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Modded 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R On Ebay

1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R On Ebay

When I started reading the details in this auction I realized this is a very interesting bike.  Not necessarily because of the bike but what has been done to it.  It has a had a couple of minor tasteful modifications done to it along with a rather large mod.  It has the front end off of a 2009 GSXR installed (professionally).  So this brings up an interesting question when it comes to rare bikes:  what does that do to the value/price of the bike?  For the collector types I’m sure that is a turn off.  For others, I’m sure it could be seen as a positive.  A nice modern touch to popular older bike.  Now this seller has covered his bases.  He has kept all the original parts so it can be changed back to stock.  Smart man.  What do you guys think of the overall question though, do you see modifications as a positive or negative?

 Here is info from the auction:

For sale is a 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R. Factory upgrades that came with the “R” model include the full power motor, an aluminum gas tank, 39mm flatslide carbs, high performance camshafts, slipper clutch, full race close ratio transmission, upgraded suspension and brakes, and a solo seat. Its the real deal and a very sweet example. I still remenber seeing those ram air scoops going thru the tank for the first time. It just screamed “Superbike”. I always wanted one. However, the R model sold for over $11,000 back in the day. The passage of time made my dream a step closer. I had been looking for the right ZX7R for several years and when I came across this bike, the search was over. I purchased this bike about 2 years ago from the original owner. At that time it had approximately 15k miles. Many people only want stock examples which they don’t ride. This isn’t me. I enjoy riding my bikes as well as giving them an upgraded restoration.  The bike has what I consider very tasteful upgrades which were all done to a very high standard. For starters, this clean example came with the only pipe I would consider: an era correct Rob Muzzy stainless full race exhaust. No longer available, this was a critical criteria for me. Muzzy made the best pipe for the ZX7, just look at the race history. I upgraded the front end using a 2009 GSXR750. The conversion was professionally done by motorcycle fabricator Wyn Belorusky. Look him up. He custom machined a top triple clamp from billet aluminum that exactly matches the look of the factory ZX7R upper triple. Its amazing and was not cheap. Included in the front end upgrade are the 09 gsxr forks, front wheel, rotors, radial mounted brakes, master cylinder, clipons, superbike braided brake lines, and a carbon fiber fender. I had the gsxr front wheel and OEM factory rear wheel freshley powdercoated green. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this upgrade is. The front end feels so much lighter. It handles, brakes, and rides like a modern bike. Most people dont notice the upgrade, it looks correct. Before you ask, yes I have the original front end complete with forks, triples, brakes, wheel, tire, fender, everything, that goes with the sale of the bike. On the rear end, it has a Penske shock with remove resevoir, as well as woodcraft rearsets. The swingarm had some minor scratches on the right side. During the build I had it removed and powdercoated. The bike has a brand new Vortex 520 chain sprocket conversion, custom billet rear stand spools, steering dampner, and brand new tires. I just changed the oil and filter with Repsol synthetic. The bike starts right up and runs strong. The flatslide carbs really come alive above 6000 RPM, and the pipe sounds great! Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed owing and building this bike, and spared no expense in the improvements I made. Someone is gonna get a sweet machine!


I know Doug has talked about this before but how many of you guys realized the ZX-7R’s had a slipper clutch back in the day?  I know I usually say this but it will be interesting to see what this bike sales for.  It isn’t a garage queen but it has obviously been well taken care off.  It has a couple of mods that give you a little modern with the old:  and heck you get the stock stuff too so you are covered.  It has aif you are interested.


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2003 Factory ZX7RR: Former Hawk Kawasaki In BSB

2003 Factory ZX7RR:  Former Hawk Kawasaki In BSB

This is one of those auctions where I wish they had included a lot more pictures.  I don’t have the coin laying around to purchase the bike but I sure like looking for the pictures to see all the bits and pieces I could never buy.  Hawk Racing was apparently running this bike against 1000cc bikes back in 2003 in BSB.  While searching the internets I came across a post that claimed these were in fact ex-factory ZX7’s that Hawk Racing was using.  I would take that to mean the bike is actually a little older than a 2003.  Who gives a rats ass about the age though if this is the real deal and not just a kitted up bike.  Are there any Kawi fans out there fantasizing bout peeling that bodywork away and seeing what exotica lay beneath?    This would have been then end of the line for the ZX7 in BSB as the very next year they ran the new ZX10.

Some tidbits about the bike:


Last sed in 2003 British Superbike by Hawk Kawasaki Official Kawasaki Uk Race Team. These bikes had put out over 150bhp form a 750cc machine.

Specfication is huge:

Ohlins Front Fork

Ohlins Rear Shock

Suter Dry Clutch ( Cost in excess of £3500 new)

Factory Engine, which included factory cylinder head, titanium Pankl con-rods Factory pistons, facvtory crank, factory gearbox, machined lightened crankcases

Akrapovic Full Titanium Exhaust System

Brembo Brakes, calipers, discs, pads, master cylinders

Factory Radiator

Factory Subframe, Battery Box

Factory Carbon Airbox

Factory Aluminium Petrol Tank made by Thomas Gnemier in Germany.

Dymag Wheels

Factory 41mm Keihin Carbs


Chomping at the bit to buy it?  They are asking 20,000 pounds sterling (I love the way that sounds).  That converts to roughly $32,000.  It does mention they are open to offers:  hmmmmmm.  I don’t think I have enough body parts to sell and still be able to ride.  If it’s time to be the only guy on your street with a factory race bike you can .

I guess you could call this a relative of the bike above.  It’s a nice clip on the 2000 ZX7RR.  I noticed it does have the same Suter clutch as the bike for sell.  I posted it because Kawasaki info seems so scarce.  A little Kawi love, I guess.

Here is the one picture I could find of a Hawk Kawasaki in action from 2003

If by any chance you still aren’t sold on the cool factor of this bike, check this link out.  All I can say is stunning.


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Project 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R K2 on Ebay

Project 1992 ZX-7R K2 Homologation Superbike on Ebay

Location: Gageslake, IL
Price: $2,200 B.I.N.
Mileage: 26,000 or 32,000

Hmmmm, something interesting here for the tinkerer.  This is not a garage queen by any means but might be a nice gem in the rough for the right person.  It is a fairly high mileage bike with 26,000 miles (for some reason the seller has listed the mileage at 32,000 in the auction) on the odometer.  It looks like it has had a  small slide as evidence by some rash.  I guess the big question mark is the countershaft.  It is apparently stripped where you mount the sprocket.  Good news is the seller is including the replacement part.  Bad news is what might have caused this.  Might be a simple fix, might not.  The bright spot here is the seller realizes the bike needs some work and has it listed at a very modest price.

From the seller:

Super rare 1992 Kawasaki ninja zx7r 750r only a few hundred ever brought to the states. This bike came with aluminum gas tank adjustable suspension 39mm flat slide carbs and much more . The bike is in very good shape with tons of new parts on it like a brand new stainless steel full muzzy exhaust system.There is a minor crack in the fairing and some scrapes and scratches but not real bad for a bike this age. The bike runs but will need some work the carbs probably could use a cleaning and The front fork seals will need to be replaced.the worst part about the bike is the shaft were the front sprocket goes on is stripped . I have a replacement shaft for the bike it just needs to be installed. The bike is in very good over all condition and road fine before the shaft stripped out

If  you have the tools and the time I’d jump over to the auction quickly.  Project bikes at reasonable prices seem to go pretty quickly and the seller has a buy it now price of just $2,200.  It’s not everyday you can pick up a rare bike for a modest price.  .


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1989 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7 H1 model

1989 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

Price: $3500
Location: O’Fallon, MO
Mileage: <20,000 This is RSBFS fan Neal's baby and he is reluctantly selling it. Decked out in Classic Kawasaki Racing colors and ready to hit the road is Neal's good looking H1. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the H1's, these started it all for Kawasaki and Muzzy with Doug Chandler at the helm. That's right, although the later versions K1, K2, M1, M2 and N1's garner more attention and have a certain savoir faire about them, it’s the H1’s that paved the way. I’ve always been a Kawasaki fan first and a Yamaha fan second and I fancy these early 7’s. Logging an average 952.38 miles a year, this one is sure to be in fine shape.

Have a look and judge for yourself:

From Neal’s CL post:

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 with just shy of 20K miles on it. Nearly bone stock…

Own a piece of Super Bike History. 1989 was the first year of ZX-7 production, worldwide. Factory Race Team looks and fantastic performance made this a highly desired bike in it’s time. This is the same model bike as used by Doug Chandler to win the AMA Superbike Title in 1990.

Recent tune, including: oil system flushed, new oil filter, new plugs, air filter cleaned, brake and clutch fluids topped off, new battery, coolant system flushed, valve adjustment, carburetors cleaned and re-jetted, all pivot points checked and lubricated and and all wiring and fuses inspected. The only thing the bike still needs is new tires.

This bike is a former California model and as such had all of the emissions plumbing. This has all been removed, though may be included if you’d like, with the bike being re-tuned to suit. Performance is substantially better due to this modification.

Bike is all stock with the exception of the removal of the emissions components, the D&D exhaust and a Vance & Hines ignition advancer. Original bodywork, windscreen, seats, all of it. I do not have the stock exhaust, though I do have another aftermarket exhaust. A Yoshimura Zyclone full system with a Polished muffler. All components of the bike work as they should (blinkers, horn, brakes, starter, clutch, transmission, etc…). There are no ‘odd’ noises coming from any part of the bike or the motor. The original tool kit, with all originally included tools, is under the passenger seat. The only things missing from the bike are the original reflectors and the license plate light.

Bike does have light damage to the left side fairing, as seen in the photos. No cracks, just a few scrapes. Easily repairable.

Also included in this sale will be a replacement sticker for the left side fairing, a factory service manual and a book I made of prints of the micro-fiche showing all parts and assemblies.

And there you have it.. Put on a new set of skins and you’re ready to rock-n-roll and be the talk of your local bike night. If you’re a fan of the early ZX-7’s like Neal and I jump over to CL and check it out. If you have any questions about this one Neal is quick to respond and a pleasure talk to about Kawasaki’s.

I just remembered how long I’ve been a Kawi fan… Does anyone, besides me, remember being in grade school making noises like you’re shifting gears, but instead you used the motorcycle manufacturers name? It goes like this:

Kaawww (1st gear) waaaaaaa (2nd gear) saaaaaak (3rd gear) kiiii (4th gear) and so on.. 3rd grade- I was doing that! Ahh… the memories I have of motorcycling.



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