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Zero-Mile 1994 Ducati Supermono for Sale


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

This Ducati Supermono is the bike I wish Ducati would try to build these days. Do we really need more bikes so lethal that they will literally crawl in through your window at night with a knife in between their teeth, like the 1199 Panigale that seems to scare even professional moto-journalists? Or a road-going V4 Moto GP bike with 240hp? I mean, Ducati has a rich tradition of 250, 350, and 450cc single-cylinder performance bikes they could tap into.

KTM’s RC 390 is headed in the right direction [please come to the US, please come to the US], a small-displacement bike for experienced riders, a high-spec bike that designed to provide real thrills, not overwhelm with power.

1994 Ducati Supermono for sale on eBay

1994 Ducati Supermono Dash

What’s interesting is how this trend is relatively recent. The horsepower wars have been raging since they were won and lost by actual horses, but it’s only recently that there’s been such a dearth of legitimate sporting machines with little engines. If you’re a fan of classic sport bikes, you’ll be aware that there was a whole raft of machines that handled and stopped and were built with top-shelf components, not designed as some starter-bike for a teenager who plans to buy a Hayabusa as soon as he can figure out what color Mohawk he wants to stick on his helmet.

The Supermono may only have one cylinder, but it is one of the most valuable and collectible Ducatis of the modern era. And while the Supermono may lack in displacement somewhat when compared to what we’re used to seeing these days, it’s a heart-attack serious machine. With a dry weight of only 267 pounds and suspended with the best kit money could buy, including brakes from the 888, a much heavier machine. And those funny, army-green top triple clamp and the engine cases? They’re magnesium of course. And at the heart of it all, a 549cc single that started out making 65bhp at 10,500rpm.

1994 Ducati Supermono L Trans

Keep in mind that this was in the era before balance shafts, and a 10,000 rpm single this size was basically unheard-of. Big singles vibrate, and single-cylinder sportbikes like Bimota’s BB1 can be a numbing affair. But the Supermono had a trick up its four-valve Desmodromic sleeve: a dummy connecting rod that allowed the bike to rev as smoothly as a v-twin.

This is a seller of few words, but the bike speaks for itself: 1994 Ducati Supermono for Sale

Never used Ducati Supermono motorcycle. New fluids, radiator now dry, #33,1 of 67 built, stored in heated/air conditioned garage, perfect condition, one private owner, flawless, probably the most perfect supermono. 

1994 Ducati Supermono R Front Wheel

Styled by the controversial Pierre Terblanche, you can see echoes of his later 900SS in the jutting lower fairing. In spite of customer requests for a roadgoing example, the Ducati Supermono was a pure racebike and only 65 were ever made over the course of two years, with production ending in 1995. Designed to compete in the “Sound of Singles” race series, they epitomize what people love best about Ducati. It’s light, innovative, simple, and exotic.

And this one has exactly 0 miles.

Maybe there’s another out there that hasn’t turned a wheel, but I’d bet not as the Supermono was built to race. This would represent the most awful temptation for me. It’s a perfect machine. A giant, candy-like red button just begging to be pressed…

Hey, what’s that in the background of some of those shots? Besides the dog. Huh, looks like a Bimota DB1. I wonder if it’s for sale too…


1994 Ducati Supermono R Rear


  • This Supermono belongs to Dr. Mark Stewart, an orthopedic surgeon from Michigan. He has great taste, and owns some of the best, most collectable sportbikes on the planet. How about not one, but TWO Ducati Supermonos at one point. How about one of the 10 Brittens- he flew to the Isle of Man to test ride one at the airport, and bought one. People thought he was crazy buying it for $100K- we watched him ride demo laps at the Ducati Owner’s Club Canada rally at Grattan, MI back in the 90’s. What do you think that’s worth today? Oh yeah- that is a Bimota DB1 in the background, but not just any DB1. It’s a DB1R, one of four, ex-Tunstall. See “seller’s other items” for that one. Choice stuff and fun to follow the bidding.

  • I saw one of these for sale at FayMeyers in Colorado last year, the salesman told me it was around 125k…this one with zero miles is probably more…

    I guess this proves the financial crisis is over ….


  • Tad- Great post for the greatest example ever on this site. -JS

    • Thanks Jared! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • The Supermono, always been one of my absolutely most desired bikes ever built! Ducati, please, please make some more… I wonder if any custom builder ever gave it a go by chopping of 1 cylinder from an 888 (like Ducati did for this motor)…

    • Poking around the internet, there are a number of folks who have modified Ducati twins to this effect, including a guy who did that to an 848! There also appears to be a company in Britain building road-going replicas… I hope I didn’t just destroy your retirement fund!

  • I wonder if there are any plans to sell his Britten, or if seller still owns it. What did the last one on the market go for- $250K I believe?Tad: I’ve been lucky enough to lay eyes or hear run 4 of the 10 Brittens. Highlight for me was meeting the man himself at Daytona the year before he passed. Back to the Supermono: this is one of the most desirable sportbikes in existence, period. What a treat to see one come to market.

    • I think he has one of 3 brittens in the states…there is one at barber museum in alabama, one at the solvang museum in california, and the one owned by this guy.

      If he ever does put it up for sale, I would expect it to be a major auction like hemmings or something….

      someone should make a movie about Britten, it would be awesome…I see Eric Bana in the lead…


    • It’s really hard to get my brain around the Britten: built basically by one guy out of his garage, the level of innovation on display is sort of stunning.

    • I also had the pleasure of seeing and sitting on one of those brittens at Daytona. A close friend Micheal Barnes rode one in 92 maybe?? Same year they were campaigning the Harley superbikes that are for sale from the defunct 10k racing team. I went from working on the work of art that was the britten to wrenching on that cobby bucket that was the harley. Man those were garbage LOL

  • Eric Bana is an Australian,why would he be entrusted with the role of John Britten?
    Sam Neil would do an absolutely wonderful job,especially considering he IS a Kiwi!
    Anyway back to the supermono,absolutely delicious,would look the part sandwiched between my 888spo and 888sp2.

  • “Jemaine Clement as John Britten”

  • There is also one for sale on Raidermotorsports website.It’s an ex-race bike,so it’s a bit cheaper than this one.

    • actually it looks like there are two for sale at raidermotorsports….amazing

  • Actually, there are more of them in the U.S! Alfred, the owner of used to be Cycle Cat owns one. Gary, the owner of BST wheels in South Africa, who used to do business with us also owns two of those goodies. One that he tracks and a new one in the crate! Well, he travels back and forth to South Africa, Europe, Asia and all over the planet, so I don’t know where those bikes are now! He also owns one of Brittens. Matter of fact, he was a friend of John and to this day rides that bike on a track in S. Africa every now and then!

  • We’ve imported 2 SM’s downunder, one from Advance Motorsports in TX, and another from a collector in Denmark that had 4 of them at one stage. Better than money in the bank!! Both bikes we imported for road use, just need to fit lecky leg and side stand and one is ready to go.

  • The problem with taking a twin and making it into a super mono is kind of silly. One of the pluses of the super mono was the weight,and just getting rid of one cylinder is not going to result in weight reduction, anyway I understand it has a dummy piston for balance.This was a purpose built bike with all the attributes of decent power and low weight in a small package. That’s how Hailwood won the TT over bikes with 20 more HP!

    • Tim, you’re totally right that just dropping one cylinder does not a Supermono make. But most of the ones I saw looking around the interwebs tried, in one way or another, to replicate the “dummy piston”. And dropping the head and barrel and piston would certainly save a bit of weight. But in this case, there’s no substitute for the real thing! And I feel your pain on the “taste and no money” thing. Always a tragedy to see people with money and no taste… Luckily, this seller clearly has both.

    • They don’t have a dummy piston Tim, but if you’d like to see how the conrods & crank function I can send you pics of a SM engine disassembled.

  • Alistair Wagar is making brand new street legal Ducati Supermono Stradas- which is an amazing feat in itself. If you’d like to learn more about the history of the bike, a tech article on the engine, hear a sound clip of it running, it’s well worth checking out his nicely done website:

  • Moz I would really like the pics of the SM disassembled! I was just going to try and find a diagram after reading Ian Fallons description of the lever and conroe. I am totally mystified by the function. Thank you. My e mail is tim@sharpernet.com Nice website you have.

  • Tim:
    There’s a great picture on the website above of a cutaway motor from Ducati that clearly shows the lever assembly. I believe that motor display was shown by Ducati at a major bike show when the Supermono was introduced. It’s pretty cool:

  • Thanx sixthgear

  • […] to some legitimately rare and noteworthy special edition motorcycles, like the 888 SP4 and even a Supermono. This SP3 definitely stands with the latter as a very special opportunity here in the U.S and […]

  • No sale at $122,600.


    • not surprising that it didnt go for the offerred price, the used one at faymeyers is being offered for 125k and this one has less miles.

      But to be honest, its kind of hard for me to think of paying this much for any bike….


  • […] this month, we posted a zero mile Ducati Supermono. That bike failed to sell at $122k+, and is currently back for another round at auction. The point […]

  • Reserve was met for several days at $118k but final sale this time was $125k. Hopefully it sticks!


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