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Laverda March 30, 2013 posted by

Italian transport: 1983 Laverda RGS1000


I you tire of endless L-twin and V-twin pasta rockets, then check out this latest Italian find: a 1983 Laverda RGS 1000. The RGS was derived from the legendary Jota, but made to be more comfortable and more of an executive travel machine or a GT. Don’t let that fairing and those soft curves fool you, however. At the heart of this beast is the same 1000cc triple that dominated Europe before the rise of the Japanese machines.


Like most Laverdas, this one has been ridden. There is just over 21,000 miles on the clock, and the expected wear and tear of a 30 year old bike. But it looks like all of the pieces are there and with no significant damage this unmodified find might just be your ticket into Italian ownership.


From the seller:
Great Italian exotic superbike. Hard to find in this good running condition. Unmolested, clean, correct and complete. Buy for your collection or ride it like the makers intended.


This RGS is not the more desired Executive model (with higher handlebars, add on fairing bits and color coded hard bags), but it is still a great motorcycle. There has been nominal interest in this bike thus far, although at $4,350 the reserve has yet to be met. The BIN on this bike is set at $9,250 – perhaps a little high, but time will tell what the market thinks. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Laverda March 12, 2013 posted by

Triple Threat: 1981 Laverda 1200 Mirage


There have been more and more Laverdas on the market as of late, and that is a good thing indeed for collectors. Today’s bike is not the more often seen Jota or RGS, but the rather special 1200 Mirage model. It looks to be a rider, and has 30k on the clocks.


So what exactly is a Mirage? Designed as a sort of “power cruiser” for the UK market, the specifications came from the British distributor and key importer, Slater Bros. Start by taking the standard 1200cc motor from the parts bin and give it a hotter cam. Stuff it back into a standard Laverda frame, but provide it with a Jota-specification exhaust, and a slightly different riding position with flatter handlebars. The Mirage is born.


From the seller:
As you will see from the photos, this is an extraordinary example of a rare high performance motorcycle from the great days of high performance Italian motorcycles. This motorcycle HAS NOT been restored.The owner before me had the paint very nicely professionally redone in the original color about five years ago.I had the pin striping done in traditional Jota fashion just over a year ago when I added the Jota fairing on the bike. Everything was recleared at that time. ( The original fairing and trim panels are are shown and included. I have always been partial to the one installed.) To my knowledge, the motorcycle has never been out of service in its over 30 year life. It has had several vey caring owners who used it and tended to it.I ride it frequently and it it lives covered with its stablemates at all other times. It functions perfectly in all ways without reservation. I would not hesitate to recommend riding it from Texas to where ever you live. Most of my bikes have spent a week in Cody, Wyoming for daily rides over Bear Tooth (13,000+ ft) to Red Lodge and back. This one made the trip last year along with my two other Laverdas (one other listed here). I recommend the ride on anything except a bicycle. You will not pass another of these on the street; Red Lodge or elsewhere. Tires are good. It lives on a battery tender.

Laverda began producing these 1200cc 180 degree crank triples in 1978 following several years (73-77) of the 3Cs and Jotas. They were from a time when an unending war evolved to keep up with ever improving Japanese offerings. The Mirages were tuned “Specials” for the British market. The standard 1200s were Ts or TSs. It is a stunning, impressive and very satisfying ride. I expect that most serious bidders will know exactly what this is. If not, refer to “Laverda Twins and Triples Bible” by Ian Falloon.

All of my motorcycles are inspected, insured, registered and ridden. I strongly recommend that you do the same with yours. I have a couple that the sellers were distressed to discover that I would ride. Collect if you like. If you are going to ride it good for you. I have reached the point where I can no longer ride all of them enough to justify owning them. I have no financial, health or space issues. There are simply others that I desire to own and ride regularly. I hope that there is a knowledgable next owner out there for this Laverda…


The market for Laverdas – like most things Italian – is looking up. There were times when you could not give a triple away, but those times have changed. While still not as pricy as say a Guzzi V7 Sport, the unique and relatively rare Laverda brand is certainly coming into its own. The current bid on this Mirage is $7,100 with reserve still in place. Click the link for more info and pictures. Good Luck!


Laverda March 6, 2013 posted by

Disco Italiano: 1978 Laverda 1200 Jota America


Marketed on US shores at the height of the disco era, it is hard to imagine Italian engineers and assembly personnel listening to anything other than Pavarotti during the construction of this beast. Still, singing some “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees might have helped – Laverda would close their doors by the early 1980s (only to be resurrected several times in failed attempts to bring back the magic). Piaggio / Aprilia is the current owner of the brand, but have no interest in manufacturing motorcycles under the Laverda banner.


From the seller:
The Laverda triple was a highly esteemed superbike of the 1970s even if it was rarely seen in the USA. They developed a reputation for speed, handling, and durability on the race track, winning multiple superbike championships in Britain and Europe. They blew minds when in a British magazine test it went 140MPH, making it the fastest production bike of the era. Look it up in a Guinness Book of Records from the late ’70s.

This particular Laverda, a 1200 Jota America with a build date of November 1977, is a fine rider and attracts attention wherever it goes. I have owned it since 2009, and I enjoy it on club rides and quick trips over the “Dragon”. It runs very strongly and has been very reliable for me. After I bought it I went over it, checking the valve clearances (OK) , cleaning/tuning the carbs, and fixing a slippy clutch. I replaced the plates and springs and the triplex primary chain for good measure. I checked the compression when the engine was dead cold and found all cylinders within two lbs. of 157psi. I confirmed that the cams were the coveted 4C, but I did not pull the heads to see what pistons were in it. I suspect they are higher than the stock compression.


More from the seller:
I have changed the oil and cleaned the screen several times. I am now running Mobil 1 20w50 motorcycle oil. It is fresh. It has several desirable mods: rear-sets, Jota handlebar, Jota exhaust (I suspect they may be the original ones from England- they are light as a feather with no baffles), modern four-piston Brembo calipers, drilled rotors, braided SS brake lines, SFC fairing, Progressive shocks, the 4C Jota cams, and Moto-Witt ignition. It also has the bum-stop Jota seat, but it has a small tear in it. I have owned five Laverda triples and this one is the fastest. I hate to see this rorty beast go, but my old body finds the riding position too sporty and I just don’t ride it enough to justify keeping it.

It is a fine-looking beast with tons of charisma. I had the exhaust pipes and mufflers re-chromed recently and the oldish paint is still thick and shiny but there are nicks in several places that have been touched up. She makes a very presentable rider – not a show bike. The engine and frame numbers match- it is no. 1697 and is titled as a 1979 model. I just went out to the garage and started her up for the first time since October, when I drained the carbs. She started right away with the distinctive, spine-tingling roar that is unique to these 180-degree triples.

These big triples are bikes from another era. With a classic Italian approach to performance, great looks and terrific sounds, a Laverda makes a statement to the world. It is a great piece of hardware that will not be seen on every corner of your commute, or even at most bike hangouts during spirited weekend rides.


Your chance to own this hot Italian dish is now. Bidders are turning out for this orange beauty, with the current bid up to $6,399 with reserve still in place. I’m really not sure what the value of a Jota is these days, so this will be a great bellweather for these classic bikes in 2013. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction! Disco ball not included.


Laverda February 28, 2013 posted by

Stunning 1999 Laverda 750S Formula $6000

1999 Laverda 750S Formula For Sale

While fantasy shopping on nearby Craigslist sites I happened upon this gorgeous 750 Sport Formula. This is the second one we’ve seen in just a couple of months, and also at $6000. But this one has just 1000 miles and from the pictures it sure looks it. It’s listed on both SF Craigslist and Medford Craigslist.


From the comments on the one we posted in December, “these bikes are awesome, and their so called “lack of power” wasn’t an issue due to the “inzane” handling characteristics. One of the first bikes I ever rode with a gravity gas tank/fake airbox cover. The handling improved as the gas level went down because the center of gravity kept reducing. Top it off with Termignoni exhausts, marchisini wheels and paoli shocks and beautiful paint, they are still just pure lust and awesomely cool. These formula versions were the hotted up versions of the 750s that were a bit flat below 4rpm but easily fixed with a chip upgrade. ”

Well said Martin!



from the seller:

Rare 1999 Laverda 750S formula. Only 75 imported. Showroom condition. Always kept indoors. Termignoni factory racing exhaust. Only alittle over 1000 miles. Complete shop manual. Great collectors bike. Asking $6000.00

Laverda December 13, 2012 posted by

1999 Laverda Formula 750S For Sale in Idaho for $6000

1999 Laverda 750S Formula For Sale

As the seller correctly points out, these were sold in very limited numbers from the start. But what they lacked in overall power of the day they more than made up for in terms of aesthetics and quality components.


1999 Laverda Formula 750S For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

This is a one in a million as far as bikes go. If you are looking for a bike to add to your collection this is a good one. If you are not familiar with Laverda then it will be a fun learning experience. This bike is only ONE OF SEVENTY FIVE that were imported in 1999. It is a rare bike but it still rides excellently! The only reason that I am listing this is that I have a massive amount of respect for this bike and i dont have the means to treat the bike the way that it deserves and I am looking to buy a house. I only have a few pictures of it currently but i will get more up when i get the chance/request. There is a lot of extras that will be going with this so i am going to try and list all of them but will more than likely miss something.

It comes with an extra set of the stock hand made Marchasini rims and stock tires front and rear. It has a seat on the back for the passenger currently and It will include the original hard cover as well as the handle. It has multiple air and oil filters included for the next 5 years or so. (oil was changed with royal purple every time) The is and extra air box where a gas tank would be on a normal bike. There is an extra seat included as well. The mirrors were removed for a more “streamline” look but the originals are still in the packaging. There is a few extra faring piece as well. The main crazy extra is a complete new bottom engine case never been used. And this is all I can recall off of memory alone.

The bike runs excellent and has ALWAYS been garaged. It is currently hooked up to a battery tenderer and started every so often to ensure that it is running fine. The bike is almost completely stock except for a slightly more aggressive chip tuning and a few electrical mods to fix some common bugs. The bike will include about a foot deep of extra information and detailed manuals and detailed labor or all previous work that has been performed on the bike.

Again, this bike is very special to me and i don’t want it to go to just anyone. I want someone who will take it and appreciate the machine for what it really is. It is very rare and turns heads everywhere it goes. It has been a best in show nomination at several car and motorcycle shows




Bimota November 20, 2012 posted by

Turkey Week Stew: 1972 Laverda 750SF, A Monster Ducati Monster And 2009 Bimota DB7

The dimly let and plush RSBFS offices are almost empty this week yet I’m toiling away.  These Bombay Saphire inspired picks may be a bit off the beaten path but I have to admit I’m a bit RGV’d and NSR’d out at the moment.  It’s a little bit of everything so sit back take a sip of your favorite spirit and marvel or say “WTF”.

This 1972 Laverda restoration caught my eye because I’ve really come to appreciate restorations.  Everytime I think I’ve done a good job on what is in my garage I see a bike like this and sigh.


Is it wrong that a sano engine like this excites me as much as twins in a hot tub with gifts?

The info:

Completly restored. Every nut and bolt. Every. bearing .seal gasket. Very Rare 1972 Laverda 750 SF. Rare because not many 750 SFs were equipped with Nippon Denso speedo and tach with Lucas switch gear and Bosch headlight also correct for the 1972 is the Lucas signals and relfectors..  100% Correct restoration except for the paint. Paint is closer to the factory 1973 color. 1972 was a darker green that was not the best looking green. Completly rebuilt from front to back. Including correct for release in 1972 New Dunlop TT100 tires. Rebuilt engine 1st over ASSO pistons. Rebuilt crank using Carrillo rods. Crank was rebuilt at Mongoose engendering  . All new valves and cam bearings.High volume oil pump.  Correct Boranni rims. Updated swingarm to bronze bushings. Rebuilt guages with new guage faces. All new cables. All new stainles steel exhaust headers and mufflers. Nothing has been left untouched. Rebuilt using mostly stainless fasteners . Has only done about 2 miles. Engine still needs breaking in.

The auction has just started on this one. Click for the auction.

The gin was kicking in when I spotted this one.  It’s crazy, odd, disturbing and yet somehow still uniquely Ducati.  It’s a monster of a Monster built for one purpose only:  Bonneville.

Care to go in a straight line very, very fast?  Place your chin here.


Oh my! 

This is a pretty serious race bike and the price reflects it.  The starting bid is hefty $24,000.  Make sure you are stone cold sober before bidding on this one.  Be sure to check out the auction as it has lots of info and links to stories on the bike.

Click for the auction.

This one is my gift to you.  Be sure to leave this picture up on your computer for your significant other to see.  Make sure you preface that with some relationship mumbo jumbo about how you need to feel more alive to make your relationship stronger.


That sure would look damn good next to the Christmas tree.  Better than my LP to MP3 converter I unexpectedly got for the 5 LP’s I own.  True story.

The info:

This is for a 2009 Bimota DB7 in pristine condition. The bike has zero damage, has never been dropped and is in like new condition. Blue Book on the bike with average mileage for the age is over $23,000.00. The bike has 1647.1 miles on it although the odometer shows 447.1. The instrument cluster was replaced under warranty because the tach needle came loose. The bike has Super Coarsa 3 tires and a Ducati Racing slipper clutch. The bike has been serviced by the dealer since new. I am the only owner. The bike was purchased new from Eurosport Cycle in Fort Worth Texas.

There is a decent amount of interest on this one.  The BIN is $25,000 and the bidding is hovering in the mid teens. 

Click for the auction.


Laverda October 17, 2012 posted by

A Tasty Bit of Orange: 1999 Laverda 750S Formula

Note: This is a guest post from one of regular readers and spotters, Marty. Enjoy! -dc

The final generation Laverdas, especially the 750 formulas, don’t seem to become available in the USA very often. Laverda discontinued operations in 2000 due to financial difficulties and Aprilia/Piaggo decided to shut down the brand. These bikes were true Italians (no Japanese engines for them!) Personally I am a bit biased towards these bikes even though they had a somewhat iffy reputation for reliability when they were for sale, mostly due to early generation crank issues and some weak battery cables. Top notch components (Brembo’s, Marchasini’s and Termignoni’s all standard), a Nico Baker designed frame and a cool black and orange color scheme were all wrapped together to produce bikes that challenged the Ducatis of the era for both performance and sexiness.

From the seller:

Like rare bikes? They’re even better when they handle like this one:

1999 Laverda Formula 750S. The last, and most desirable version of the Laverda sportbikes. This example has just 8,057 km (5,006 miles). Speedo has both km and mi and these were official imports (no problems with title issues).

The Formula was a limited edition model of the 750S, and came stock with adjustable billet rearsets, lighter Marchesini wheels, upgraded cams, exhaust with CF cans, CF fender, Brembo Gold Line calipers and full floating rotors, and nifty fully adjustable Paioli suspenson front and rear. Of course, it maintained the jewel-like aluminum frame.

The bike handles beautifully. I can only imagine how a new set of sticky Supercorsas would enhance the package. This bike has open Termignoni cans and fueling is absolutely spot-on. I love my Ducati’s, but they definitely aren’t as clean at low revs as this Laverda. The bike puts out 92hp in stock trim, not sure how much the open Termi’s add. The original stock CF exhaust is safely in a box and is included with the sale. Owner’s manual and original tool kit are included as well.

These bikes sit (too) close to vertical on their side stands, and this one did tip over in the showroom. There are a couple minor marks (pictured). The close ups with flash exaggerate them. I have not tried having them buffed out and the full left side shots are much more representative of the bike’s excellent condition. Other than that, the bike looks as stunning as it rides and it gets as much attention at the Sunday morning breakfast stop as my 996R or NSR250.

This particular example is a 1999 750 formula, which has the final generation water cooled engine. It’s being offered on eBay and unlike some of the other discontinued Italians such as Cagiva or Mondial, parts are still available and there is a strong community of owners willing to share information via the yahoo zanelist group.


Laverda October 17, 2012 posted by

Rare Survivor: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000

For Sale: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000

Just check out this wonderful survivor from a slightly less hyperactive era. Sure, it is no cutting edge, no excuses sportbike. Rather, this was designed when cubic inches were important, and when build quality and solid construction trumped the “disposable” era of mass produced plastic. This is a bike that was built for the ages, and you could hang on to this one for the next 20 years and it will still show very well.

This is not the more-often seen RGS model, but rather the very rare RGA variant. The seller has included a lot of information, and thus I will let him tell the story.

From the seller:

For those (many) of you unfamiliar with the marque, here’s a simple analogy: if you think of Ducati as the Ferrari of the motorcycle world, then think of Laverda as Lamborghini. Also like Lamborghini, Laverda’s roots are in the manufacturing of farm equipment. Laverda is best known for their robust, powerful twin- and triple-cylinder motorcycles of the late 60’s and 70’s, where they competed directly against other Italian manufacturers like Ducati and Moto Guzzi.

What we have here is a very original and unmolested motorcycle; with exception of the tires, nearly everything you see here is exactly as it rolled off the showroom floor. The RGA is a rare variant of the much more common (well, in Laverda terms anyway) RGS model line: the best educated estimate I have found is that there were only around 30-40 of these ever produced. Sold new by Southern California Laverda dealer Europoean Cycle Specialties in Garden Grove, CA, the bike has spent it’s entire life in the Orange County area under the care of two fanatical owners, with the first having the bike from new until 2004. All paint and trim is completely original and untouched everywhere, and the bike retains all it’s original engine and frame parts, airbox, body panels, tool tray, and seat.

From the seller:
Only two modifications from stock were performed by the original owner: the mufflers are free-flowing stainless replicas, and the original, US government-mandated 85-mph speedometer was replaced by a 150-mph unit (the odometers are separate items in these instrument clusters, so original mileage is unaffected.) The original mufflers and speedometer are included as part of this sale. Also included with the bike are the original owner’s manual and tool kit.

Having spent the last several years in my living room, the bike has just undergone a thorough servicing to make it completely ready for the road, including the cleaning and refreshing the entire fuel system, carburetor tuning using a 4-gas analyzer, valve clearance and all chain adjustments, rebuilt brake and clutch systems, rebuilt forks, new rear shocks, (originals also come with the bike) tires, tubes, and battery. Everything on this bike works as intended, and you could ride it anywhere tomorrow. A good friend who is a long-time Laverda owner took this bike for a test ride and pronounced it “the best running triple I have ever ridden.” Production date on the frame tag is 10/83. In the Laverda world, bikes are typically referenced by their engine number, which in the era of 17-digit VIN’s has nothing to do with the frame number. This one’s engine number is 2486. Engine and frame are original and matching just as they left the Breganze factory.

A beautiful bike, an knowledgeable seller, and some fantastic hi-res photos really tell the whole story around this bike. Bidding has also told an interesting story; interest has been very high, and the current bid is up to $7,500 with reserve still in place. The BIN on this one is set at a pretty reasonable $10k – there is a lot of rare motorcycle here for that number. I suspect we will see this auction go the distance.

For more info and to check out the action, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!!