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Yamaha March 8, 2022 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale on eBay!

1985 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale on eBay!

Make: Yamaha
Model: RZ350
Year: 1985
Mileage: 19,957
Price: $12,499 Bidding has been brisk so, don’t delay!

Sing it with me-

“On the radio was Springsteen, Madonna, way before Nirvana
There was U2 and Blondie, and music still on MTV
His two kids in high school, they tell him that he’s uncool
‘Cause he’s still preoccupied with 19, 19, 1985”

Pretty fitting since our RSBFS world revolves around “What was missed and could have been” or in this case- a 1985 Yamaha RZ350.

We’ve seen several of these pop-up over the last few weeks. Everything from super low mileage, low mileage, red and white to yellow and black. No matter where we go- RZ350’s always draw a crowd and for a (obvious) good reason- That intoxicating castor oil drifting through the air . . . Whoops! That’s my fantasy!

Because of the classic styling and great color combos, RZ’s are always sure to please and this one is on target. I personally prefer the red and white version over the “Angry Bees” yellow and black version. No real reason- I just like the it better. I’ve scoured the photos several times and all I can report are a few chips on the sharp edge around the bikini headlight fairing. The motor looks like it could use a good scrubbing, but certainly nothing to scoff at on a 37 year old machine with almost 20,000 miles.

From the listing
I have for sale this Yamaha rz 350 Kenny Roberts. I bought it from the original owner’s family after his death.
The bike is in pristine condition, never been abused, kept in climate control environment since i bought it.
It starts right away and runs very good.
I got it with a set of Tommey racing exhaust chambers but I have the original set of exhaust that will go with the bike.


Interested? Make the jump here and place your bid!



1985 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale on eBay!
Kawasaki February 27, 2022 posted by

Soul Survivor – 1990 Kawasaki KR-1S in England

Auction ended due to an error in the listing, but still worth a look – push “See original listing”…  Donn

Maybe because so much of the Kawasaki KR-1S came from the racey end of the gene pool, very few of them have made it to the new millennium.  This example has some miles but shows beautifully, and was on display before the seller decided to find it a new home.

1990 Kawasaki KR-1S ( England ) for sale on eBay

Kawasaki stuck with their parallel twin engine after most others had gone to Vees, maybe since their home market power limit of 45 hp was easy to attain.  In select other countries their tuning and KIPS power valve made 59 hp available, with more certainly possible.  Norms for the race-derived class are here, with extruded alloy chassis and six speeds to help keep the engine above 7,000 rpm.  Plenty of braking from twin disks and 4-piston calipers, and the wheel size is looking toward the end of the staggered era with a 17-inch front and 18-inch rear.  The KR-1S also had one of the lightest dry weights in the class, swapping ounces with Suzuki and staying under 290 lbs.

This central England owner states they’re number four, a fairly low number of caretakers for 32 years.  Looks great in the alternate green and black livery, and the Nikkon exhausts look purposeful if not as showy as a rarer metal.  Comments from the eBay auction:

First registered 14 August 1990
12k Mileage
4 Previous owners 
This has been in my house as a show piece and not used for a year, I put some premix fuel in and it fired straight up and sounded sweet (as all fluids have been drained for indoor storage)
These are the fastest street production 250 2-strokes ever produced
and not many are still here to tell the tale
Fitted with Nikkon race pipes give it that well known 90’s 2-stroke sound
Upgraded Fuel Tap
New Chain and sprockets 
Overhauled the calipers new pads and seals 
Original Kawasaki key fits all locks

Perhaps because Kawasaki wasn’t active in Moto GP then ( busy winning AMA Superbike and World Endurance Championships ), they seem to have barely pursued the segment and sold only 10,000 or so KR copies over the four years.  Add in the wide repute for quick steering and over-damped forks, and the few that were exported had little hope of a long life.  This one looks worth finding an agent to handle shipping and import, or plan on using some free time to chase paperwork.


Soul Survivor – 1990 Kawasaki KR-1S in England
Yamaha February 25, 2022 posted by

Inflation: 1985 Yamaha RZ350

The collector world is on a tear. After years of pandemic caution, the floodgates are open and trading has resumed with gusto. With that activity comes excitement, renewed interest in classic models, and the commensurate rise in pricing. Yes, values are going up; and that is not just conjecture. As Blair, Tootie, Jo and Natalie will tell you, it’s the facts of life. At the sharp end of the market shift is the RZ350. Always popular with readers and riders, the RZ350 highlights the post-pandemic collecting frenzy with $20k + auction results as proof. As a result, we are seeing more and more RZs on the market, with all sellers looking to ride the pricing wave.

1985 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

Rather than regurgitate the same details and specs of the RZ, let’s highlight some model differences and what makes a collector bike a collector bike. We have seen a TON of lesser quality examples in the past, and even these are enjoying a pricing boost. But the $20k and above examples need to be clean, low mileage and *original* specimens. With the RZ350, the opening performance surgery to be done was to drop the heavy and restrictive catalytic converter mufflers and replace them with a lightweight set of performance expansion chambers. This required some upstream changes in the form of air filter and jetting. Often the oil pump was disengaged or completely removed, reducing parasitic mechanical drag and forcing the bike to run on pre-mix. Heads could be milled for greater compression, ports could be massaged, bores could be increased. All of this boosts HP, and all have a serious impact on long-term values for collectors.

From the seller:
This is my 1985 Yamaha RZ 350 that is unrestored and original right down to its Yokohama tires that it rolled out of the showroom on! Seriously a quality Museum motorcycle, It has 2694 miles on it and has not been ridden since 1987! Original unused tool kit in tail section, I have the two original keys one on a Kenny Roberts key fob from Modesto, CA. It also has a Kenny Roberts license plate frame! This RZ was purchased at Kenny Roberts Yamaha in Modesto, Ca.! I have the original manuals and a Brochure.. I have a clean California title in my name, It has been non-popped since 1990… Very Collectable and definitely a quality addition to someones Man cave….

Perhaps the most rare of the RZs are the California models. CA requires additional evaporative canisters and fuel tank plumbing to minimize the environmental impacts of any internal combustion petrol engine. (Say what you want about the complexity and power-robbing functionality – but Los Angeles air is noticeably cleaner since the California Air Resource Board mandates). The CA-required pieces are often the first to cast off the bike. That raises the stakes for a CA bike that claims to be 100% original. And THAT is what makes today’s bike so interesting. A very clean 1985 model, this CA bike looks to be complete as if from the showroom, including all CA emissions equipment and stock exhaust. And with just 2,694 miles on the clock, the seller claims the tires are original as well!

A great looking, original condition California bike, I expect this particular example to pique the interest of those looking for this model in preserved condition. The seller notes that this bike has been sitting since 1987, which is echoed by the overall condition. The obvious caveat for those who want to ride the rails off of this thing is that it may require some re-commissioning in the form of a leak-down test (for crank seal condition) and tires as a starter. But that is minor work that would surely be worthwhile for an RZ in this stunning condition. Pricing is directly in line with condition, along with the 2022 premium based on past auctions and high aspirations. If the near $30k Buy It Now ask seems too high, the seller is open to offers. Check out all the details here, and then let’s sit back and watch how far the market has moved upwards on clean and pristine RZs. Good Luck!!


Inflation: 1985 Yamaha RZ350
Yamaha February 17, 2022 posted by

Manslator – 1979 Yamaha RD400F with just 5,551 Miles !

Today’s RD400 is a last-year model with just 5,600 miles and a long list of refurbishments.  The air cooled smokers resonate like nothing else and this one can do it in California.

1979 Yamaha RD400F for sale on eBay

Yamaha cultivated the RD400’s around-town manners with disk brakes, cushy seat, and oil injection.  Yamaha was in the middle of a long run of Daytona 200 wins and the commemorated it with the Special’s white paint and alloy wheels.  Sparkling if smoky performance was available above 5,000 revs and quarter miles in the low 14’s were do-able.  The stock -70’s suspension ran out of talent way before the engine, though the aftermarket was available to address that.

The pictures are of variable quality, but this RD looks about as good as any 40 year-old unrestored motorbike could.  More striking is the number of new or fresh parts aboard, and the cleanliness.  Nice drive by video available – here -.  The owner’s comments in the eBay auction make it clear he’s a knowledgeable fan –

The rare bird of the RD family. Only 5,000 made this year. 1979 RD400F Daytona special with 5,600 miles. Matching numbers on frame and motor. It’s in amazing condition for 40 plus years old. A lot better than I’m in lol. The paint is original and has a bit of patina but still in great shape. The tank has a couple very small dings and scratches. I’ve had the tank professionally ($400) sealed.
This WHOLE bike had been completely gone thru and rebuilt by Fox motorsports. He worked on them new at Bill Boren Yamaha and has endless knowledge on them. No expense spared,the best parts used. The crank balancing and barrels were done by the 2 stroke guru Darcy.
What’s been done? Motor completely rebuilt top to bottom. Brand new real Japanese Mikuni 30mm carbs, not the eBay crap. New Vape electronic dual ignition, rebuilt oil pump, new Hagon shocks, rebuilt forks with 180 – 200lb springs, rebuilt tach, wiring gone thru completely. Brand new super sticky Avons imported from England (dumb they don’t offer here), both masters and calipers rebuilt, all new lines ( brake, throttle, clutch ), new Superbike bars, new clutch, new chain. Brand new stock DG pipes.
Motor was properly broken in and has roughly 2 tanks run through it. Hours were spent dialing in the carbs. It runs, stops and handles amazing. Jump on it tomorrow and ride cross country if you like. Needs nothing and won’t for many thousands of miles. It is one key for everything.  Clean title in my name.

Yamaha water cooled the RD for 1980, but EPA was dialing in their sights and the two stroke streetbike era was on borrowed time.  Surprising how many of these 350-400 smokers are re-appearing these days, and how nice so many are.  Looks like there’re some athletic friends in the RD400’s bedroom – but the girl friend probably bugged out after telling the seller, “that’s just fine !”.  Looking forward to seeing the reserve fall here shortly.


Manslator – 1979 Yamaha RD400F with just 5,551 Miles !
Yamaha February 15, 2022 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350 with only 10 miles For Sale!

1985 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale on eBay!

Make: Yamaha
Year: 1985
Model: RZ350
Location: Byron, California
Mileage: 10. Ten. X. Diez.
Price: $30,000 BIN with a current bid of $12,200


From the seller:
10 mile original bike still on mso. This is a one of a kind bike. The only bike better would still be in the crate. This bike has been sitting inside a house for over 35 years.

Alright, people. Here’s your chance to buy a brand new, 10 original mile, 1985 1/2 RZ-350, California model.

Bike has never been registered, still on the MSO from Yamaha. It comes with the original toolkit and owner’s manual, neither of which have ever been opened. The original pre-delivery checklist comes with the warranty card still attached. Brand new brochure is also included.

This bike is completely stock, not a dent or a scratch in it. The bike is dusty from sitting, but I don’t think you could find a knick or a scratch on it. It has never been dropped and it has been inside a climate-controlled environment for over 35 years. It’s like the bike just left the factory.

No modifications of any kind have been done on this bike. All nuts, bolts, and paintwork look new. No oxidation anywhere. Chain still has a little cosmoline on it. Tires are free of cracks and wear. They still have nubs. Tires are even filled with the original Japanese air. Brakes are not frozen.

This RZ-350 would be perfect for any museum. I cannot stress enough the amazing condition this bike is in. The only way you could find a cleaner one, is if you found one still in the crate.

I would be happy to take pictures of any aspect of the bike, or answer any questions you may have.

And there you have it- all original right down to the Japanese air in the original tires. Sign me up!

I’m not gonna bore you all the techy specs, years offered, rake angles, tires sizes, power outputs or fancy nicknames. You’ve read it a million times on our site, but just in case you’re bored and want a refresher you can have a look HERE

This is the real deal. A 37 year old 2 stroke, time capsule that you will probably never see again unless it comes up for sale again. I know I’m being all “mellow dramatic”, but it’s the truth. I’ll even make a prediction- As soon as this post goes live it’ll be sold within a day or two. Don’t believe me? Think it’s too much for a RZ? SHOW. ME. ANOTHER. ONE. LIKE. IT!

Click fast because this one won’t last!



1985 Yamaha RZ350 with only 10 miles For Sale!
Yamaha February 13, 2022 posted by

Baby Bro – 1988 Yamaha YSR-50

Yamaha’s entry in the pocketbike derby was the YSR-50, easily loaded in the back of the minivan at 165 lbs., but tons of fun.  This example looks complete and original with a single-year paint scheme and California title.

1988 Yamaha YSR-50 for sale on eBay 

A bit like the supersport sharing specs with a superbike, the YSR50 is the 49cc version of the YSR80, and because it was easier to license, more popular.  Seeming to share most things from the -80, like 12-inch wheels, “Do Not Sit Here” pillion and front disk brake, and also inherited the 5-speed transmission.  From a couple of blocks you could be excused for thinking it might be an RZ500, and mostly showed up in red/white with the blue just available in 1988.

Occupying just a corner of the garage, this YSR50 has been nicely protected and appears to have all its DOT required equipment.  Banana windscreen and a Toomey pipe are the only visible mods, and with under 1,400 miles it might not need much to be a runner.  Parts and upgrades appear to still be easily available, with funky mirrors that hold a force field over the fairing.  Notes from the eBay auction:

Clean title, great bike.  Yamaha YSR 50 blue and gold Toomey exhaust , excellent bike, original manual book, if you’re looking for a clean YSR 50 that hasn’t been taken apart and it’s in perfect shape this is the one, no dings or scratches anywhere on the bike all original.

Of course the price of that condition and lack of “upgrades” is an ask that a recent supersport would be happy with.  But there won’t be another like this pop up for a while.  Maybe there’s a more generously sized racing blue Yammer in your garage that this 50 would look great next to.


Baby Bro – 1988 Yamaha YSR-50
Kawasaki February 10, 2022 posted by

Special and Rare: 1985 Kawasaki KR250 GP Replica

With an appreciative nod to fellow RSBFS contributors William and Doug for the find and the post title, today brings us a bit of two stroke holy grail action: the Kawasaki KR250. Blessed with the same name as the GP race bike, the street-going KR250 shares no parts with the competition platform, yet the roots are strong, deep and unmistakable. We tend to find quarter-liter smokers from Honda, Yamaha and – to a certain extent – Suzuki on a far more regular basis as the more rare Kawasaki, making the green machine the most rare across the Big Four brands. But don’t let the lack of showroom success lull you into thinking the mean green machine was an also-ran in this category; the KR250 is every bit the equal of the more common two-stroke mob, and more!

1985 Kawasaki KR250 GP Replica for sale on eBay

The spec sheet for the KR250 calls for 249cc of tandem-twin goodness. What the heck is a tandem twin, you ask?! Unlike a parallel twin (cylinders side by side) or a v-twin (cylinders opposed at 90 degrees, typically), the tandem twin is more like a pair of 125cc engines with one mounted right behind the other. They are separate, but share a common crankcase and crank outputs are synchronized via gearing (not unlike half of a Suzuki Gamma square four). Think of this engine arrangement as having all of the width benefits of a v-twin, while also having optimal mass placement in the chassis, forward and low. Fed by two carbs breathing through rotary valves, the KR250 pumped out 45 stock ponies at 10,000 RPM.

From the seller:
Another super cool and ultra rare 2T coming out of my collection. This was a factory GP replica of Kawasaki’s 250GP racer, centered around a tandem twin cylinder two stroke with rotary valve induction and a close ratio 6 speed transmission. Top of gas tank is signed by the original designer of the bike and clear coated to preserve the signature. Also includes framed press release which is the last picture in the gallery above. This was a Japanese domestic market only release? and may be the only one in the US…or North America?

Bike has a clean and clear California title ready to sign over…whoa!

More from the seller:
Mileage stated above is converted from Kilometers on the speedo. Actual shown is 43,390km’s. Overall pretty darn clean and in great shape. I rode it a couple of hundred miles when I first got it, then fogged it and drained the tank and carb float bowls to put in my collection inside my home. Rides peppy and super lightweight.

The Bad: The bottom right aluminum silencer has some road rash underneath, but I’m suspecting that it came off another bike because I see no other rash or damage anywhere else including the peg, bodywork, etc. I do have some aftermarket Japanese hand made expansion chambers for it new in the box available for sale to the winning bidder if so desired. Remember, this is almost 40 years old and does have some mileage on it, so don’t expect a museum piece, but then again, try and find another one, especially with a CA title! These engines were well known for their extreme durability and longevity though.

More from the seller:
Compression has always felt a little low to me when kicking it over, but it always started first kick cold, but took forever to get up to full operating temperature as the cooling system is way overbuilt, like everything else on it. Starting with a low starting bid so everyone can get involved. Once there are bids, it goes to the highest bidder absolutely! I will NOT end the auction early so please do not ask “what will you take for it now” or “do you have a buy it now price”.

So here we have a *very* rare 80’s two stroke – which was a Japanese home-market only type of affair. Add to this rarity the fact that it has been imported into the United States AND has a current California title (all but impossible for mere mortals) and you have what adds up to be something that is truly special and rare. The bike itself is located in Utah, but chances are good that with that CA reg it can be moved practically anywhere. We have seen in the past the CA reg can add significantly to the value of an import, so it will be interesting to see how this one fares. Opening bid on this one is a cool $10k, but that should be a no-brainer considering the rarity and what other bikes are going for in the marketplace today. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Special and Rare: 1985 Kawasaki KR250 GP Replica
Yamaha February 9, 2022 posted by

Back in Black… and Yellow: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Since the world appears to be going crazy with collector prices on RZ350s these days, let’s take a look at another candidate to see what is available in the market right now. The emphasis being what is in the market right now, as in what the current market will bear. And that is the maddening world of collector bikes; it makes no difference that you couldn’t give away an RZ 10 or 15 years ago, or that you could scoop up a top condition bike for under $5k. Today the market on RZ350s is pretty strong, and sellers are expecting more of the same. Thus, for your perusal, a very clean and relatively low mileage example of a 1984 RZ350, mostly unmolested save for some aftermarket Allspeed chambers (which surprisingly appear similar to the stock cans in silhouette).

1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This is a NO Hidden Reserve Auction… highest bidder will Win!

For sale from my collection is one of my most prize possessions… a 1984 Kenny Roberts Edition RZ350L with 6,134 miles! Downsizing is my motivation and if this doesn’t sell, it won’t break my heart… I know I can’t replace it as these low mile bikes are gobbled up by collectors as one of their most prize possessions.

I purchased this bike out of state in Nov.2005. Even then, low mileage bikes were hard to find. The seller said it was stored and not ridden for almost 15 years and that it was then “refreshed” at a Yamaha Dealership with the request to make it “Run Like New” (as listed on the service order). The service bill was over $1,100 and included coolant system service, carbs, brakes, fluids and complete factory adjustments and lubrication. Some of the parts included 2 new Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tires, brake parts and pads for re-build, Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Carb parts, cables and oil.

More from the seller:
Since purchase, I barely rode the bike but it rode and ran fantastic. Incredible power, handling, braking and simply crisp. Pipe is not super loud and sounds really nice. That was a very busy time for me and it wasn’t long after that I removed the tank and prepped it for storage in my climate controlled garage along with my other bikes. I have not started or rode it in years so it will need to be gone through again should the buyer decide to ride it.

The bike is completely stock with exception of the Vintage Allspeed expansion chambers, New Bridgestone tires (at the time I purchased) and brake pads.

I hope the photos speak for themselves but I think the bike is in Excellent / Very good condition for a bike of this age. There are a couple of blemishes on the tank you can see in the photos but no major dents. The blemishes are just scratches and the previous owner used touch-up paint to repair. I believe you can take this to a professional and greatly improve the appearance. The one close-up photo is the worst spot with a small nick and is ever so slightly dented about 1/16” deep not quite the size of a dime. Underside of the tank is super nice & inside of the tank is also really nice. Just flash surface rust but it has been sealed and stored empty all these years. Overall paint on the Bike is also very nice with only minor imperfections you can see in the photos. Chin spoiler has no cracks and also really nice. I included a close-up of the front fork seal areas which look like new… no nicks or corrosion and I did not notice the seals leaking any fork oil. Brakes still seem to work fine and did not stick while I moved the bike but the fluid should be replaced again. Pipes still have the original paint and there is a shallow dent in the lower part of the pipe near the foot peg you can see in the photo (pic #9).

More from the seller:
I’ve tried to show as many photos as possible even with the tank & seat removed and underside. The seat by the way is in mint condition, soft and absolutely no cracks or tears. Chrome on the rear grab bar is smooth & great.

The bike comes with the original owner’s manual, original key and a copy of the service order the previous owner gave me. It still has the original Tool Kit. No battery as it was removed for storage and gave up the ghost long ago.

If the winning bidder is interested, I have an original vintage set of Toomey Pipes in near mint condition and a very nice Black / Yellow Corbin “Gunfighter ” Seat I will offer for purchase after the sale. I prefer to keep them both but will offer only if the Winning Bidder is interested.

The pictures show a very clean example of the RZ; used for 6,000 miles and change, but certainly does not appear abused. Corrosion and weathering is minimal, and while there is the noted mar on the tank, the rest of the bike looks to be much like it came from the showroom. This No Reserve auction has a starting price of $12,500 – which is actually pretty reasonable given the condition and market craziness. The last RZ we posted (here) has been bid up to just under $12k at time of writing, with a BIN of $18,500. This bike starts at $12,500 with no reserve, and $15k is very likely given recent pricing trends. You don’t have to love the bull market if you are a buyer, but what do you think of the bike? Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Back in Black… and Yellow: 1984 Yamaha RZ350