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Ducati June 20, 2013 posted by

Italian Triple Play! Three rare Ducatis go to the highest bidder!

If you are that rare individual who woke up this morning wanting to start (or add to) a Ducati collection, and you absolutely HAD to have a 1982 600cc TT2, a 1985 750 F1 AND a modern 2001 996R – then this auction is for you. Of course all RSBFS fans can drool over these sculptures from Bologna, but I would have to think that offering all three in a single auction is really talking to a very specific buyer – or a bargain hunter. Let’s check out these NY-based bikes:

1982 Ducati 600 TT2


From the seller:
Bike #1 – 1982 TT2 – (1 of 50) Factory Race Bike – 600cc, 78hp, 300lbs

Taglioni’s last engine & motorcycle design and the first belt drive race bike. Ducati (and Tony Rutter) won three TT2 championships and in 1982 Walter Cussigh won every round of the Italian TT2 Championship. An incredible success for Ducati’s factory race team that had been absent since 1975.

The story that came with this bike is it came from Belgium and was never raced or crashed. Its original owner changed the dash so a pin shaped key could be used and he rode it around the village he lived. If anyone can add to this story, please do. This motorcycle has been shown at TT events between New York and Barber / Alabama in 2011 and those knowing much more than me have confirmed this is an original factory race bike and not a privateer racer. It is a very original (30) year old motorcycle with a wonderful patina. I do not race motorcycles and have not ridden this motorcycle. It has recently been started and it has the sound of a Chevy V8 race car, when warm and revved, the power and sound of the motor can be felt from your feet up. If you plan to race this bike, it will require a full going through. The fiberglass is in very good condition as is the fiberglass fuel tank and ethical under my watch has never touched the tank.

1985 Ducati 750 F1


From the seller:
Bike #2 – 1985 750F1A – (1 of 593) – 353 Miles (or 570 Kilometers)

So successful was the TT2 and TT1 on the race track, Ducati made the decision to produce a street legal production replica. The ‘750F1A’ represents the 1985 model designed and put into production prior to Cagiva purchasing the company on May 1st, 1985. This is the very last hand made Ducati model manufactured. In 1986 the 750F1B would be created with the Cagiva Elephant next to the Ducati sticker upon the tank alone with many other ‘for production’ changes.

Besides the low mileage, what makes this bike special is it comes with it’s ‘certificate of origin’ … its never been titled. This is such a rare piece of documentation, I’ve never seen another for a older motorcycle, a photo of only a section will be posted (so it is not duplicated). This motorcycle was purchased new in Santa Monica. When the new owner got it home and his mother saw it, she made him swear never to ride it again … and (30) plus years later it arrived to me in New York with its original 1985 gas in its aluminum tank. This motorcycle is a time warp, completely original except for the turn signals that were removed because the plastic on all had dried to the point of breaking. The motor is free and I have not attempted to start it. I truly believe this will become a very collectable model and top dollar example.

2001 Ducati 996R


From the seller:
Bike #3 – 2001 996R – (1 or 500) (1 of 100 in USA) – 1,674 miles

The last of the true homoligated bikes, the 996R is in effect a road-legal version of the bike that won the 2001 Superbike World Championship. A factory racer with lights, it came with Ohlins race suspension, race version Brembo’s and lightweight Marchesini race wheels, a long with the new short-stroke Testasstretta powerplant, complete with sandcast crankcases as found on the factory race bikes.

Originally delivered in New York, this bike has spent its life pampered and admired. Its carbon fiber body panels are truly incredible. The 135hp of the motor is delivered so smoothly, it builds like no other bike I’ve ridden. This is a rare example with very low mileage that should be ridden as well as admired. I looked for a 996R for many years and the model is as good as they say.

If memory serves, we have seen all three of these bikes previously in individual auctions. The big deal this time around is that they go as a packaged deal; buy one, get the other two for free. Of course that kind of package does not run cheap. This auction is on right now with an opening bid of $50 large; that’s right, $50k for starters. There is also a reserve in place, to keep everything on the up and up. The big question is if you can attract a buyer for all three at once (you gotta admit it is very convenient), and if that buyer is willing to pony up that kind of cash on an eBay auction. This one will be great to watch! Click in the link to jump over to the auction and check these beauties out. Good Luck!


Ducati June 16, 2013 posted by

2001 Ducati 996R For Sale in New York

Ducati 996R For Sale

Update 6.16.2013: Back on eBay after we first saw it in April. Price is down $3k with a buy-it-now of $22k. One bid of $15k but reserve is still in place. Just a few hours to go but could be a great Father’s Day gift 😉 Links updated. -dc

We don’t get the chance to post many 996R’s here in the U.S. This example has less than 2000 miles and wears a starting bid (not buy-it-now) of $25k and 0 bids. Adam pointed this auction out to us on Facebook and there is some discussion on how much this actually might be worth and how a lower opening bid might have helped the sale, especially with a potential overseas bidder. Being 1 of 500 and spread all over the world, when will the next opportunity come up?


2001 Ducati 996R For Sale on eBay


From the seller:

This motorcycle has been well cared for, maintained, never raced and in a collection since new. If you are reading this, you know what this bike is. For me, it is the ultimate 916 derived model and truly an incredible machine.

There are a few tiny scratches in the fairing from storage that cannot be photographed and I expect can be buffed out. The t1tle is in hand and in my name.



Ducati May 23, 2012 posted by

For collectors only: Ducati 996R (Zürich)

Probably one of the most exclusive Ducatis ever, the 996R resembles as close as possible the extremely successful and iconic World Superbike racing edition of the early new millennium. Below is a pristine model with just below 15000km:

The 996R model came with a full set of track ready stuff such as:

  • Ohlins fornt, rear and steering damper suspension
  • magnesium wheels
  • full carbon body fairing
  • carbon Termignoni
  • Testastreta engine
  • …and a smaller and better sealed battery

500 serial production models were needed back in 2001 to homoogate the bike for World Superbike Championship and the first 350 were sold within 6 hours from launch. This here is Nr.377:

The seller doen’t disclose the asking price and is willing to sell the bike to a collector or an anyway an enthusiast. A few words from him for those of you who are familiar with German:

Sehr schöne und seltene Ducati. Nur 500 wurden von diesem Modell produziert. Meine Maschine ist die Nr 377. Töff war im Juni 2010 bei einer grossen Inspektion bei Ducati Varese und im September 2010 bei der MFK. Weitere Inspektion Im Winter 2011. Töff ist optisch und technisch top. Verkaufe nur an Sammler oder Liebhaber.

On sale in the area of Zürich: 2001 Ducati 996R


Ducati December 15, 2011 posted by

Oh My – 2001 Ducati 996R

Take a careful look at this bike and you will realise why the 916/996/998 family has been voted most beautiful bike more than once. Here we have a 996R from 2001 which hasn’t even been run in. It has less than 150 miles! This bike was rather important in the development of the Ducati line as it was the first bike to use the newly designed Testastretta engine which had a new design of head allowing 40mm inlet and 33mm exhaust valves, both of which were bigger that the previous 996SPS. With higher lift cams along with a straighter inlet port. All this allowed the engine to produce 135bhp which was up from 123bhp in the SPS. Another new feature on the engine was the deep sump which had been used in the racing engines since 1998 along with sand cast crank cases, but now appears in a production (albeit limited) model. For the following year this engine was increased to 999 with a shorter stroke and the 998 engine was used across the range without the sand cast cases and deep sump.

Most of the chassis was shared with the SPS model of the previous year except for the front brakes which used newer 4 piston Brembo calipers and thinner discs. Perhaps the most obvious change was the vents being removed from the fairings which gave the bike a smoother look. Most of the 996R’s were sold over the internet when release on 12 Sept 2000. All US examples came without lights and stands however all the wiring remained in place. There is no indication in the auction about when the lights were fitted to this bike. Certainly this is a rare machine with only 309 produced worldwide in 2001. The VIN quoted confirms the designation of the bike correctly and so a confirmation of that on the vehicle would be wise.

The owner shares the following about this particular bike:

2001 Ducati 996R w/under 150 miles. Private Collection. Fully Serviced Superbike. VERY RARE
You are bidding on a very rare piece of Ducati racing history. This Ducati 996R Superbike was purchased brand new from Ducati direct & immediately stored in a private collection. The 996R was removed from the private collection in June & taken to an Authorized Ducati dealer for a full service. The 996R was broken down & every component was fully serviced including any & all necessary parts, recalls, and or modifications recommended by Ducati. The 996R is ready for immediate road use or to be placed into a private collection immediately. This is a very rare “Homologation” R series or Race Series motorcycle produced by Ducati in a very limited production run of just a few bikes world wide. This is possibly the nicest and lowest mile example in the world coming out of a private collection of Ducati Superbikes. The owner has decided to sell part of the collection to make room for other bikes.
Payment in full must be made within 48 hours of the close of the auction & payment must be received via wire transfer or certified bank check only. Bike will be delivered to a Ducati dealership if requested prior to payment & the dealership can act as an intermediary for shipping anywhere in the world. Shipping must be paid and organized by the buyer but delivery to local Ducati dealership will be the responsibility of the current owner or seller. Bike is coming with all keys, manuals, and original items received at the time of purchase. Service records will be included with the bike at the time of shipping along with all keys, manuals, cover, and accessories.
The seller also includes some history information of the marque itself.

You can find the eBay auction here.

This is a thing of rare beauty and its pristine condition will certainly add to its value. Higher resolution pictures would be helpful to ensure the pristine condition is correct and certainly a buyer would want to verify engine and frame numbers on such an important bike. Pricing such a rare model is always a challenge but when you compare with more modern 999R’s the starting price of $20k is certainly very reasonable. This would be a wonderful addition to any garage.


Sport Bikes For Sale August 19, 2011 posted by

Oh my…. 2001 Ducati 996 R

Before the R model was just part of the model range Ducati produced enough bikes to get going racing under homologation rules.  So 500 of these were built. The 2001 996R was the first Ducati to use the new Testastretta engine and was only sold over the internet.  The chassis was the same as the 996 SPS with changes to the front end brakes and a revised fairing that lost the side vents to lower drag.  With the engine being much more powerful that the previous 996 the bike was a great foundation for Ducati in World Superbike.

In 2001 Ducati introduced the limited production (only 500 were built), 996 R, the suffix standing for ‘Racing’, which featured Öhlins suspension (rear and front), carbon fiber bodywork, a revised and more streamlined fairing, but most importantly the newly redesigned engine, the Testastretta (narrow-head) which actually displaced 998cc. The engine got its name from the narrower angle between the intake and exhaust valves, down to only 25 degrees, which was designed by Ing. Marchetti, coming from Ferrari F1. It featured more aggressive camshafts, titanium conrods and a shorter stroke and wider bore, which allowed it to rev more safely at high RPMs. It produced 98.5 kW (135 bhp) at 10,200 RPM with a maximum torque of 105 Nm at 8000 RPM. Most of the chassis was the same as the 996 SPS, but using a new Brembo braking system, with thinner discs and 4-pad, 4-pot calipers with 34mm pistons.

Carbon wheels, and long race swing arm added.

You can start your bidding over here at the eBay auction.

I for one would love to have this bike.  The owner has done a couple of changes such as carbon wheels and a longer swing arm from the Corse group at the factory.


Ducati January 16, 2011 posted by

2001 Ducati 996R With 135 Total Miles

Here is another low-mileage 996R in fantastic condition!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 996R

Mileage:  135mi

Location:  Lincoln, Nebraska

Price:  $20,000 in stock form or $22,000 with extras

We’ve had several 996R’s on RSBFS and most have been fantastic, low mileage, examples.  This example here doesn’t disappoint either with only 135 miles total.

Here is what the seller says about additional parts with the bike:

DP carbon rear sets
DP carbon sprocket cover
Bucci carbon swing arm protector
MW corse carbon heel gaurds
Billet anodized black clip ons
1098 brake and clutch master cylinders. painted to match frame
Billet race style gas cap. anodized black
Custom carbon v guard with vents
999R carbon belt covers
DP carbon mirrors

Parts that I have but not installed

LED tail light strip. To mount under the tail
LED turn signals
DP neoprene/carbon seat
Magnesium vertical cylinder covers
Catalyst Upper fairing with RS intakes
RS intakes that fit stock air box
Smoked wind screen
Headlight assembly

The additional pieces aren’t too major and the bike should easily be returned to stock.  The seller states that this bike has also been recently serviced.  I would think it’d be the prudent move to buy this bike, completely stock, and use the additional $2k for a nice pedestal.

The seller isn’t 100% on selling this bike, but I’m sure if there is a genuine cash offer, he can be persuaded.  See the previous 996R’s we’ve posted here;  If you regret missing out on those, don’t make the same mistake twice and see the ad on here.


Ducati July 8, 2010 posted by

2000 Ducati 996R With 953 Miles In California

This is a very nice looking 996R with less than 1k miles in California!

Bike:  2000 Ducati 996R

Price:  $14,500 USD

Location:  South Lake Tahoe, California

Mileage:  953 Miles

This 996R looks to be completely stock as a bike with under 1k miles should be!  500 of these were made for 2000 and, as the seller states, came equipped with Ohlins suspension front & rear, Marchesini wheels, carbon bits galore, Brembo’s, and a trick Testastretta motor among other things.

We’ve seen these 996R’s and SPS’s go for varying amounts but, this one seems reasonably priced with less than 1k miles and an asking price of $14,500–See our other 996 content here.  If you’d rather have a real homologation/race replica bike over a stickered up, brand-new, R1; have a look at this 996R on Craigslist here.


Ducati July 7, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 996R With Two Original Miles In Texas

This is another 996R but this one is being sold as-new with only two miles on the odometer!

Bike:  2001 Ducati 996R

Price:  $22,000 USD

Location:  Austin, Texas

Mileage: 2 Miles

This bike is being sold as new with even the shipping covers and stickers remaining on the headlights and turn signals and license plate mount uninstalled.  The seller states that this bike has never been started–other than when it was at the factory–and has always been stored in a climate controlled office/home.  The bike was purchased through BCM Motorsports and includes uninstalled 102db Termignoni silencers but does not mention other items included with the bike when new–I’d expect they’re included but ask the seller.  The asking price of $22,000 doesn’t seem completely outrageous given what you’re buying (The self control of the seller).  If you missed out on these 996R’s in 2001 or foolishly rode the one you did get, have a look at this one on here.