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2001 Ducati 996R With Two Original Miles In Texas

This is another 996R but this one is being sold as-new with only two miles on the odometer!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 996R

Price:  $22,000 USD

Location:  Austin, Texas

Mileage: 2 Miles

This bike is being sold as new with even the shipping covers and stickers remaining on the headlights and turn signals and license plate mount uninstalled.  The seller states that this bike has never been started–other than when it was at the factory–and has always been stored in a climate controlled office/home.  The bike was purchased through BCM Motorsports and includes uninstalled 102db Termignoni silencers but does not mention other items included with the bike when new–I’d expect they’re included but ask the seller.  The asking price of $22,000 doesn’t seem completely outrageous given what you’re buying (The self control of the seller).  If you missed out on these 996R’s in 2001 or foolishly rode the one you did get, have a look at this one on Ducati.ms here.



  • What a farce! Why buy it, make it a shrine (it ain’t all that rare) keep it for a decade, and then sell it at what is a net loss. A very highly modified, hand built Ducati, but still a variation on a production bike that was built for a purpose, not to be a wall hanger. And know, you would be wasting your money buying it to do anything but keep it as a wall hanger. To ride it, you would have to rebuild the whole bike and end up with too much invested to ever dig yourself out. It would be cheaper to find a clean one that has been kept running and still runs.

    At our collection/museum we have many bikes that are far more rare but ridden and kept ready to ride. Sure, we have a few legitimate ex GP bikes with a history that are permanently retired (ex John Ekrold 350cc world championship Bimota YB3, etc) but we don’t enshrine things like this.

    A poor value and a silly concept that should have been bought to be used, not cooped up this way. Dave

  • Actually you would not have to rebuild the bike, I bought a 996r a few years back with 8 miles on it. Just changed out the belts,fuilds, and few other things and she ran just fine. no problems what so ever. And to add this bike was setup up to be stored and has been stored in a climate controled building. I have even looked at buying this bike and talked to 6 diff dealerships and they all say the same thing. No problems at all, just service it and it should be fine. Heck I just finished up a restoration of an old harley in which the motor had been built 3 yrs prior. No issues what so ever.

  • Welp, just bought the bike, I will keep an update as far as how everything goes with the bike.

  • She is up and running now. Belts changed,fluids etc. Now has 8.7 miles on her.


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