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Always Awesome: 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

Jensen Beach, FL – 16,500mi – $3,900 w/Reserve


To me, the Kawasaki ZX-7 embodies the complete essence of what makes 90’s sports bikes so awesome. With dual round headlights, bright (but not completely ridiculous) green/blue graphics, and pink/purple Ninja logo on the tank, it’s hard to argue the timeless good looks. Sure, the standard ZX-7 might not be as coveted as the homologated ZX-7R. The standard model is touted as being more street friendly without the flatside cards from the R model and it will also run you about 1/3 of the price.


This bike is in as stock of condition as one could hope for. Not only this, but it is really clean and seemingly well maintained. I will let the seller take it away with the full description:

1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7

2nd. Owner and in MINT CONDITION

Very low miles ( 16,500 )

Never wrecked or dropped

Just did full service

New tires

New brakes

New oil

New plugs

New sprockets and chain

Tank cleaned

Carbs cleaned and tuned

New fork seals



The only thing this bike needs is a new speedometer light… Very easy and cost effective fix… Just needs a bulb… Everything on the bike works MINT and she is a true classic as you can see from the pictures… EXTREMELY CLEAN !!!


This is one of the cleanest and well maintained ZX-7’s I have seen in a while. I have seen these in semi-rough shape go for $2,700 and I have seen better condition one with mods go in the high $4k range. This bike has 16k miles, which isn’t crazy-low, but it is definitely below the average for the year. The only non-stock part seems to be an upgraded cam (stock included). I could easily see this bike going into $5k+ territory. Want a good looking, great condition bike that is surely to appreciate in value with the ever growing vintage sport bike market? Here is your chance, check out the auction here and place your bid!



  • Better street bike (rider) the the R. Put the R seat on it and have the best of both worlds. One of the best looking bikes of all time.

  • Agreed. I owned one briefly, and do you remember how all the road tests always mentioned the best feature of the ZX7 was “mid-corner stability”? Well it had that, and was unflappable, you’d have to really mess up hugely to upset the chassis. In other words, it handled like a truck! Motor was OK, nothing thrilling, nothing bad. You’d be surprised and disappointed riding one today, but they do look great!

  • Some red flags I noticed.. For the ones that don’t do this for a living, I asked the owner a few questions that did not add up. He noted cleaned tank. Was it rusted? Also replaced cam? Why would you replace a cam, that was either not damaged, or something else being wrong? If you did replace the cam, why would you have a stock exhaust still on the bike? Just to ponder…

  • I wanna buy this motorcycle!!!! Contact me please!!!

  • Sold for $4,049. A steal in my opinion. -JS

  • Bike was NOT SOLD due to a weak buyer on Ebay… The cam was replaced to add more mid range punch which this bike lacked… With the 7R cam installed at first service ( have service ticket to prove ) it added more snap in the mid – top… Nothing was wrong with the cam and I still have STOCK CAM so everything does add up… We kept the factory exhaust to keep that stock look which most of these bikes are all ragged out… Best news is that I still own the bike… !!! If any serious buyers have interests shoot me an email… Siemienik@aol.com

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