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1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP For Sale!

Venice, CA – 24,694mi – $2,325 with Reserve


It’s always nice to see an older, and well cared for, FZR1000 pop up for sale. It just means that clean examples are not extinct and still around for those love to look at them and ride them. These are some damn good looking bikes. Anyone that knows and loves the older FZR1000’s knows that this is the model to have. Yamaha had redesigned their liter bike, bumping displacement to 1002cc and horsepower up to 145. Now present was the EXUP system which further enhanced the bikes power delivery.


This bike comes to us from Venice, CA and as evidence by its storage conditions is taken care of. Check out the bikes in the background of this hanger! …and a plane.


The seller has a lot to say about the bike which I don’t need repeating.

Full history and all documentation from day one comes with this bike. Every receipt this bike ever generated is included. I have the original “pink slip”, California certificate of title, and the original purchase order from Simi Valley Cycles where this bike was purchased in June of 1989 for $8,000. I am the second owner of the bike. A divorce forced the sale from the original owner. The previous owner did an amazing job of keeping all service records, organized in a three-inch-thick, three-ring binder. He also kept the original owners manual, and all receipts.

Both original, stock keys are included.

There is a bill of sale from Thousand Oaks Yamaha from March of 1989 for $8,145. That was the 1st FZR 1000 the previous owner purchased, and it unfortunately was promptly stolen from Laguna Seca while he attended the USGP in 1989. So the bike you are bidding on is the bike he purchased from Simi Valley Cycles, to replaced the stolen one. I only mention that because it is rare to purchase a bike from a owner that has owned multiples of the same bike. He owned two FZR 1000. I have owned many.


For a bike with 24,694 miles, you wouldn’t believe it when you look at the bodywork. The condition of the bike shows a lot of TLC kept this bike looking new. The rear-sets, bar-ends, and turn signals, all the places you look for signs of a tip-over are all clean. The front right signal has a scratch, but not a tip over style scratch. More like something passed by the bike and scratched the signal. The lowers look amazing, there are a few scratches at the absolute bottom that look like they came from a ramp while the bike was being rolled onto the bed of a truck. You can only see them on your hands and knees. The right fork tube has a couple chips at the top of the leg. You can see the scratches in the photos. The paint quality is excellent and bright. The stock pipe is very good, but there are some signs of oxidation in the aluminum. There is also a very light abrasion at the front of the aluminum in the black paint on the weld. It is impossible to tell if it is from a tip over, or from something rubbing against it. But if it did tip over, that is the only sign. The bodywork and bar ends show no signs of a tip over. The tank is amazing and flawless. In the rear, there are abrasion scuffs and very small cracks from the seat where it sits on the rear side panels. Again, you can see the damage in the photos. The only way to see the flaws is by removing the seat. If the seat is in place, it’s almost impossible to see the scuffs. Finally, there is a piece of the tinted windshield that was broken off by the airplane’s tail while the plane was being parked. If I were keeping it, I would replace the tinted shield with a stock-looking clear screen, but it functions perfectly. The last 3″ of the screen on the left side by the mirror is where the screen is broken. The wheels have been powder coated and are in absolute immaculate condition. Finally, the last owner installed an alarm. I have removed the guts of the alarm, however he did put a light on the tail section directly above the tail light. You can see the tiny red lens in the pictures.

All in all, I would say the bodywork is 98%.

The bike starts perfectly, idles perfectly and runs like it’s 1989. The oil is fresh, the fluids are recently changed, and the Bridgestone Battlax BT012R’s look almost new. The bike is 100% ready to ride.

Model notes:

The 1989 was the second generation of the FZR 1000 series. I also have a 1989 FZR750RR OW-O1, and next to each other, you can see the similarities between the two models. The EXUP in the name describes the header-mounted servo motor that opens and closes depending on throttle position. In the mid-range, the servo motor closes the valve, giving more back pressure, and as a result more mid-range power. As the throttle is opened, the valve is opened and the pipe becomes 100% free flowing.

The OW-O1 is more rare, but if you enjoy twisting your right wrist, the FZR is the bike you’re looking for. It starts pulling around 3,000 and pulls hard all the way to it’s 11,500 redline.

Like I said before, the second gen FZR1000 is the better of the two and seems to be more sought after. The seller goes to great description in detail a few minor imperfections with the bike, which builds my confidence without seeing it in person. Hell, it even has the stock pipe with its full “EXUP” glory. Hard to find much fault in this bike. If you agree and want to make it yours, then check out the auction here!


This post dedicated to my biggest fan – Big Tex


  • Too much, one sold just like it in Ontario a couple weeks back for $1200 w/ only 18000km (kilometers, NOT miles) and was in condition equal to this or better. Was looking at another in my area that sold for $250 and a 24 case of beer but it needed a new stator and the paint was a bit faded. Either way, would not pay $2500 for this. This guy is passing optimistic, but then again there are people out there looking at sanity in the rearview…

  • We have seen similar mileage and non-EXUP models go for $4k. I would estimate this bike to go about $5k. If these are going for $1,200 in this condition, then you should buy two.

  • Agreed 100%.
    If you can buy one for $1,200 in half the condition and you don’t, two fools met.
    This is a $4000 ride all day long and when people start realizing just how groundbreaking these bikes were, they will only go up.

  • Charlie has taken one too many pucks to the head up in the great white north. Apparently, trading beer for bikes makes him believe he’s an authority on rare sport bikes. Hope you’re better at Curling than you are an authority on motorcycles.

  • Just maybe it was a real good case of beer.. lol and $250.00 sales doc means less transfer tax paid.. I bet the case of beer was shared as the cash was counted out off the books. At $1,200.00 I’ll buy every one on the market for that price too…

  • Not pucks to the head, Canadian market is just different I guess. Noticed lots of bikes on here that have sold for a lot less up here, but I have also looked into bikes I was interested in, namely a Triumph Daytona 1200, they are cheaper with little mileage in the states, but they are few and far between for sale up here, and they cost twice as much with 3 and 4 times the mileage. Different market, different prices, but I have seen this bike sell for very little up here, and have seen a decent number of them in the past 6 months.

  • If you are looking for them, watch Ontario Kijiji (Don’t check off any specific area, just click Ontario (A-L) or Ontario (M-Z) for all of Ontario) and type FZ or FZR in the search under motorcycles and watch occasionally. They pop up a bit, so do lots of other bikes though. There was a 1995 Triumph Super III with 18000km on it in mint condition for sale for $3000 just a week back (It sold quickly, not surprisingly though). Lots of bikes over there, good prices.

  • Charlie, did a search for “1989 Yamaha FZR” and the only listing that came up was for a 400 for $4,800. http://ontario.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-sport-bikes-Yamaha-FZR-400-1989-in-Mint-Condition-W0QQAdIdZ465872279
    So much for Canada being the land of the $250 FZR 1000, eh?

  • You clicked a specific area. There are crap loads of FZR bikes for sale in the entire province. I am looking, there are 2 pages of them right now. If the specific one you are looking for isn’t in those 2 pages, check back once a week, lots of bikes go through there.

    Here, since you aren’t capable of searching an entire province;


  • I didn’t know they made a 250, I thought the 400 was the smallest one. Oh well, here is a FZR250R for sale, 5000miles on it. Never seen a FZR250 before, must be worth money…;


  • Charlie, put a cork in the bottle. In your two pages of listings, there isn’t one 1989 FZR 1000. Get back to sharpening your skates!

  • I never said they were always up for sale, I said they come up a fair bit. God, its like talking to a wall. If you watch the listings for a month, you will likely see one come up for sale. I never said, “There is always at least one for sale in Ontario”. And you call me the stupid one. Read a little bit.

  • Charlie, step away from the poutine! Actually you said,”There are crap loads of FZR bikes for sale in the entire province. I am looking, there are 2 pages of them right now.”
    You say I need to read. Maybe you should remember what you just wrote.

  • I never wrote 1989 though. There are a bunch of FZR models on there of assorted years. I am not wrong.

  • Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…
    If you scroll to the top of the page, you may recall the bike we’re talking about is an 1989 Yamaha FZR 1000. The bike you claim to have seen two sell recently, one for $1800, and the other for $250, and a case of beer.
    Apparently the maple syrup has gotten the best of you. We’re not talking about 250’s, or 600’s. We’re not even talking about 1988 FZR 1000’s, or 2001 FZR 1000’s. We’re talking about 1989 FZR 1000’s, of which there are NONE for sale.
    Charlie, in this case, I’m afraid you are wrong. But at least you guys have the Stanley Cup. Oh, uh scratch that. The Kings won that last year. But you do have free health care.

  • If I could upload pictures I would show you the one I BOUGHT for $250 and the case of beer, its plain white and needs a stator and a few other little things. It did not sell in Ontario, if I said it was sold in Ontario, I made a mistake on that one. I will say this one last time, I have seen 1989 FZR1000’s sell in Ontario on occasion (Not every single bloody day of the year) for half what this guy is asking and its not a rare occurrence if you watch the listings. I have also seen 1989 FZR750R’s sell there as well for less then I have seen them listed on here for. Its about sitting and watching the listings a bit. I am NOT saying Canada is some miracle market where any day of the year you can go buy a rare bike for less then what others are asking, we are not like buying a new bike from a dealership where you can walk in and say “I want a new 250 Ninja” and they pull one out immediately. You still have to watch for listings, but you can get a good deal on bikes here based on the prices I have seen them go for and what they are listed on this site for.

  • If you still bitch and complain that I said you can go to Canada and buy an 1989 FZR 1000 for $1200 any day of the year whenever you feel like and they will have lots in stock, no, you can go shove a cactus where the sun don’t shine. I said watch the bloody listing and you will find good deals pop up on a monthly basis.

  • Why am I having a conversation with a guy that hasn’t the slightest idea how to upload pictures?
    If you can’t figure out the basics of operating a computer, why in the world would you think you have the slightest idea how to value classic sport bikes?
    Do they have Apple Stores in Canada, because if they do I would be spending more time there, and less time talking about things you know little about.

  • All it says is name, mail, website and the comment box. Nowhere is there an “Upload pictures” box. And what does the knowledge of using a computer and valuing classic sport bikes have in common? Nothing, they are completely unrelated. Its like saying you don’t know how to solve a double integral you must be bad at cooking, essentially you can’t do Calculus, you can’t bake cookies. And I know enough about these bikes to know they aren’t worth this much. I had a 1989 FZR750R, I sold it 2 years ago, it was listed for 6 months before it finally sold for $1000 (it ran fine and was rode legal but it was a little beat up). Now I see one sold for something like $12000 a week back or something on here? I still talk to the guy that bought it, he used it to turn it into an electric bike. They don’t fetch as much here, that is a fact, I have seen it first hand.

  • Charlie, for your own benefit, please step away from the word processor.

  • Charlie- Just stop talking/writing. You sound like an idiot!! If you don’t like the bike or how much it cost then move on. Don’t be that guy and try and arguee YOUR point because no one cares. By the way there’s nothing wrong about admitting you might have told a little white lie and stretched the truth about how many bikes were up for sale.

  • I am NOT lying, nothing I have said so far is a lie. But you know what, screw it, sorry I said anything. I tried to give you people a tip that if you watch Ontario listing, some interesting bikes pop up for good prices, but you know what, I don’t care. Why should I give a damn that you save money. Have you people never heard of the value of a dollar or haggling? I see why Americans get a bad rap though. “Oh, you’re wrong, and how dare you something other then what I believe!” That is just ignorance. Go spend $5000 on this bike if are willing to pay that much because someone said that’s what its worth. Not my money, so I don’t care. I am just telling you what I have seen and that on OCCASION you can get a good deal. That is the part that really frustrates me, you seem to think you can waltz out and find something good 24/7/365. Just because there are no examples of it at this particular time does not mean I am lying. But again, I no longer care, laugh and point fingers all you want, clearly I must be crazy and stupid and wrong. No way that you could ever pay less then full price for something. Come on, call me beer swillin’ hockey nut, or a frost-bit hose head, or talk about our stupid monopoly money.

  • Yes Charlie, that just happened.

  • Charlie, I have a 93 FZR and am constantly on the look for related parts and bikes.

    In the past three months I have had an alert on Ontario Kijiji. Every day new bikes, parts, etc, are sent to my email.

    In that time period I have seen 4 1000’s.

    One pristine, totally stock ’93 with 25,000 kms for $4,500 (I bought it for a bit less), 2 bikes in the Toronto area the seller wants $4,00 in total for (one set up for drag racing, the other the track) and one in Ottawa (94) for $2,000 with something like 60,000kms. He states he needs a fast sale as he is moving…

    Your full of shite dude. Sorry.

  • By the way,
    there is a massive difference between purchasing a completely stock, low km bike that requires nothing but a go over and good detailing and a high km (your words >) “listed for 6 months before it finally sold for $1000 (it ran fine and was rode legal but it was a little beat up), bike.
    Give your head a shake and compare apples to apples not rats to collectibles.

  • now i’m not one for censorship, but moderator, please. enough already. i got roasted here a couple weeks ago about a kwak h2- thought i’d spit on the virgin or something…

    anyway, badass bike! love to have one. wish that thundercat thing had never happened, and yam coulda just kept on developing this instead…

  • Now, I am here because I got an email from someone and I feel I owe them a favor because I needed electrical help on one of my bikes and he only charged me shipping for a brand new wiring harness. I was selling my 1989 FZR 1000 just before Christmas, I had had it listed for $1200 with 18596km. I priced it because there was another in my area for $1500 and I thought it would give mine the edge. It had been listed for a few weeks without a single reply and I had started to get worried it wouldn’t sell at that price and I started surfing around and I found Charlie’s ad looking for an 80’s FZ or FZR model bike. He was wanting to trade a 1988 GSXR750 for one or sell it for $2000. I am not sure whether he accidentally posted in Ontario or I got in Alberta Kijiji, but either way we found each other and I thought if he wants $2000 for his bike and I can trade I can make some money off a deal like this. It wasn’t until we had everything squared away and we were going to exchange bikes that we realized we lived on opposite sides of the country. After that, I got one offer on my bike for $1100. Charlie contacted me again a week later wanting to just buy it and pay for shipping and offered to do electrical work on any other bikes I had as well, but I already had this other person who made the offer coming over so I said I would get back to him. The guy bought it for $1100, a little over a month after I had first posted it. I had contacted Charlie in the middle of February again because I bought another bike but it was having electrical gremlins and I don’t know how to do electrical and I recalled he said he did that. He charged me nothing but shipping for a new harness because electrical is his hobby, he makes harness for bikes in his spare time, and they work great. He is quite a nice fellow to deal with, he knows electrical like the back of his hand, I think hes an electrical engineer actually. He is not wrong about anything he has posted about these bikes being cheaper here, I can attest to that. When I had mine if I ever needed a part I would see them sometimes pop up on local searches between $1000 and $2000. Charlie also showed me the pictures of the FZR750R he had, not bad, need the cosmetics touched up a bit and with 45 000km it was getting up there, but if he is right that a mint one sells for $12000, his was probably worth $5000.

    Now, you on the other hand, you should all be ashamed of yourselves! You are complete assholes, never have I seen such blatant bullying to someone who wants to help. I am sure he has probably made some errors, as anyone could, he is human, as are you, and people make mistakes. Now I also don’t know if you are 16 year olds being jerks because that is what kids do, or if you really are adults and you are just acting like kids, but my impression of Americans has dropped even further today, I know the American stereotype is that you are all stupid and ignorant, but I never realized how true it was. And if you think you are above everyone because you think of yourselves as “Collectors of fine motorcycles” or something like that, truth is your shit still stinks like everyone elses. Charlie may not know as much about this bike as you, but he can probably re-wire any bike better then you can. And frankly, I hope you don’t listen to him, I rather you not find a good deal on a bike here, keep spending more money, dig your country out of the hole you put it in. If you do buy a bike here and get a good deal, I hope you wrap yourself around a hydro-pole riding it, and good riddance if you do. If you take anything from this, its this; At one time you were not an expert at this, you were still learning, and probably still are a bit, and people were probably more tolerant then you have been of Charlie. You may know bikes, or at least this bike, but Charlie can probably teach you something he knows well that you have no prior knowledge of.

    PS – I can’t find the upload photo button either, guess that makes me computer illiterate too, hmm? Interesting considering I am a software engineer, or maybe a better explanation is poor web design.

  • WTF…

    Darren = Charlie,
    Charlie = Darren?

  • This has run it’s course and then some. I’ve closed the comments and hope we can all exercise a bit more restraint in commenting on future posts. Thanks all,


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