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Ducati January 21, 2023 posted by

Sweet 16 Again – 1997 Ducati 916

Original 1st generation Ducati 916 models are solidly in collector cross hairs. If you were around when these rocket-powered works of art were released back in ’94 and you didn’t score one, chances are good you remain nostalgic for Tamburini’s beautifully carved block of bologna (see what I did there?). The time to get in the game was earlier than now, but it is still not too late as these models are doing nothing but going up. Today’s example is a 1997 model monoposto, showing just over 6,000 miles.

1997 Ducati 916 for sale on eBay

When released in 1994, the Ducati 916 was the sharpest weapon the collective sport bike world had ever seen. A unique combination of stunning design and style, outrageous performance and exclusivity (primarily due to price), the 916 was an instant hit and spawned a long lineage of showroom winning Superbikes. And speaking of Superbikes, Ducati hit the WSBK circuit with the 916 (just as it had with the previous generation 851 and 888), providing Carl Fogarty with championships in 1994, 1995 and 1998, while Troy Corser took the title on a 916 in 1996. This was the most influential motorcycle of the decade and continues to be a much-loved model for riders and collectors alike.

From the seller:
This 1997 Ducati 916 Monoposto is powered by a liquid-cooled 916cc L-twin paired with a six-speed gearbox and is finished in red over a gold trellis frame. Tasteful period correct modifications include a Corbin solo seat, an inverted Showa fork, an Öhlins monoshock, carbon-fiber fenders, Fast by Ferracci slip-on mufflers, Brembo brake calipers, and three-spoke 17″ wheels. The bike was bought from it’s second owner in Sept 2021, it was serviced by him prior to the sale which included replacing the timing belts and spark plugs, changing the fluids, and performing a valve adjustment. This 916 shows 6080 miles and is offered with a rear axle stand, all origional removed factory components, and a clean New York title in the seller’s name.

There are many that claim that the oval-piston Honda NR750 pitched the concept of under seat high exhaust and the single sided swingarm, but there is no argument that – regardless of origin – the Ducati 916 has cemented ownership of the classic sport bike silhouette. And while “Ride Red” has long been a slogan of Honda, it can be argued that a certain Italian brand has owned the color since the launch of this model.

This particular bike looks extremely clean and well presented. Miles are low, bodywork is clean (with some minor boo boos), excellent F-B-F carbon exhaust add on, and a more comfy Corbin seat. Experienced riders will note that these were never particularly comfortable motorcycles, as the tight seating position and forward cant places a lot of weight on the riders’ wrists. But in the canyons there is nothing like the sound of the desmoquattro L-twin booming across the mountains and the sure-footed, trellis-framed chassis inspires ultimate confidence. This particular beauty can be yours, with the bidding starting at a cool $15,000 USD. There is a Buy It Now option set at $21.5k if you simply cannot wait. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Sweet 16 Again – 1997 Ducati 916
Ducati January 14, 2023 posted by

From the Catalog – 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman Marcus Edition

If you are hankering to own a super rare Limited Edition Ducati Superbike but cannot quite afford the R-spec homologation machines across the 851/888/916/996/998 range, may I humbly suggest what you see before you is an exceedingly rare by the numbers bike priced within reach of mere mortals. Offered only through Neiman Marcus catalog, the N.M. Limited Edition was a 748 two seater with exclusive silver paint, a carbon fiber front fender and that special numbered plaque on the triple trees. Sure, it is just a standard 748… but prices on those classics are on the rise and this one is legit rare with only 100 units produced. Only one picture and limited information currently offered by the seller (with a promise of more to come), but the bike appears to have Arrow cans added on, which is a bonus. The fairings appear to be missing the “Ducati” logo and the front fender is painted, which could potentially indicate a respray. Serious buyers should contact the seller – you can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!

1998 Ducati 748L Neiman Marcus Edition for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This 1998 Ducati 748L is #86 of 100 sold Exclusively thru the Neiman Marcus Catalog in 1998. The Bike is powered by a 748 CC L Twin Paired with a 6 speed Transmission and finished in Silver over Gold. Painted Trellis Frame and Wheels. Termignoni Carbon Fiber Mufflers. This Bike is a new arrival, going thru service and detail at this time. Once it is complete there will be over 30 pictures on line and Video available by request. 23409 Miles.


From the Catalog – 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman Marcus Edition
Ducati January 5, 2023 posted by

Little Red Racing Hood – 2002 Ducati 748R #707

Jumping back across the pond, today we find a very nicely equipped 2002 Ducati 748R. This iconic design, penned by Massimo Tamburini back in the mid 1990s for the launch of the 916, is completely timeless. And while the smaller motor may lack some of the “I’m gonna kill you” grunt of the bigger bike, the rest of the kit is pure Ducati R bike. Which is to say, about as top-shelf as you can get. Exotic, rare, beautiful and unbelievably potent, the 748R is a bike worthy of riding or collecting; or both.

2002 Ducati 748R #707 for sale on eBay

Like the 916, the 748R was designed to go racing. In the case of the smaller bike, that meant World SuperSport. And while looks remained similar, the 748 went through some pretty major changes from inception through the 2000s. For example, in 2000 the 748R adopted the WSBK winning frame from the 996. The engine was substantially reworked from the airbox on down, including updated Showa fuel injection utilizing throttle bodies and F1-style shower injectors. That air/fuel mixture is introduced via hotter cams and bigger valves, and results in an estimated 105 ponies from the screaming twin. By 2002 the R-spec suspension was upgraded from Showa to Ohlins, new Marchesini wheels were added to reduce unsprung weight, and carbon fiber was sprinkled everywhere to reduce weight and up the glam factor.

From the seller:
DHSuperbikes are pleased to be able to offer for sale a lovely little 2002 Ducati 748R. Uk Bike since New, Lots and lots of History and Receipts and some Tasteful extra’s. Rearsets, Termis, Performance Ducati Clutch, Slave Upgrade, Levers, Carbon ETC ETC

Fantastic Clean condition with a few Marks from General use. If Im being over critical (mirror Scuffed, Carbon Chain Guard Laquer marked)

Very good honest Bike with lots of History and paperwork. Very Easy to make absolutely Mint with a few hours TLC

HPI Clear

Full Service and New Tyres along with Belts done this year at JHP in Coventry and she’s covered 200 Miles Since. Supporting Invoice for £1200

Much like when first introduced in the showroom, the 748 remains the lower-priced brother of the vaunted 916. However this is a good thing in a collector sense, as while a 916R may be priced out of the range of many, a 748R is starting to look downright affordable – while looking exactly the the bigger bike. How much win is that? This bike is located in the UK, shows 15k on the clocks, and is looking for a new home as a classified advert for $11,249 GBP (approximately $13,390 USD in today’s exchange rate). Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Little Red Racing Hood – 2002 Ducati 748R #707
Bimota December 22, 2022 posted by

World Cup Keepsake: 2006 Bimota DB6

Seems to be raining Bimota here at RSBFS these days!  This particular bike has some history here.  It was posted about in 202 and as far back as 2014.  It is no secret that we, as well as many in the exotic motorcycle community are huge fans of all things Bimota.  Some regular readers and a couple of posters are fortunate enough to even own some.  Much as been written about how wonderful the mix of light weight components, top tier suspension is in a street bike so no need to repeat any of that.

The DB6 is unique even in the world of Bimota.  While there is no way overlook the beautiful fit and finish and epic use of materials.  What really stands out is how useable a package this represents.  Some claim that if a person was to only have one motorcycle, it should be a Ducati Monster due to the relaxed ergonomics, great sound and solid performance.  It is an entirely reasonable choice.  But if someone was really looking to kick things up a notch, the answer would be a Bimota DB6.  To think of it as a Ducati Monster on steroids would be slightly missing the point.  Better to think of it as taking the best of the Ducati, and making every other detail just a little bit better.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio Azzurro….#4 of 23 in the world. Very Limited edition with awesome torquey 1000DS engine.



Zard slip-on carbon fiber mufflers

Rizoma mirrors

Rizoma brake and clutch reservoir mounts

Brembo RCS radial brake & clutch cylinders

New battery and trickle charger

Excellent condition. It has 13,371 km, equal to 8,222 miles.  LOCAL PICKUP AND CASH in person Preferred- DO NOT use ebay checkout for this item. . The DB is located in the SF Bay area….I can transport it to Los Angeles inexpensively. 

The example today has a Buy It Now price of $13,999.  Sure there are some used 1000/1100cc air cooled Monsters on the market for about half that sum, but the premium is well worth it if you value the rarity, materials and amazing history of Bimota.   If you were to only have one motorcycle, what else would you spend $14k on that offered this level of exotic in an easy to live with and service package?

World Cup Keepsake:  2006 Bimota DB6
Bimota December 14, 2022 posted by

For Someone That Has Everything: 2008 Bimota DB7S Moto Corse

When Ducati launched the 1098 it took what a V-Twin superbike could be to a new level.  Much more powerful than the 999 that came before.  Faster and lighter pushed the performance dial beyond what many thought was possible.  The Bimota DB7 takes a money no object approach to further increase the performance envelope.  Powered by a slightly tuned Ducati 1098 engine the $40,000+ Bimota used the best of the best of suspension and materials.  When looking at the spec sheets the Bimota is 6 pounds less than the Ducati, but most publications shows that Ducati was rather optimistic on their curb weights at the time.

This bike appears to have some rather interesting Moto Corse additions that are not fully described in the listing.  More billet than even the OEM Bimota would have had, upgraded exhaust, race spec masters and a slipper clutch poking out from behind the OEM vented cover.  Hard to tell in the pictures provided, but there is a chance those front calipers are upgraded performance units as well.  Moto Corse has a long tradition of tuning and and enhancing Ducati and even Bimota.  These parts are not for the faint of wallet when new.

From The Seller’s Listing:

Vehicle information
[Manufacturer] BIMOTA
[Car name] DB7S
[First year] 2008
[Vehicle inspection]
Expired [Vehicle number] ZESDB07
[Mileage] 25,060km
[Custom] Refer to image
・Moto Corse intermediate pipe
・Back torque limiter
・Moto Corse fluid Reservoir, Brembo master
many dry carbons
cylinder head O/H at 21000km
suspension FR both O/H
normal muffler

The example today is located in Japan, and while that might be an issue for some buyers it is worth exploring.  These bikes do not come to market very often, even less so with all those amazing Moto Corse parts.  Listing states that 346 were built, and that number sounds reasonable.  Book keeping was never a priority for Bimota, so real production data is often hard to come by.  One of the most strikingly rare things about this bike is the mileage.  It is not super low.  All too often these bikes were put on display or made part of a large collection and not given the chance to be used.  25,000KM is something to be proud of.  If all of those miles were done in Japan this bike must have some epic stories to tell.  If the location is a deal breaker because of your market, but you still want want to lust after a DB7 there is a way to indulge.  Hang a used fairing on your garage wall as an asperation.


For Someone That Has Everything:  2008 Bimota DB7S Moto Corse
Ducati December 10, 2022 posted by

Lone Star Strada – 1992 Ducati 851

Ah, the Ducati 851. Back to our regularly scheduled program. Aside from the green frame 750SS, the 851 is THE bike that put Ducati on the superbike racing map. Taking the base Pantah rubber band motor and dipping it into a vat of fuel injection, four-valve heads and liquid cooling, the 851 invented the modern distinction between Ducati Supersport and Superbike models. It also cleaned up at the racetrack, thanks to rules that allowed two cylinder race bikes to enjoy a capacity advantage over the predominant Japanese fours. Today, these models continue to make excellent street bikes, with decent, usable power across the rev range. They are also gaining in collector value, although the homologation models and specials (think SP models for racing) will usually lead the trend. Today’s example is a bread-and-butter Strada, the base model for the series. Displacing a true 851cc (unlike the next-generation 888 motor in the SP), the Strada is geometrically identical to the faster and more expensive models in the lineup, and includes a second seat and fold-down hand-holds for a passenger.

1992 Ducati 851 Strada for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Own a piece of Ducati history with the Ducati 851 Strada!

1992 was the last year of the 851 before the 888 came along.

The Ducati 851 single-handedly made Ducati relevant in racing again. It features the famous trellis frame, twin-cam four-valve Desmo heads, fuel injection, and is water-cooled. Showa adjustable front suspension and Brembo brakes front and rear made this bike ride and brake like no other.

More from the seller:
This bike has been in hibernation for a few years, but it is now a runner and a rider.

The bike shows 11,528 miles on the odometer and is being sold as-is.
There are a handful of things we would recommend it will need to get it entirely up to snuff:
– Coolant flush
– Brake fluid flush
– Oil and filter change
– Timing belts
– New drive chain
– New tires

The odometer doesn’t work – it stopped working approximately 500-600 miles before storage

This particular example of the last generation of 851 looks to be complete, save for the pillion cover to make the 851 appear to be a faux solo seater. There is some patina across this one as well, indicating that it may not have been as loved as the specimen example currently parked up on a pedestal at the Barber museum. It also has a pretty unknown history, the seller claiming this is a runner and a rider – but then offers a lengthy list of major service items. To top it off, the 11,528 miles listed on the odo is known to be incorrect, given that the mileage counter gave up the ghost “before it was put into storage a few years ago.” Despite this, the bike still looks good, and is quite presentable for the age.

Apart from the service requirements and age-related ouches around the bodywork, the 851 remains a solid performer both on the road as well as in resale markets. The Strada specification tempers the growth some, but the rising tide of valuation lifts all boats. The seller is asking $14,500 for this one, which is definitely on the high side of what we have seen for the model. But the seller is also open to offers, so there may yet be an opportunity for interested buyers. The bike is located in Texas, and the pictures show California plates. Look closely at the pictures, do your homework, and be sure and jump over to the auction to check out all of the details. Good Luck!!


Lone Star Strada – 1992 Ducati 851
Ducati November 29, 2022 posted by

Boz Hoss – 2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Edition #97

The Ducati 998 was an evolution of the already successful 996, which was itself an evolution of the original 916. Far from yet another warmed over model with minor cosmetic changes, the 998 was a substantially new beast in the same wolf’s clothing. Making significant changes to the engine bay in order to remain competitive in the frenzied world of WSBK superbike racing, Ducati altered the bore-stroke ratio of the 996 even more in the direction of over-square (bigger bore, shorter stroke). With revised crank, rods, pistons, cylinders and a new cylinder head design with larger valves, the 998 was reported to churn out an additional 12 horsepower over the outgoing model. Those 123 ponies (stock) were put to good use by racers such as Troy Bayliss and Ben Bostrom, and each were represented by a replica street bike in 2002. Today’s example is a Bostrom edition, perhaps the wildest of the paintwork ever to adorn a showroom stock Ducati. Numbered 97 out of only 155 produced units, this Bostrom model is said to have only delivery mileage, and has never been ridden.

2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Edition #97 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This is your opportunity to bid on a never ridden two mile special edition Superbike.

Ducati Superbike. 998s Bostrom, signed with 2 factory miles.
Number 97 out of 155.
This was the exact bike that was featured in M&M Magazine in August 2002 when the bike was released.

Fluids drained. Fog prepped.
Bike has never been serviced.

Comes with stand, signed helmet, and regular red Ducati cover.
Collector Plaque was stolen during transport.

Clean title

More from the seller:
Signed Helmet
Two keys
Ducati brochures
Copy of the magazine that bike was featured in
Ben Bostrom #155 Hat
Red Ducati Cover
OEM Blue Stand

I also have the original Ducati receipt

The seller has included a walkaround video of the bike in question, which can be found here:

It seems fitting that we post a track star hero on what is traditionally Track Day Tuesday on RSBFS, even if the bike in question is fully street legal. Sometimes it is puzzling why Ducati chose to honor a great rider like B-Boz with a 998S instead of the more potent 998R, although keeping some stratification across the model lineup must certainly have been a factor. It is a shame that this bike could not be pulled out of the storage area for proper photographs, although what is there shows a beautifully preserved example of a pretty rare and wild bike. Check out the pictures, check out the video, and then check out all of the auction details here. This is a popular model for collectors, and an extremely low mileage example such as this will certainly raise some eyebrows. Offered in a Buy It Now format for a cool $38k, this example is located in California and promises you plenty of attention wherever you go. Good Luck!!


Boz Hoss – 2002 Ducati 998s Bostrom Edition #97
Ducati November 22, 2022 posted by

The Past Future – 2002 Ducati MH900e

It was a long time ago – and a long time coming – but the spectacle of The Year 2000 loomed large during the final minutes of the last century. This was the future date by when we would have flying cars, personal jetpacks, and robotic assistance in every aspect of our lives. The same year also promised catastrophic failures across any number of computer and infrastructure systems in the form of the Y2K bug. Looking back it is laughable that a single New Year’s Day would suddenly encompass all our hopes, dreams, ideals and fears into an isolated event, but it became a momentous milestone all the same. And amid all of the hoopla, Ducati embraced the fad known as the internet to offer a new take on an old classic for sale in an exclusive manner: The MH900e was born.

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay

Designed by the controversial stylist Pierre Terblanche, the MH900e morphed the traditional Mike Hailwood model DNA into an extremely stylized display. Highly accentuated features such as the aggressive stance, the shotgun pipe high exhaust, asymmetrical shock and single sided swingarm make the bike stand out like none other. You know an MHe when you see it. But not all is for show. The MHe started life as an adaptation of the standard Supersport package, motoring an air-cooled, two-valve, torquey Desmo twin. Brembo brakes, Paioli shock and 43mm upside down forks add to the go side of the equation. The riding position is said to be a bit stretched out, but many MHe examples have seen some reasonable miles, making the show AND go equation work out well.

From the seller:
or your consideration is a rare Ducati MH900E ( # 1587) of which only 2000 were produced world wide. These were sold online and first available to order at 12:01 1/1/2000. They sold fast and are a combination of old and new design.

This is truly a special low production bike. Often referred to as the most beautiful motorcycle ever built. The bike has just 1306 mile in 20 years. It has been run regularly and maintained to the highest degree. Belt service preformed 2 miles ago last week as well as valve adjustment. I’m the second owner and both myself and the original own have kept the bike in a climate controlled storage. The batteries and all bulbs just replaced as have the plastic fuel line connectors with new metal connectors. The OEM connectors have a tendency to crack with age. The bike runs like a champ and sounds awesome. I have the things you see in the pics that came with the bike. Clean title is in my name. Feel free to come inspect the bike if you wish or ask any questions. Bike is all original except for the service items mentioned. Not original is the carbon fiber chain guard. The previous owner had a mishap with the bike stand cracking the chain guard and scratched the swing arm that has been touched up with exact color match could wet sand if you wanted but you will not see it unless you know it’s there. The emissions box has been removed but is included and is simple to reinstall. Bike recently ceramic coated and looks great. Original tool kit and cover included.

The seller has included a cold start video which can be seen here:

Sold only through the internet and with all 2000 units sold out in short order, the MH900e was only ever destined to be a collector bike. As such, we see these bikes turn up from time to time, always in immaculate condition, and – more often than not – with fewer miles than most other banner bikes. Today’s example looks well loved and clean, has a very modest number of miles on the clock (1,306), and is nicely photographed. Pricing – at $30k or best offer in a Buy It Now format – is pretty much on the money for what is being asked with similar examples. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


The Past Future – 2002 Ducati MH900e