  Think it can’t be done?  Do a little investigating and you’ll find several enthusiasts are doing just that.


Speedy Sie also mentioned the last Suzuki works engine he saw sell, sold for approximately $14,500 in Germany.  Check that BIN quickly!

Here is the auction.



Sport Bikes For Sale August 8, 2012 posted by

A Limited That Makes You Say “Hmm”: 1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited

A Limited  That Makes You Say “Hmm”:  1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited

Hmmm, wire wheels.  Purists and collectors look away.  Yep, the swing arm has been changed.  Yes, the over sized muffler is  odd.  Hey everyone has different tastes and if you don’t like it you need to get over it because if you are hunting a Limited, you know they are far and few between.  This is one of the more unique ones I’ve seen, read on.

This one has a German accent.  It began life in Germany before the seller moved here to the U.S.  The bike is currently in North Carolina.


Hmm, the wheels definitely catch your eye.  Here is the story on them:

The wheels I had special made by a firm in Germany (WIWO)  they are numbered and dated 1994. They are 3.5 x 17 F and 5.5 x 17 rear  The tires are 120/65/17 fr and 180/55/17 I have run Metzlers without any problem.  They wheels are certified tubeless.  The rims are AKRONT. There is no damage to these wheels and they run true


Hmm, a shorter swing arm.  The seller does have the original though.

This bike is outfitted with the short 1985 swingarm giving a 55″ wheelbase.  There has never been any wobble or shake at speed.  This bike will allow you to stand on the pegs and drive perfectly straight ahead

Hmm,  that is a big muffler you have there.

The exhaust is a 4-2-1 stainless system custom made to fit this bike by Shaefer Racing in Germany. The Ackropavich end can was added to keep the bike road legal.

Clankety, clank, clank goes the clutch.  The seller says he has some spares for the dry clutch.  Those could be worth some money depending on what they are.  Those dry clutches are quite valuable pieces nowadays.


The info on the carbs and engine:

T he eurospec flatslide carbs have been precision CNC bored to 33mm and they have been expertly jetted.  The motor is on the original bore however the cylinder head was fitted with Yoshimura 1mm oversized valves and a Serdi blended 3 angle valve job performed to correct the factory valve jobs which were not very  accurate.


Hmm, she isn’t original and has a couple of odd modifications  but if you are looking for a rider and not a collection piece you should still be interested.  Different wheels, swing arm and muffler and you are  in business.  Heck, if you are a wire wheel man then you are loving life.  The bike does not appear to be neglected in any way.  What price will this Limited fetch with clean and original Limited’s selling for $10,000 to the low teens ?


Check out the auction.


The seller has posted a video for your enjoyment.



Sport Bikes For Sale August 5, 2012 posted by

Double Vision: 1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)

Double Vision:  1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)


Feel like you have just seen this bike on RSBFS?  Well you haven’t!  This is the second, grey, 1990 GSXR400R we’ve listed in the past few days and this is another really nice example.  Do you like low KM’s (9654) and some paperwork saying you are legit from the state of New Jersey?  It’s got both.  How about a tempting price?  The seller is asking  $5,200.



This one is near bone stock as well.  It’s like it rolled out of the factory other than an aftermarket rear shock and some new rubber.  Back in 1990 you had to step up to the SP to get the shock with the remote reservoir.  The forks are a little less adjustable as well.  You want the early model bikes though (anything pre 93) because they restricted the later models a bit.



The seller says he is the third owner of the bike since it hit our shores.  This bike has had some  caring owners for the stickers to last that long.  The 70th Anniv. sticker is pretty damn cool.  I want!



If you are familiar with RGV’s you’ll recognize the cluster.  If I remember correctly RGV forks have the same dimensions as well.  A good way to judge a GSXR400R is from a picture like this.  They will show corrosion in this area if they haven’t been taken care of.  This one looks quite nice.  Speaking of nice,  the owner has had the carbs serviced so no need to worry about the o rings.


Here is the info on her:

Time to sell my 1990 GSXR400R (GK76A), titled and registered in NJ. I purchased this bike in 2005, the 3rd owner since it’s import. I’ve put a bit over 3600km on the bike since it’s purchase, and it now has 9654km on it (roughly 6000 miles, as the speedo is in metric). I have no doubt this is the actual mileage on the bike, considering it’s superb mechanical condition. I’ve put new seals in the forks and last summer, performed a full carb rebuild including all new O-rings (8 O-rings per carb!). The bike starts immediately every time and runs flawlessly. The rear shock has been replaced with an aftermarket unit (Hagon) and it now rides on Pilot Sports. Otherwise, the bike is in 100% stock original condition. Appearance wise, I give it a 7/10, the all original bodywork and paint show some wear and tear. I don’t have the heart to repaint it or remove the original Japanese market stickers still attached to the tail, tank and windscreen. Unlike many of these, this little Gixxer has never been on the track. It’s a great bike for street riding and I’ve been using it to get to work a few times a week the past 2 years when the weather is nice. If you haven’t ridden one of these, the GSXR-400R is not only a perfect beginner’s bike to grow into. With 400cc of liquid cooled 15k rpms screaming to redline and handling as good as anything this side of a 250 2-stroke, the advanced rider can have some serious fun on the track or when the road gets twisty



Here is the ad.




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The Late 60’s, Detroit And A GSXR? 682 Mile 1987 Suzuki GSXR750

The Late 60’s, Detroit And A GSXR?  682 Mile 1987 Suzuki GSXR750

A mechanic friend and I were talking the other day about an early model GSXR he was rebuilding.  He made the  comment that the early GSXR’s are becoming the muscle cars of the 60’s-70’s to the two wheel crowd.  I think he hit it right on.  Both bring you back to simpler designs where power and weight were the driving factors.  Like a nice clean muscle car, early model GSXR’s are getting hard to come by and prices are rising accordingly.  Along with its’ incredible  condition this one has a bit of a story to it.  It apparently was originally purchased by Don Prudhomme  and sat tucked away for years in a race shop.  The seller is the second owner and only put 50 miles on it!  More importantly he freshened the bike up to showroom condition.



Yeah, it is that clean.



Damn, it took more than two decades to break the thing in.



Generally the dirtiest part of the bike.  Again, not even a smudge to be seen.


I spy something red and black…..


From the auction

this listing is a rare opportunity to own possibly the lowest mileage first gen gsxr on the planet! i am the second owner.original owner was the drag racing legend don “the snake” was stored in a climate controlled race shop it’s whole life with’s now stored in my living room.when i got it there were some minor bumps and bruises to the lowers and the mid fairings,and a small scratch on the front fender and fairing.i sent them out to tc concepts and had them professionally redone to perfection,as well as the solo seat cowl cover.i had the carbs redone and the engine oil replaced with the filter.(i do think it was the original oil) i then put about 50 miles on the bike.everything works like’s shocking how close this machine looks to showroom fresh.of course a 25 year old bike cannot be absolutely perfect the only thing i see is the bottom of the mirrors have a couple very minor scuffs,and there is a small scratch above the rear grab handle above the tail lamp.that is it.the tires are not even dry rotted. they should be replaced if the bike is  going to be rode. it is certainly a show/collectors bike.or it could be rode if the new owner chose to.i have many photos of the bike in the listing,including a pic of the “snakes” race shop in hot rod magazine,with the bike there around all those legendary race cars.  the pictures speak for themselves. i have described it the the best that i can.i reserve the right to end auction at any owner to pick up locally or arrange shipping is on him or her.this would be a  extra ordinary addition to some one collection.good luck bidding and thanks for looking at my listing!  also the original marker plate goes with the bike.      



It might not be as aerodynamic as modern bikes but it still looks race ready:  well minus the encyclopedia size blinkers.



I for one will be keeping any eye on the outcome of this auction.  I’ll admit, I don’t really know what I’d even pay for this bike.  Lets see some comments on what you guys think a standard  GSXR750 in mint condition is worth.  If it was a limited I’d say anywhere from $12,000 to $14,000.  Is it worth half that?


Check out the auction.





Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale May 31, 2012 posted by

Not The Limited, Not The RR: 1994 Suzuki GSXR750SP

Not The Limited, Not The RR:  1994 Suzuki GSXR750SP

RSBFS alumn and ZXR750R expert Doug found a gem of a Suzuki for us, a 1994 GSXR750SP.  This is the first SP I’ve ever seen listed for sale.  While the 1986 Limited and 1989 RR are the most sought after, the SP has them beat in the rarity department with only 200 being produced.  I know the lack of a solo seat throws off most people.  It just doesn’t look like the homologation special it was built to be.  The pink graphics and blue seat don’t help either.



Here is a sampling of what you got with the SP:

Large flatside Mikuni TRM40 carbs

Close ratio gearbox

Exhaust with increased flow

Magnesium head cover and case covers.

Thin walled forks

Lighter and more rigid swing arm

These items I believe to be on the bike but can’t confirm:

Lighter wheels

6 pot Tokico brakes from the GSXR1100

Revalved suspension for racing


By 1994 the GSXR750 had become quite the porker compared to the original GSXR750 and even with all the features listed above the SP was only 2kg lighter than the standard bike.



The bike for sale sure looks like a mint example;  bone stoke and only 5.562 miles traveled.  The only draw back?  You guessed it: price.  The bike is being advertised at 16,995 GBP (roughly $26,500).  A steep price to pay but if you have the other two limited GSXR’s…….

These along with the gearbox would have to be the highlights of the bike.  The RR and the SP don’t have the dry clutch that everyone likes so much on the Limited.


Click it to own that last homologation special Suzuki built.


Sorry I don’t have better images of the brochure but pictures and info is scarce on this one.




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Forget Something In 1986? Zero Mile 1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited

Forget Something In 1986?  Zero Mile 1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited

Don’t blame me for being a tease, this left over from the 80’s was found by my Aussie apprentice Chris (yes, that means it is in Australia).  All of us can appreciated a sweet left over like this and dream a little though.  Chris says only 10 were imported to Australia back in they day making it an extremely rare item down under.  I can’t say I’ve even seen a zero mile Limited for sale here in the states.

Anyone booking a ticket or looking at shipping rates yet?


I want to meet the guy that has had this thing for all these years and hasn’t ridden it at least once.  Picture a perfect cool and sunny spring day and this thing sitting in the garage and just walking by it.  The only way I could pull it off is if I had purchased two of them.  One to ride, one to stare at.


I’m probably a little off on my numbers but I want to say the dry clutch alone on these has been selling for $2,500 to $3,000.


As you would expect, the seller is asking the moon for you to remedy your mistake of not buying one in 1986.  He is asking $30,000 OBO.  It is a straight classified ad though and not not an auction.  If you’ve got the coin and the desire click here.



Sport Bikes For Sale March 22, 2012 posted by

An RK In The UK: 1989 Suzuki GSXR750RK

An RK In The UK: 1989 Suzuki GSXR750RK

Did anyone catch my Sex Pistols reference in the title? ……….Bueller?  On my unofficial list of rare Suzuki’s the 1989 double R GSXR750 sits right at the top, especially being here in the United States where we never had the bike imported.  Most of my knowledge on this bike comes from an owner I know and I’m sure he will comment on anything I get wrong.  500 RK’s were produced with the first 50 going to America Lite (Canada).  Japan kept the most with 200.  The UK received their batch of 50 from the 200 that went to Europe as a whole.

This was simply a bike built to get homologated for racing purposes.  Race teams were after a long stroke motor that took to tuning better than the short stroke version in the 1988 GSXR750.  I was told they did not even build a prototype of the bike before production.

It’s aluminum and light.


Boring photo but until seeing these in person, I did not know they were  hand made fiberglass units.  I’m told they made spares for a 100 bikes and then shut her down.  I had forgotten these didn’t have the dry clutch that the earlier Limited did but since the bottom ends are the same I believe it could be fitted.  Has anyone ever seen a list of the kit parts that were available back in 89?


A race oriented cluster.  Suzuki figured most of this stuff would be stripped off so it is kind of a mix and match of Suzuki parts in places.


The info on the bike:


Only 12,000 miles from New with Service Book, Handbooks etc.

A very hard to find bike

Message me through Ebay if you are interested.
Please refrain from the usual how much do you want to buy it now. Its an Auction, you bid the most you want to pay and you may end up buying it.
I can ship worldwide in a crate – please ask for exact quotation. I am an experienced shipper. I would think that 1500 pounds sterling will get this bike to most places in the world.
I am happy to ship at cost when payment is received and cleared.

Something I learned from restoring my GSXR400R is that this color of Suzuki engine paint (it’s not black)  is basically impossible to find.  Something to consider if you are a  stickler for authenticity.

Those stickers don’t come cheap.  This bike has 12,000 miles on it but appears overall to be in good condition.  It isn’t a museum piece but it hasn’t been abused either.   My guess would be high teens to low 20’s for a sales price if this bike was in the U.S.  Maybe a little less in the UK where the bike was imported?   There can’t be that many road going versions still in circulation.

 Enjoy the auction.


I’ve posted these before but I don’t get tired of looking at the brochure

Wow, how about his combo?  Look at that tank and frame on the Harris GSXR. The RK has the dry clutch installed.  I’d give that collection a thumbs up too.



Sport Bikes For Sale December 22, 2011 posted by

Littly Bitty Gixxer: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 250

For Sale: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 250

Here in the RSBFS corporate office, Christmas shenanigans are in full swing. Hey look Rem – I wrote up a gixxer! Sure, I had to go to the Land Down Under to find one, and it is “only” a 250 at that – but I finally beat Rem to the GSX-R punch!

From the seller:
That was the Good now the bad
Has been dropped at some stage but only very light damage to original exhaust and barely noticeable minor scratches to fairing, carbies need a tune as bike was sitting for over 10 years in shed, recently registered and now for sale ,This bike is registered as a race bike in NSW PJB96,

NOW FOR BUYERS INTERESTED IN THE US: As this model was never released in the United States and only limited numbers were made im listing this on EBAY US so all you collectors out there have a chance to own a piece of gsxr history, If purchased at the buy it now price bike can be delivered to either SYDNEY OR MELBOURNE TO AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY THAT YOU MUST ORGANIZE AND PAY FOR YOURSELF, Delivery is only to these 2 cities at the buy it now price!

There are not a lot of pictures of this bike in the ad, but the seller does quote a decent amount of specs for the model:

From the seller:
The Suzuki GSX-R250 is a motorcycle that was manufactured from 1987 to 1990 by suzuki A couple of years after the presentation of the GSXR750 the 250 cc GSX-R250 was released. Like the larger bike, the GSX-R250 had a box-frame (steel, not aluminum), full fairing, Full-floater rear swing and a four-cylinder four-stroke engine. But while the GSX-R750 engine was air and oil-cooled, the baby brother had a liquid-cooled engine. Not many examples are seen outside Japan. 17-inch cast wheels and 300 mm twin disc brake at the front. The GSX-R250 had impressive power and was made primarily as a road legal 250 cc racing bike reaching speeds of 200+km/h (124 mph). Imported specimens may be seen in Australia and New Zealand . Also, around 350 units were imported to Denmark around 1989 to 1992.

Engine type: Water-cooled inline-4 DOHC 4-stroke, 16-valve
Cylinder volume: 248 cc
Bore and stroke: 49,0 x 33,0 mm (1.929 x 1.299 in)
Power output: 45 PS (32.6 kW) at 15,000 RPM
Torque: 24 N·m (18 ft·lbf) at 15,000 RPM
Fuel capacity: 16.0 litres (2.0 litres reserve)
Starting system: Electric start
Ignition type: Full transistor
Transmission type: 6-speed constant mesh
Gearshift pattern: 1-down, 5-up
Secondary drive type: Chain
Clutch type: Wet multi-plate
Frame type: Steel box type
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Full-floater
Overall length: 2000 mm (78.7 in)
Overall width: 700 mm (27.6 in)
Overall height: 1105 mm (43.5 in)
Wheelbase: 1370 mm (53.9 in)
Seat height: 770 mm (30.3 in)
Dry weight: 138 kg (304 lb)
Front tyre size: 100/80-17
Rear tyre size: 130/70-17
Front wheel size: 2.50 x 17 in
Rear wheel size: 3.50 x 17 in
Front brake: Dual-piston twin disc, diameter 300 mm (11.81 in)
Rear brake: Single disc, diameter 250 mm (9.84 in)

Here is a cool video from a Japanese rider on a track day at the Fuji Speedway short course. These little 250s can really zing up the RPMs! If your local roadcourse is short and twisty, this could be your weapon. Sure looks fun to me.

This auction is on right now, and your chance to own a pretty rare machine is here. Perfect for Christmas, this gem is apparently ready for shipping. There is a $2k opening ask, and the BIN for this bike is set at $4,000 (plus shipping). All in all, that is not bad money for a quarter liter rocket that never made it far beyond the borders of Japan! For all the details and to check in on the action, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and hopefully I don’t end up with a lump of coal in my stocking for stealing this Suzuki off of Rem’s plate!