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Honda May 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 Titled & Registered In California

This is a fantastic looking VFR400R in California!  Located in San Francisco, California is a 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 with 15,500 miles.  The seller states that this bike has never been down or raced, is in excellent mechanical and very good cosmetic condition.  The bike features Two-Brothers SS exhaust with a carbon silencer with a jet kit to match–the rear stand shown is also included.  The asking price of $6,500 is a bit higher than what we’ve been seeing but, this one does look to be in above average condition and, I wouldn’t call this outrageous at all heading into summer.  See a listing of the NC30’s we’ve seen here.

These VFR400R’s are some of the lightest wight and best handling four strokes you can buy on the used market.  They go around corners like any bike should, are lightweight like a bike should be, and look like an RC30–which a bike should.  We’ve seen these 400cc bikes pretty regularly but, if one pops up in your area you should absolutely go down and take a look at it and, unfortunately for your other bikes, you’ll probably come back with it!  See the for sale ad with extra-large photos here.  See the for sale thread on BayAreaRidersForum here.


Honda April 7, 2010 posted by

1990 Honda VFR400R NC30 In California

Here is a VFR400R located in California!  Located in San Mateo, California is a 1990 Honda VFR400R.  The seller states that this bike has been “…brought up to EPA and DOT standards.”  At a cost of $8,000.  However, registration hasn’t been renewed since 2007.  It should be known that, in California, you’re required to pay all back licensing fees when registration is finally renewed; that means by, you, the buyer should you choose to keep it in California.  For being a 1990, this bike has a different headlight and tail piece.  Does anyone know the reasoning for that–certain market pieces?  The bike also features a non-stock paint scheme.  The asking price is $5,000; which is higher than we’ve seen for California titled NC30’s but, it would be interesting to know if this bike is completely legal without any loopholes or grandfathering in it’s past.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda March 20, 2010 posted by

Honda VFR400R NC30 In California For $3,700

This looks to be a very nice NC30 at a very good price!  Located in Azusa, California is a Honda VFR400R with no year or miles listed.  This ad is quite sparse and only lists that this has new tires and runs like new.  I’m going to assume that this is titled as it looks to have a plate on it but the ad doesn’t state if it is or not.  The asking price of $3,700 is very good–if it is titled.  These little VFR’s have outstanding handling because of their lightweight and can be loads of fun for cheap.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda February 16, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR 400 NC 30 for sale

1992 Honda VFR 400 NC30 for sale in San Francisco, CA. John, the owner, asked us to help him try and sell his beloved motorcycle, so here it is.

Listed at $5,000.00 this is one of the cheaper priced VFR/RVF’s we’ve had posted on RSBFS. It has 10,241 miles on the clock and it does have that elusive California registration. Typically, we see these in $6,000 to $8,000 range especially when they are ready for the street. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the NC30 I’ll give you some background on it. The NC30 is sibling to the world famous RC30. They share some similar components such as the gawd awful 18″ rear rim, conventional fork legs, the stunningly smooth gear driven V4 engine and single sided swing arm.

It is in great running condition and is extremely rare here in the USA …especially legal and insured and registered. These bikes are preferred by race enthusiasts as they are built for the track. The red line starts at 14500 rpm. The bike has big brakes stock …all around. The power band starts to kick in around 9000 rpm. The seat height is very low and it is perfect for people that are not tall. This bike is well taken care of new brakes and rotors all around, new oil and filter, fresh brake fluid, new air filter and plugs. The odometer shows a very low 16519 km on it and it runs great. The tires are in good shape and are Bridgestone Battle Axe. The front forks have been upgraded/rebuilt by Lindeman Engineering (LE) in Campbell, CA

If you’re in the market for a VFR 400 NC30 on the cheap your boat….uh…I mean cycle has come in. You can view the CL ad here and contact the seller via email.



Honda February 2, 2010 posted by

1991 Honda VFR400R NC30 Street Registered

Located somewhere in Utah is a VFR400R that is pending sale so, if you’re interested you should hurry!  This bike looks to be very original with 15,800km (9,817mi).  The front & rear suspension has been completely gone through by Corporate Suspension & Traxxion.  The asking price is $4,500.  Sorry to get this one out to everyone late, but hurry if you’re interested!  See the post on here.


Ducati November 6, 2009 posted by

Reader Submission Catch Up!

As usual the readers of RSBFS are always on the hunt as well, and we’ve got a nice mix to show off today thanks to your emails!

Up first is this 1990 NC30 VFR400 that Gavin sent me that’s for sale in Calgary for $4500CAD (~$4200US as of this writing):

1990 Honda NC30 VFR400 For Sale1990 Honda NC30 VFR400 For Sale

I’m not crazy about the paintwork on this one, but maybe there is some room for negotiation.


Next up is this 1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale on Craigslist in San Francisco for $9500 with 13.7k miles. You know I’m a sucker for these and I happily post them as often as possible. Thanks for the heads up Tim!

1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale

To contrast, the , but now with a buy-it-now of $8600. I’ve been following the comments on the Yahoo 851/888 group, and everyone agrees that it’s a steal at that price. Previous reference to this bike.


And now I need to rally our readers: Please save this bike from becoming a streetfighter! It looks far too nice to break up! Here’s a 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 For Sale in Ontario, Canada for only $2000CAD ($1865US):


Thanks for the email Shawn!


Another beautiful RZ500 has come up for sale, and this one is fully restored. Penny sent us this one and it’s for sale in Texas Tennessee:

Yamaha RZ500 For SaleYamaha RZ500 For SaleYamaha RZ500 For SaleYamaha RZ500 For Sale


And finally, one our regulars sent this one to me last night. How about that, two Walter Wolf bikes in one month?! with 24k miles:

Suzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For SaleSuzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For SaleSuzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For SaleSuzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For Sale

Thanks for the email Gerry!

And thank you to our readers! Have a good weekend,


Honda October 28, 2009 posted by

1989 VFR 400R NC30 for sale $4,000!


Update:  This bike is now on ebay  as of 10.30.09

This may very well be the shortest post I’ve ever had because I can’t get any info on this bike.  I’ve tried contacting the seller, but didn’t get a response.  It is still posted on the WERA BBS Bikes for Sale as of 10.24.09, so I assume it is still up for grabs. 




This was originally posted for sale at $6,000, but never sold.  From what I can tell it has been listed for about a year and the seller is now giving it away for $4,000, which I think is an absolute steal.  It is listed as a grey market import so it probably doesn’t have a title.  The owner says it is flawless and is a living room Queen.  He goes on to state that it is against his will to have it for sale, but has no choice.  So take that for what’s worth.  This bike looks to be in perfect condition.  I love the smaller bikes and this one has me smiling ear to ear.



Honda September 17, 2009 posted by

1996 Honda RVF400R NC35 (Titled & Registered in California)

Located in Palo Alto, California is a 1996 Honda RVF400R NC35.  This bike is in track condition but is titled and registered in California with an asking price of $3,000.  This bike has been fully converted for track use: including, but not limited to, removal of the odometer, removal of all lights and key-less ignition.  See a partial description below:

1996 Honda RVF 400 NC35
~10K miles (the 14K shown on the title is in km, so you do the math) on engine
Clean CA title
Valve clearances checked ~4 trackdays ago.
Standard exhaust, with Arrow can.
NC30 (VFR) carbs
520 sprockets and DID chain. like-new
Michelin Power Race and Power One tires (120 and 160). like-new
’06 GSXR600 complete front end (not exactly sure on year). This includes powerful dual-piston radial brakes. Fresh Oil and GP piston kit installed by Evolution Suspension.
’06 GSXR600 rear shock. Re-sprung (1100# spring) and re-valved by Evolution Suspension.
All suspension set for a ~180# rider and massaged by Dave Moss.
Tyga front body kit, tail section is standard fiberglass RVF solo seat.
Tyga rear-sets
Drilled and safety-wired
Frame and bar-end sliders
Single-Sided Pitbull Swingarm stand included
Key-less ignition system. Flip the red switch and fire it up
VFR and RVF Haynes Manual to aid all repairs.
Red paint with white number plates

See this NC35 track-bike–that is legally eligible for being converted back to street use–on Bay Area Riders Forum here.