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Classic Sport Bikes For Sale November 24, 2011 posted by

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Our Weekly Recap from!

It’s that time again to give you guys a look at what’s been showing up on our sister sites This week we have a diverse selection. From a Laverda Bol’ d’Or endurance replica to a triplet of Vincents that racked up over $140k in bids. Also, have a look at some of the bikes that have shown up on the RSBFS Facebook page this week. Be sure to like us on Facebook if you haven’t already to not miss a beat this holiday season. Enjoy!

1975 Moto Guzzi LeMans For Sale at CSBFS

1972 Laverda Bol’ d’Or Endurance Replica

 A Trio of Vincents at ClassicSportBikesForSale

1998 Honda CBR F3 Smokin’ Joe’s on the RSBFS FB page

1993 Ducati 888 SPO up for auction seen on the Facebook page!


Laverda November 2, 2011 posted by

Classic Italian Stunner: 1981 LAVERDA JOTA

For Sale: 1981 LAVERDA JOTA

When it comes to the pages of RSBFS, Laverdas are relatively scarce. Sure, you might find the occasional RGS Executive, but most of what we have posted are the more modern incarnations of Laverda, such as this 750S or this 750S Formula. But today we have the legendary Laverda – the 1000cc JOTA.

The Jota was the brainchild of U.K. Laverda distributors Slater Brothers. Convincing the factory that they knew what Laverda needed to produce, the brothers created the specification. As the Slater brothers had a history of offering modified Laverdas – especially those based on the new 1000cc three cylinder “3C” platform, what rolled out of the Laverda factory in 1976 was essentially a factory version of a Slater build. Add in a cool name – Jota is a native Spanish dance in triple time – and history was made. The model ran through 1982 before being discontinued and morphed into the RGS line.

From the seller:

This bike appears to be in excellent condition for its age. There is nothing quite like the cadence of an inline triple – either at idle or at full song. This bike, this legendary model, looks pretty deserving of a good home.

The auction for this bike is going on now. Interest has been pretty consistent since auction opening, and the current bid sits at $8,450 with reserve still in place. I have no idea where this one is going to end up, but it sure will be fun to watch. For more information and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Laverda October 24, 2011 posted by

Executive Express: 1983 Laverda RGS Executive

For Sale: 1983 Laverda RGS Executive

Quick – name a famous manufacturer of large displacement, 3-cylinder sportbikes. No, not the UK one. Think Italian. Benelli is a close guess, but not really known for bigger bore machinery in the US. Reach a little deeper into the history of Italian motorcycle manufacturing to pull out today’s find: Laverda.

Founded in 1949 (although the name was associated with farm equipment engines since 1873), Moto Laverda S.A.S. started out as most motorcycle firms in post-war Europe: building econimical, small displacement bikes for transportation. Bikes grew as years went on, and by the 1960s Laverda was producing smaller singles and larger twins. It was the quest for power and speed – not to mention competition from within Italy as well as Germany and Japan – that led to the development of the famed triple.

More compact laterally than the Japanese fours or BMW boxers, the Laverda triple featured a 180 degree crank which put one piston at top dead center and two at bottom. This gives these bikes a characteristic lumpy feel at idle, with some vibration spread across the rev range. With 1,000cc power is rarely lacking, and although a bit tall by today’s standards, the compact width aided in packaging and handling.

The Executive is the range-topping model of the 1000cc RGS line up. The differences between the Executive and the standard RGS: Fairing extensions that protect the rider’s hands on cold mornings, the bars sit higher than on a RGS to provide a more comfortable sport-touring stance, but it is really all about those fabulous, color coded hard bags. Offering usable capacity in a highly stylized format, the bags on the Executive really make this model stand out. The initial run of Executive models came straight from the factory (with a special VIN to match), while the rest were dealer-added kits. Today, due to the fact that the base of an Executive is a stock RGS, many additional “Executives” exist than before – after all, these are all just bolt on bits.

From the seller:
The Laverda factory, back in the day, thirty years ago, sold a handful of RGS models badged Executive into the USA. They were silver in color. A very very small number survive. The following year, the factory decided to enable USA dealers to add the Executive bits to the RGS themselves by providing the various parts.
Not many of those survive either. This bike for sale is one of the latter. It is not one of the tiny few original silver factory built Executives. It is an Executive built by a Laverda dealer, somewhere in the Eastern USA (I bought from a collector in the midwest, a decade ago). Still rare, not silver.

From the seller:
Folks this is for a real nice example of a Laverda RGS Executive. If you are here you know what this bike is. I have had in my collection, finally had it professionally restored last year to mint condition. Recent injuries have curtailed my motorcycle interests, and several bikes such as this will be going up for sale.

The restoration included a complete tear down to frame. Frame refinished. Engine rebuilt completely with new rings, valve job, new horns, badges, whatever it needed. Of course, all new gaskets, etc. These efforts ran over $7K.

Forks rebuilt with RaceTech gold valve emulators. Back shocks are custom made RaceTech with black springs to look vintage. Forks and shocks cost over $1000 in parts alone.

Also, bought a Keihin flat slide carb. kit at the Laverda rally at MidOhio in 2008 and had installed and then dyno-tuned. This cost $2K. Not a small effort–and kept the original air box. Works like a charm. Have original carbs.

New tires, although over 5 years old at this juncture. In pics, striations on the dash plastic are reflections of light, plastic is perfect.

All the bayflex is in mint shape on the bike, a testimony to Massimo Laverda.

Wheels are in nice shape, to make the thing museum would need repaint. My goal was to make this bike my daily rider. Not to be.

The only issue of any moment is the tacho drive is inaccurate. Wolfgang has a resistor fix inline.

All in all, a really nice Executive. Not common in the USA, and the ones out there are pretty thrashed as the Brits say. This one is not, and has been meticulously restored to boot. Needs nothing.

So, do the math. You can buy a base RGS, non-executive for around 9K. Executives are rare so pricing is TBD. I have over 10 grand in costs in this bike.

From the seller:
I had a couple senior moments listing this. One, the carb kit is a Mikuni. I should know better, but I often confuse Keihin and Mikuni. I am not a Japanese bike enthusiast. Also, the back shocks I had custom made by Worx. Cost even more than stated. I think they were over 700 each just for the rear.

More facts:
RH throttle housing is a NOS suzuki part to operate the mikuni RS 36 carbs
brake and clutch hydraulics are all new with the hoses being stainless
it also has jota pistons, a DMC ignition and 530 chain conversion
frame had the headstock strengthened with add’l gussets

This Executive model has 26,820 miles showing on the clock – high from a collectable standard, but not out of line with the age of the bike. This seller has done a lot of work to bring the bike up to this standard, and from the pictures it certainly looks the business. Bidding has been moderate on this one: at the time of this writing the auction was sitting at $9,100 with a few days to go. At that price, somebody is going home with a beautiful bike very soon. Executives are $8-$10k bikes all day long. This one is in better than average condition, and I predict that the final price will reflect that fact.

For more information and to check out this unique Italian express, click on the link and check out the auction. Good Luck!


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale September 23, 2011 posted by and Weekly Recap!

Can’t get enough of RSBFS? Have you spent countless hours surfing this site continually telling yourself “ok, I will just look at one more page”. I know I have! Well you’re in luck if you like checking out cool sport bikes for countless hours at a time. ClassicSportBikesForSale is just one click away. Check out some of the bikes that have made it up this week on the sister
site to RSBFS. Enjoy!

Two 1974 Laverda 750 SF’s ForSaleon uo for auction

1972 Suzuki T250 II Hustler Scrambler on CSBFS

Clean and Classic: 1968 BSA Spitfire

IF you’re into Cafe Bikes, be sure to check out and clear your schedule!


Laverda September 5, 2011 posted by

Ready For Restoration: 1979 LAVERDA FORMULA 500 SERIES 1

Ready For Restoration: 1979 LAVERDA FORMULA 500 SERIES 1

It might not look like much now but these bikes were the father’s of the single make race series. Laverda came up with the “Coppa Laverda” in 1978 to showcase their new bike that was designed for club level racing. I think they came up with a winning idea as we still see single make series racing today.

So, they must have made a bunch of these things to keep the race series going, correct? Well, no. I’m finding production numbers of 210 and that is broken into three series. The bike here being a series one. One of the identifying features of the series 1 is the one piece tank/seat unit. has a great write up on the Formula 500. Here is a little bit from their site:

The Formula 500 is simple concept, beautifully executed. The chassis is a standard Alpino unit, in fact the Formula is basically an Alpino ‘S’ with an upgraded engine fitted with a race fairing and fuel tank kit. A Formula engine has the S1 cam developed for the factory’s endurance racers, a set of 10.5 to 1 pistons, larger oil pump and, most significantly, a close ratio box. Series 1 F500s were fitted with long tapering megaphones with no cross over pipes. A set of attractive, sandcast rearsets were fitted along with Menani clip-ons with forward extensions. Standard clip-ons would have rendered the already cramped riding position unbearable for all but the smallest riders. The weight reduction created by the removal of the road equipment was offset slightly by the addition of the bodywork, but even so the Formula 500s stated weight was a useful 16kg less than the road bike. At 154KG the Formula could make good use of the 52bhp on offer from the uprated engine .

There is a good shot of the one piece tank and seat unit. The Formula 500 also came with a keyed ignition. Odd for a race bike but apparently one of the selling points as it came with everything you’d needed to register the bike for the road.

This is a UK bike and it sounds like it has quite a history.

Laverda Formula 500 for sale. This is a 1st series bike with the one piece Fiberglass tank & seat unit. I believe that very few (75?) of these were made for the original one make series (The Laverda Formula?). Also, several bikes were raced in the Isle of Man TT and at other places by importers including Slaters.

This bike was sold by Slaters in 1979, after the original factory race series so its likely that this bike had been raced by them and then sold to a customer. It was road registered, but what a road bike! Included with the bike is the original application for a new road licence showing the sale of a Formula 500 with engine number 1928 and frame number 1876 to a Mr Higgins by Douglas Austin, Sales Manager of Slaters on the 5th Feb 1979. Details of all owners since is provided along with some receipts showing it was resold by Slaters in 1983 and also a receipt for extensive engine work in 1987. Interestingly, the numbers have never matched – perhaps Slaters fitted a new engine when they eventually sold the bike as “new”?

Eventually, the bike ended up in the ownership of Alan Bell of Muira Engineering where it stayed until the early 2000s.

It needs full restoration but when finished will be a fantastic race bike for events such as 1000 Bikes or Spa Classic. Formula 500s are fast, loud and reliable, and as this is one the incredibly rare 1st series, it will be welcome at all classic events, I am sure.

In the pictures, I have attached the fairing and brackets with cable ties as these had been removed when I bought the bike. The carbs had also been removed. Carbs, brackets and fairing are all with the bike though as you see. I am including a pair of new silencers. The 1st series did not have the Monty type silencers with e “X” type cross over.

Whoever the new owner will be will have some serious restoring ahead of him. Cleaning old carbs can be a restoration in itself. Ask me how I know.

Some of the restored bikes online look pretty damn sharp. It is an interesting bike with its’ history and if you’ve got the time and the patience, it would be a nice project. Take a look here.


What to aim for; nicely restored Formula 500 Series 1 at Misano:




Laverda August 22, 2011 posted by

Rare, Italian and not a Ducati: 1999 Laverda 750S Formula

Location: Carlsbad, California

Mileage: 10,000

Price: $7,500 or offer

These have been posted on RSBFS before but they are certainly not a bike you see rolling through the neighborhood that often (at least not my neighborhood). As mentioned before, the Formula was a hopped up limited edition version of the regular 750S. The upgrades included top notch Brembo four piston calipers and dual floating discs, along with lightweight Marchesini rims and a fully adjustable rear shock. All of this was powered by a 750cc parallel twin that cranked out 92 bhp.

Some more pics-

From the seller-

Up for reluctant sale is my 1999 Laverda Formula. This is a very special bike – it is a TRUE 1999 model and one of only a handful imported into the country, in all these years I have never seen another like it for sale. I am the founder of the Zanelist, the largest online support group for Laverda owners, and have owned the bike practically since new (2000), and put all relevant miles and service into the bike. This is a bike best sampled by the Italophile, these Laverdas were some of the last hand built motorcycles to come from an Italian motorcycle company still owned and operated by Italians. The character really shows and the fact that these bikes were built at the base of the Dolemites comes out in the way they perform in switchback mountain roads. These were the last bikes to be imported into the country before Laverda shut their doors, which happened just months after I bought the bike. 

Now, some history on this machine in particular: 

The bike has always received THE BEST oil (Motul 300V Double Ester), and has never been left sitting for too long.

Bike was in a low side accident several years ago and the lower fairings were repainted factory “Mediterranean” blue with factory decals. There are some small imperfections (dust) in the repainted fairings but they can only be seen upon close examination.

Factory race cans installed (Termignoni) and accompanying chip. Throttle response is perfect and the sound is incredible.

2000 Laverda Factory cams – these cams are the pinnacle of Laverda engineering and eliminate the notorious flatspot in the RPM range earlier Formula models exhibited. The bike responds smoothly throughout the rev range.

New Regina (OEM) chain installed (less than 1000 miles)

New Dunlop Q2 tires installed (less than 1000 miles)

Forks (Fully adjustable Paioli) rebuilt with new seals and oil (less than 1000 miles)

ALL fluids replaced (less than 1000 miles)

Shock replaced with new OEM (Less than 1000 miles)

Laverda Formula 668 Subframe (reduces weight/improves balance of machine – stock steel subframe is included with purchase)

New LiFeP04 Pulse battery (~10 lbs. lighter than stock battery).

New Fuel Pump (Upgraded ND Unit less than 1000 miles)

New Speedometer (Original was damaged in my accident and will be provided in sale for proof of mileage as stated.)

Factory Shop and Parts manuals included

As for why I am selling the bike, this Laverda is now at a point in its life where it would be best served by an owner who wishes to add something quite rare (and beautiful) to their collection. I have 2 other bikes, a sport tourer and an older air cooled Laverda, and I’m at a point where I can’t really justify an Italian exotic as I am now saving up for a house. It’s a captivating machine that exudes the essence of Italian motorcycling, like a 2 wheeled Ferrari F-40. Someone who wishes to own something really unique and characterful will have no regrets. 

PLEASE – serious inquires only. “Test Rides” only for those who provide cash in hand. That said, if you have any technical or vehicle history questions, feel free to ask away. 

Bike has approx. 10,000 total miles. Valves were adjusted less than 1000 miles ago. This bike runs perfectly. 

The seller is clearly a fan of the brand and seems to have covered the maintenance end of things very well on this bike. The seller does mention an older low side accident and the subsequent repairs. Also, there have been some modifications to the bike, although they seem to be smart upgrades. However, depending how into originality you are, you may want to take that into consideration. Otherwise it seems the bike is well cared for and the mileage doesn’t seem too high. The BIN price is $7,500, which seems about right, but the seller also allows offers.

There’s a lot of bikes out there, and something different is always welcome in my book. The Formula model has the kind of upgrades that makes the bike even more interesting. If you want to start or finish a collection of interesting Italian bikes, make the jump!


Laverda June 18, 2011 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S – Yes another one!

Only recently there was a Laverda 750S on Craigslist and now we find another on eBay. These Laverda’s are a parallel twin and the bikes were finished with many high quality components: Paioli suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels, all the right pieces. These bikes have a very good reputation for their handing and the strength of the engine but I guess parallel twins hark back the good old Brit bike days and so they were never that popular. However these bikes had a much stronger engine.

The owner has some nice things to share from the listing:

This Italian thoroughbred is a little too fast for this old man! I am a big fan of classic Laverdas- I have several, so I could not resist buying this last year. I chose this particular one because of the very low mileage. I have put few miles on it- it stands at 5609 Km now which translates to 3478 miles. The bike runs well; it is actually very quick. You had better be paying attention when it crosses 4000RPM. The clutch works well with no slip and it shifts up and down through the gears nicely. The sound is amazing. I have never heard any thing quite like it- raucous and exciting but not too loud. The handling is exceptional with very quick steering and great stability. Until you get used to it you will be oversteering and correcting. An ideal bike for Deal’s Gap. It is a tribute to the great frame designer Nico Bakker. It comes standard with top-shelf components: Brembo brakes, lightweight Marchesini wheels, Paioli fork and shock, and fuel injection/ECU lifted from Ducati.
There are a few scratches on the fairing from a garage tip over. The left side cover is not really fastened down in the photo because the new over-size Odyssey battery has pushed a few wires and connectors out enough to interfere. An easy fix. The tires are barely worn but should be replaced due to age and cracking. The left fork seal is leaking and should be replaced. The oil was just changed (Mobil 1 20/50) and the oil filter replaced with Alto Performance’s free-flow oil filter and cover. Alto has raced these bikes extensively in the UK and they have found that this mod is a real crankshaft saver. The cooling system was just flushed and filled with new Honda coolant. Parts availability is good- Wolfgang in Canada has a good stock of parts.

In short, this is a strong-running, excellent handling bike that needs a younger owner/pilot than me. I am feeling a tinge of regret at selling this lively steed, but I need the room for an old, slow project bike- perfect for me!

So hop on over and see the ebay auction.

I always think these little beauties go for less than they are worth very often for less than $6k. For such a quality bike with high quality components they are certainly worth it and don’t forget the great handling. Hmmm, perhaps I should pop up to Knoxville!!


Laverda June 8, 2011 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S For Sale in the Bay Area

Always nice to see something from Italy a little different and this Laverda twin is something different.  This bike has a strong following for those who have been exposed but for many others it remains an unknown.  The bike has a very strong engine which is a parallel twin and was put together with high quality components.  For a little bit of background reading try here. They were always highly regarded in the handling department.

The seller shares a bit of background:

Laverda 750s 1999 This is a very unique bike, it can be considered the alternative to the Ducati 748. Bike is a head turner not mention the sound. It has a very deep lope as it is a parallel twin and fires 180 from each other. The power comes best on the top end rather then a low end. If I have to say my favorite part of the bike besides its performance is the sound, the D&D pipes literally make the ground shake, and when the throttle is cracked your heart jumps.
The bike feels very planted in the corners, front brakes feel awesome and the best ive feel ive felt compared to all the newer Japanese bikes. The power is comes in midrange and pulls hard to redline. This if defiantly a bike to take to the twisys. It has a lot of character, very raw and a sense of pride when riding the bike. Has a new pilot power 2CT and a new rear sprocket, tire has maybe 500 miles and is broken in. its been laid down on the left and the only physical damage you can see is a little scrape on the pipe, and clutch perch. The Plastics are from the rare formula S, which I understand only 500 were imported. The plastic has a little damage on the right side but has been touched up and wont notice if you look close. Over all the bike is clean, and has some very nice Factory parts such as Little bit of carbon fiber, and remote reservoir rear shock, brembo hydraulic clutch, rear sets. This is your chance to own a very rare bike. You wont see this everyday.

has about 10,000 miles

Rare Italian made beauty;1999 Laverda 750S with 750SF Formula body work
750cc Parallel twin , DOHC, 408 lbs dry weight, Upgraded Eprom chip, D & D pipes
Factory installed high quality items;
*Marchesini hollow rims
*Steel braided brake lines
*Brembo 4 piston calipers with opposed pistons
*320mm rotors
*Paioli inverted front forks
*Weber Marelli fuel injection with twin throttle bodies.
*Weber-Marelli digital electronic ignition.
*Fuel tank mounted underneath the seat to lower weight
*Battery mounted underneath fuel tank to lower weight

The listing on Craigslist is here

This has been a long favourite bike for me and over the years have bid on a few.  The asking price is fair I think at $4200 as the bike is not fully original with the change in bodywork.  If it is in good condition save for the scratches mentioned, then this could be a nice buy for a lucky person.