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Kawasaki April 21, 2012 posted by

Not the R, But Still Awesome- ’92 Ninja ZX-7

Location: Lees Summit. Missouri

Mileage: 20,860

Price: $4,500 BIN

When it comes to the Kawasaki ZX7, most of the time on RSBFS, you’ll see the hyper desirable ZX-7R, the homologated race special that came with track inspired touches such as flat side carbs and an aluminum gas tank. Those bikes were limited edition and special for sure. This ZX7 is simply the factory Kawasaki ZX-7 offering at the time. But don’t let that turn you off. While we all love homologated race bikes, this gives you a killer looking ride, with better street manners, and a better price.  Good stuff to consider.

Here’s the seller’s info-

1992 Kawasaki ZX7 Ninja 

Original Paint and Decals

20,860 miles

Enthusiast owned and maintained

Excellent tires

Always stored in heated garage


Minor scratches, notable on left side, see pictures, as you can see from other pics, they are not visible from more than 5 feet away

No accidents

Stock except for Muzzy Pipe, tinted screen, and turn signals

$600 is carb work completed last summer, fires up and runs excellent

J2 model, becoming harder and harder to find


Engine 4-stroke, DOHC in-line four, 16-valves 

Displacement 749cc 

Starting Electric 

Bore/Stroke 71.0 x 47.3mm 

Cooling Liquid 

Carburetion Keihin CVKD36mm x 4 

Ignition Digital 

Transmission 6 Speed 

Frame Aluminum perimeter 

Rake/Trail 24.5 degrees/95mm 

Suspension(Front) 41mm USD forks with adj. Preload, Rebound Damping and Ride Height 

Suspension(Rear) UNI-TRAK monoshock rear, adj. Preload, Rebound Damping and Ride Height 

Wheel Travel(Front) 120mm 

Wheel Travel(Rear) 120mm 

Braking(Front) Dual 320mm Discs w/ 4 piston calipers 

Braking(Rear) Single 230mm disc w/ 2 piston opposing caliper 

Wheelbase 1420mm 

Dry Weight 195Kg 

Claimed Power (Crank) 100 bhp @9,793rpm 

Claimed Power (Rear Wheel) 95.1 bhp @9,793rpm 

Average MPG 45 

Top Speed 148.5 mph 

And the pics for your pleasure-

The seller says the bike is all stock except for the Muzzy exhaust (not uncommon on the ZX7 for sure), windscreen and turn signals. The bikes has some scratches but they seem pretty minor for the age of the bike. Mileage is getting up there but the seller describes recent carb maintenance and that the bike runs strong. Good stuff.

I agree that these will only get harder and harder to find. They don’t make them anymore, after all. The seller is asking about the top of the range right now for this bike. You’ll have to think about just how much you want it. And maybe you’ll be able to work a deal.

Regardless, this bike is iconic in the Kawi world. If you can give it the home it deserves, make the jump!


Honda April 2, 2012 posted by

Monday Mailbag!

First up is submitted by “Dan RC”, a very rare 1981 Honda CB1100RB on eBay UK for 12k GBP. Awesome!

Next up from Dan is this Kawasaki ZX7 on our Facebook page.

Dan also spotted this 1994 Honda VFR400 for sale in Colorado for $5k. Thanks Dan!

Check out this 93 works Ducati 888 spotted by Pelayo in Spain! He writes, “This one is special. That bike is a 888 works Ducati from 93 that was used by Dani Amatriain (former Lorenzo´s manager) to try win the Spanish superbike national (lot of money at this moment from this rider). The bike was so dominant at european championship but at the end the spanish title went to a private RC30 from former 500 privateer Lopez Mella. I remember watching it raced also at world SBK at Jarama.”

James recently posted his Honda MC21 NSR250 in our Classifieds area for $7500. Good luck with sale!

Erik emailed us to alert us to his 1985 Honda NS250R for sale in Denver for $3500. Good luck with the sale!

Next from John is the 94 Yamaha YZF750. It looks very complete, has receipts, and even the toolkit is still there. Just $3000 in Chicago.

From Pete we have this very low miles 2002 Moto Guzzi Le Mans for just $7k in Montana. Love the colors!

From Sébastien we have this rather rare bird, a 1980 Honda Segale 1000. If you can provide information on this bike, leave a comment below!

Mike sends us this spotting in Los Angeles, a 2006 Derbi GPR125 for $6k.

Have a good morning all!


Kawasaki October 19, 2011 posted by

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR N1 Homologation Special- For Sale

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR N1

Location: Mississauga, ON, CA
Mileage: 27,538 kil / 17,100 miles
Price: $7,500.00 Update 10.19.2011: Now Reduced to $6000 CDN!

Up for your consideration is a very nice example of Kawasaki’s last 3/4 sized homologation super bike.

I’ve always been a fan of Team Green and the N1 is tops on my list of bikes to own- someday.

From the seller:

For sale is an almost perfect example of the ZX7 N1.

For those who don’t know, the N1 was the ZX7 homologated for superstock racing and came with a wide array of race-oriented features out of the box. Just 20 of these bikes were imported into Canada!

The N1 is very different from the standard ZX7R, featuring
– RR Forks
– RR Rear shock
– 6-pot Nissin calipers
– Adjustable swingarm pivot
– 41mm Flatslide carbs
– Close-ratio gearbox
– Solo seat

Also note that the ZX7 comes with a slipper clutch. This N1 is entirely stock except for a very aggressive sounding Hindle carbon fiber full system exhaust which helps the bike breathe better and shed 10 pounds. Furthermore, for the collectors out there, this bike’s VIN ends in 748 which is also the displacement of the engine 🙂

Now, being a race bike the N1 shines at high speed. Everything from the twisting the throttle to dropping into corners is surgically precise. A sunday blast in the back roads or on the track is exactly what this bike was made for.

This bike runs smooth/strong and has been meticulously cared for. You will be hard pressed to find a regular ZX7 this clean, nevermind a N1 so I won’t sell it to just anyone.

And there you have folks- I would like to add a few things about the N1.

1. These also have adjustable steering heads
2. They have steel gas tanks whereas the K and M models had aluminum tanks.

#2 isn’t such a big deal, but #1 was only offered on the 1996 N1’s. I would also like to add it required special race kit parts to do it.

While horsepower was relatively unchanged across the three models of Kawasaki homologation bikes the N1 represents the culmination of all things that had been learned. The N1’s were as trick as any in 1996 with the slipper clutch, adjustable swing arm and steering head angle, huge brakes, 41mm flat slide carbs and close ratio transmission. Heck, you’d be hard pressed to find any motorcycle in today’s offerings with those specs.

Have a look-

If you’re in the market for a collectable homologation special don’t hesitate because this one is priced right and won’t last long.

You can contact the seller by clicking here

Good luck with the sale!


Kawasaki October 5, 2011 posted by

The Same, Only Different: 1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M1

The Same,  Only Different:  1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M1

I never get tired of them.  We’ve all seen our share of ZXR750R’s but I always take a second look when I see them wrapped in this bodywork.  That bodywork reminds me of what I think are some of the most exotic race bikes ever built:  the endurance and TT-F1 bikes of the 1990’s.  Pick your manufacturer, they were all one off specials.

If these two don’t do it for you I don’t know what will.  In these cash strapped times with  production based rules these bikes are a distant memory.

Someone in the UK has been hiding this one away.  It has seen only 1165 miles of pavement!  It had been stored since 1994.  The current owner had a full service done on the bike and it is road worthy.

It might have a German accent.  It is a UK spec bike but was sold to someone in Germany before being brought back home.

Boring photo but I think it proves the point that this thing is mint!

1993 was the first year of ram air on the ZXR.  I knew the RR had the adjustable swing arm pivot but did not know you had to have some race kit parts to actually adjust it.  This one is nice enough that I hope the new owner keeps it absolutely stock.

The asking price?  $16,144 to us in the New World.  That is,  until the dollar tanks even more.  Peso, here we come.  Has anyone seen one with this bodywork running around in the states? I sure haven’t.  To add it to your collection click here.


Kawasaki September 26, 2011 posted by

Remember FUSA? 98 Kawasaki ZX850RR Muzzy Raptor

Remember FUSA?  98 Kawasaki ZX850RR Muzzy Raptor

“Run what ya brung” pretty much sums up what Formula USA ( FUSA) was all about back in the 90’s.  At any given race you might see a heavily modded GSXR1100 racing against a TZ250.  For a year or two there was even Rich Oliver riding a Roberts YZR500 (I think there was some pissing and moaning after these arrived).  The Raptor was Rob Muzzy’s answer to the dominant Valvoline Suzuki’s of the time.  Basically, give Muzzy a ZX7 and let him have his way with it.

By the way,  can someone please bring a series like this back?  I’ve had my fill of NASCAR on two wheels.  I like the exotic.

50 is the widely stated production number of the Raptors.  50 also happened to be  the number required to be FUSA legal.  The seller states Rob Muzzy claims the actual production number is around 35.  Rare, unique and semi-American made all in one.

This particular Raptor has a very cool mix of Muzzy, Kawasaki kit and high end aftermarket parts:

The motor is the highest spec  873cc ,GEAR DRIVEN CAM, Ti Carillo rods, lighten crank,world superbike head,undercut tranny. 41mm Kehien Flatslides breath through a ram air sealed carbon fiber airbox. It’s making around 175 rwhp.  I did not dyno it but its a torque monster.  The motor sounds almost like a turbo because of the gear driven cam whine. Very sic!

The suspension is full GP spec 48mm Ohlins forks, Special factory Ohlins rear shock, custom suspension linkage and a adjustable triple clamp looks like it could support a bridge!  Massive pinch bolts.  The swing arm and fork are equipped with quick change Ti axles. A KES quickshifter controls the full throttle shift and the guages are all KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) factory superbike pieces.

The brakes are set up with sublime AP 6piston front calipers, clamping 330 mm (they might be 320mm) Brembo Full floating cast rotors, actuated by a Brembo radial master cylinder.  The rear brake is a tiny AP unit clamping a ultra light full floating KHI rotor.

Wheels are a beautiful set of magnesium Marchasini’s, 17 x3.75 front, 16.5x 6.5 rear. I just refinished them and the are perfect. A new set sprockets and a gold DID chain complete the drive line. These a pretty fresh set of Dunlop Ntech’s on the bike right now.

Body work is a collection of one off carbon and fiberglass.  The tank is a one off Carbon Fiber piece of beauty.  The fairings are Jap spec 8hr Suzuka replicas.  There is a headlight custom faired in next to the number plate. The tail/subframe is all KHI SPEC. The battery box is relocated  in a custom Muzzy box along with a billet aluminum oil tank.

Who wouldn’t want that engine with the gear driven cams?  Exotic!

This is where the Raptor was meant to be but it was also sold as a street bike.  This one definitely saw it’s share of track time:

This bike is one of the three prototypes that Muzzy built for contesting the unlimited racing series Formula USA.  The history is as follows.  Doug Chandler raced this bike twice in FUSA for the Muzzy Team.  He won the first time out at Daytona and came in third at Pocono.  The bike then was passed on to Steve Grigg who went on to crush everyone in WERA unlimited series.  Grigg held the track record at Summit Point and Road Atlanta on this bike.  So this is no ccobbed up street bike but a real GP racer. 

Who is going to snap this one up?  A Kawasaki collector or someone who wants to keep it on the track?  With a starting bid  of $20,000 I’m going to lean collector.  There are just too many options out there today for that price for the track.  Is it worth $20,000 or higher?  I have to honestly say, “I don’t know”.  It sure has some trick parts and you can’t argue it isn’t rare.  If you sleep in Kawasaki pajamas I know you want this bike.

There is a decent thread on the Raptor on the Kawasaki forum if you’d like more info and pictures.  There is actually some photos of this particular bike there as well.

You can check out the auction here.


Kawasaki July 30, 2011 posted by

’93 Kawasaki ZX-7, the ZX-7 for the rest of us.

Location: Adell, Wisconsin
Mileage: 28,500
Price: Auction, BIN $2,650

Nope, this isn’t the famed ZX-7R (posted earlier this week on RSBFS by Andrew) for sale in this auction. This is the factory non-homolgated ZX-7 that Kawasaki produced in 1993. So why is it being posted on RSBFS? Well, while the ZX-7R is a special machine, they are also not the easiest street bike to own and command significantly more money than this. With this bike you get the great paint/graphics and a bike that will still be fun to ride (107 bhp at 10,500 rpm and 453 lbs. curb weight) for a great price. This bike was big news when it was introduced in ’89 and clean versions aren’t exactly flooding the streets these days either.

Check out these pics-

Here’s a rundown from the seller on this bike-

This well maintained and great condition 1993 Kawasaki ZX-7 has provided me with awesome riding since I purchased it used in the summer of 1999.I am reluctantly selling this great cycle because I have reached an age that the aggressive sport/racing oriented geometry & riding position is no longer comfortable. I will be sad to see it go but I need to sell it to get a new “old fart” cycle.
Upgrades & Modifications
1. Polished frame & swingarm
2. Full Vance & Hince SSR2 exhaust with carbon fiber canister
3. Factory Pro Stage 1 jet kit
4. K&N air filter
5. Accel super coils & plug wires
6. Targa light green windscreen
7. Polished aluminum bars ends
8. Carbon fiber fork crown cover
9. Carbon fiber instrument cluster surround
10. Braided stainless steel clutch cable
11. Rear fender removed & small turn signals installed
1. New Dunlop Sportmax Q2 front tire — Fall 2010
2. New Dunlop Sportmax Q2 rear tire — Fall 2009
3. New EBC front brake pads — Fall 2010
4. Refurbished front rotors — Fall 2010
5. Carburetor rebuild except diaphragms (they were still in good condition) — Fall 2010
6. New chain — Fall 2009
7. New front sprocket — Fall 2009
8. Front & rear brake lines completely flushed — Fall 2010
9. Clutch line completely flushed — Fall 2010
10. Coolant completely flushed — Fall 2010
11. Oil changed at least twice a season with Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle oil 10w-40
12. Air filter cleaned & oiled at least once a season
1. Original owners manual
2. Clymer service manual
3. New 15 tooth front sprocket
4. Remaining parts of Factory Pro jet kit
Cosmetic Defects – Please Refer to Pictures for Details
1. Rear seat as 2mm crack
2. Rear wing/handle as some paint rubbed off from bungee cords
3. Windscreen is crack on right side by first mounting bolt
4. Several other nicks and scratches

The seller does nice job of highlighting the mods to the bike above and also the small cosmetic issues. This bike probably won’t ever command the kind of value the R model does for collectors but at the same time could continue to increase in value, so modifications should be taken into account. The mileage on the bike is getting up there too. Making sure it runs strong is important although the maintenance on the bike looks to be solid.

Again, I view this bike as an opportunity to get into something that looks great and still represents a great era for the sportbike for relatively little cost. If the bike speaks to you as well, make the jump!


Kawasaki March 24, 2011 posted by

Subtle It Is Not: 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR

Subtle It Is Not: 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR

Bright lime green paint and purple wheels are not the recipe for subtlety.  Who wants to be subtle though if you have a ZX-7RR?  We’ve had plenty of these grace RSBFS over the past year and this is another fine example.  She is still a looker from the front with those two big ram air ducts.


It is another low mile RR.  It has just over 5,800 miles on the clocks.  What happened to Muzzy by the way?  How about some more Muzzy Specials Kawasaki!  I really miss homologation specials.  The NASCAR inspired DMG rules have made them go the way of  the pay phone booth.  When was the last time you saw one of those?  I just find it more interesting if the professional racing doesn’t have the exact same bike I can purchase.  The more exotic the better in my book.


The owner couldn’t resist the Muzzy pipe but the bike  is pretty darn close to stock.  The seller explains:

 Here it is don’t see these up for sale very often!!  A super rare mint cond Kawi 1996 Zx-7RR muzzy special only 500 were made and most went to rare teams there are very very few of these on the roads. 

Only 5835 miles on this bike so its got plenty left on it for some sweet riding.  No engine mods of any sort have been done to this bike. 

The Only mods are as follows

Turn signals taken off and put new sleek ones on.  Rear ones taken off and now work with the brand new LED tail light that is on the bike.

Rear fendor has been cut for the more aggressive look. 

Now if you are a collector this is just the bike cause if you want it 100% stock you are in luck I have a brand new OEM fendor that you can put on as well as the stock tail light and the stock turn signals. So this bike would then be 100% stock.

Again this bike runs perfect and is in GREAT shape it has never been down or raced.

The pictures speak for themself you will not find a better looking N1 out there. 

The seat cowl pad is also brand new I have the old one still as well. 

Shipping for this bike is no problem I have a guy who I can move the bike if you need it or you can arrange your person if you like.  All shipping costs would be on you.

Bike is in Anaheim CA with a clean CA reg and title.

Remember if you want the aluminum tank you need a pre-96 RR, this one is steel.  Don’t frown though, you get larger flatside carbs.  Have any RSBFS readers tried tracking down old Kawasaki race kit parts for the RR?  I bet there might be some interesting stuff laying around in some dusty boxes. 


If you are shy this just isn’t the color scheme for you.  The bidding is starting at $6,700 on this green meanie.  .


Kawasaki March 2, 2011 posted by

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR With Very Low VIN (#025) On eBay–Again

The is a great looking ZX7RR N1 that we haven’t seen since September!

Bike:  1996 Kawasaki ZX7RR N1

Miles:  6,998mi

Price:  $6,000 Starting bid with no reserve

Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado

This ‘RR is on consignment from the third owner, was fully serviced prior to being listed, and the bike is stated to be all original.  Some defects include light scratching to the ram air covers, front fender, some of the left fuel tank decal has been removed by a fuel spill (new one is included with the sale), the battery is dead and the forks have started to leak.  Not exactly what I expect when a bike has supposedly had “…detailed service work” and “…several different services including thorough carb work.”  Regardless, this bike appears to be a very collectible piece with some light love–and front turn signals.

Doug had some very good observations when this bike was first spotted in September:

1. Missing the front turn signals
2. Missing the side fairing reflectors
3. Doesn’t have the Muzzy 7rr Special sticker on the tank
4. Butt pad is a little beat up
5. Seat has a gas cap stain – can see if you look closely at pictures
6. Needs a new front tire, but it’s the original D204 Sportmax
7. Has a pencil sized dent in the gas tank.
8. Rims may have been painted at some point.

1. It’s a N1!
2. Better than average condition
3. Low miles
4. Has one original tire :)
5. It’s priced right.
6. I like it a whole lot for the money

I’m going to have to agree with Doug, this is a very good–great–bike for the money compared to what we’ve seen other N1’s going for.  If you wanted an occasional weekend bike with collector credibility this is a fantastic choice.  With a little work, I don’t think anyone would be ashamed to have this in their garage.  See Doug’s very thorough write up here.  See some of the other ZX7RR’s we’ve posted .