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Kawasaki July 3, 2013 posted by

Always Awesome: 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

Jensen Beach, FL – 16,500mi – $3,900 w/Reserve


To me, the Kawasaki ZX-7 embodies the complete essence of what makes 90’s sports bikes so awesome. With dual round headlights, bright (but not completely ridiculous) green/blue graphics, and pink/purple Ninja logo on the tank, it’s hard to argue the timeless good looks. Sure, the standard ZX-7 might not be as coveted as the homologated ZX-7R. The standard model is touted as being more street friendly without the flatside cards from the R model and it will also run you about 1/3 of the price.


This bike is in as stock of condition as one could hope for. Not only this, but it is really clean and seemingly well maintained. I will let the seller take it away with the full description:

1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7

2nd. Owner and in MINT CONDITION

Very low miles ( 16,500 )

Never wrecked or dropped

Just did full service

New tires

New brakes

New oil

New plugs

New sprockets and chain

Tank cleaned

Carbs cleaned and tuned

New fork seals



The only thing this bike needs is a new speedometer light… Very easy and cost effective fix… Just needs a bulb… Everything on the bike works MINT and she is a true classic as you can see from the pictures… EXTREMELY CLEAN !!!


This is one of the cleanest and well maintained ZX-7’s I have seen in a while. I have seen these in semi-rough shape go for $2,700 and I have seen better condition one with mods go in the high $4k range. This bike has 16k miles, which isn’t crazy-low, but it is definitely below the average for the year. The only non-stock part seems to be an upgraded cam (stock included). I could easily see this bike going into $5k+ territory. Want a good looking, great condition bike that is surely to appreciate in value with the ever growing vintage sport bike market? Here is your chance, check out the auction here and place your bid!


Kawasaki June 10, 2013 posted by

Green Tomatoes: 1990 Kawasaki ZXR 750 (Switzerland)

An unmolested Kawasaki ZXR H2 is becoming quite rare to find. Here we have a survivor. At about 5000 $ this isn’t cheap. But with just 35000 km and it this spectacular conditions I think it is worth it. Apart from the tinted screen, it’s all stock:


I particularly appreciate the lack of scratches near the ignition key, typical of garage keys, house keys, idiotic metallic keychains…you name it,that some people used to attach to the only essential key you really want  to have attached on the motorbike.


Also the paint of this ZXR doesn’t seem to have suffered from sun burns and all the stickers are in the right place. This is a nice sample indeed.


Did you know that ZXRs mounted a slipper clutch ? Here’s how it worked:


For more info check out this useful link:

The rider could even tune the amount of clutch slip by selecting among the option discs to fine tune it, to its personal riding style. The ZXR were serious machines. In stock version, they were probably the most race ready bikes you could get on the market without having to invest in a small series race replica. I guess one could say that the ZXRs of the 90s were a bit like the GSX-Rs of the eighties. I hope nobody will get offended with this statement, but let’s face it, the liquid cooled, high revving ZXR 750 engine fitted to a fine frame was  pretty much top for a standard road bike.


If green is your colour, this could be a great classic buy. It is on sale in Switzerland at the following address:

1990 Kawasaki ZXR 750


Kawasaki June 8, 2013 posted by

Last Second Chance: 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7

Summit, MS – 11,600mi – $3,550 w/Reserve


Everybody should love the early 90’s ZX7 Kawasaki Ninja. These are in my opinion one of the best looking bikes from this era. Unlike its more-sought after homologated special brother, the ZX-7R, the standard ZX-7 can be more street friendly. Non existent on this bike is the super tight gearing and flat0side carbs that are known to finicky when not tuned.


This bike looks to be as clean as you could hope for with a 22-year old bike of this nature. I have said this before and I will say it again. These were not limited in production numbers, but they were also not designed to be collectible. In today’s market, this means that finding a clean and unmolested example can be difficult.

From the seller:

Rare 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7 Ninja up for bid in Great Condition with 11,600 original miles on it. This bike it in great condition. Please feel free to ask questions. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime find of a 22 year old bike in this condition. Never wrecked with a clean title. I am the 2nd owner. Buyer responsible for local pickup or shipping. Happy Bidding..!


These are sweet bikes. Sure, not the best performance compared to today’s technology, but with that come a ton of character. You even get the classic green tinted windscreen to go with it. You better hurry though, as not much times remains on this bike. Feeling impulsive, check out the auction here and place a bid!


Kawasaki March 13, 2013 posted by

They Made Them In Black? 1990 Kawasaki ZX7 H2 Ninja

zx tank

My brain is having a hard time processing a ZX7 not dressed in the familiar Kawi green.  Like the Yamaha FZ750, earlier this week, this 1990 ZX7 is another great example of a survivor.

zx leftzx right

I’m impressed, even the side reflector is still there.

The details:

 Up for sale is my 1990 ZX7 model H2.  This is a rare and very sought after bike, and the H2 is more desirable than the H1 (1989).  The colors and this H2 are very rare compared to the blue, green, and white bikes.  I would consider the bike in mint condition for a 23 year old survivor.  It just went through a full service and checks with new fluids, battery, tires, and chain and sprocket.  All the instrumentation, lights, everything works like it should.  There are no dents, rips, no stress cracks, no damage of which to speak – the bike retains it’s originality.  There are some scratches but nothing large enough to take a picture and show.  The bike is missing the chain guard and that’s it.  It has 16,000 miles and rides, drives, and shifts like new.  Truly amazing for 23 years old.

zx top

No dings or dents.   Why do I have the sudden urge to vacuum?

zx right rear

So far, not even a nibble on the auction.  I’m going out on a limb and guessing the starting bid of $4,600 is a factor.  As rare as the color is, I imagine the majority of buyers would want the green because that is what is so associated with the bike and brand.  On the flip side, how many squeeky clean, low mile 1990 ZX7’s have you seen lately?  I have a feeling it is a round number.

Check out the auction here.


Kawasaki January 23, 2013 posted by

Middle America Ninja: 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7

Elkton, South Dakota – 19,221 miles – $2,325 with No Reserve

Looking for something a little different from the hyper-pristine and expensive Italian exotica? Then check out this mysterious little ZX7 that has been tucked away in middle America. Don’t get me wrong, I dig me some old Ducati’s. However, I also dig cool bikes that are riders and come on the cheap.


This ZX7 still looks cool 20 years after it rolled off of showroom floors. The details of this one are a little thin and the photos definitely have you wanting more. The bike has less than 20k miles, which considering its age is pretty good.


From the seller:

UP FOR SALE IS A 1992 ZX7. Serious inquires only. Local pickup only. New oil & filter, UNI Air Filter, New NGK Spark Plugs, and new back tire. Runs and ride great. Has minor scratches.

She isn’t the prettiest girl on the block, but she’s a cheap date. Clearly some TLC is going to be required to get this Ninja back to it’s glory day status. The seller requires a local pick up for the bike. I can tell you that South Dakota has some great (flat) scenery if you’re looking for a winter road trip. Check out the auction here and make the decision for yourself.


Kawasaki August 15, 2012 posted by

Lime Green Meanie: 1998 Super Bike Spec Kawasaki ZX7RR

Lime Green Meanie:  1998 Super Bike Spec Kawasaki ZX7RR

Sit back an enjoy some Kawasaki race spec porn circa 1998:

Drool worthy for sure but I’m not quite sure about what spec it actually is.

From the seller:

For sale is a factory race Kawasaki ZXR750RR from the 1998/1999 season.

This is a ZXR750RR with all the factory options that are to be found on such

a rare machine. It has been in the same owners hands for over a decade.

It is not put together from parts, like so many of these 750 RR were in the

years after their racing days were over, but has always been in the condition

Please do not mistake this ZXR750RR for one of the dozens of privateer specials and production-racers that

were put together from used spare-parts or build up using left over NOS parts.

This is a real World Super Bike series race bike.

I have no issues with the bike and would gladly make room in my living room for it.  My only problem is I don’t believe it is WSB spec.  Two things stick out to me.  Cosmetically it doesn’t seem to match up with any ZX7RR that was raced in WSB.  Mechanically, while exotic, it doesn’t appear to be WSB spec.  The lack of a beautiful Suter dry clutch seems glaring.  I’m pretty sure the top spec Kawasakis used Brembo brake components as well.  Weren’t the factory bikes using Ohlins suspension in 1998?

Help me out guys what do we have here?  Am I correct that the frame  and swing arm look factory spec?  My amateur hunch is this might have been a bike raced in the German Super bike Series (the bike is located in Germany).  Even at that level though wouldn’t the bike have a dry clutch?

I bet a few of you would like to get your hands on  that engine with the gear driven cam shafts.

What is red line on a production ZX7RR?

Exotica doesn’t come cheap, the seller is asking $44,500.  He is open to offers though.  What do you think, is it exotic enough to command that much money?  It’s not like you can go down to the local Kawi dealer and order a 1998 super bike engine with factory internals (although it would be fun to try).

The classified ad.

Who can forget Yanagawas’  weenie roast from 1998?


Kawasaki August 7, 2012 posted by

Clean Green Machine: 1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2

For Sale: 1990 Kawasaki ZX7 H2

Remember the days when you could tell a motorcycle brand by the colors on the bike? Back in those days, Yamaha sportbikes were red/white and yellow/black, Honda was always Ride Red along with the red/white/blue Interceptor scheme, Suzuki was largely blue/red/white, and Kawi was *always* green. Today, this distinctive green paint scheme is the only color that screams brand recognition (although don’t get me started on the ZX14 metal flake & glitter look).

While not a vaunted RR (K1)model, this ZX-7 H2 series bike still looks pretty good. It is 22 years old, after all (and would be able to drink and vote if we gave bikes such priveledges), and still looks every bit the focused sportbike that it is. Some may point to the elephant trunk snorkles leading to the airbox under the tank and laugh, but ram air performance was relatively new back then and the promise of free turbocharging was very real. Since that time, there is no major manufacturer that does not incorporate some concept of ram air on their sportbike. Kawasaki lead the way.

The seller offers some history on the ZX7 line here:

The ZX7 line started with the “H” models. The H1 looked uncannily like the first model of the ZXR-7 racer. The rear suspension was very hard. This was chiefly due to the suspension linkage and, to a lower extent, to the hard rear shock.
The updated H2 inherited most of the Racekit engine mods found on the ZXR-7 Race bike. Although the H2 looks very similar to the H1, both engine and frame underwent a lot of positive changes. A host of carbs, radiator and engine mods mean that parts are often not interchangeable with the H1, and performance was substantially increased. The rear suspension was still pretty stiff on the H2, but now fully adjustable.

From the seller:
Up for sale is my 1990 Kawasaki ZX7, model H2.
This is a very rare and sought after bike, and the H2 is always more desirable than the H1. (1989)
This bike is in overall good condition, for a 22 year old survivor. Not many of these left, especially in turn key condition.
It has its share of nicks and marks, some chipping on the wheels, etc. Left side fairing has a crack on the bottom, and some clear coat orangepeel in the right side fairing. Seats are perfect, no marks or rips, very nice. All instrumentation works as it should. Bike has just been pulled from storage, oil changed and new battery installed, started right up and runs like a BEAST. Has a steering stabilizer and flush mounted custom blinkers. This ZX7 has a custom MUZZY Race exhaust installed w/headers, and it is not your typical MUZZY pipe, sounds very aggressive and much meaner than the others I have heard.
Bike is a screamer… ~18K miles…
Also, as an FYI, this bike comes fully wired so its a great grab for the racer or track day enthusiast, ready to go!!!!

The seller has also included a video of the bike in question. The sound is not the best, but it does give you a good idea as to the overall condition of the machine:

While the market for non-homologation bikes continues to languish a bit, this is a good thing for the nostalgic amongst us; these neo classic bikes can be picked up for a song compared to both the new price as well as the homologation counterparts. For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati July 13, 2012 posted by

Weekend Mailbag! (916, 750SS, CB-1, FZR600, NSR250, RZ350)

Hey guys! Hope you’re all out enjoying the nice weather and remembering that these sweet bikes need to be ridden to be loved. What, no bike in the shed? Take a peek below at all the spots from our readers — from affordable survivors to rare exotics!

Have a good weekend,


To get us kicked off, Dan sends us this very original 97 Ducati 916 with under 7k miles. I especially like these early ones with the older style fonts! Buy it now is just $6500 and it’s available in the Bay Area.

This 1990 Honda CB-1 is for sale in our classifieds area for just $2950. With just 2925 miles it should feel just as good as the one I first rode in 1991…

Jeremy sent a bunch of Ducati links from the Bay Area, but this 1990 DUCATI 750ss really stood out to me for just $3400.

Here’s a pretty complete looking 1991 Kawasaki ZX7 for $4k in the Chicago area. Thanks for the forward John!

This next one is a bit of a sentimental inclusion for me as I really enjoyed my FZR600 in college. Tom is parting with his for just $2500 and he has rebuilt the head and reworked the gearbox in addition to a slew of other upgrades. Email him for me details. Bike is in Rhode Island.

Adam knows we’re total suckers for the smokey 2 strokes around here and forwarded the following beauts available in California:

1996 Honda NSR250 – $7400

1985 RZ350 Kenny Roberts – $6800