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Honda March 1, 2011 posted by

1993 Honda RS125 NF4 Described As “Museum Quality”

This is a fantastic looking RS125, Castrol replica!

Bike:  1993 Honda RS125

Miles:  0 (Since rebuild)

Price:  $5,500USD

Location:  Winter Haven, Florida

The seller states that this RS was completely restored and rebuilt by Rising Sun Cycles–a very prominent name in the U.S. two-stroke GP bike segment.  The paint for this bike, alone, came in at $4,500–ouch!  Anyway, this is a fantastic looking RS in, what looks to be, a Castrol scheme very similar to what Joey Dunlop ran.

The auction also includes:

Bike also comes with a complete roller, minus tank. There is also two sets of new bodywork and a ton of other spares, plus some new rains.

I have 2 complete extra motors, 1 new, 1 with time on it.

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably started to reconsider your original assumptions after seeing the asking price.  The Museum Quality RS also comes with $1.2K-1.5k worth of spares, possibly more.  That being said, is the main bike shown here worth the remaining $4k?  Well, it would be very difficult to replicate the restored bike using the $1.5k and an additional $2.5k:  knowing what parts & labor would add up to at RSC combined with the purported paint cost.  If you’re in love with the NF4 RS125, or would simply like a living room piece and a track bike (with a little work) for the price of an older NX4 RS125; I’d say this auction should absolutely be considered.  The asking price is a bit startling, but with the whole picture and some math, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.  See this fantastic looking RS on eBay .


Honda January 25, 2011 posted by

2003 Honda CBR150R With 250 Miles On eBay

This is a low mileage example of a very nice looking CBR150R.

Bike:  2003 Honda CBR150R

Mileage:  250mi

Price:  $1,000 Starting bid with reserve

Location:  Hillsboro, Oregon

This CBR150R has exceptionally low miles and looks to be in very good condition.  However, the reason for the mileage is more obvious when the seller mentions that the bike only has a Thai title with no U.S. title or registration.  We’ve only featured two other 150R’s in our history with one being registered in California and another being unregistered and living in Idaho.  This bike looks to be in fantastic condition with no major defects as one would expect from a 250 mile bike.  With the CBR250 becoming an official import to the U.S. for 2011, this bike finds itself in an interesting position of only being a collector bike.  If you have an affinity for Honda’s or the CBR line in particular, this could be a great addition to the collection.  Being as there really hasn’t been a huge number of these for sale, I would say that this bike will probably go for around $2,000–Let’s see if eBay proves me wrong!  See the bike on eBay .


Bridgestone October 11, 2010 posted by

More Than Tires: 1968 Bridgestone 200 Roadracer

More Than Tires: 1968 Bridgestone 200 Roadracer

A week ago I really doubt I would have posted this bike.  I have seen the light after attending the Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park.  I have to admit I enjoyed the hell out of seeing all the different vintage bikes on the track.  I thought I was up on most types of bike — I think not.  They had everything under the sun on the track:  hand shifters, two strokes from the 50’s and 60’s, vintage sidecar and on and on.  On top of the racing you had attendees riding every imaginable bike.  My head was on a swivel most of the time.

This Bridgestone caught my eye tonight because it is exactly the sort of thing you saw at the festival.  Something you’d never heard of.  This isn’t made up, Bridgestone Tire Company did make motorcycles.   Apparently they made pretty damn good motorcycles with quite a few technical innovations.  According to this excellent site on Bridgestone motorcycles, those innovations came with a price tag.  Along with the relatively high price tag and a waning corporate interest the bikes faded away by the early 70’s.  There was enough interest in the bikes that there were actually race, or “SR”, versions of some of their bikes.  This bike apparently is not a “SR” but has some parts from one.

Some info from the auction:

Bridgestone roadracer, 200cc, numerous spares including 175cc bottom end, cylinders and heads. Spare 200 cylinders. Condition of bike is as raced. Bike is race ready.  Avon racing tires, ceriani forks and redwing hammer head shocks. Has adjustable steering damper. Carbs are 22mm and sourced from a Kawasaki A-1.  Has SR rotary valve covers. Bike runs and shifts very good and is a fun ride. Currently AHRMA F-124 legal with spares to run as a 175 making it GP200 legal.


One last thought on these vintage bikes.  I was really surprised by some of the technology on these older bikes.  I’m a two stroke fan so a Kriedler 50cc bike caught my eye in the Barber Museum.  How does, 50cc’s, 16hp and 16,000rpm sound?   I give credit to all those racers past and present who had/have the guts to ride those bikes with the skinny tires and spindly frames.  Maybe this Bridgestone is appealing if you’ve caught the vintage bug. 

Be sure to check out the website I mentioned earlier, it has model history, pictures, classifieds and even the audio from an old Bridgestone commercial.  I’ve got the damn thing running through my head now.


Bimota September 29, 2010 posted by

1995 Bimota BB1, One of 148, on eBay

This is an ultra rare Bimota BB1 on eBay!

Bike:  1995 Bimota BB1

Location:  San Diego, California

Mileage:  6,321km (3927mi)

The seller states that this bike is completely original and has always been stored inside.  The title is from Germany and will probably be a pain–or impossible–to register here in the U.S.  The pictures/video do show nicks, scratches, and oxidation on many surfaces, but the bike appears to be in generally good condition.  We’ve seen this seller before with some rare bikes and his videos are always easy to remember because the bikes are always in the same alley and he always makes sure to show that the charging system works.

The original idea sounds fantastic:  145kg (Dry), 650cc single, 46rwhp, BMW-Rotax sourced power-plant with tubular frame and clever insights such as repositioning the fuel tank to achieve optimum CG.  However, I’ve read, the actual finished product turned out to be crap.  Supposedly the bike has ridiculous vibration–Relative to singles!–terrible ergonomics, underpowered brakes and poor handling.  Here is a quote from a period test by Performance Bikes:

‘I expected the Bimota to be hot shit, but it’s turned out to be more of a luke-warm, fudgey stool. It’s nervous, skittish and sounds like the chain is about to leap off the sprockets’

Ah, OK then.  Performance Bikes isn’t the only unfavorable review, the internet only seems to have stories of poor experiences.  While the Ducati Supermono is extremely rare and held to a mythical status, the BB1 is also just as rare but regarded as something you never want to experience other than looking at.

That being said, this is still a very, very, rare Bimota with only 148 ever being produced.  This example isn’t perfect, but it’s not too far off either and you’ll be one of the few to own one.  There are a bunch of little cosmetic issues that will add up but once completed this should be a very nice show piece and, based on reviews, the German title shouldn’t be an issue because you wouldn’t want to ride the thing even if you could.  Anyone have first hand experience they’d like to share?

Bid, or see what this bike goes for, on eBay .


Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!


Cagiva August 19, 2010 posted by

1993 Cagiva Mito In North Carolina

1993 Cagiva Mito In North Carolina

In my opinion, the Mito is one of those bikes that just has classic lines.  I actually favor the styling of the older model Mito’s like this one.  Nothing wrong with the Cagiva red either.  This one has a few issues but might be had for a decent price.  The seller is asking $2000 or best offer for the little red beast.  No mention on title status.

From the ad:

1993 Italian race bike Cagiva Mito 125cc 2 stroke. I have not had it run in years brought it with me from Italy needs some work but is in good condition. Think the stator is bad and missing the intake manifold, was lost while at a shop and never got it back before i moved to the US.

Help keep two storkes alive, give the man a call.  You can find his number here.


Honda August 17, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda RS125 NF4 On eBay

This is a fantastic looking NF4 RS125 on eBay!

Bike:  1993 Honda RS125

Location:  Lexington, Kentucky

This RS125 looks to be in very good condition being finished in a “House Of Color” (Kolor) candy blue scheme with silver Honda wings.  This RS hasn’t been run in at least three years but, was run at Daytona in 2005.  The spares included with this bike include an extra cylinder, plugs, sprockets, rings, fork seals, gaskets, clutch plates and some other items.

Because it’s been sitting for so long, and these bikes are so simple, I would suggest going through it before running it just to be sure everything is as it should be.  I think I’ve said it before but, these NF4 RS’s aren’t competitive with the ’95+ NX4 RS’s.  However, these bikes are less temperamental than the later bikes and make fantastic track day bikes or vintage machines if you have a sanctioning body that has a separate class for them.  The ’93 bikes wear the same front tire as the newer bikes but, have a smaller rear wheel (By a 1/2″).  Tires can still be easily sourced and I’ve actually been told that the larger size will fit on the narrower rim–however, I have no idea how that alters the handling.  These bikes are perfect if you want to play a Gran Prix legend on a budget.  Based on the condition and spares, I would expect to see this bike go for right around $2,500.  See other RS125s we’ve featured here.  See this RS on eBay .


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale August 4, 2010 posted by

2003 Honda Dream 50R, Japanese Market, In As-New Condition On eBay!

This is a Japanese delivery 2003 Honda Dream 50R with zero miles and all of the original shipping protection in place!

Bike:  2003 Honda Dream 50R

Location:  Lake Elsinore, California

Mileage:  Zero

Price:  $5,700USD

This Dream 50R was purchased in Japan in 2003 and subsequently shipped to the U.S.  This bike has zero miles and looks to have never been run, with the plastic covering for the seat, exhaust, and blue film still on the chrome bits.  The seller makes no mention of a title or maintenance history but, as you should know, this example is intended for display only.  This bike didn’t make it to the U.S. until the end of 2004, early 2005, and had an MSRP of $5,499–hence why you don’t see very many.

The Dream 50R isn’t just a scooter motor strapped into an old CB frame; here are some highlights:

…double-overhead-cam, HRC-built 50cc screamer that revs to 14,500 rpm…The new Dream uses lower-tech chains to drive its cams, yet it is able to rev 1000 rpm higher than the 13,500-rpm CR110. Power is directed through a 6-speed gearbox.  A lovely oil catch tank created out of aluminum contains crankcase blow-by, and aluminum fenders are used front and rear. Despite the use of a period-spec steel frame, Honda claims the lithe Dream weighs just 157 pounds dry. As with the NSR, the Dream is a product of HRC, and they’ve been kind enough to pre-drill the oil drain bolt to satisfy racing regulations for lockwiring critical fasteners.  Honda claims 7 horsepower at 13,500 from the 49cc engine, but it sounds like much more when the giant open velocity stack ravenously sucks in air for the open 20mm carb as the 40mm piston goes up and down 240 times each second.  The Dream handles like nothing else I’ve ridden. Honda didn’t provide rake and trail numbers, but it will suffice to say you’ve never ridden a motorcycle that turns with less effort…there’s actually enough room for a full-scale adult to fit.

If that paragraph hasn’t caused you to think owning a 50cc bike could be fun, probably nothing will.  Read the full period review from Motorcycle-USA here.  I’d venture to guess that this bike will not sell at $5.7k but, we’ve seen Dream 50R’s with zero miles but this is our first Japan market bike still in the wrapper.  See the other Dream 50R’s we’ve posted here.  See this example on eBay .


Derbi June 26, 2010 posted by

2005 Derbi GPR50 With Only 70 Miles In Washinton State

This is a perfect looking GPR50 with less than 100 miles since new!

Bike:  2005 Derbi GPR50

Price:  $2,987

Location:  Kirkland, Washington

Ever been to a Costco and wondered where they got the name, Kirkland, for their private-label items?  Well, Costco’s headquarters were in Kirkland, Washington from 1987 to 1996–the same city that this GPR is available in.  This GPR is available from a dealer and only features 70 miles from new.  The hi-resolution photos agree with the mileage showing a bike that looks to be brand new in every way.  Normally, small displacement bikes have low mileage because people buy them, put around on them and realize they don’t have enough power for any sense of regular use and sell them (I’ve done it).  However, this bike has only covered probably sixty miles since being sold of the showroom floor five years ago.  This bike is 100% stock and the only imperfections look to be some corrosion on the brake rotors front & rear.  There is no mention of a street legal title but I would have to assume there is one given no disclosure from the dealer.  See this cool looking piece of garage art on Craigslist here.