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Fast Waltz – 1982 Laverda Jota 1000


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Laverda introduced a three-cylinder engine based on their air-cooled 750 in 1973, and refined the concept for the 1976 Jota.  An exotic superbike, the Jota was for a time the fastest production motorcycle, and was a major presence on the European endurance racing calendar.  Ongoing improvements made the 80’s Jotas smoother and more reliable.  This recent import from Italy pushes all the right buttons.

1982 Laverda Jota for sale on eBay

After making their triple with 180-degree crankshaft timing for several years, the 1982 model was the first with 120-degree spacing between the crankshaft lobes, and a smoother running engine.  Along with a newly designed head, the triple Dell’Ortos had new mountings to isolate them from the engine heat.  With ongoing ignition and alternator improvements, the bikes were a lot easier to enjoy.  1982 also brought improved Marzocchi suspension, which helped the heavy-steering supersport hold the line once turned in.  Also new was the hydraulically actuated clutch which complemented the Brembo brakes.

With mileage just under 14,000, this Jota looks great in the company’s favorite paint and boasts California title.  Very original, as the owner says in the eBay auction:

This Euro-Spec Laverda was purchased from a collector in Italy and recently imported to California. 

Very low original mileage with only 22K kilometers. (13,670 miles. Bike has odo and speedo in kilometers and kph)

Overall cosmetic condition is excellent, showing very minor weathering and no significant flaws or faults.

Paint, bodywork, seat, wheels, chrome, instruments, tires etc. all in nice shape.

This bike is completely original aside from it getting an original replacement ignition at one point. 

Completely maintained and recently fully serviced, starts, runs and rides like new. 

A rare casualty of Piaggio’s consolidation, Laverda’s big supersports couldn’t compete abroad or at home, and the company was subject to a series of re-financing tries until the brand was retired in 2004.  But the brand has instantaneous recognition among riders and their sound still catches the ear, with or without orange paint.  This Jota has momentarily stopped time for those lucky enough to view, and when it rides “like new” for its new owner, they’ll likely experience an interruption in the aging process…



  • Say what you will about Tamburini’s designs, this, to me, is one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever designed.
    Perfect proportions, a whomping big motor, and enough cool details to keep you drooling.
    Nicely photographed as well.
    As a European import, wasn’t there a lower fairing?

    • You may be thinking of the Laverda Mirage 1200 TS, which had IMO fairly unattractive bolt on lowers. This Jota 120 model, some would say a transition model from late 180-1000’s towards 120-1000cc RGS/RGA, carried on using the 1981 Jota’s optional Futura fairing, but uses the 1200 Mirage side covers, tail piece, and instrument cluster. Other holdovers as well as the Futura fairing from the late 180 were the fuel tank, painted steel front fender, late airbox, Brevetato adjustable handlebars, Jota hump seat, and rear chrome grab bar. By many reports, probably less than 150 of these were made, which is only slightly less than late 180 engine Jota annual production.

    • This is what I love about RSBFS – truly knowledgeable readers willing to share wonderful (and sometimes esoteric) detail about a rare marque or model.

      Steve: The RSBFS staff voted that you should change your screen name to Laverda-pedia. 🙂


  • OK, Yes!, these are spectacular to view. Not so much beautiful as extra macho ( Though I really like the ’76 version in Silver which resided in me shed. ), sorta like a volcanic activity. By the by, youse can have the splendid Tamburini, I’m down with Tartarini as the single GOAT moto designer though I rate the original MV 750 Sport as #1 All-Time and the 750 SFC Lavs as 1a. Ciao, Pj

  • Failed to sell at $14,609 with 21 bids.


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