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Valentino Rossi’s Championship Bike from 2009!

Orlando, FL – 3,600mi – $8,995,000 BIN


It’s not everyday that you come across something as truly special as this bike right here. To find the actual bike that Valentino Rossi rode to his 13th consecutive MotoGP World Championship up for sale, let alone in the U.S., is something to behold. Valentino Rossi, most commonly referred to as “The Doctor” (a neurosurgeon in his down time), rode this machine to dominance, winning every race in 2009. This prompted former racer, Casey Stoner to denounce his Ducati as the ‘worst bike ever’, eventually switching to Honda, then quitting because he could never be as good as Rossi.


MotoGP bikes put our roughly 300hp. The YZR-M1 was rumored to crank out even more with 400hp derived from is 1000cc two-stroke turbocharged V-twin engine. It was also rumored that Rossi used a secret nitrous oxide system that helped propel this bike close to 275mph! Watch out! In order to make this bike street legal, the seller has fitted it with lights and turn signals.


The bike currently has 3,600 miles, which is of course the exact amount distance to run each race on the MotoGP calendar, further proving that this bike is the real deal. I still don’t know how this bike ended up for sale in Orlando, Florida, but I don’t care as it is a part of history. Now is your chance to own the fastest bike ever produced that was ridden by the greatest racer in history! Check it out!



  • Hi with all my respect , you have the story about the 2009 R1 Fiat all wrong. This is not the bike valentino rossi rode. It is just a regular R1 with a fiat paint scheme. there are several for sale each week around the country…

    I love RSBFS, good job to keep it up to date …
    Aldo from FLorida…

  • Oh, my. Had me going there. Happy April fools day!

  • Wow. It’s hard to understand just how completely wrong this listing description could possibly be. I’m with Aldo on this: Not a snowball’s chance in hell that this is an M1. The eBay auction doesn’t claim it is, states it’s custom paint and nothing else.

    Besides that MGP bikes do not make 400 hp/litre. The 2012 M1 was rated at a claimed 236 bhp. Any hint of nitrous oxide on a MotoGP bike is just fantasy. Not gonna happen. Top speed is ~350 khp (220 mph). 275? Are you kidding?

  • “Oh, my. Had me going there. Happy April fools day!”

    Oh. Crap. ROTFLMAO!

  • Uh huh, Touche’. You guys are great. Happy April Fools Day!

  • I call BS. Everyone knows that Rossi’s bikes have yellow accents.

  • Just after reading this post I recognized it April, not March yet. Great post…..

  • I agree with Yooperbikemike that this is not Rossi’s, but is Yorghey Lorentho’s bike, which we all know, in that year, was not as fast as Val’s bike, unless it hit that glitch spot where it would power up and launch Yorghey into one of his many spectacular moon launching highsides from that year because he would accidentally touch the special button.

  • lol!

  • This is one of the greatest April Fools jokes I’ve read… well so far today.

  • Thanks for the posting!!! I just picked up the bike using BIN, AND the dude sold it to me for a flat $8m so I saved a few bucks. Wow, I cant believe I own VR’s bike.

  • Thats got nothing on my buddys sportster 883…its…..so….fast

  • Bloody hell!!!! had me going too till i read the quote that Stoner was a worse rider then Rossi, takes a person with real talent to ride a temperamental and bad handling Ducati and then actually win a World Championship on it, something Rossi didn’t have.

  • Yes I wrote the post as an April Fools joke. Glad to see it worked on some of you and others enjoyed it… But let’s not turn it into a Rossi v. Stoner battle. Though number of world titles speak for themselves and Ducati had the perfect tire for their bike in ’07. And Stoner did to progressively worse each year after that, until he switched to Honda. No one can win on the Ducati at the moment. Having said that, I stand by my theory. 🙂


  • Jared: Yes, but as Mick had said, we had a great exactly compare between Rossi and Stoner after Valencia 2010, when Rossi got the same bike as Stoner rode on Sunday race (2nd place) , but on this same bike Rossi was 1s slower. As Ducati fan, it is necessary to be said, that Ducati is not really technical peak of GP, and from 2007
    it goes little bit worse, but Ducati and Stoner was the most successful bike and rider of the 3rd part of 2010 season. And Stoner had said, they find the best setting for the bike. So yes, Rossi was more succesful rider in general, but Stoner was best rider in 800cc era and is seen as more talented rider, while Rossi was not able to ride the same bike as Stoner. We need to see both sides…. But great post.

  • Well JS that be said Nicky Hayden must then be a better rider then Rossi same bike, tyres, faster times consistantly better results. Can’t wait till April 1 2014 cheers all love this website.

  • […] Make no mistake, I am not above such shenanigans myself. But since Jared did such a great job on this Fiat-liveried Yamaha R1 (you DID realize what day it was, didn’t you???), I figured that would be hard to top and […]

  • I do believe Lorenzo might have a problem with you saying Stoner was most successful in the last 3rd of 2010. 🙂 However, I might concees that point only to say that Rossi had just returned from a broken tibia/fibula.

    Stoner had 11 more wins on the 800’s, but thy had the same amount of titles (2). Also, Rossi was riding Yamaha in ’06 when Hayden won the title on the Honda. Hard to compare there.

    Is the Duc better suited for Stoner’s riding style? Absolutely. Did Rossi suck on te Duc? Yes. Is Stoner greater than Rossi. No way. 🙂

  • Jared: I did not compare Stoner vs Rossi in 2010, but Stoner and Ducati general. From last 3 races Stoner on Ducati had won for three times, Lorenzo for two times. So Ducati was very competitive bike on the end of 2010 season. That Ducati suit to Stoner just only for his specific style is sci-fi. Because this would meen that he can´t ride Honda, because riders on Hondas and Yamahas can´t ride Ducati. Read something about it, and you will find, how the Stoner should changed the style 06/07 and 10/11. That only Stoner was winning with Ducati doesn´t mean Ducati is bad.
    I will ask you: how good was Yamaha bike 04-07, was is good bike?

  • sorry, from 6 races, not 3.

  • One point many seam to forget Stoner conceded many podiums for three years due to an undiagnosed fatigue illness which I understand came down an intolerance to lactose from memory, but even then he achieved results and was carried of the bike at times. That was a much greater disadvantage then a Rossi,s broken tibia. Just wish Stoners heart was still in it so we could see both at it on competitive bikes.

  • Over each riders first 6 premier class seasons:
    Wins: Rossi 53, Stoner 33
    Podiums: Rossi 81, Stoner 39
    World Championships: Rossi 5, Stoner 2
    Starts: Rossi 97, Stoner 100

  • Come now gents- let us not forget the greats that Vale raced against when he first entered the premier class, you know, when they rode 500cc smokers… Stoner remembers watching those races…
    Mathematically, 7>2, titles, that is.
    Sad Casey quit, a genius on the bike no doubt with several championships left to win, but a bit arrogant to think by walking away he would change anything. Unfortunately, history will only remember him as another great rider with a few crowns. Best of luck to him whatever he pursues next.
    On the other hand, there will be a very special place in history for Rossi. You cannot ignore his record or his impact on the sport, fan, hater, or competitor.
    Bring on this season!

    Very funny post on the bike, great joke!

  • “Unfortunately, history will only remember him as another great rider with a few crowns. Best of luck to him whatever he pursues next.”

    Personally, I’ll always remember how beautiful it was to watch him slide the bike all crossed up through Turn 3 at Phillip Island.

    Honestly, gang, arguing over who’s better is just academic at their level of genius.

  • Agree. Both are a sight to behold and I will always remember watching the epic battle that was Laguna ’08 in person. I’m always up for a friendly and well argued debate. I’m just glad to see CS leave because he clearly wasn’t enjoying himself and it shows. Looking forward to this season for sure! Ready for Marquez to be in the mix along with Vale back where he belongs with Yamaha.


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