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Petite VFR: 1993 Honda VFR400R NC30

For Sale: 1993 Honda VFR400R NC30

Update 4.23.2011: This bike has been relisted. Link updated. -dc

Next to 250cc two strokes (NSRs, Gammas and the like), the 400cc four stroke class has got to be one of the most popular import entries on RSBFS. And what’s not to like? Decent power, stratospheric redlines and fantastic handling all wrapped up in mini-GP bodywork – coupled with decent exclusivity. In short, these are what gray-market import bikes are all about.

Today’s bike, a ’93 VFR400R, has not apparently had life on easy street. Unlike many of the 400s we see on these pages that are pampered and fawned over, this particular VFR was the victim of trackdays and road rash. The seller has made no attempt to hide the damage, and the bike is still quite presentable despite its unfortunate history.

From the seller:
you just can’t imagine the sorrow i feel writing this.this is most likely the last NC30 i will ever have had the privilege to own. i’ve owned several over the years and i swore that i’d never sell this last one.unfortunately that time is here.

the bike-
almost a tragedy really.i don’t have any history on it. previous owner should have used an old EX250 to get his trackday jollys but choose a VERY nice original 1993 model NC30 and crashed it during said trackday.
new bodywork, or china knock or even a respray to me were out of the question.i think i patched it up pretty good.
subframe is not and was not bent. the upper fairing/ windscreen bracket was tweaked a bit but it’s back to perfect or so…
approaching from 15 feet out you’d hafta start looking to see the flaws. once up on it of course. there they are.
having said all that-
this is a fine example of an iconic motorcycle.

buy it. ride it. look closely- bid often.

So the good, the bad and the downright ugly are out in the open. Still, this *is* a VFR400R, which continues to be a desireable import model, right? As stated earlier, this is a popular class of bike on RSBFS, as evidenced by this post HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE!

If you peruse those earlier posts, you will find some bikes in fantastic condition and others in not so fantastic condition. You will also find a price range that is downright reasonable for a cutting-edge sportbike these days. Which brings us to the brass tacks on today’s offering: This auction has a starting price of $3,000 with reserve on. Given the condition of the bike, I predict that the auction starting price and the auction ending price will be close together, and so it all comes down to how high the seller has set the reserve.

Check it out yourself by and jumping over to the auction. And after you see all of the details, let us know what you think. Good luck!



  • If this is who I think it is, the seller is very creditable. A pic of some of the others he’s put together.


    I personally bought an nc29 from him back a few years.

  • This bike should only go very little over $3K, unless he finds a foolish buyer. Seems like the gas tank is undamaged (he doesn’t actually say, but it looks undented), but EVERY other single body panel is damaged, along with the stock exhaust. What a shame. It would cost more than just buying a perfect example to fix all of this correctly, if you could find a expert to do it right- not worth it. What about the mechanical condition, though? Seller doesn’t mention leaks, flaws, valve adjustments, fluid changes, maintenence history or current needs. Should we assume it’s all been done, needs nothing, and is up to date- or should we assume that he didn’t mention anything because he’d rather not say and leave it up to the buyer to discover after the deal’s done? At least he didn’t claim it just fell off the sidestand in the driveway, like so many do!

  • Another big issue concerns me: this bike admitted went down on the track hard. Has anything been precision measured for for straightness, not just “eyeballed” and forced into fitting? Steering stops hammered? Any frame damage? Have the fork tubes, clamps, wheels, brake rotors been checked for runout? That’s the expensive important stuff that matters way more than the fairings. Was it carefully and correctly repaired after the crash or just stitched together cosmetically as cheaply as possible just to sell it? If he did inspect and measure all of those important things and fix them correctly, not just “eyeball” them, why didn’t he mention that in his listing?

  • I agree, more details and maintenance history is a big selling point for me.
    Not hype. Just makes you sound like another used car salesman.

    I had a like mint condition 96 CBR 900 RR not too long ago then sold.
    Had everything original (except exhaust), was in like new condition all around, with only 9600 miles. Bought it for only $2600. Sorry I sold it, but needed the cash. Got $3400 ($400 over retail) Yea, it was that nice. Only the tires had ever touched the payment.

  • hey Thanks “truthscreamer”.
    what are your credentials?
    you sure do jump to a lot of conclusions.
    do me a favor. shut up.

  • Whoa guys – let’s take it easy here.

    RSBFS is all about the MOTORCYCLE. Bikes don’t have intent, agendas or ulterior motives.

    +1 on known information – such as experiences with the seller.

    +1 on all comments regarding the facts: condition, potential costs of repair, etc.

    +1 on personal experience with the model or similar.

  • ” Bikes don’t have intent, agendas or ulterior motives.”

    no they do not- but posters apparently do.
    mr. self important truthslinger came on here talking shit
    about me suggesting that i had nothing but warts to hide and in his crystaline knowledge was exposing them all.
    i sorta doubt “sh*tslinger” would stand toe to toe with me and run his mouth about the bike.

    for the record-
    this NC30 is for sale because i need the money-NOT because it is a cast off onto some un-suspecting buyer.
    i wouldn’t think twice about riding it around the world as it sits warts and all.and when i got back it would do it again.
    no bailing wire or zip ties required.

  • a few other bikes i’ve owned over the years,all gone now without the first negative comment from the buyers-

  • Mookie, I agree with you 100%! This bloke Truthscreamer seems to have all the answers regarding every used rare bike, but yet hides behind a screen name. I am assuming he has a spectacular collection of 0 mile new bikes on display somewhere that rivals the Barber collection because otherwise he’s a f*cking jackazz and may god help him if he ever tries to sell a *used* bike with a few warts.

    Hey Truthscreamer- do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut

  • Nice bike. I repainted a YZF with factory racing colors that turn out pretty nice.
    And opinions, everyone has a right to express theirs. But people do have the wisdom to determine which ones are good and not worth reading. ☺

  • If I wasn’t sitting on 8 rides already Keith I’d have you work something out with Paul and put you to work sorting the bodywork out.

  • Buying a used bike like this is like a box of chocolates

  • sadly bike is sold ($4,150)and on it’s way to Seattle as i write.
    a Big THANKS to Dan and company for the listing and support.

  • “Buying a used bike like this is like a box of chocolates”

    more brilliant insight.the Walmart mentality.

  • ‘If I wasn’t sitting on 8 rides already Keith I’d have you work something out with Paul and put you to work sorting the bodywork out.’
    Thanks Jeff.NC30’s rule.

  • Congratulations on the sale, Mookie!

  • Congrats on the sale, hopefully she went to a loving home.

    Have a good weekend,


  • Buyer of the bike here… Thought I should follow up. The bike, though the fairings are not cosmetically perfect, is in fantastic mechanical condition with low kms. No issues with title/registration. Couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Hi Buyer. Thanks for circling back with us, and congratulations on a sweet ride! I gotta get me one of those some day….

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