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Ducati January 31, 2023 posted by

Sweet Abilene – 1999 Ducati 996 SPS

1999 Ducati 996 SPS Sport Production Special

A surprisingly wise music producer from Podunk, Texas once told me that our voice is defined by how we translate the our thoughts into words. No shit? My translation for this post is this: I can’t come up with an interesting intro. That’s all you folks are going to get on this one. Cheers.

Alright. Alright. Fine. I don’t need the bossman coming after me. If he did, I’d politely request he get in line right behind the grammar police. The 996 was an iteration on the wildly successful 916. After 4 WSBK wins, rumor is that customers were asking dealers, “Can I get you anything while we look around your showroom? Tea? Coffee? “. Ducati pencil pushers knew there was an opportunity to sell some big ticket performance editions under the 996 moniker. The regular 996 was for the upper-middle class. They also sold an “S” version which my good buddy, Donn, just published a piece on. The “S” was for the regular rich man. Then, they sold an SPS for the abnormally rich man. The SPS was as close as you could get to the real thing and they were sold out months before they hit the showroom floors. Or at least that’s what I hear.

This intro reminds me of an old roommate’s chicken breast recipe.

The SPS was superior to other 996 models in 3 respects: weight, power, and suspension. The 996 SPS weighed in at 437 lbs dry. Numerous carbon and titanium parts helped achieve that number along with lighter Marchesini wheels. Larger valves accompanied the 4mm bore increase which resulted in 124 hp; 12 more than the regular 996S. The rear Showa unit was replaced with an Ohlins shock as well.

I’m trying to figure out how much more all of that costed the select list of customers who got the chance to purchase this new. The MSRP for the 996S was $17K at the time. I’d imagine this bike was easily $20K. Can the audience provide any guidance as to what sticker may have been? I’m sure some of you geezers were alive and kicking at the time of release.

This model has a couple of upgrades but the bike can be quickly restored back to stock. The front Showa forks, Marchesini rims, and exhaust are all stored away and will be included with the purchase. A number of other takeoffs/upgrades also come with the bike. The selling dealer seems to have completed a Desmo service at the current odo. A good sign but for this money, you should pressure test whoever is unfortunate enough to pick up the phone.

From the seller:

-...#496 of 808 in 199, 1 of 56 for USA
-Ohlins FG884 Forks
-Marchesini Forged Wheels
-50mm Termignoni Carbon Exhaust
-Brembo Racing Master Cylinders
-STM 42T Slipper clutch
-520 Chain and Quick-Change Carrier
-Nichols LW Flywheel
-Yoyodyne Clutch Slave
-Billet Corse Rear sets & Levers (GP Shift)
-Ducati Performance Carbon
     -Headlight Shell
     -Air Runners
     -Swing Arm Cover
DP “Daytona” Windscreen
Rare SPS Display Rear Stand

1999 Ducati 996 SPS

Due to the limited production, SPSs don’t transact every other day but it’s not hard to get one if you really want one. RBSFS actually sold #481 with 4.5k miles as a Featured Listing in March 2020 for $13K! Keep in mind that Featured Listing was not fully kitted like our find today. Collecting Cars auctioned one off with 7.2k mi in December 2022 for $35K. Take a look through prior auctions and it’s fair to conclude that prices have materially increased and $20K isn’t totally out of picture.

Click here to go to the CycleTrader listing.

If you want to ride these bikes, you probably shouldn’t get the SPS edition. The 996Ss are probably the way to go if you don’t want to destroy your investment as the SPSs are well into the collector phase.

Thanks for reading!


Sweet Abilene – 1999 Ducati 996 SPS
BMW December 6, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 Competition Limited Edition

BMW knew the writing was on the wall. The iconic boxer motor – more powerful and efficient than ever – had evolved from air cooled to air/oil cooled, the chassis was on the cutting edge of suspension with the Paralever and Telelever designs, and a successful promo campaign concluded with the Boxer Cup one-make race series. The wildly popular – and expensive – HP2 Sport took the boxer ideal to new heights (as did the stillborn MotoGP project with Nico Bakker). But if BMW wanted to go racing against other companies in the fierce battleground of WSBK and beyond, they needed something more. Enter 2009 and the mighty BMW S1000RR. This homologation machine was continually massaged and updated, including a rare, optional offering specifically for track days and racing – the Competition Package. Today’s 2014 BMW HP4 Competition is one fantastic example of that rare combo.

Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 #5503

To call the S1000RR a successful racer is an understatement. WSBK involvement included riders such as Troy Coarser, Rueben Xaus, Leon Haslam and a win by Marco Melandri (BMW continues to compete in WSBK to this day with riders Scott Redding & Michael van der Mark). The S1000RR was also in MotoGP competition during the era of the CRT class, with Colin Edwards competing on a Suter chassis powered by the BMW engine. Legendary Michael Dunlop competed – and won – at the Isle of Man TT in two different classes on a S1000RR. To say that BMW introduced a competitive machine would be to state the obvious. And for mere mortals like the rest of us riders, the BMW S1000RR makes for a sublime street bike; there is lots of racing DNA built in, but amenities and assistance to keep commuters safe and happy. Win. Win. Win.

From the seller:
2014 BMW HP4 Limited edition bike number 5503. It has 3935 miles on it and in mint condition, all stock except rear fender delete.

The bike is a 2014 HP4 with the competition package, so it has real carbon fiber and aluminum forged wheels. I am the third owner and the bike has been serviced by the owners. Last owner installed a new rear tire on it and changed the oil. I have installed a new lithium battery. Bike runs like new and is in new condition as you can see from the pics. Bike is always stored indoors and has never been down or tipped over. Bike has never been ridden in the rain or the race track. It has a nice tank bag and you can charge your phone inside. The original owner hurt his back and sold it to his nephew, I purchased it from him. Most miles were put on the bike by the original owner, I purchased the bike with 3500 or so miles on it. I am selling because I have other sportbikes and I am planning to build a race car in the spring. Bike is located in Prescott AZ.

For more info, contact Jim Demonte ( 609-932-6898

Asking Price: $18,500

According to BMW, the Competition Package – known as ordering code 197 – included HP carbon engine spoiler and trim, HP folding clutch and brake levers, HP adjustable rider footrests, standard forged wheels finished in Racing Blue Metallic, decal kit and added approximately $4,500 to the MSRP. This was over and above the $20k+ cost of a new HP4 in 2014, which already included 193 HP, weighed in at 373 pounds (dry), offered race-tuned ABS braking with Brembo monoblock calipers, ride by wire throttle and an impressive array of tunable, electronic traction controls, Dynamic Dampening Control (DDC) to allow the suspension to automatically adjust to conditions, launch control, a “shift assist” feature to allow for full throttle, clutch-less upshifts as well as a slipper clutch for smooth downshifts at speed. The HP4 in any guise is a limited and impressive machine – the optional Competition Package takes that up a few notches further.

This beautiful 2014 BMW HP4 with Competition Package is located in Prescott Arizona. The seller is the 3rd owner, but all told this wicked machine has traversed fewer than 4,000 miles. The pictures tell the tale; crisp and clean with no hint of damage. The seller notes a rear fender delete is the only adjustment from stock. If you are in the market for one of the truly great bikes of the current century there are few offerings that combine the power, performance and civility of the BMW S1000RR. This rare HP4 with the optional Competition Package is priced at $18,500, and interested viewers can contact Jim for more information and details. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 Competition Limited Edition
Ducati November 26, 2022 posted by

Little Red Express – 2001 Ducati 996S

Some models were short-lived as FIM updated engine rules regularly in the late 1990’s, and the 996S followed in the 916’s able footsteps, with upgraded wheels and Öhlins forks and shock.  Rarely surfacing in such pleasant nick, today’s 996S boasts current maintenance and extraordinary cosmetics.

2001 Ducati 996S for sale on eBay

Designers kept the lightweight trellis chassis from the 916, and increased the bore of the L-twin resulting in 11.5-to-1 compression and 123 hp.  Components were mostly similar, though a few years newer and the -S had better, with some carbon details and the rear wheel attracting 5-1/2 inches of attention.  Bodywork was lightly updated, somehow angular and slippery and of course red.

Wheeled out on a rosy Ohio afternoon, this 996S exudes cleanliness and has a minimum of outward mods.  Most are performance or longevity focused, like the starter and clutch upgrades, with the upsized sprocket making life around town easier.  Recurring belts and tires happened just a couple of years ago.  Plenty of info in the eBay auction –

Upgrades performed:
– Termignoni exhaust system with engine management program
– Pirelli Diablo tires, 2020
– Yoyodyne hydraulic clutch
– Carbon fiber open clutch cover
– Alcantara seat (stock seat included)
– Adjustable knurled Rearsets
– SuperSprox 525 X-Sealed Chain
– SuperSprox Stealth 40T rear sprocket
– SuperSprox countershaft sprocket 15T
– Hyperflex polyurethane cush drives
– New sealed battery, 2022
– Motolectric starter upgrade kit
– New voltage regulator/rectifier
– Barnett kevlar clutch kit, 2021
– Stock rear plate holder and turn signals included 
– New timing belts installed and all fluids and filters replaced August 2020
As you can see, the bike is very clean. She runs and rides perfectly. The Tricolore version of the 996S is a very rare find. If you desire an exclusive bike of Massimo Tamburini’s design, you’ve just found it. I can deliver if buyer lives in Ohio, parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia. 

The 996 might have won more WSBK titles if it hadn’t walked into the RC51’s day in the sun, but was superceded by the testastretta 998 after just a few years.  Even without the numbered dash plaque, the tricolore accents on the 996S makes it a recognizable special.  This previous owner seems to have done all the good things, right down to riding the 996S a fair bit.



Little Red Express – 2001 Ducati 996S
Suzuki November 12, 2022 posted by

The Fine Print – 1998 Suzuki TL1000R

Suzuki’s TL1000R wasn’t quite ready for bare-knuckle competition, but over-engineered for the road and it was the only Suzuki sportbike configured the big twin way.  This TLR looks quite original with low miles, a few notable upgrades and that Bo Diddley beat from the hybrid gear/chain cam drive.

1998 Suzuki TL1000R for sale on eBay

Based on the earlier TL-S engine, the TLR’s was hotted up for Superbike duty with dual injectors, forged pistons, and more aggressive cams.  With a little tilt and a massive twin-beam chassis wide enough to put the swingarm pivot very close to the final drive sprocket, engineers achieved a wheelbase under 55 inches.  The wind tunnel-designed nose almost gets ahead of the front fender, with stacked radiators making room for ram air intakes.

Presented by an Alabama race-prep and service shop, this TL1000R looks excellent, showing just over 8,100 miles.  Just one stress crack is pictured on the left fairing, and paint and decals are said to be all original.  Shown in various states of undress, the bike has been comprehensively serviced for the next owner.  Way too many details to be printed here, but a worthwhile read.  Just the opening comment from the eBay auction – 

Original – non butchered – well preserved – climate control stored entire life. 25 years has passed already and this thing is still as sexy looking as any bike being currently manufactured. 

Mileage is only 8,183. This bike needs absolutely nothing. Clear Alabama title in hand.

If you’re looking for a premium example of a non molested and non abused – FIRST YEAR version of Suzuki’s almighty V-Twin Ducati slayer – you have found it! Extremely low miles and well appointed. Ready for museum display or a good haul through some mountain twisties.

This stunning machine needs absolutely nothing. It is a collector’s masterpiece and a valuable part of motorcycling history. Bike fires on an instant and idles smooth and steady. Throttle is crisp and raspy – a definite monster to be unleashed. These beasts are becoming more and more rare and collectible as time passes. 

Some of Suzuki’s chassis work went toward keeping handling sharp in an admittedly heavy package, and the bike gained a bit of a reputation.  The factory had GSX-R and TLR race teams going for a short time, and when the decision had to be made the twin got the back burner.  But a close study of the un-faired pictures show how serious Suzuki was about their effort, and what a great example the next owner will have.


The Fine Print – 1998 Suzuki TL1000R
Buell November 7, 2022 posted by

Extreme Bravery Required – 2014 EBR 1190RX Race Bike

Brought to our attention by long time collector, reader and contributor to the site, this EBR is perfect for another Track Day Tuesday outing (even though it is a day early). Claimed to be derived directly from a WSBK team as we beg for more details, the pictures show a EBR 1190 modified for track usage but little in the way of provenance. We know that EBR did indeed go racing in 2014 through part of the 2015 season, with riders such as Larry Pegram and Niccolò Canepa, so there must be at least some of these bikes still around. There were still other areas in which the 1190 competed as a customer race bike for privateers, making the pool of available bikes somewhat larger; perhaps less prestigious than a full factory effort, but still quite capable. Let’s look through some pictures:

2014 EBR 1190RX Race Bike for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This is an 2014 EBR (Buell) 1190RX that came from the WSBK team. Suter clutch, reverse shifting. some unknown engine work with RS parts. Bike vin is xxxxxxracexxxx. This bike is very fast and not for street or highway use. Race Bike only frame as from the factory. I have a bunch of parts to go with bike. Just serviced. Lithium battery New Tires front and back. Fresh oil and fresh coolant. Bike is race ready. IM for more info. 8500.00 picked up. Motorcycle is in New Rochelle NY. 10801

Erik Buell enjoyed a tumultuous time in the motorcycle industry; from red-headed step child of The Harley-Davidson Motor Company to breaking out on his own with Erik Buell Racing (EBR) in 2009. India-based Hero Motor Corp purchased a share in EBR in 2013, but by mid-2015 the EBR party was over; receivership was the only way out and the dream of an American sport bike was gone. Today’s Track Day Tuesday offering is an EBR that deserves to be out on the tarmac, thundering out of corners and bringing a grin to whomever is lucky enough to ride it. I would love to know more about the history of this particular bike, but that mystery – and discovery – awaits the next owner willing to pony up the $8,500 asking price. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Extreme Bravery Required – 2014 EBR 1190RX Race Bike
Ducati September 15, 2022 posted by

Hail Mary – 2008 Ducati 1098R

In late 2006 Ducati had a conundrum. The Pierre Terblanche designed 999 was a massive hit on the racetrack in the hands of the WSBK team, with 3 WSBK championships to show for it. In the showroom, the 999 received critical acclaim. Well, let’s just say it earned more critics than acclaim. The fact was, when compared to the 916/996/998 the 999 was butt-ugly, and the buying public LOVED the earlier Tamburini design. What they wanted and expected was an evolution of that design. What they got was something completely different. Clearly, the 999 was a step up in performance from the earlier series, but it lacked the flowing, sensuous lines. That was resolved in 2007 with the introduction of the 999 replacement, the Giandrea Fabbro designed 1098. Today’s example is a 2008 model R spec machine, the top of the line of the day.

2008 Ducati 1098R for sale on eBay

You’d be forgiven if you put the Ducati superbikes in a lineup and slotted the 1098 after the 998 – because it really jumps back to the original language of Tamburini when it comes to the design. Iconic elements that helped define the 916 from the start have returned, including the dual side by side headlights which help accentuate the sharp nose of the bike. Back also was the single sided swing arm, allowing the big, fat rear rubber to hang out for all to see. This is highlighted by the tail pipes and silencers returning under the tail in organ pipe fashion. To be fair, Terblanche retained the high exhaust on the 999, but integrated the pipes with sharper angles and more cladding; the 1098 goes back to hanging the cans way up high and in the open. The 1098 did have changes from the earlier 916 series of bikes, with the sharper beak of the nose and the angled bodywork nicely melding the sensuous and rounder 916 with the all-straight-lines 999. Popularity returned to the Bologna brand and the new design was a hit.

From the seller:
If you’re viewing this ad, you probably already know how special these bikes are. But in case you don’t, the 1098R is a homogulation bike meaning they are limited production bikes that must be sold to the public in order for Ducati to enter them into World Superbike Championship racing. Only 450 are made/sold annually for the US. This number 188 of 450. It came stock with top tier equipment to maximize performance and adjustability, and minimize weight, including a bunch of carbon fiber body parts. It’s still one the most beautiful, best handling, and incredible sounding bikes ever made, and an absolute blast to ride. This bike is completely stock with no mods, other than the Zero Gravity windscreen.

More from the seller:
I found this bike sitting in a friends motorcycle shop where it sat for 10 years hung up in a divorce proceeding and is in near perfect shape. It was started regularly, but rarely ridden. It had 499mi on it when I bought it in Feb 2022. I trailered it to the local Ducati dealer to have them go through it and replace a number of things due to it’s age.
Rebuilt fuel pump assembly with new pump, filters and hoses
New timing belt (which is a periodic maintenance items)
New fluids
New Perelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires front and back

I put 475 miles on it to make sure everything was working properly, and just because it’s so fun to ride. I’ve only run non-ethanol gas in it. There is no tank swelling (see photo of steering damper spacing from tank)

I bought this because I’ve always wanted one, and it needed rescuing. I’m selling it because I’m in my 60’s, and it’s more bike than I need.

By some accounts, the 1098 was a step backwards for Ducati – not only in design but also in performance. Reports were that the 999 was more comfortable and faster right out of the box, and that the 1098 needed a bit more setup time especially at the track. That didn’t stop the Ducati WSBK winning ways however, as the 1098 proved to be a multi-time championship winning machine for the Italian brand. Today these are coveted bikes in the R specification, as not only are they festooned with top level components (think Brembo, Termi and Ohlins as a start) and lots of carbon, they were also built in limited numbers. And while collectors continue to be focused on the earliest series of these bikes, the follow-on examples are enjoying a rise in valuation of their own.

This particular 2008 Ducati 1098R looks to be in fantastic condition. It has been beautifully photographed, is stated to be in completely stock condition with fewer that 1,000 miles. That is rare indeed for these models, making this one a potential long term acquisition. It has been well cared for, both cosmetically as well as mechanically, and is looking for a new home. There appear to be lots of interest here, as bidding has climbed above $17k quickly, with many days remaining. The bike is located in Maryland, which is appropriate considering this was Ducati’s Hail Mary back in 2007. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Hail Mary – 2008 Ducati 1098R
Aprilia September 11, 2022 posted by

Mighty Max – 2011 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE

Max Biaggi brought Aprilia to the top of the world superbike show in 2010, and the factory commemorated the achievement with a limited edition for 2011.  Today’s RSV4 has all the bells and whistles, low miles, and plenty of farkles.

2011 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE for sale on eBay

Priced at $25K back in 2011, the SE had everything an Aprilia fan could dream of – the latest ride-by-wire V4 with selectable engine maps, intake horns and exhaust chamber controlled by the ECU – not to mention 180 hp.  The twin spar chassis and swingarm are intricately fabricated of alloy pressings and castings, and offers adjustments for the steering head, swingarm pivot height and even engine position.  A suite of APRC electronics offers traction, wheelie and launch control, as well as a standard quick shifter.  Fairings are trim and angular with matte carbon details.

Even as a pre-loved bike, the APRC would require a committed rider, which with 7,365 miles it must’ve had at some point.  It presents very well if not clean enough to show, and while collection of sliders is almost scary, they appear un-used, save a scorch or scratch on the right lower.  The seat console looks better without the factory thong / license plate holder, and the Austin muffler isn’t that much smaller than the original equipment.  Hopefully the rear stand and prayer mat are included in the deal.  Notes from the eBay auction –

350 produced worldwide. A one year only model. Commemorating the 2010 World Superbike Championship with Max Biaggi in the saddle. 50-70 are estimated to exist in the USA.  

Collectible. Fun as hell to ride. Better than a new RSV4 in many respects. $24k new + $4k in parts upgrades, in 2011

Transferable warranty good through 7/16/25 or 49,790 miles. $50 deductible. 

Traction control, launch control, wheelie control. The first Aprilia with APRC. Track oriented gearing.  Upgraded oil system. Slipper clutch. Adjustable chassis (not on the regular factory model). Quick shifter. As close to Max Biaggi’s bike as one could get outside of the same year WSBK replica bike.  

$4k in quality upgrades. All receipts. Full owner and bike history. Maintenance history. 

Ohlins setup for 180 lb rider. Tuned with race ECU and exhaust. Great sound. 

Oil changed too many times to count
Motul 300v 20w-50 used by 2nd owner. Fresh synthetic as of last oil change 8/19/22
Fork oil changed twice
Fork seals replaced
Spark plugs replaced
Brakes bleed every other year
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires front and rear are brand new with 11 miles on them

New extra set of lower fairings (ones on the bike have a scratch and were never swapped out)
New extra front carbon fender (the original yellows over time)
Aprilia special edition bike cover which has been folded away and stored to preserve it—never used
Owners Manual
Stock parts besides exhaust

Fans who missed out on the 2011 SE got another chance in 2013 after Biaggi was the 2012 champion, though only the 2011 SE has the #3 graphic.  Aprilia parlayed their superbike success into a Moto GP team starting in 2015, and Aleix Espargaró and Maverick Viñales have been on the podium often as not this year.  The 2011 model might be more rare and commemorates Aprilia’s first WSBK championship.

– donn

Mighty Max – 2011 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE
Honda July 19, 2022 posted by

It’s Been a Minute – 2004 Honda RC51 Nicky Hayden Edition

For a while RC51’s were coming 2F2F, most of them must be out riding for the summer.  Today’s #69 commemorative might have been used as intended, but looks good with some updates courtesy of a previous owner.

2004 Honda RC51 for sale on eBay

The 2004 model is an SP2, with revised frame and swingarm sharing lessons learned from racing the SP1.  Honda’s take on the 90-degree V-twin uses 62mm throttle bodies and PGM fuel injection, with the 136 hp peak at 9,500 rpm.  Side-mounted radiators make for a slim package with a ram-air intake in the nose.  USD cartridge forks and a Pro-Link monoshock soak up any irregularities.  The Nicky Hayden edition was primarily graphic, though the SP2 was at a very high level right out of the crate.

This RC51’s 12K-and-change miles might not have been cruising, but it shows more easy fixes than battle damage.  A more organized tail tidy should be easy to find, and likewise some hardware to secure the lowers.  The neighbors aren’t going to like the 1/4-size muffler, but that titanium looks sharp in the startup – video –.  Owner’s comments from the eBay auction –

It starts immediately, runs great, and has a fabulous bark to its Jardine race pipe. A previous owner made the following mods:

– Full titanium Jardine single side exhaust

– K&N filter

– Power commander 3

– Soft rev limiter to allow for max top end power

– Ram air flapper defeat to add midrange (Fed noise limits dampened torque)

– Corbin seat

– Tail elimination kit

Since I’ve had it, I upgraded the brake pads and added a braided brake line in the rear. I have the lines for the front but didn’t install as the bite from front is already immediate. Parts included are the front brake lines, original seats, OEM tail section (new in the box), original left side fairing (was lightly scratched so I replaced it). The bike is always garaged.

It probably is due for a front forks rebuild and a rear tire not too long down the road.

Honda celebrated Hayden’s 2002 AMA Superbike championship with this model, and had more to celebrate in 2006 when he took the MotoGP crown.  His storied AMA Hall of Fame career was cut short by a bicycle accident in Italy, working to stay fit on a Wednesday during the WSBK season.  RC51’s pop up in all kinds of condition, and this one looks to be a rider that could be nicer with a couple of details attended to.  Hoping the reserve isn’t too optimistic !


It’s Been a Minute – 2004 Honda RC51 Nicky Hayden Edition