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Green Tomatoes: 1990 Kawasaki ZXR 750 (Switzerland)

An unmolested Kawasaki ZXR H2 is becoming quite rare to find. Here we have a survivor. At about 5000 $ this isn’t cheap. But with just 35000 km and it this spectacular conditions I think it is worth it. Apart from the tinted screen, it’s all stock:


I particularly appreciate the lack of scratches near the ignition key, typical of garage keys, house keys, idiotic metallic keychains…you name it,that some people used to attach to the only essential key you really want  to have attached on the motorbike.


Also the paint of this ZXR doesn’t seem to have suffered from sun burns and all the stickers are in the right place. This is a nice sample indeed.


Did you know that ZXRs mounted a slipper clutch ? Here’s how it worked:


For more info check out this useful link: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/webzxr/zxr750r/Features/slipperclutch.html.

The rider could even tune the amount of clutch slip by selecting among the option discs to fine tune it, to its personal riding style. The ZXR were serious machines. In stock version, they were probably the most race ready bikes you could get on the market without having to invest in a small series race replica. I guess one could say that the ZXRs of the 90s were a bit like the GSX-Rs of the eighties. I hope nobody will get offended with this statement, but let’s face it, the liquid cooled, high revving ZXR 750 engine fitted to a fine frame was  pretty much top for a standard road bike.


If green is your colour, this could be a great classic buy. It is on sale in Switzerland at the following address:

1990 Kawasaki ZXR 750



  • I am seriously glad you haven’t gotten thru the entire list of great bikes yet.

    Because I just caught a bargain, one that wouldn’t have been there had you guys twigged to its existence.

    Thank god.

  • I had a brand new one whenn they came out in 1989 . It was exactly as you describe a race ready bike at the time . I really had wanted an RC30 so I kept it for one year and finally got my RC30 the following year . However I really did enjoy my Ninja while I had it . Nice stock exhaust growl . I have to hand it to Kawasaki for being able to make the best out of stock exhaust sytems keeping them legal but making them have a decent sound at the same time.

  • Has anyone on this site bought a bike from over seas? What is the cost importing a bike like this and can they be registered here?

  • my recollection of these bikes is that they were supposed to be just brutal to ride due to riders position and suspension….anyone with direct experience can advise?

  • Wanted to buy 1990 ZXR 750 H2 preferably in Australia. I used to own one but had to sell it but now want to replace it. Here’s hoping. Thanks

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